It’s about time people recognize Kawhi as the best player in the world - Max Kellerman | First Take

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Max Kellerman praises Kawhi Leonard’s efforts throughout the 2019 NBA Finals for the Toronto Raptors and declares Kawhi is the best player in the world.
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Comments • 5 167

  • Gran Thurismo
    Gran Thurismo 29 days ago

    Ofc Max was right

  • Matthew Boettcher
    Matthew Boettcher Month ago

    AD and KD and Lestat aren't even in the convo. AD an underachiever and KD a 🐍 and lestat a statpadder

  • Kyle Speers
    Kyle Speers Month ago +1

    And Kawhi beat Lebron and AD without pearl George

  • Crystalis Chronicle

    kawhi > lebron thats all i know. shout out to all the kobe truth watchers

  • Ahmed Elhanafi
    Ahmed Elhanafi Month ago

    I'll be holding max to this bet

  • Bryan Campbell
    Bryan Campbell Month ago

    Lebron has 3 rings, Kawhi has 2 and Lebron came back from 3-1 against the warriors 73 wins team

  • Innis Mor
    Innis Mor Month ago +1

    LOL These morons kill me .... prostitutes to their employers and their American audiences.
    Now that the same Kawhi Leonard is back playing on an AMERICAN NBA team, and not on a NON-AMERICAN NBA team, he is now clearly the best player in the League, and better than LBJ (somehow LBJ was still better than Kawhi last season when he wasn't playing, and Kawhi was busy playing and winning another CHiP on a NON-AMERICAN NBA team).
    No self-respect, these prostitutes; they are glad to be whores.... to keep their jobs and rake in their over-paid salaries. Pretty hilarious.

  • G A
    G A Month ago

    looking at how the clippers are playing in just the first few games of this 19/20 season, max might just be right 2:57

  • Zach Falbe
    Zach Falbe Month ago

    So far so good Max.

  • Damein Trillmane
    Damein Trillmane Month ago

    I look at this and max was right kawhitown beat ad and lebron in season opener

  • Tarek El-Maddah
    Tarek El-Maddah Month ago

    Kwahi proved Smith is an idiot

  • Derek G
    Derek G Month ago

    Stephen. A Smith has his moments, sometimes he just says really foolish things, how on earth is Anthony Davis in any way better than Kawhi? absurd.

  • Derek G
    Derek G Month ago +2

    2019 Kawhi is the 3rd greatest playoff performance in the history of the NBA with 732 points, only 2 players had better playoff runs, Jordan in 1992 with 759 points and LeBron in 2018 with 748. Technically 2nd best considering LeBron didn't win a title in 2018. Enough said.

  • HalloFrame
    HalloFrame 2 months ago

    the comments on here on cringeworthy. Kawhi's two-way dominance was absent in the finals. He shot average at best and every game they won was due to a different player stepping up and arguably having a better game than him. He didn't guard the best player on the other team, and they player he WAS guarding went off every time he got the ball (Klay Thompson - who was by far the most consistent player in the Finals). The success on defense was because of Vanleet's defense on Curry, who shot 50% or higher on every defender not named Vanleet - who held him to half his shooting %. And I could go on about 3 pointers falling for Danny Green - you know, the former record holder for most 3s in a finals game? Smh. Pascal Siakams game 1 was better than everyones

    • HalloFrame
      HalloFrame 2 months ago

      But really - Vanvleet would have gotten FMVP if they weren't worried about their narratives.

  • Hero Miles
    Hero Miles 2 months ago

    Is that Wesley Snipes in the audience?

  • BV29
    BV29 2 months ago +1

    Max's prediction actually might age well

  • Daniel lazic
    Daniel lazic 2 months ago

    Kd is a traitor an blamed Steph curry his injury on Steph. An left the gsw.
    No respect left for kd after all the gsw has done over the years for kd an he does this. kawhi is wayyy better then kd but lebron don't know I believe kawhi an lebron are both good on a diff aspect plan field. Dont u dare put kd on lebeon an kawhi lvl. Just watch u'll see kawhi an lebron gets far in the league with more rings then kd will ever have after what kd treated gsw. He blamed gsw on his own injury an then left Steph an said gsw is bad for him.

