Taylor Swift - Delicate

  • Published on Mar 12, 2018
  • Music video by Taylor Swift performing Delicate. ©2018 Big Machine Label Group LLC
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Comments • 202 915

  • Afnan Mohammed
    Afnan Mohammed Hour ago

    The video doesn’t suit the song. I like both but I think the video doesn’t suit the song.

  • Savannah Jane
    Savannah Jane 2 hours ago

    She looks like jojo siwa dancing on dance moms 😂🤦

  • AM S
    AM S 4 hours ago

    Evry time i see her smile i feel enchanted ❤️

  • Beverly Barksdale
    Beverly Barksdale 4 hours ago

    This song has such a smooth, sultry sound.

  • 김 김
    김 김 6 hours ago

    ,,,,,,,. ,,,.
    ¡ㅎ ㅎ ;"

  • Curtis Silly Sicilian
    Curtis Silly Sicilian 8 hours ago

    Love it

  • Jacqueline Martínez
    Jacqueline Martínez 11 hours ago

    I love this song 😭😭😭🌹🇲🇽🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Ji Soo
    Ji Soo 11 hours ago +1

    at the beginning of the video it is looks like "something New" by taeyeon..who agree with me...the same idea..

  • Cassidy Fitt
    Cassidy Fitt 11 hours ago

    i love it

  • Alessandra Avelino
    Alessandra Avelino 14 hours ago


  • Alessandra Avelino
    Alessandra Avelino 14 hours ago

    Mãe= mania de limpeza...estou com a energia dela

  • Нина Таранец


  • Carla Cortez
    Carla Cortez 15 hours ago

    idk but i love her

  • Francisco Duran
    Francisco Duran 16 hours ago

    Um,,,,,,shes making fun of sias videos,,,,right?,,,, or,no,?

  • Imerlda Rose mathew
    Imerlda Rose mathew 18 hours ago +1

    This was my first Taylor swift song, RUclip recommended it and I accidentally clicked on it and came to know of this amazing singer

  • Brian Dickens
    Brian Dickens 19 hours ago

    Well. I don't know if I can say one video can make me think Taylor Swift is an artist of merit. But, regarding this video, I like it.

  • Imerlda Rose mathew
    Imerlda Rose mathew 20 hours ago

    She's such a darling, love you Taylor

  • Jellysweet Lovely
    Jellysweet Lovely 20 hours ago

    ❤❤❤❤ so stunning 💋💋💋💋💋

  • Doug Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome Day ago

    i hate existing

  • Akin96T》AM
    Akin96T》AM Day ago

    Vybz kartel feat. Taylor swift - powerfull

  • Caio Mathias Fernandes

    E o famoso nego nao liga

  • roger riddick
    roger riddick Day ago

    i love your song's

  • Rawan Mamdouh
    Rawan Mamdouh Day ago


  • Rawan Mamdouh
    Rawan Mamdouh Day ago


  • Ko. Kip
    Ko. Kip Day ago

    How she dance.

  • Ko. Kip
    Ko. Kip Day ago

    It is so cool.

  • void
    void Day ago

    a classic

  • Buse Çelen
    Buse Çelen Day ago

    Evden çıkınca anlık türk kızları

  • Buse Çelen
    Buse Çelen Day ago +8

    Who is better?
    Like- Taylor swift
    Comment- Taylor swift

  • Muhammad Talha
    Muhammad Talha Day ago +1

    Hit Like If you want a Collaboration of ED + Taylor = Awesome

  • Songs and games
    Songs and games Day ago +2

    My best friend:I hate listening Taylor Swith
    I:Err...Yeah what,I too no don't know,ok.(I am liar)I like.😌

  • Tahers Tasnim
    Tahers Tasnim Day ago

    This song and video is my favorite 😍🥰

  • Giovanna Torres
    Giovanna Torres Day ago

    Como cuando quieres un dia normal, y todo te sale super!!

