watchOS 6: Top Features & Changes for Apple Watch!

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • A look at the TOP watchOS 6 features. Which new feature is your favorite? - Thanks to Monowear for sponsoring 9to5Mac on RUclip. Get 15% off Monowear's premium Apple Watch accessories w/ code 9to5mac.
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  • 9to5Mac
    9to5Mac  Month ago +37

    So.... it has to be asked? Favorite watchOS 6 feature?

    • Atharva Rao
      Atharva Rao 21 day ago

      Wombat dude shut up why are you advocating for this unknown brand? The charge probably lasts so long because it doesn’t have 1/5th features an Apple Watch has. Besides Your comment isn’t even related to this thread or any of the other comments you have commented on.

    • Julia Bradford
      Julia Bradford 27 days ago

      The new Apple Watch faces. And female health tracking that I don’t have to pay for

    • Shamikh SSK
      Shamikh SSK 28 days ago

      9to5Mac hey i am not able to update my series 2 to watch os 6 as i can only see 5.3.1 upto date. What does that mean. It says on apple website that series 1 is compatible wit watch os6.

    • darktennisball
      darktennisball 29 days ago

      9to5Mac Obama 2

    • SuperAwesomeGuy33
      SuperAwesomeGuy33 Month ago

      9to5Mac I have the series 3 and I don’t see any of the new watch faces. Only numerals duo and mono... am I doing something wrong or is it not available for series 3?

  • Maaz Kamran
    Maaz Kamran 19 hours ago

    Thank you so much love you voice and everything

  • antbmw525
    antbmw525 Day ago


  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    So, how is your menstrual cycle treating you?

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    So, did you go grocery shopping?

  • Rohit Kalra
    Rohit Kalra 2 days ago

    Great video

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones 6 days ago

    Thought cycle app was something a guy I’m kinda disappointed it wasn’t for actual cycling..glad the ladies got something hopefully useful though

  • Jeff Bommarito
    Jeff Bommarito 6 days ago

    Tasks in lists that show up in "Scheduled" are not indicating which list it is in! So you see the task but you don't see the reference list or parent folder. So bad. What the hell??

  • Cameron Daubern
    Cameron Daubern 6 days ago

    My reminders lists aren't showing on my watch. Anyone know why? I have the latest OS versions for my phone and watch

  • Xx_weed boi69_xX
    Xx_weed boi69_xX 7 days ago

    Is the watch series 2 supported?

    • DeepSkrt
      DeepSkrt Day ago

      Christopher Brown Will I be able to get the calculator app on my series 2??

    • Christopher Brown
      Christopher Brown 6 days ago

      Xx_weed boi69_xX yea just delayed

  • Apavlakos
    Apavlakos 10 days ago


  • Connie Salgado
    Connie Salgado 14 days ago +2

    How can I add the calendar to my complications so i can use it as one of my complications

  • allisxn
    allisxn 15 days ago

    do you know how to get the voice memos on your iphone?

  • David Pollock
    David Pollock 16 days ago

    For the price they are asking for these I would expect the watch to last long enough to be handed down to my children. Instead, you are paying premium prices for a device that mimics most of the functions of your phone and has a life-cycle of 18m-24m before obsolete. No thank you I'll pass. I cannot imagine what use a device like this even holds. Likely why so many other manufacturers have abandoned wearables. Athletes are a niche market that cannot sustain the entire market category.

  • Nicknoltiiiiiii
    Nicknoltiiiiiii 17 days ago

    Advertising leather bands! Killing animals for looking classi? No thanks.

  • Andrew Anievas
    Andrew Anievas 18 days ago +1

    i can't wait to buy tickets to sports events and concerts, only to have my watch tell me it's too loud and i should leave. lol

  • Seungju Kim
    Seungju Kim 19 days ago

    What band is that?

  • V3GAf32209
    V3GAf32209 19 days ago

    This sucks it's only for the new apple watches 💔

    • Christopher Brown
      Christopher Brown 6 days ago

      V3GAf32209 Actually, the 1 and 2 is delayed for december

  • Diego85
    Diego85 20 days ago

    Compatible with iPhone 6?

  • sycosyiam
    sycosyiam 21 day ago

    I’m missing a few features on the update like gradient watch faces. I have a series 3 Apple Watch. Does anyone know why

    • sycosyiam
      sycosyiam 21 day ago

      No worries I just read in the comments that lots of features don’t work on series 3 even though I only purchased it 14 months ago. Quite disappointing really 😞

  • Christopher Fields
    Christopher Fields 21 day ago

    Why it sound like your whispering? 😂😂

  • Tosh- Nique
    Tosh- Nique 21 day ago

    The only question I’ve had about the series 5 is if the message notification in the green bubble changes to 1 if you receive a message while the watch is in 1hz mode on the home screen. (Not referring to the red dot) I’ve been searching everywhere and can’t find the answer. Anyone with the series 5, if you can test it and let me know please and thank you!!

  • Audemosha
    Audemosha 22 days ago +2

    When you said applications I was like what is that word? You said complications so much I for got that applications was an actual word for a second🤣

  • Christian Mohn
    Christian Mohn 22 days ago

    My memos don't sync from the watch to anywhere. I saw a site mention that the syncing feature had been turned off in the beta. Does anyone know if they maybe forgot to turn it back on? Or am I missing a setting somewhere?

  • Edward Yamada
    Edward Yamada 23 days ago

    It’s funny how Apple gets people to think otherwise, but it’s a WATCH with gimmicks that don’t work.

  • Tim K
    Tim K 23 days ago

    I stand out because i don't put a dead animal skin around my wrist and I use stainless steel or the sport one.

  • fit at last
    fit at last 24 days ago

    great video!

