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  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • Sonic The Hedgehog is speeding to theatres for a big screen adventure for the whole family! Watch the new trailer now, and #CatchSonic in theatres February 14!
    Based on the global blockbuster videogame franchise from Sega, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG tells the story of the world’s speediest hedgehog as he embraces his new home on Earth. In this live-action adventure comedy, Sonic and his new best friend Tom (James Marsden) team up to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and his plans for world domination. The family-friendly film also stars Tika Sumpter and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic.

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  • Mr. David 0508
    Mr. David 0508 20 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta paradise till the new sonic movie

  • Humour Hub
    Humour Hub 20 hours ago

    That’s better 😍👌

  • Fungate
    Fungate 20 hours ago

    New Sonic Better

  • G me
    G me 20 hours ago

    Now that...that's a game character come true

  • Jerrick Cole
    Jerrick Cole 20 hours ago

    People give a break with the 2019 & 2020.

  • 松Andrew
    松Andrew 20 hours ago

    I like how they actually cared about what we think

  • WorldHunter
    WorldHunter 20 hours ago

    Looking soooooo much better! Good job!

  • LuxemShitle Production
    LuxemShitle Production 20 hours ago

    They really did take some sketches from detective Pikachu

  • Starthehedgehog1393
    Starthehedgehog1393 20 hours ago

    Well, I thik I speak for everyone when I say this is a big improvement. I actually would like to see this movie myself now.

  • Pointman
    Pointman 20 hours ago

    I gotta give them props for actually listening to the fans... Few people do that these days.

    ALBINO ENRICO JOSIAH 20 hours ago

    Mad respect guys ;)

  • Raj Mishra
    Raj Mishra 20 hours ago +1

    Now it's amazing

  • CNinja202
    CNinja202 20 hours ago

    This looks better than the first trailer

  • Mike
    Mike 20 hours ago

    Woah, this Sonic character design looks great. They even somehow managed to get the classic aesthetic without having that creepy monoeye.
    Still, the arms being blue is dangerous. Wasn't there a guy who pepper sprayed some game shop employees because of it?

  • MHMD
    MHMD 20 hours ago

    I guess I saw the hole movie thanks

  • Eliz
    Eliz 20 hours ago +1

    Anime eyes

  • Angie Fox02
    Angie Fox02 20 hours ago

    Is this even real? Cuz im still not over with the old design but this? Its perfect

  • Webber 07
    Webber 07 20 hours ago +1

    Everyone hated the old design, so this company listened to the fans and changed his design. Now we have to see it

  • MrLGames
    MrLGames 20 hours ago

    Its pretty much more funny than the original trailer.

  • Fay Rem Chanel
    Fay Rem Chanel 20 hours ago

    Welcome Baaaccckkkk Jim Carrey!!

  • Messy Desk _artist_
    Messy Desk _artist_ 20 hours ago

    I appreciate paramount's dedication to thier fans for taking thier request seriously

  • Calbente
    Calbente 20 hours ago

    That’s better

  • Даниил Кофф
    Даниил Кофф 20 hours ago

    Can we stop having a big fat graphical satisfaction and appretiate the fact that sonic has more personality than he had in his last couple of years for an entire Flash comicbook collection

  • ceazz Mo
    ceazz Mo 20 hours ago

    New so nice is dopeeee

  • therandomuser
    therandomuser 20 hours ago

    You did it, you actually pulled it off. I can't wait!

  • PoiSoN Clan
    PoiSoN Clan 20 hours ago

    Damn this is actually really good

  • Jessica Demarest
    Jessica Demarest 20 hours ago

    What am i doing valentines day

  • Zestoh_Coffee_
    Zestoh_Coffee_ 20 hours ago

    2:03 "GIVE ME A BIG FAT..."

    Me: SAY DICK!!!

    Dr. Robotnik: "BREAK!"


  • Fortnite Freebies
    Fortnite Freebies 20 hours ago

    This takes me back to when this guy was voicing Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja.

