Find your Kojima name with my simple 11-page form | Unraveled BONUS

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Death Stranding has some wild characters, but this isn't the first time Hideo Kojima has had fun with names. Now, you can find your own Kojima name with the help of Brian David Gilbert's Kojima Name Generator. You can download the generator here:
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Comments • 4 047

  • Polygon
    Polygon  27 days ago +2433

    You can download the name generator here:
    And when you're done, please post your explanatory monologue, or else how will I know who you are? - The Lewd Improvisationman

    • EnigmaticRPG
      EnigmaticRPG 7 days ago

      Name's Liquid Retriever... It started as a joke, a put down even, only it soon came to light that I'm who you go to when liquids need moving. Delicate samples that need handling? Fish that need relocating? Can I get you a drink? Oh, they don't sell that anymore, but I know a place. Don't sweat it, I'll be back in a jiffy! ...and ignore that guy saying I'm some kinda succubi. I'm only interested in getting liquids *for* you, not *from* you!

    • Fi the eevee
      Fi the eevee 9 days ago

      Or... SmallspacesChairLeg

    • awes0meaxel
      awes0meaxel 9 days ago

      Hi, I’m Big Cancer Dog, and if you’re wondering how I
      got this name, well, let me tell you. I had a dog once. He was my partner, my confidant, my best friend.
      He was also big, massive. Well, he's not around no more. The night he died, I nearly drank myself to death.
      Wish i succeeded, too. Three days later, when they found me in a dumpster, they told me what I have done.
      I killed fitty men while i screamed about my dog. Cut em to pieces and skinned em alive. I wish i remembered that

    • JBPuffin
      JBPuffin 12 days ago +1

      Nervous Linguist. "You ever have twenty people listening to your every word, their lives in the balance, while you barely know either language? No? I bet you'd have been nervous, too. They trained me for Russian, but I got stuck in Ukraine, and things got sticky with them and the Poles. Next thing I know, I'm the lead diplomat and frantically studying both languages, and let me tell you: I went to school for a year to learn one. By the end of those three months, I could argue with philosophers in all three AND English.

      "Was I nervous? You bet. But, more importantly, I'm alive *now*, which should tell you all you need to know about my skills. Now get up, sukinsin; we've got a president to save."

    • John Smith
      John Smith 12 days ago +2

      Brian, I got "The Fine Hornyteenager". Why did you do this to me Brian. Why.

  • SunRey Eagle
    SunRey Eagle 5 hours ago

    I rolled for a violent name, so its:
    Harpoon Fighter Jet
    How would I explain this one?
    a disclaimer? 'Not an actual jet. I'm just handy with a Harpoon and I run real fast >:D'
    or lean into it; 'I'm piloting a fighter jet in your vicinity, complete the mission by marking the target and I'll take them out.'

  • JazzyisHappy
    JazzyisHappy 6 hours ago

    HI, I'm Hideo Kojima, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I rolled a fricking 69 in section 4.

    On the other hand, ignoring that fateful role in section 4, I would have been Lacking Cashier.

  • some mean-side
    some mean-side 8 hours ago

    Brian, my roommate misses your sister. His name is Ryan J. Dinkelmeyer

  • Jakob Sprague
    Jakob Sprague 9 hours ago

    Student make-up. I kinda hate myself ngl

  • Ezra Gans-Crocker
    Ezra Gans-Crocker 18 hours ago

    Hello I am Singing Ratman

  • thegreentaxi
    thegreentaxi 19 hours ago +2

    Good news everyone, I'm now officially called "Playing with a dog man"

  • DigiYF
    DigiYF 21 hour ago

    Hi, I’m Clean Quiet Studierman, and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I was working on a business report one day on the 8th of December. It was a cold morning. As the blinding white pages stared their intimidating stare at me, I began to falter. To procrastinate. To run. My cowardice and my failures led me to a man who had wisdom many would consider forbidden: dark, unnatural. He showed me more blinding white pages. Eleven of them. Consumed by my fear of responsibility, I was led right back to the scene I fled from. I began reading, and as I read, I was forced to confront more and more about myself. The man was testing my limits, my resolve, and my knowledge. It was like he was assessing me: understanding me better than I did. By the time I had finished his game, he had me look through what I had written, jumping through more hoops and dances to pick up the pieces and string the information together. It was done. He gave me my name. That is how I got the name Clean Quiet Studierman.

