The Lamborghini Diablo Was the Craziest Car of the 1990s

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
    The Lamborghini Diablo was the craziest car of the 1990s, with wild styling and some really strange Italian quirks. Here's a review of the Lamborghini Diablo that shows off its unique traits and driving experience.
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  • N M
    N M 6 hours ago

    " make no sense but, it's Lamborghini! "

  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller 8 hours ago

    Doug “something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a kid” DeMuro

  • Peter
    Peter 19 hours ago +1

    We can only thank Audi for saving Lamborghini

  • raygunkingz
    raygunkingz 19 hours ago


  • Branden Stangle
    Branden Stangle 2 days ago

    You grew an inch from you last few videos?!?!

  • John Law
    John Law 3 days ago

    Looks like a really shit car

  • Marcus Ottavio Georgi Mancini

    Is it weird to press the cluch and the break pedal to start a car? That‘s how I learned it and I thought it was normal. Or am I misunderstanding something?

  • William Connolly
    William Connolly 5 days ago

    Im sure the final version was a limited edition . was orange and on tope gear

  • William Connolly
    William Connolly 5 days ago

    This was my favourite car at the time

  • Steve Reynold
    Steve Reynold 6 days ago

    Lol Lamborghini is German now.
    I just learned they got bought out by Audi.

  • ist1jano
    ist1jano 6 days ago


  • anonymous
    anonymous 7 days ago

    13:38 about to bust a nut face?

  • anonymous
    anonymous 7 days ago

    Hot girl: wanna bukake me ?
    Doug: i give this car a 2 on comfort and a 1 on bukake room,so....

  • RhodyPiper
    RhodyPiper 7 days ago

    Love the New Hampshire Highland Games Tee Shirt 👍

  • Brandon Fallings
    Brandon Fallings 7 days ago

    0:01 to 0:16 That is a sexy angle

  • Doc Doom
    Doc Doom 9 days ago

    Doug , you pointed out the nissan headlights but you forgot to mention that the tail lights are generic delibery truck lights ... Back then lamborghini didnt make lights ...

  • MiTZ 41
    MiTZ 41 10 days ago

    Lamborghini need new name to Serius. Lamborghini Serius.

  • Bob Hill
    Bob Hill 10 days ago +1

    I love everyone's comments regarding this video, another great video. I always loved the gated manual: awesome sound, awesome look, and this one is even cooler not only being a dog leg, but also the shifter rotating lockout to engage reverse. I love Doug's language, this is only the second or third time I've heard horsepower degradation over vehicle evolution referred to neutered, and the first time referenced with exotic cars, the last true "bull". I was drawn to watching this video in the first place to pay respect to Lee Iacocca who died earlier this week. Chrysler bought Lamborghini while he was Chrysler's head and worked to improve the Diablo.

  • Kevin Dunphy
    Kevin Dunphy 10 days ago +1

    The Diablo was my favourite Hot Wheels car as a kid. Thanks for making this video Doug!

  • Carter
    Carter 11 days ago +1

    How is that not illegal 9:14
    Using Nissan headlights is one thing, This is basically plagiarism.

  • Leprosu Gnome
    Leprosu Gnome 12 days ago

    who tf keeps saying "yeah" in the car all the time?

  • Nate Staub
    Nate Staub 13 days ago +1


  • PauL Alex
    PauL Alex 15 days ago

    I'm sick of this etoro bullshiit!!!

  • luis amaury
    luis amaury 15 days ago +2

    Lamborghini price 250k
    dougs haircut 25cents

  • Scott Luther
    Scott Luther 16 days ago +1

    Oddly enough, before you told me about the 300ZX lights, the front end looks alot like a Nissan 300ZX!

  • Suraj Raut
    Suraj Raut 17 days ago +1

    I have drive this one on top speed

    In GTA vice city

  • Word
    Word 18 days ago +1

    Wait thats a fuckin Mitsubishi steering wheel

  • Marc
    Marc 19 days ago +1

    Lamborghini *diavolo*
    Oh hey look its red too!

  • Claire Unsworth
    Claire Unsworth 19 days ago

    The aston martin vantish of the same age was just as quick and at the time was the most powerful car in the world with 500hp but the diablo has the style and sound increadible and very rare

  • blake
    blake 21 day ago

    The comments on the guys narration- I think that if Doug was excited to be in my exotic car, I wouldn't be able to help saying "yeah"

  • J D
    J D 21 day ago

    They meant to say Sirius Black will come for you in the warning label.

  • David Miscaviage
    David Miscaviage 23 days ago

    I've got a 1993 Aries K car come review thay

    • Suburban
      Suburban 22 days ago

      To do that, email him on Yahoo. It won't work that way.

  • Dayesh Kulal
    Dayesh Kulal 25 days ago

    This guy rides granny cars 😂

  • thechangeprofitsee
    thechangeprofitsee 28 days ago

    Nissan 300zx headlights?!?!?!?!? 😳😳

  • Deceptacles Reviewer
    Deceptacles Reviewer 29 days ago

    Funny how Gta 5 got the entry accurate, it looks F$cking hilarious.