  • LeoPlayz Roblox
    LeoPlayz Roblox Day ago +1

    I love it😍🦄💎🍪🌈🐘🍭🍒🐇😎🐷😻😆😁🎨🍿🐨🍦🐯🐺💅🏻🐩🍫💍🐭👍🏻🍩☃🐬🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

  • Bob Dudy
    Bob Dudy Day ago

    My new Favorite Song! Hauntingly Beautiful!

  • RAZALI Idris
    RAZALI Idris Day ago


  • eddger 81
    eddger 81 2 days ago +3

    this video has noting to do with the song....she could of done so much better

    • Elisabeth Bennet
      Elisabeth Bennet 10 hours ago

      But the video has the theme of the whole album: it has been done in reference of the reputation theme and added to the song Delicate, just because it fits to the vibe and melody of the song 😊

  • Raul Sandoval
    Raul Sandoval 2 days ago +3

    Who is here before 400M ????

  • Peter Saling
    Peter Saling 2 days ago

    How was it being and enjoying being you I feel that you are more real in this idk your Y this songs delicate

  • Joshua Schneider
    Joshua Schneider 2 days ago

    Straight rip off of spike jonze but his was better

  • Jessie K
    Jessie K 2 days ago +4

    OMG. I never new Taylor swift was a great dancer.
    Ur amazing!
    Anyone agree?

  • Darcy The Whale
    Darcy The Whale 2 days ago +1

    Maddie Ziegler vibes here :)

  • Keri Agush
    Keri Agush 2 days ago

    Taylors voice is implacable

  • Elias _44
    Elias _44 2 days ago

    Dumm oder so ähnlich

  • Megla Chakma
    Megla Chakma 2 days ago +1

    Published on my birthaday 12th March😍😍😍. Anyway who's watching it in 2019 october hit like

  • Sher Grissom
    Sher Grissom 2 days ago

    Such talent. Loved the video and the song.

  • Daizy Brahmane
    Daizy Brahmane 2 days ago

    Please come to India, Mumbai 😘😘

  • Horror Show
    Horror Show 2 days ago

    Идёт шальная императрица

  • MC Chupi The Chup
    MC Chupi The Chup 2 days ago

    0:37 That guy not stepping back synchronously TRIGGERED ME

  • Uwe Aime Van
    Uwe Aime Van 2 days ago

    All songs of Taylor Swift need billions of viewer, we for Taylor 4ver

  • Joe Tekulve
    Joe Tekulve 2 days ago

    Gorgeous , 10/11/19 , Gorgeous is on My Mind , Rolling Stone Cover is on My Coffee Table . Now that is a very different Gorgeous .

  • Kawaii Poteto
    Kawaii Poteto 3 days ago +43

    "And I don't know why but with you I'd dance
    in a storm in my best dress" - Fearless

  • catur cayo
    catur cayo 3 days ago +7

    I wish i could be invisible and go everywhere without paying the train ticket

  • Glendi Lalala
    Glendi Lalala 3 days ago +4

    After a lot of Taylor, I finally cry with this song:v

  • Yusri Maggot
    Yusri Maggot 3 days ago +14

    Should play this song on Joker movie.

  • Jacinda Cardone
    Jacinda Cardone 3 days ago

    by the way i am 7 years old| (me in a couple years after drive test) okay a pretty rainy day (get umbrella) imma need to drive some where far :( (gets in car) okay [turn on radio] Radio: (plays scott and ally) Ally: okay now lets play the song. Radio (Plays Delicate) |The point is this is like the 1st song i here on a rainy day in the car -_-

  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera 3 days ago

    Stream this song 💛
    400M 🔐

  • g i a d a
    g i a d a 3 days ago +1

    I love so much this song

  • Jason M. Elliott
    Jason M. Elliott 3 days ago

    I remember this song...I heart Taylor Swift

  • Muhammad Rizky
    Muhammad Rizky 3 days ago +1

    Go 400m