Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM | I AM SO HAPPY WITH IT

  • Published on Nov 24, 2019
  • Sony 24GM:
    NanLite Tube 15C:
    My Japan Autumn Photography Kit:
    Download my Japan Photos as Phone Wallpapers (FREE):
    24GM Initial Impressions:
    24GM vs Zeiss 25mm:
    24GM for Astrophotography:
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  • Jason Vong
    Jason Vong  2 months ago +11

    Skip to 4:30 if you’re new to my channel and just want to see samples images from the 24GM! Sony 24GM:
    Download my Japan Photos as Phone Wallpapers (FREE):
    NanLite Tube 15C:
    My Japan Autumn Photography Kit:

    • Mr. cruz
      Mr. cruz Month ago

      Hey jason!! You need to do a bokeh/portrait battle with the 85mm gm vs the 100mm gm and the 135mm gm.

    • Kevin Diaz
      Kevin Diaz Month ago

      Jason Vong can you provide a Japan 🇯🇵 travel guid please of cities y’all did places to go and visit and places to eat please!!!!!!

    • prince2thethrone
      prince2thethrone 2 months ago

      Will you review the Freewell Variable Nd filters for the camera?Also compare it to the Polarpro Variable ND filter? And peak design is coming out with the new backpacks. some one is showing it in this link

  • David Bond
    David Bond Day ago

    You spent $1400 just to get 0.6 more brokeh...yikes😶

  • Hurricaanne
    Hurricaanne Day ago

    How do you think this lens would do with vlogging on an a6400 since the lens and camera doesn’t have stabilization?! And would it be too heavy to use with the crane m2?!

  • Peter Merrick
    Peter Merrick 8 days ago

    Bought my a7iii and 24mm 1.4 last November. Holy shit its the best.

  • Marcelo Almeida Silva
    Marcelo Almeida Silva 18 days ago

    You are forcing me to buy a 24mm GM. I hate you.

  • Andy
    Andy 18 days ago

    Ahh! I ordered this finally and though my wallet hurts? I’m excited to finally get it! 😁

  • Glen Converse
    Glen Converse 24 days ago

    This is my favorite blogging channel. I really appreciate your gear reviews, and, really, any other topic. Thanks!

  • Alex RS rider
    Alex RS rider 24 days ago

    Hi Jason does the noise of the aperture blades is quite normal for this kind of lense? Thanks for replying.

  • Jaeger Schtulmann
    Jaeger Schtulmann 25 days ago

    I have the 24GM, but if I already owned the batis 25mm I wouldn't buy the GM. The difference is minimal for most viewers.

  • Alex RS rider
    Alex RS rider 26 days ago

    My kit, Sony A9 with 24 GM 1.4

  • RJ Exploration and Reviews

    Hi jason,
    I need help.. I am thinking about getting the 24mm 1.4 GM but I also have the 16-35 2.8 it worth it to get it as an extra lens?
    I shoot landscape and portraits and would looks to shoot night sky..
    Is it better then the 16-35 2.8 gm at 24mm?
    Thank you....

  • kasuygonzaga
    kasuygonzaga Month ago

    Not sure if anyone has asked this before, but what's your default filter for 24mm? Thanks thanks! Have just followed your IG.

  • marvinz911
    marvinz911 Month ago

    possible to add in the F stops of the photo setting so that we can take the guess work out or it ?

  • kevin cortes
    kevin cortes Month ago

    I’m new to photography, three months in with my A6000 , are these lenses good for my camera? , trying to take pictures close to yours and videos such like the stars I sawin this video, name’s kevin, it’s good to be part of your followers

  • Alejandro Orozco
    Alejandro Orozco Month ago

    I’m trying to justify why I want buy one right now :3

  • Long Kim
    Long Kim Month ago

    Is this lens good for a wedding video

  • Awuoth Bialik
    Awuoth Bialik Month ago

    This guy is funny, he makes photography more fun than playing soccer

  • styler0745
    styler0745 Month ago

    Nice facial massage. Thanks!

  • Bread
    Bread Month ago

    Will there ever be a 35mm GM?

  • Mau Rodriguez
    Mau Rodriguez Month ago

    Yupp your the reason im get the 24mm lol thanks for the boost to get it

  • Windy City Paranormal

    I enjoy watching your tutorials and updates. I recently bought the Sony a6400 primarily for shooting 4K and got the Sony 18-105 G/F4 lens. My question for you is with all the Sony products you test, what program do you run to edit and produce your videos? Thanks!

  • molacool
    molacool Month ago

    LoL ....came for the review, stayed for the jokes

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    I love my 24 GM and love your videos / content. Keep it up please!

  • The Mira Image
    The Mira Image Month ago

    Lmao a small camera store in Montana that i use to go to had 10 of them on hand a month after they released! This lens has lived on my a7iii since!

  • Awempty
    Awempty Month ago +1

    They have this lens at mapcamera btw.

    • Jason Vong
      Jason Vong  Month ago +1

      I was just literally inside. They have a bunch too!

  • Al B
    Al B Month ago

    Haha, I got one from BnH months ago ;)

  • LUITE 루터
    LUITE 루터 Month ago +1

    I really wanna limit myself to 3 lenses max.. 24MM GM, 70-200GM, ?? Maybe add the Tamron 17-28MM.

  • TecnoMauricio
    TecnoMauricio Month ago

    Yess please. Make the comparation between this lens and the 35mm f1.8 🙌🏼

  • Dave Carver
    Dave Carver Month ago

    Lol!!! Messy AF has nothing to do with your dope content. But it is quite funny. Just bought the lens and hasn’t come off my a7 iii since

  • Dean
    Dean Month ago

    I have been slimming down gear. I have the 35mm F1.8 and 85mm F1.8 for primes (technically I have the 90mm Macro, but thats more for spring / wildflower season). Then I just have 16-25mm, 24-240mm and 100-400mm. My favorite focal length is 35mm... but I imagine if I did video it would be 24mm. What I really want to do is split the difference and buy a Leica Q2.