  • Daniel lazic
    Daniel lazic 2 months ago

    Yeh now not only they have kawhi but also pg with the Clippers def.
    Mark my words kawhi will be deadly. People keep shitting on him but kawhi playing while hes injuried an he still won a chip. U see how he limps after every game an he still won a chip. Just imagine not injuried kawhi.

    Mark my words.

  • Jonathan Bettis
    Jonathan Bettis 2 months ago

    NBA becoming watered down.. James harden couldn't get on the floor with that bs and flopping all the time...

  • AwesomeisR
    AwesomeisR 2 months ago

    Post season rankings
    1. KL2 and LBJ
    2. KD
    3. Doesnt matter, maybe Harden?

  • Amarjeet Jawanda
    Amarjeet Jawanda 2 months ago

    Kawhi has spanked everyone in this generation from LeBron Steph KD Westbrook Harden Giannis Embiid Simmons n Jimmy Buckets and that's without teaming up with superstars like KD n Bron did. So now that he got PG13 it's over for the next 3 to 5 years

  • Amarjeet Jawanda
    Amarjeet Jawanda 2 months ago

    Anthony Davis was supposed to be Tim Duncan and he is but just minus the championships, MVPs, Playoff appearances, winning percentage, health, heart, and determination.

  • pramey tripathi
    pramey tripathi 2 months ago

    Max - 100

  • beastbro
    beastbro 2 months ago

    Warriors fans and other people who’s team that got eliminated: tHeY dIDinT EVn hAvE Kd

  • Qua
    Qua 2 months ago

    How ironic this video lives up til today. Kawhi is better then anyone in the NBA.

  • Andro Valdez
    Andro Valdez 2 months ago

    I disagree with Sthephen A Durant couldn't WIn a title with Westbrook and harden. Kawhi won it with Raptors.

  • Custom Wall Shelves
    Custom Wall Shelves 2 months ago

    Leonard is good. But his support in Toronto was amazing.. Siacam, Gasol, Lowry, Van Vleet, Ibaka. Time will tell. Not to mention the excellent coaching staff. Nick Nurse says he is out to stop his old colleague. I think the Raptors will do it.

  • Jeff Brisson
    Jeff Brisson 2 months ago +1

    Kawhi >>>>Lebron

  • Sam Welsh
    Sam Welsh 3 months ago

    how is kareem a modern day player

  • Karl Owen Aurelio
    Karl Owen Aurelio 3 months ago

    KAWHI is numero uno PERIOD

  • Karl Owen Aurelio
    Karl Owen Aurelio 3 months ago

    AD is not in the conversation. Talented yes, but he is lacking in leadership. David Robinson managed to lead the Spurs as a one man wrecking crew sometimes deep in the playoffs too before the Duncan era. AD with better talent around him never got past the 1st round.

  • The Man Who Laugh
    The Man Who Laugh 3 months ago +1

    The fuck? He is already on GOAT status... hahahah fuck kd,lbj,and Ad... lets go Clippers!!! Early retirement for the king for sure hahahhah

  • Steven Washington
    Steven Washington 3 months ago

    "OFCOURSE Kawhi is the best player in world"
    Max spitting facts...

    GAMEZSTAA 3 months ago

    Kawhi is good but he's not the best player in the world. LeBron had a down year but he's still the most elite.

  • Christian Morgan
    Christian Morgan 3 months ago

    Kawhi didn't outplay Stephen Curry in the finals

  • Richard Wright
    Richard Wright 3 months ago

    Max Kellerman dumbass not even a min in his argument says LeBron and Kd are the best in the world too.. get this man off ESPN

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw 3 months ago

    Rigged against the warriors I don’t care what anyone says kawhi didn’t do nothing because had the warriors had been fully healthy raptors would have gotten smacked in four games

  • Memo Aragon
    Memo Aragon 3 months ago

    kawhi is better than lebron at this time... clipper be the champs its reality

  • alex Motts
    alex Motts 3 months ago +1

    Bullshit hes not the best. He got lucky KD and klay got injured. His other ring was with 3 first ballet hofers and pop. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ lawhi been overated his whole career.

