Are Insects Getting Banned?

  • Published on May 15, 2019
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    Footage Sources:
    Dragonfly nymph:
    Mayfly nymph:
    Bee pollination:
    Ladybug eats aphid:
    Carpenter bee:
    Special thanks to Entomologist Phil Torres from the channel The Jungle Diaries for helping me write this script. Check out his channel here:

Comments • 5 712

  • Donut Boi
    Donut Boi 5 hours ago

    Hey, can you talk about the extremely specific superstition perk?

  • Colombus
    Colombus 10 hours ago

    How do you switch char i want to level up another char

  • TwisT
    TwisT 13 hours ago +1

    Mosquitos should be banned from the live servers... Come on devs, pls

  • vel tak
    vel tak 17 hours ago

    Insect build for life

  • Ceastic Deception
    Ceastic Deception 18 hours ago

    Mosquitoes are the only insects I want banned

  • Farrie's video's
    Farrie's video's Day ago +1

    Man human players are fricking with biomes and the climates

  • weesh
    weesh Day ago

    it seems weird to call a species banned, when in actuality, it was turbo nerfed, and fell out of use rather than getting explicitly banned.

  • Withe Amaterasu
    Withe Amaterasu Day ago

    dude you loose your mind,

  • A Mars
    A Mars Day ago

    TIERZOO! Do a video on the honey bee nerf, and how it will effect human mains?

  • Dynamic Af
    Dynamic Af Day ago

    Y’all what game is he playing

  • willie trillie
    willie trillie Day ago

    why is nobody talking about this fire BO2 music playing in the background

  • FlippedSwitch
    FlippedSwitch 2 days ago

    Black ops 2 music

  • xXdragonXx 999
    xXdragonXx 999 2 days ago

    Bo2 ahh a lot of memories.

  • Mudkip adhd132 Yo
    Mudkip adhd132 Yo 2 days ago

    Do the ant tier list

  • Mudkip adhd132 Yo
    Mudkip adhd132 Yo 2 days ago

    Why are you treating this like a game

  • volcanicfire33
    volcanicfire33 3 days ago

    im a bird main so im so annoyed! those damn devs are trying to kill me the only reason i have a human account is so i can watch TierZoo and learn about those insects that i want to feast on

  • GizmoThePieFaceMan
    GizmoThePieFaceMan 3 days ago

    Flies will drink literal doodoo water

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango Day ago

      Maggots have an antibiotic in their digestive tract. They're invincible. That's how they eat disease ridden stuff and never get sick.

  • Mark Montik
    Mark Montik 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who hears the black ops 2 multiplayer theme

    PIKA PI 4 days ago

    Good thing as an ant main if insects get banned ill be fine I think

  • Jlinus
    Jlinus 4 days ago

    I vote we ban cockroaches

  • Jlinus
    Jlinus 4 days ago

    Ugh of course cockroaches aren't the ones being banned, even though they have one of the most ugliest skins ever

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango Day ago

      Some cockroaches eat wood, so you can literally feed them paper and they'll compost it for you. So they're useful, they just need to be under our control.

  • Jäger 072
    Jäger 072 4 days ago

    I always take a look around whenever you say "devs"

  • Caeser Tullo
    Caeser Tullo 4 days ago

    can we just talk about the hornet's nest on a snail shell for a min. i feel like we breezed past that too quickly.

  • Black_ Fog
    Black_ Fog 4 days ago

    What about mosquitoes?
    Mosquito mains: "well survive all"
    Me: **equips bug spray. Long sleeved clothes, and fly swatter**
    Mosquito mains: shit!

  • Karlik M
    Karlik M 4 days ago

    The BO2 music ffs 😂

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas 5 days ago

    gd we got to stop fukn up the water...... really, really bad play style.

  • Hidan
    Hidan 5 days ago +1

    5:51 that hitmarker synced with the music was perfect

  • Milo Flint
    Milo Flint 5 days ago

    "Landfill biome..." Those words alone are concerning.

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango Day ago

      Until plastic eating bacteria evolves and then plants that use symbiosis with that bacteria evolve, then it will be an alien planet.

  • Christian Slowik
    Christian Slowik 5 days ago

    Whats up with the bo3 music

  • CommanderK22
    CommanderK22 5 days ago

    Human players are so toxic

    • Cryzone
      Cryzone 5 days ago

      agree thats why i used a code to unlock the furry role much better community

  • CommanderK22
    CommanderK22 5 days ago

    One day humans will be nerfed and many things will change

  • CommanderK22
    CommanderK22 5 days ago

    Why do so many players play mosquito ._. They are just annoying

  • spongeintheshoe
    spongeintheshoe 6 days ago

    Well, you heard him. Plant native plants!

  • terler 1272
    terler 1272 6 days ago

    The video game narrative you take is refreshing, but also kind of creepy. Makes you wonder if we ARE in a video game lol.

