YUNGBLUD being YUNGBLUD for 3 minutes 48 seconds straight.

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
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  • Saint Patrick
    Saint Patrick  4 months ago +4989

    do yall like my new profile pic?

  • SammyXColbs XYungbludXTØP

    This is officially the video I go to when I’m having a panic attack.

  • Niconico Nee
    Niconico Nee Day ago

    I was just laughing the hole time

  • Meowgi
    Meowgi Day ago +1

    Literally he is the only edgy guy I know that can rock pink clothes.

  • Kevin Bijlsma
    Kevin Bijlsma Day ago


  • Kevin Bijlsma
    Kevin Bijlsma Day ago

    An alephant on my ass 😂😂😂

  • Kray IzMe
    Kray IzMe 2 days ago

    Definitely a Leo😂😂😂

  • Vivi Bra
    Vivi Bra 2 days ago

    I swear I wanna marry this crazy bitch 😂❤

  • Örri Mörri
    Örri Mörri 3 days ago

    Ohhhhh my loveeeeeee

  • Lewis Randtoul
    Lewis Randtoul 3 days ago

    True Britishness of yungblud coming out in this video

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can 4 days ago

    He's just super cute and goofy and urhhhh I've only listened to like three of his songs but I'm gonna listen to some more cuz he's relatable

  • ThenextPicasso
    ThenextPicasso 5 days ago

    This is rigged. It’s 3:38 XD

  • F.V Ramirez
    F.V Ramirez 5 days ago

    What he’s 35, he looks like in his 20s

  • Joel Coupe
    Joel Coupe 5 days ago

    I was born in a messd up scenery

  • Brooklynn Lackey
    Brooklynn Lackey 5 days ago

    Oh shit he’s me when I’m high... yungblud is walking weed

  • its Hopie
    its Hopie 6 days ago

    I fokin love himmmmm

  • The_Smile_Girl 113
    The_Smile_Girl 113 7 days ago

    Diamonds on my wrist be drippin' icee 😎
    Totally in love w him ❤

  • Anne Gethro
    Anne Gethro 8 days ago


  • Lexi Grimbrooke
    Lexi Grimbrooke 8 days ago

    I love this kid so much. His smile is so infectious and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with SO much energy!!

  • •Angel• UwU
    •Angel• UwU 8 days ago +1

    YUNGBLUD is an e-boy 😳🤭

  • Tubxlartozier _
    Tubxlartozier _ 8 days ago

    John snow

  • Eleonora Salvagnin
    Eleonora Salvagnin 8 days ago

    2:20 ok boomer

  • beans are tasty
    beans are tasty 9 days ago

    This man is the definition of adhd

  • lil dumbass
    lil dumbass 9 days ago

    he's so fucking adorable

  • Anika_ B
    Anika_ B 9 days ago

    I cant believe Im in love with this guy:]

  • Stizzle
    Stizzle 9 days ago

    I feel like I´m doing the same shit the whole day but I don´t get that much likes for it :( welcome to my sad life xD

  • Stizzle
    Stizzle 9 days ago

    Hell yeah this is true art

  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 9 days ago

    I send this to my friends maybe they finally understand why i love him so much! ❤🌈

  • Skillie
    Skillie 10 days ago +2

    He's actually such a cutie pie dude, protecc him.

  • Evie Scott
    Evie Scott 10 days ago

    When he asked if someone would cry if he died 😂

  • Dora Farkaš
    Dora Farkaš 10 days ago

    i want to be his best friend

  • чао бомбино сеньорита

    Omg I love him💖💕💗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗❤️❤️💗

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 10 days ago +1

    Sorry I’m smiling so hard I just love him 👊

  • April Adby
    April Adby 10 days ago

    Youngblood has an elephant on his ars

  • l Зелёная Девочка I

    Пидорас какой-то, и монтаж хуйня, раша лучше сука!

  • marces&martines fan Woutersen


  • Rose Saeed
    Rose Saeed 12 days ago


  • • Kimeko Gacha •
    • Kimeko Gacha • 12 days ago

    1:13 i want that in my school pls 😂😂😂🖤🖤

  • larna hamilton x
    larna hamilton x 12 days ago

    he is the human embodiment of crackhead energy

  • antho exMachina
    antho exMachina 13 days ago

    Oh shit its morgz

  • Lala Loopsy
    Lala Loopsy 13 days ago

    Epic intro

  • SnakeHuntersTV
    SnakeHuntersTV 13 days ago


  • GNSS_sniper
    GNSS_sniper 14 days ago

    he looks like the guy played sharks boy and the jokers son

  • Chat Noir
    Chat Noir 14 days ago

    2:49 when your PE teacher tells u to work harder in warm ups

  • Sonata Brazaite
    Sonata Brazaite 14 days ago +1

    Who else thinks billie ellish and Yungblud would make a perfect couple🤔

    Just me? Ok...bye

  • reality .’
    reality .’ 15 days ago

    hes like the best friend everyone needs

  • Tmrnt
    Tmrnt 15 days ago

    1:40 just like Hörcher László from Hungary (google ist,trust me.You probably won't understand anything but still…)

  • iamnefelii
    iamnefelii 15 days ago

    John FOOKING Snow

  • Randomizer300 5
    Randomizer300 5 16 days ago

    no one:
    literally no one:
    Dom: fooKiN

  • Ashley Wilkins
    Ashley Wilkins 17 days ago

    I only come back to this video for two reasons:
    1. Bc I love yungblud more than I love myself
    2. Just to bop to the intro music

  • matthew sentilles
    matthew sentilles 17 days ago

    I like your intro sooooo much

  • trïpp dragøn
    trïpp dragøn 17 days ago

    New title: YUNGBLUD having way too much adhd for the world

  • Regina Viib
    Regina Viib 17 days ago

    I’m in love 🖤

  • Jasøn no I'm not a dUdE

    2:40 his laugh here is so fucking adorable I canttt

  • Itz_ Brylee
    Itz_ Brylee 18 days ago

    I have a friend that looks JUST like him and I’m so glad 😂

  • Leanne Davis
    Leanne Davis 18 days ago

    hello and welcome this is what a normal day when you have adhd looks like

  • floof ball
    floof ball 18 days ago

    Dom is litteraly the definition of ADHD 🤣

  • YeEtUs oN YoUr fOeTuS
    YeEtUs oN YoUr fOeTuS 18 days ago

    I don’t like him to be honest🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Angel jade
    Angel jade 18 days ago

    Did anyone see when yungblud broke the guitar one of the crowd members tried to get it

  • bruno lima
    bruno lima 19 days ago

    Gg tes trop cho tu mérite plus d abonnés