  • ever gray
    ever gray 20 hours ago

    He doesnt have witch fingers anymore

  • Ralf Xing
    Ralf Xing 20 hours ago

    Now THAT'S what i'm talking about!

    SONICNEON87 Y 20 hours ago +1

    I love this!!! I'm in love with this movie in fact!!💙🌀

  • William Chikaonda
    William Chikaonda 20 hours ago

    Because you listened to us going to watch thank you

  • FrostBite Cryo
    FrostBite Cryo 20 hours ago

    Old sonic design:**everyone hated that**
    New sonic design:**everyone liked that**

  • Bruh 0929
    Bruh 0929 20 hours ago

    Honestly, I’m almost sum what excited for this movie. I think it could good now, and that is a scary timeline to live in.

  • Chris Nutt
    Chris Nutt 20 hours ago

    Now I have to see this film in cinemas
    Well done on the redesign!

  • Deruzzi
    Deruzzi 20 hours ago

    He looks cute

  • Austin Reitan
    Austin Reitan 20 hours ago

    1:00 cant breath to funny

  • Maynard G
    Maynard G 20 hours ago

    He still looks bad

  • Poochilli Pickles
    Poochilli Pickles 20 hours ago

    His arms are still blue but I’ll let it slide

  • MasterSpartman
    MasterSpartman 20 hours ago

    RUclip rewind take notes, this is how you redeem yourself!

  • Howler Gaming
    Howler Gaming 20 hours ago

    not memey enough/10

  • DaveQB
    DaveQB 20 hours ago

    How could have they made it so much better in such a short time?
    Theory: only that trailer was made bad, to generate a negative reaction and therefore generate a much more positive reaction once the "true" design was revealed. And even if they truly overworked the CG people, whoever made the first trailer must have been grossly incompetent.

  • -UwU -
    -UwU - 20 hours ago

    This is actually acceptable

  • All For One
    All For One 20 hours ago

    2019 trailer: who are you?

    2020 trailer: im you, but fixed

  • The Nerdy Gamer
    The Nerdy Gamer 20 hours ago +1

    *Everybody liked that.*

  • Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    Interviewer : May we ask what did you do for the previous job?
    Designer : I design the main character from Sonic the movie.

  • Intelol 339
    Intelol 339 20 hours ago

    Damn this sonic redesign is actually really cute, also some of the cringy parts from the first trailer were changed so that's also great. This is actually looking half decent. High hopes

  • Lulu saad
    Lulu saad 20 hours ago

    2019 : gangsta's paradise
    2020: supersonic

  • Annie Shi
    Annie Shi 20 hours ago

    2019: before plastic surgery
    2020: after surgery

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell 20 hours ago

    I vaguely remember the general reaction to the first Sonic trailer, well, what I do remember is they hype I felt for the film and it's still there. This movie looks pretty good

  • Skel Studios
    Skel Studios 20 hours ago +1

    2019:fucking design
    2020:Very Good!

  • Eu Han Leong
    Eu Han Leong 20 hours ago

    This is going to make up for the last one

  • Explore imagination Define creativity

    I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, you did well paramount, you did well.

  • Phat NguyeTuan
    Phat NguyeTuan 20 hours ago

    dat iz so much better thanks goshhh :L

  • Sauce 1820
    Sauce 1820 20 hours ago

    Went from a 2 to a 9

  • Stingiest Hornet
    Stingiest Hornet 20 hours ago

    I want to see Amy the pink hedgehog.

  • theo picot
    theo picot 20 hours ago

    Sonic trailer 2019: exist
    internet: yo what the f***?!
    creator of the movie: i'm making f***ing mac and cheese and nobody can stop me!!!
    new sonic trailer: exist
    internet: mmmmmm this is more like it dude

  • Jacob Shaer
    Jacob Shaer 20 hours ago

    Way better than “meow”

  • Gohan Black
    Gohan Black 20 hours ago

    Im glad it's not gangter's paradise