Parkland shooting survivors on activism: "We’re what every American should be"

  • Published on Mar 19, 2018
  • Since the shooting deaths of 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School last month in Florida, survivors have mobilized the Never Again movement. Their goal is to overcome political obstacles in an effort to influence gun legislation. Among the most vocal students are seniors Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. They join "CBS This Morning" to discuss the movement and why they expect changes to happen.
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  • Mridhula M
    Mridhula M 7 days ago

    Yikes what's with this comment section...

  • Freddy The Platypus
    Freddy The Platypus 2 months ago +1

    4:31 one month later after witness a devastating tragedy, she's really jolly ain't she. this is fun! funny stories, hehe

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen Month ago

      @Erick Castellanos Case in point, David Hogg, once he wasn't famous anymore he had to put himself BACK in the spotlight by calling the cops to swat his home, miraculously when NOBODY was there to get hurt. But a year's passed since then, so now he has to go crying to reporters how he's been the target of SEVEN assassination attempts...yet mysteriously he can't offer details about a single one.

    • Erick Castellanos
      Erick Castellanos 2 months ago

      Freddy The Platypus I KNOW RIGHT! This is what fame does to people. It distracts them from reality and people will do anything to try an obtain it

  • Lily Cagle
    Lily Cagle 5 months ago +1

    Good for Emma she's very confident, sad she's getting all this hate!

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 3 months ago

      Because she's an annoying little troll who has NO argument whatsoever, just a bunch of easily debunked lies and 'boo hoo look at me fake crying I'm so brave, I'm the head of a movement, I'm so special, I'm famous because my friends got murdered'. Just like the swine next to her, so desperate for attention he has to SWAT himself and THEN say he's been the victim of 7 assassination attempts in the past year but offers absolutely ZERO details. It's ALL about the fame for them.

  • Cristian Hernandez
    Cristian Hernandez 7 months ago +1

    These kids didn't even go their, they are actors

  • jason walters
    jason walters 7 months ago +1

    SHEEPTARDS dumb down zombies to CONTROL

  • Icy Alt
    Icy Alt 7 months ago

    “This is America”

  • Arturo Rodriguez
    Arturo Rodriguez 8 months ago +2

    So this is how liberty dies? With Thunderous applause

  • AD
    AD 8 months ago

    I like how every comment is criticizing these 2

  • Brother Juggernaut
    Brother Juggernaut 9 months ago +1

    This girl dont know how to do anything, yet she knows what will make America better.

  • mitch ervin
    mitch ervin 9 months ago +1

    I think I'll buy me a new Glock this week

  • NUGNESS123
    NUGNESS123 9 months ago

    lol love this propaganda. cant wait for the next one

    DECEPTION INDICATED 9 months ago +1

    This movement won't last long. They should of used the real survivors, if there were some.

  • bunnywunny 234
    bunnywunny 234 10 months ago

    Emma Gonzalez is so brave.

  • Isaac Rosales
    Isaac Rosales 10 months ago

    Survivors.... Makes me laugh ... It has a totally different connotatiin than if u just called them viktims... They are altering these morons ego...Americans. SHOULD KNOW BETTER...

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 10 months ago

    Nothing u can do will stop this

  • Gene Howard
    Gene Howard 10 months ago

    She wasn't even she was in the school

  • Gene Howard
    Gene Howard 10 months ago

    Its staged, they don't really care

  • Quincy Gillespie
    Quincy Gillespie 10 months ago

    Lol Emma González is a walking identity crisis

  • Adrian Wilson
    Adrian Wilson 10 months ago


  • Rae Gordon
    Rae Gordon 11 months ago

    Emma Gonzalez and David Hoag are HEROES. We should be trying everything possible to decrease gun violence. We haven't tried tighter gun control though

  • Rickertsred
    Rickertsred 11 months ago

    "How'd that election go for ya little buddies? Got sum Dems elected? Gonna get guns banned? Trample some American freedoms? Got sum lefty libs on your side?...........Na, you didn't!" -Stewie.

  • Yagirly Girl
    Yagirly Girl Year ago

    I don’t believe nik did the shooting I honestly don’t (I support him not the MSD kids ) this whole thing was obviously 🙄 a set up

      EDUARDO 11 months ago

      Yagirly Girl what in the world

  • Steven Haire
    Steven Haire Year ago

    the Hitler youth camp in full effect...I understand the kids want to be safe but those protesters are being used to push a tryanical un-American agenda

  • Clarrissa and Brenda

    Ok everyone, first CHILDREN HAVE BEEN KILLED!!!!!! AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING?!???!!!! Second, if you don’t like it DONT WATCH IT!

  • CJ Smith
    CJ Smith Year ago

    Praising you for your intelligence?! HAHA. Bro. You two can barely legally buy a pack of cigarettes. Shut your mouths you have no idea what you're talking about children.

  • SarahSmiles71
    SarahSmiles71 Year ago

    Hmmm word is they are more than science buddies, they are cousins

  • Ann __
    Ann __ Year ago

    Emma Gonzalez is not poised she is unstable everyone can tell. I get these kids went threw something tragic but news flash this has happened before an will happen again. I don’t want to say there words don’t matter but they don’t to the higher ups. They don’t care 🤷‍♀️.