  • Jean doglas
    Jean doglas 3 months ago +2

    r u out of your mind kawhi is better than A.Davis hands-down.

  • Quentin Coberley
    Quentin Coberley 3 months ago

    Brian fatass Windhorst talking about numbers 😂 if he wants to talk numbers KD and even James harden would be comparable to lebron in the postseason last year😂 not only that Lebron played weak ass teams like the pacers and a Celtics team led by 2 rookies

  • Rushil Arun
    Rushil Arun 3 months ago

    Why do people say he is a dynasty killer?
    The reason the spurs beat Miami was because they had one of the best teams and coaches ever, not the best player. Plus ray Allen and d wade were declining heavily. He didn't kill the warriors dynasty. The warriors probably would have won if they were healthy and KD was leaving since the thing with draymond. Kawhi was lucky he was on the spurs and that the warriors were injured. He is arguably the best in the world but not a dynasty killer

  • kabagema yannick
    kabagema yannick 3 months ago +1

    KD healthy is better than everyone here

  • Jonathan Hagan
    Jonathan Hagan 3 months ago

    I bet the Clippers get another superstar to join Kawhi

  • peeta 6010
    peeta 6010 3 months ago

    This guy spit too much in his mouth, he will be shut off when clippers win the conference final or even nba championship 2020.

  • peeta 6010
    peeta 6010 3 months ago

    This guy spit too much in his mouth, he will be shut off when clippers win the conference final or even nba championship 2020.

  • jio jimenez
    jio jimenez 4 months ago

    Wtf not better than anthony Davis?you trippin Stephen a!
    For now kawhi is d best player because he’s the champ!lebron on d other hand is aging doesn’t play defense at all you don’t call somebody a best player playing one sided basketball!
    Kd is injured and we all know he wouldn’t have two championships not bcoz of joining dat superteam!dat soft ass cupcake!

  • Jeremy Nicoyco
    Jeremy Nicoyco 4 months ago

    Stephen Smith is trash. Ad better than khawi wow 😂

  • Hadia Omer
    Hadia Omer 4 months ago

    kawhi is the best player in the world max is right

  • Derek G
    Derek G 4 months ago

    People can have their opinions on whether or not Kawhi is the best player in the world, but one thing is the year 2019 yes Kawhi was the best player in the world and nobody can ever deny that.

  • LeBron Federer
    LeBron Federer 4 months ago

    Kawhi is top 3 right now, but I think people overrate him a little bit.

  • Reinier Dalina
    Reinier Dalina 4 months ago +2

    AD has not even proved anything yet.. Kawhi Leonard is now comparable with lbj or durant

  • Jahmier Quayson
    Jahmier Quayson 4 months ago

    Kawhi The only dude who got cornrows and is not a cornball

  • mihir702
    mihir702 4 months ago

    So Kawhi has the same number of rings as AD has playoff appearances and yet AD is better than Kawhi??? SAS hit a new low

  • Gerardo Navarro
    Gerardo Navarro 4 months ago

    Kawhi dint out play klay thompson until he got injured but okay 🙄

  • Codie Redpath
    Codie Redpath 4 months ago

    Made the spurs crumble aswell just too add that

  • W W
    W W 4 months ago

    Typical Stephen A servicing Lebron's pipe.

  • Calen Thompson
    Calen Thompson 4 months ago +1

    Max might be right

  • A M
    A M 4 months ago +3

    Best in World!! no question, Treat him well L.A.

  • Jeremy Nicoyco
    Jeremy Nicoyco 4 months ago +1

    Ad is better than khawi are you serious your so fucking bad man.