  • Rachel Vass
    Rachel Vass Day ago

    Taurus Tadpole reporting for duty

    • Rachel Vass
      Rachel Vass Day ago

      Taurus Lickable Tadpole to be exact

  • Hailey Roberts
    Hailey Roberts Day ago

    Hello, my name is Machete Drone. I bet you are wondering how I got this name. Well I’ll tell you. It all started when I was five and responded to my mom calling my dog thinking she called me. This traumatized me. When I was finally at the ripe age of 13 I killed my entire family. That is when a friend started calling me Machete Drone. Now why are you here...

  • Logan Chellman
    Logan Chellman Day ago

    the revolver

  • BeastFormal
    BeastFormal Day ago

    Watch out for:

  • Jordan Bl
    Jordan Bl Day ago +2

    Harpoon Droneman

    ... I'm actually cheating a bit here. I did roll a 12 on the clone condition, but working out whose name I'm meant to be stealing and which half of their name to steal and which half of my name to replace... It's a lot... Actually, screw it, I'll just roll like, a d10 and take the 10th name from the comments, replace... The middle half. Yep.
    I'm now Harpcidental Miseman, thanks to one "The Accidental Misgender," Codename "Jasper."
    ... Heck, that sounds like it's almost insane enough to be an accurate Kojima name. The thing works.

  • Lain Martin
    Lain Martin 2 days ago +2

    Wrestling announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the amazing... (Moves mic away from face) What's your name, kid?
    Me: They call me... Toothpick under the toenail Snakes in water

  • Rachel
    Rachel 2 days ago +1

    "Singing Molly" as a Horny Name is not too bad........these are also just great internet pseudonyms

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo 2 days ago +1

    Hi i'm Handcrafting Substance but you might know me as The Big Washed my Clothesman, and if you're wondering how i got this names, well, let me tell you. Once, when i was a mere Carrots Student i watched a very cool video about some Improvisationman who had done a Kojima name generator, but in that time i was going through a lot, and even loving the video, i didn't had the time to discover my own Kojima Name, but i planned something that wiped my problems away... I still can hear their sceams echoing: "No Superfluid Chainsaw, dont do it! you can't finish it by yourself!" But i could, and i've done it, my former classmates now call me "The Drones" but doing that took me everything...
    Since then i've ben away from University... for vacation, and as i got some time i created thoose names, and enjoyed this wonderful video again, which made me, even with all The Virtual Rejection, and delay, really really happy. And now that you know my history you too can call me how my close friends do, and now Walking Basset is going away doing his thing, because y'all know i'm good as hell when it comes to Walking.

  • Spinico
    Spinico 2 days ago +3

    I got an Occupational Name, and it's pretty damn accurate:

    Honest Idler

  • Jonathan Hancock
    Jonathan Hancock 2 days ago

    What on earth! I have a twin brother and after rolling a 12 I now know the truth..... I am his clone, meant to destroy him!!! Thank you Brian for opening my eyes to my true calling.....

  • Lord Framebreak
    Lord Framebreak 2 days ago

    i am Fat naked Cat, i got this name, because despite my weight i stealthed through a bank robbery.

  • Joshua Hancock
    Joshua Hancock 2 days ago +4

    Oh no....... I guess I am now to be called by: “Old Naked Basinji”

  • Squigglefigeon
    Squigglefigeon 2 days ago +2

    Violent Name: The Uranium Scholar Man

  • Gremlins Wrath
    Gremlins Wrath 3 days ago

    thank you, im glad to free myself and embrace my new name as Big Cancer Sheep

  • milk
    milk 3 days ago +4

    I had one name: The Pissing Myselfman

  • Dungeons & Drawgans
    Dungeons & Drawgans 3 days ago

    Hey, I'm Blake Improvisationman.

    I was almost a normal person, until I was injected with cells from Brian David Gilbert, becoming his evil half twin, constantly struggling between being me and being him.

  • Rewgge
    Rewgge 3 days ago +2

    please refer to me as the "Hentai odyssey man" from now on

  • The_Dragon_42
    The_Dragon_42 3 days ago

    The Bad Artman, could be worse.

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W 3 days ago

    Ah yes, 'tis I, Old Solid Cat.

  • Biofan813
    Biofan813 3 days ago

    I mean, Diehardman does kinda make sense.... 90hrs in.