  • Aura Companion
    Aura Companion Year ago

    She is smiling because she knows she's famous now lol

  • Kevin Gallagher
    Kevin Gallagher Year ago

    A bunch of kids telling adults that they know better...give me a break . Because they raised the age to 21 to buy a firearm, the voting right should change to 21 as well ..

  • Tmoni 78
    Tmoni 78 Year ago

    This is so sad. Not saying it was right what the killer has done. The system failed him. He had behavioral mental disorders since birth. Also what I researched is one of the kids named Emma gonzalez and a few people at that school plus his brother bullied him for a long time which can trigger him to snap. Think about it... that on top of teachers who label a kid instead of getting help for someone like him.... lastly his mother died. He was only 19 and he had fake caretakers to pretend to care for him to get his 1 million dollar inheritance left by his parents..... he told the police he was repeatedly getting attacked and he lost his mom. My point being everyone around him caused his demise. Those triggers played a major portion of this tragedy and what sucks... no one wins in this situation it’s a mess. I understand the march... but my is point that the killer showed Americans what can happen when a system can fail someone like him and the kids he tragically killed. Bullying isn’t ok. Labeling isn’t ok. Lack of community help to the mental ill is not ok. Period. Peace and blessings to everyone affected.

  • Silver Mareep
    Silver Mareep Year ago

    Hot damn the negativity here is crazy. Well, i support what they do and they will always have my support.

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez Year ago

    Why aren't you asking for armed bodyguards at your schools? All the laws in the world are not going to stop evil people from doing evil!

  • blackbeltbeatdown

    Would love to knock Hogg's teeth out

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King Year ago +2

    These kids are so ugly

  • R Rivera
    R Rivera Year ago


  • john wick
    john wick Year ago

    Nothing like a couple degenerate queers tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

  • Joseph Forgey
    Joseph Forgey Year ago

    No they are not americans they are communists who need to shut up

  • Cameron King
    Cameron King Year ago

    Blah blah blah blah blah

  • Your wise cousin Joe

    These two people look to me very fake. Its totally different from the videos they have shown themselves to the world when they are in private.

  • AP
    AP Year ago

    Liberal puppets!!!😉

  • Souless Valleys
    Souless Valleys Year ago

    Whats wrong with that guy on the right?

  • Kalyn Walker
    Kalyn Walker Year ago

    What does your race or sexuality have to do with any of this? Stfu

  • John hogerheide
    John hogerheide Year ago

    Them two are banging

  • MaxKol
    MaxKol Year ago

    Fake News. This was not grass roots. The Tides Foundation and George Soros funded and organized this.

  • Tz5n
    Tz5n Year ago

    Australia's Restrictive Gun Laws Are Working Nearly As Well As Chicago's


    I dont agree that Emma allows for David to keep lying and saying that he is a survivor when he wasnt there he got there after the shooting!!

  • Skip carlson
    Skip carlson Year ago

    Scientific fact your brain is not fully develop until you're 25 :-) that kid has a face most punchable :-)

  • taltal milal
    taltal milal Year ago

    Omg that Emma girl is so stupid. I can't watch her anymore. Cringe!!!

  • Future Child
    Future Child Year ago

    That girl is giving off a thousand mile, communist lesbian vibe. And the Hogg is giving a psycho FBI vibe. The most unusual friendship combo ever, but ideology is the key.

  • Dav2Kink
    Dav2Kink Year ago

    @6:08 Who Balances a check book anymore ?
    I Just check your balance by text message

  • mgb gt
    mgb gt Year ago

    9 dead in school
    In the national gun-free zone of communist China, adolescent students are regularly the victims of knife-wielding, homicidal maniacs, in attacks which are rarely reported by the Western media. Despite the fact that guns were confiscated from Chinese citizens long ago, these attacks continue with shocking regularity and violence.
    The latest of these bloody attacks occurred on Friday in Yulin, China - part of the rural northwestern province of Shanxi - where nine middle schoolers were killed, and 10 others injured, after 28-year-old Zhao Zewei went on a stabbing spree as classes were being dismissed for the evening. The city of Yulin is now stepping up security in the area and has placed over 2,100 police officers on patrol near schools in an attempt to prevent future attacks.

  • Dan dan The tv man

    Why do they call them survivors. I bet they weren’t even near the shooter. Because I went to the military does that make me a war veteran??

  • Quico
    Quico Year ago


  • Cheap Jewish
    Cheap Jewish Year ago

    We’re what every American should be...😭😭😭

    • Bob Lee
      Bob Lee Year ago

      brainwashed sheep nope im 15 and have more sense than these brain washed sheep
      and emma should blame herself "we ostracized him"

  • mark12345574
    mark12345574 Year ago

    They say that they don't mind getting death threats but are afraid of guns. Funny stuff.

  • SpacedStorm 65
    SpacedStorm 65 Year ago

    Both of those kids don’t know what there talking about

  • Jacob Estrada
    Jacob Estrada Year ago

    Dude I want her to be the president and David the Vice President

  • oldstyle analog
    oldstyle analog Year ago

    I call it the mass stupid generation..shoot these stupid kids...they remind me of a dying horse..just shoot them again.lmfao...

  • Digangana Medhi
    Digangana Medhi Year ago

    More power to these young activists.😊 thank you for standing up for what you believe is right.folks show some empathy what they have been through is tragic.stop name calling.

  • Mike Paraboschi
    Mike Paraboschi Year ago

    More people die from alcohol and it’s effect than guns especially in young people