  • Vicente Cuevas
    Vicente Cuevas 29 days ago

    I miss the old Doug demuro videos that had the action shots of the vehicles. The new ones don't have any moving video of the vehicles. Just inside of the dash. Bring back to action shots! At least on the supercars.

  • T Wooten
    T Wooten Month ago


  • GregoCatal
    GregoCatal Month ago

    2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0.

  • Bogdan Bashynsky
    Bogdan Bashynsky Month ago

    I have just noticed that the interior light is completely the same like in alfa romeo gt/147 probably it was taken from fiat.

  • Joseph Archer
    Joseph Archer Month ago

    My all x favorite car. I'm going 2 own 1 4 sure!

  • BeeCee
    BeeCee Month ago

    You look like Jay Leno

  • Gio il contrabbandiere di Pandino

    This car looks sexy even today

  • voicetube
    voicetube Month ago +17

    Who else is here after seeing the June 2019 Diablo video?

  • Erik Paaske
    Erik Paaske Month ago

    "Yea... no... yea... yea... " HEY PASSENGER, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

  • dbpheds
    dbpheds Month ago +60

    Who’s here after watching this years review of the 97 diablo? Lol

  • Brendan A. MacWade
    Brendan A. MacWade Month ago

    One of our all-time favorites. The exterior design is incredible. It really was a worthy successor to the Countach.

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones Month ago +1

    ... trousers? ooh noo Dougie... ooh noo

  • Duck Man
    Duck Man Month ago

    The wheels are perfectly dished.

  • Bic Boi
    Bic Boi Month ago

    That car is beautiful and aged way better than that VT roadster.

  • Rock&Roll Guitar Covers

    Hey Doug! Love watching your vids! 8I know this one's old, but still...) Keep 'em coming!

  • ReapR_X FPV
    ReapR_X FPV Month ago

    “Maybe we should try normal, or possible normal” 😂 Cool vid. Just found this channel. Subbed because I absolutely love cool cars

  • don cherry
    don cherry Month ago

    The dude in the passenger seat needs to shut the fuck up

  • Will Lachaine
    Will Lachaine Month ago

    you now prosess the diablo lol

  • Grzegorz G
    Grzegorz G Month ago

    The thing with soft settings and settings in manual handling, i think that in italian language two words mean one thing. So hard settings will sounds like "hard hard". They propably translate it trough some translator like google

  • Davxuh
    Davxuh Month ago

    I experienced 2 of 2 ads before this video, that’s a first

  • Nate Staub
    Nate Staub Month ago +1


  • CallMeMrX
    CallMeMrX Month ago

    Nothing dates a car quite like a steering wheel

  • Catalin Irimia
    Catalin Irimia Month ago


  • The Dark Berserker
    The Dark Berserker Month ago

    2001 model is my favorite Diablo!

  • KillerDCInstinct
    KillerDCInstinct Month ago

    I was like that another person talking ? I resorted to thinking it was him moving the shift lever, but then kept hearing it. It's actually the owner just saying yeah yeah yeah lmfao 😂😂

    LAKERS_BURNER Month ago +1

    Wow the owner couldn’t just be quiet.

  • Supriki Nz
    Supriki Nz Month ago +1

    Craziest car of the 1990s and yet u took the 2001 example😂😂

  • barry phillips
    barry phillips Month ago

    Doug you forget that Lambo,s are meant to be a bit crazy.

  • All Outta Gum
    All Outta Gum Month ago

    Zed ex, not zee ex

  • Moh Afzal
    Moh Afzal Month ago

    Doug is the type of guy that voted Trump

  • mrNorth
    mrNorth Month ago

    wHy iS tHe tUrN sIGNAl sMALEr tHaN tHe rEvERSe lIgHt?? why tha fuck do u think?? maybe cos u want MOST light when u reverse fucktard, and not when u turn! Do u even have a drivinglicens? U clearly have no real interest ijn cars. So many things u say in this video makes zero sens. im not Englis, so fuck of spellingbees

  • Sai Krishna
    Sai Krishna Month ago

    Just drive man.

  • William Crawford
    William Crawford Month ago

    Thtz one amazing engine.

    • MDDeGrande1994
      MDDeGrande1994 Month ago

      Gotta love the Bizzarrini-designed L537 V12. Last used in the Murciélago SV.

    HEADBANGRR Month ago +2

    That's a very serius car for the money.

  • Dr. Dartix
    Dr. Dartix Month ago

    Vertical leaps increased, rocking the google prototype glasses, grooming the poisonous Ethiopian caterpillar, brushing the chrome, carbon fiber, black slick daddy, champions club hair, wearing and rocking, and zipping the leather jacket, preparing to show thousands of blonde banged punck kids what it means to be the 2 time while pulling off 3 front flips and riding off in a 1990 Lamborghini Diablo VT and riding off into the sunset, just to do it again the next day.