  • GaleGames
    GaleGames 3 days ago

    The Oblivion Man
    Would it be wrong to change that to woman lol

  • Tuesdeay S
    Tuesdeay S 4 days ago

    my name is; Slept Okay

  • ***** ********
    ***** ******** 4 days ago +3

    "The old irreparable damageman"
    I'm happy with that

  • flamealana
    flamealana 4 days ago

    Big Cancer BlackCat, oof

  • Hannah Seling
    Hannah Seling 4 days ago

    My name is The Lying. Other epiphets include, but are not limted to: Apathetic Learner, Naked Scottish Fold, Anything Reading, Unsanitary Knives, Listened to Music. This is all weirdly accurate,

  • Tobias P
    Tobias P 4 days ago

    I just got The Spider

  • RainStorm Rose
    RainStorm Rose 4 days ago

    I spent two hours of my useless life doing this damn worksheet SEVEN times, so I dunno, might as well use 'em. Gas Owlman and The Pervy Storytellerman are my personal favourites.

  • Ele
    Ele 4 days ago

    i'm stuck on number three because i don't know who kurt russell is

  • Molly Hunter
    Molly Hunter 5 days ago

    BDG back at it again with the complicated forms that I have already download and am currently filling out

  • Robert Karaitis
    Robert Karaitis 5 days ago

    My Kojima name is The Gunman. Spot on.

  • Onyx
    Onyx 5 days ago

    I liked Started Arecordingman

  • Mosst Ghost
    Mosst Ghost 5 days ago +2

    it’s me, Spiders Needles
    or alternatively, Taurus “Lickable” Collieman

  • But why
    But why 5 days ago

    Hi, I'm Eat, and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I ate.

  • Peach B33ch
    Peach B33ch 5 days ago

    Now I had to do this 6 times and lemme tell you. I feel so attacked right now. Highlights are "The Betrayalman" and "Liquid Bunny" though I really can't help but feel "Holy Tanktreads" might have suited me better...

  • Timothy Marks
    Timothy Marks 5 days ago

    Aquarius Papillon. I actually kind of like that name.

  • alli alli bo balli
    alli alli bo balli 5 days ago

    For now on I'd like everyone to address me as Big Plasma Cashierman

  • Jenna Hall
    Jenna Hall 5 days ago

    Hi, I'm The Writing Filer, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well let me tell you. I fancy myself a bit of an author, working on short stories mostly but eventually building up to a novel-length work someday, when I'm not helping out in the office of my dad's machine shop.

  • Bro123
    Bro123 5 days ago +1

    *The Old Wet Gamer*

  • Yagiza San
    Yagiza San 5 days ago

    Hi, I am Old Fantasist Artist, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I am as good of an artist as I am old, though it might be a lie, since I can't stop lying. You might also know me under the alias Ant-toner Artist or Crooked Liquid Dog, but only very close friends call me Naked Lickable Dog. You might also have heard of the (very cool) name The Conscious Nightmare-man, those who fears me call me that.

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee 5 days ago

    Hello yes I am The Big Disobedient Square, and yes that does describe me perfectly and yes you can only call me by this name now.

  • Gravelord Neko
    Gravelord Neko 5 days ago

    I am 'Artillery Rock'

  • Lagger777 -
    Lagger777 - 5 days ago

    I created my name and it was Salted Dagger Gauss Rifles-man

  • HisNeverland
    HisNeverland 5 days ago

    Why did you need to know our maximum carrot capacity?

  • Emily K.
    Emily K. 5 days ago

    My names:
    Annex Dreamer
    The Big Not Amounting to Anything -man
    Labour Waste -Man
    Labour Gaming
    Old Elvis Presley Dreamer
    Annex Dreamer

  • tayfga15
    tayfga15 5 days ago +3

    Old Kind Student does actually sound like a Kojima character

  • MrNaevus19
    MrNaevus19 6 days ago

    Dart Tank-man. Yes that is my name. Fight me. Or don't

  • marcogashlong
    marcogashlong 6 days ago

    this is an amazing one-time game to play at a party

  • madiweeb
    madiweeb 6 days ago

    "Sore Harpoon Spider"
    Somehow I knew my greatest tangible fear would make it into my name.

    • PorkinsDLX
      PorkinsDLX 3 days ago

      harpoons are scary AF like a giant needle! no thanks

  • Cari Stars
    Cari Stars 6 days ago

    I’m deadass about to use this to choose a new name

  • jackie the neko
    jackie the neko 6 days ago

    my fking name is the yellow skulls higgs man

  • Guido Russo Heck
    Guido Russo Heck 6 days ago

    PAZ (Peace on spanish)
    CHICO (little and kid in spanish)

    he is been doing this from ages ! haha i love him

  • Simon  Berzl
    Simon Berzl 6 days ago

    Liking them nails though absolute power move