  • marcel plavec
    marcel plavec Month ago

    THS your JOB u do ......i love 24 GM but is it not to CRAZY if i would use for PORTRAITS PHOTOGRAPHY...? what d u THINK::::? greetings from marcel

  • Pierre T. Lambert
    Pierre T. Lambert Month ago +1

    This is my favorite lens😋 makes me wanna make another video about that lens 1 year later !

    • Alex RS rider
      Alex RS rider 24 days ago

      Pierre T. Lambert Bonjour Pierre, do you experience aperture blade noise?

  • Deepsea Slay
    Deepsea Slay Month ago

    Jason a comparison between the 24mm GM and Sony 35mm f1.8 would be awesome especially for travel

  • Philip Wright
    Philip Wright Month ago

    Tried it for a couple of weeks but just couldn't get on with it. Much prefer the Sony 35 1.8 FE lens?

  • Abstract_by_Baldvin

    4:27 so much buttaaa

  • Hish Gay
    Hish Gay Month ago

    Sony 24mm 1.4 vs samyang 24mm 1.4? Which is better?

  • Mr AMU
    Mr AMU Month ago

    I do like my 24 mm GM one because simply i have 24 mm and 35 mm and F1.4. Its the best i ever had. I am just curious if the Sony a7s3 would be released ??

  • Gregor Deissler
    Gregor Deissler Month ago


  • Abdalla Hassan عبدالله حسن

    Hey Jason
    Happy thanksgiving first
    Can u tell me which lens can give me cinematic look with sharp details
    When I shoot the video on street with a7 iii

  • mike the kraken
    mike the kraken Month ago +1

    On loan from zeiss ... forever :)

    • Jason Vong
      Jason Vong  Month ago

      They will probably send the cops to my house

  • Rajeev Kugan
    Rajeev Kugan Month ago +1

    Had it for an year now and 90% of all my gimbal shots have been by this magical ...beautiful ..powerful. and light a f lens!

  • Fatima Gihad
    Fatima Gihad Month ago

    Does the sigma 16mm f1.4 goes with sony and canon mirrorless cameras ? Or is there a lens for sony and a lens for canon! 🤔🤔

    • Jason Vong
      Jason Vong  Month ago

      you will have to buy different lenses for different cameras.

  • Ma Reya
    Ma Reya Month ago +1

    Your Japan shots are amazing!

  • Richard's World Traveler

    Bro, stop making me want to buy this lens!

  • Ka Rim
    Ka Rim Month ago

    It is my go-to lens 90-95% of the time. Perfect to record your life... complement it with the 55mm and you got the best camera setup everrrr

    Edit: Got the lens from my local Sony store at the end of January 2019 without waiting at all.. walked it and bought it immediately

    IMP3TIGO Month ago

    Nice video, although if I could offer any feedback it would be to tone down the "youtube personality" a bit (the exaggerated style of talking/presentation that youtube content creators feel is necessary). I remember when you only had 15k subscribers, which I think was only a couple years ago and like the style back then much more. Anyway, kudos for creating all the great content and congrats on the 165k subs! Oh, and yeah, the 24/1.4 GM is awesome and my go to lens nowadays.

  • David Bigandt
    David Bigandt Month ago

    bicycling in Japan

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer Month ago

    okay we get it. you deserve the len. 24 mm 1.4 GM is an amazing len. Enjoy! :P

  • Jeff Jacob
    Jeff Jacob Month ago

    Now that you have the Sony 24mm GM, do you still need the Batis 18mm? I have the 24mm, and I saw your video at Fushimi Inari with the Batis and it was great. Could I get by with 24mm, or do you recommend to have a wider lens. The Batis 18mm is on sale now and the Samyang 18mm is super cheap

  • shahriar mahmood
    shahriar mahmood Month ago

    Ah yes, the dedicated chair for all your clothes 😆

  • budi tran
    budi tran Month ago

    is that a 5' atomos monitor?

  • Ruff Prophet Productions

    i hope u are able to get out of your rut! maybe i might get the fuji 16 1.4 one of these days. enjoy your time in japan!!

    • Jason Vong
      Jason Vong  Month ago

      Being in Japan has really filled me with creative juices! :)

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith Month ago +1

    Enjoying Sony GAS a lot! 😂😂😂

  • Helen Cogan
    Helen Cogan Month ago +1

    WHAT???Don’t TELL NEWBIES TO skip ahead...they need to see the real deal....the fun stuffLOL..I have the 24 and agree with you a gazillion is awesome!!! I use it mostly for Astro work...I hope you get rested..enjoy your time in Japan!!

    • Jason Vong
      Jason Vong  Month ago

      Bahaha! I appreciate you watching my excitement about the lens!

  • Seth Ames
    Seth Ames Month ago

    5:29 Don’t even mention it.

  • Seth Ames
    Seth Ames Month ago

    You would be fun to hang out with. If you’re ever in Jackson Hole, I’d guide you around for free. I guide wildlife trips so bring the 600mm f4.

  • David Burchette
    David Burchette Month ago

    Had one on order for about 3 months (from B&H) before cancelling the order. Might try again in 2020.

  • Vrsatile
    Vrsatile Month ago

    The Sigma 16mm is 24mm equivalent on the a7III and that's what I use for my video right now. Would love a full frame lens for video though. This looks good!

  • microminstrel
    microminstrel Month ago


  • Sibel Geraghty
    Sibel Geraghty Month ago

    Thank you.... You are so cute ...