  • John Moore
    John Moore 6 days ago +1

    I hope so

  • majorelle
    majorelle 6 days ago


  • Nightmare Blade
    Nightmare Blade 6 days ago

    Cockroaches come from Africa?

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango Day ago

      So do humans, and look, we spread globally. Harsh conditions make stronger species.

  • I am the milkman
    I am the milkman 6 days ago

    Can we have a video on if artic and Antarctic biomes are overpowered?

  • Mandrake Fernflower
    Mandrake Fernflower 6 days ago

    I found a bee - is this a bug?

  • The 1 And only Cash
    The 1 And only Cash 6 days ago +1

    Why can't I level up dangit I'm a dang tadpole still

  • Wo0b
    Wo0b 7 days ago

    Bo2 multiplayer in the background

  • Campsite CB
    Campsite CB 7 days ago


  • Scott Leamy
    Scott Leamy 7 days ago

    This video was great but I was completely distracted by the black ops 2 background music 2 minutes into the vid

  • Lioneagle255
    Lioneagle255 8 days ago

    Ticks need to be banned

  • Nakul Maletira
    Nakul Maletira 8 days ago

    Apparently we have colonialism to thank for cockroaches. As if it wasnt already a shitty mess.

  • Viuup
    Viuup 9 days ago


  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 9 days ago

    Insect mains are just a bunch of lvl 5 scrub noobs, that’s like the starter build

  • chris
    chris 9 days ago

    bo2 was the best

  • LunarHex
    LunarHex 9 days ago

    Using a channel displaying earth as a multiplayer game to get people more aware about global warming and the extinction of important species as well as pollution... TierZoo woke af

  • Wynter
    Wynter 9 days ago

    Honey bees are human support now, so they will benefit from that and get through the patch. Farming will ensure their pollination abilities are around to be used.

  • Tampa Tom
    Tampa Tom 10 days ago

    What a awesome mixture of music and yes I know what there both from. I was best with the tomahawk

  • Abberistired
    Abberistired 10 days ago +2

    cockroaches and yellow jackets getting buffed?
    time to flee to the arctic servers :''')))

  • SJRNoodles
    SJRNoodles 10 days ago

    I hope the bee dosn't get "banned"

  • Kajowwojak
    Kajowwojak 10 days ago

    Sometimes I wonder if the Devs are even paying attention to the requests of the players.
    Like. Mosquito players. Why the hell are they still allowing those assholes to play? I'll admit I'm just a casual player, and I don't know the most of the meta, but from what I can tell, Mosquito players are just selfish assholes who do nothing but enjoy other peoples' misery.

  • LetsGoWrongboarding
    LetsGoWrongboarding 11 days ago

    Guys help I subscribed today and have tanked 30+ videos and HOLY SHIT these comments are gold

  • Gabriel Silva Rocha
    Gabriel Silva Rocha 12 days ago

    The cockroach build is sick op today

  • Ean Rhemann
    Ean Rhemann 12 days ago +12

    I'd notice the BO2 soundtrack anywhere😂

  • PlokTheMasterGamer
    PlokTheMasterGamer 12 days ago

    "landfill biome"

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head 12 days ago

    Mosquito repellent companies: it’s free real estate

  • Aliant
    Aliant 12 days ago

    Life always finds a way.

  • The225thAC
    The225thAC 13 days ago

    Arnt honey bees the only type of bees declining

  • 유령Yulyeong
    유령Yulyeong 13 days ago

    This song for me only fits black ops 2

  • 永遠にX
    永遠にX 13 days ago

    I hate insects:(

  • Galily
    Galily 13 days ago

    I felt itchy watching this.

  • Francine
    Francine 14 days ago

    damned roaches will be buffed

  • BLUEDUDE Gaming
    BLUEDUDE Gaming 16 days ago

    Out of all the bugs that could be buffed its yellow jackets and cockroaches. Just like I saw in my nightmares

  • Coode Ta
    Coode Ta 16 days ago

    Yellow jackets need to be nerfed they need to be stopped

  • Locust Ferox
    Locust Ferox 16 days ago

    How bout an insects tier list.?

  • Ajxx 99
    Ajxx 99 17 days ago

    Ban cockroaches pls

  • Slumbering Abyss
    Slumbering Abyss 17 days ago

    Can we just ban the parasitic builds?

  • Rymyir
    Rymyir 17 days ago

    plant and fungi builds: *sadly sitting in a corner*

  • Justin Mason
    Justin Mason 17 days ago

    Is the music from spyhunter 2?

  • Nucken Futz
    Nucken Futz 17 days ago

    b a n h a m m e r

  • Austin Felton
    Austin Felton 17 days ago

    Their numbers will drop, but players will reallocate evolution points, and come up with new builds.

  • Normal username
    Normal username 18 days ago

    What’s that pan flute music in the background during the beginning?