  • Denis Elis
    Denis Elis 24 days ago

    Since we didn't hear back from you, your ticket has been marked as resolved. If you still need help, simply reply to this email or click the link below - we’re here to help!

  • Saad Syed
    Saad Syed 24 days ago

    watchOS 6 seems to drain the battery of my Series 4 more than watchOS 5. Hopefully this is an actual resource bug and get fixed. I usually get 15 hours in a day, but now not even getting 12, with minimal or no message/voice call operations, just notifications.

  • nmout
    nmout 24 days ago

    Can we install noise, compass and calculator apple apps of os 6 to gen 3 apple watch?

  • Casual2020
    Casual2020 25 days ago +2

    I'm just so confused why they call add-ons or options, "Complications"? Makes it sound like they are going to mess you up because that's what complications do in life. LOL

  • M MDC
    M MDC 25 days ago

    Awesome video. Thanks Jeff!

  • FutureMedia
    FutureMedia 25 days ago

    New faces on the WATCH Series 4 & 5 are my favorite new features in the WatchOS 6 and 32GB of storage on all the WATCH Series 5 models is my favorite new hardware feature.

  • FutureMedia
    FutureMedia 25 days ago

    Love the way you narrate your videos.

  • adnan khan
    adnan khan 26 days ago

    I can’t find the walkie talkie on my series 4 after the update. Please help. I tried unpairing & repairing but still nothing. Help please . I use it a lot . Help

    • Audemosha
      Audemosha 20 days ago

      adnan khan, you can redownload the app on the App Store. If that doesn’t work just clear everything on the watch and also unpair one more time from the phone, other than that you’re s.o.l🤷🏼‍♂️

    • adnan khan
      adnan khan 20 days ago

      Audemosha I tired . I tried to reset the watch as well . Unpairing and repairing. Still no response. I uninstalled and reinstalled FaceTime as well but still nothing

    • Audemosha
      Audemosha 21 day ago

      adnan khan, do a hard reset on your watch by holding down the crown and the side button.

    • Audemosha
      Audemosha 21 day ago

      adnan khan, Turn off both the phone and watch then turn them on again?

    • adnan khan
      adnan khan 21 day ago

      Audemosha mine is missing after it. My brother still have it on his but mine is gone. I need help

  • Jake N.
    Jake N. 26 days ago

    So basically if you buy an Apple Watch with the e-Sim, you don't need to have your iPhone anywhere you go, since it can make so much work for you. I'll consider buying an Apple Watch and start leaving my iPhone at home!

  • mkbest
    mkbest 27 days ago +1

    I usually know all the "cool features" in videos like this, but I genuinely didn't know about haptic time telling. :D Thanks! :)

  • alfredo diaz ramirez
    alfredo diaz ramirez 27 days ago

    By far the best feature is the ability to download music automatically from the watch itself without having to download it to your phone THEN onto your watch!

  • Diego
    Diego 27 days ago +6

    I have an s4 and tell ppl I have the s5. Literally no difference lol

    • Wombat
      Wombat 24 days ago

      @Axel Halldin the Amazfit GTS watches also have always-on display... and battery life last 45 days

    • Axel Halldin
      Axel Halldin 27 days ago +2

      ??? Always-on display its basically the biggest change in an apple watch in a long time

  • Dale Ferguson
    Dale Ferguson 27 days ago +2

    I have a series 2 watch and I’m wondering if they are going to make the update available for it

    • T Willis
      T Willis 24 days ago

      Dale Ferguson there is an update available.

  • Jim Brannan
    Jim Brannan 27 days ago +1

    Will the touch to speak time work on the series 2 watch?

  • GABriel is cool
    GABriel is cool 27 days ago +1

    Can someone please tell me why I’m not seeing the Hearing app on my watch? I’m updated to watchOS 6 and I’m confused

    • Julia Bradford
      Julia Bradford 27 days ago

      GABriel is cool it’s yellow in the upper right hand corner. And it also should open up if you just tell your watch, hey Siri open the noise app

  • Roger Price
    Roger Price 28 days ago

    in case you were wondering... for me, it's a bug!

  • Raof KGN
    Raof KGN 28 days ago

    Can I pair iwatch 5 on iPhone running 12.4?

    • Multiple Gamer2862
      Multiple Gamer2862 26 days ago

      Yes but if you have a s1,s2,s3 and s4 you need an iPhone running iOS 13 to update for watchOS 6 and future updates s5 comes with watchOS 6 installed so you don’t need to update but for future updates you will need an iPhone running iOS 13 and above

  • bomxacalaka
    bomxacalaka 28 days ago +2

    14:28 NICE

  • nmout
    nmout 28 days ago

    Are there any fm radio apps for Apple Watch that play music in earphones connected to apple watch?

  • Yashar H. Naman
    Yashar H. Naman 28 days ago +1

    Add the song through Siri to WHAT LIBRARY? SPOTIFY LIBRARY as well??

    • Carlitox b
      Carlitox b 26 days ago

      YH N only Apple music 🙄 i guess

  • Elina Palma
    Elina Palma 28 days ago

    My Mickey and Minnie doesn’t speak when I tap on it now HELP

    • Elina Palma
      Elina Palma 22 days ago

      GUYS IT WORKED ! Thank you so much for all of your help !

    • Elina Palma
      Elina Palma 22 days ago

      Sharang Satish thank you so so much I really full overwhelmed that you guys are so helpful ! I will let you know when it works ☺️

    • Sharang Satish
      Sharang Satish 22 days ago

      @Elina Palma Hey! came back to let you know that apple has released watch OS 6.0.1 that specifically addresses the Mickey and Minnie faces not speaking. Update your watch and it should work!

    • Elina Palma
      Elina Palma 23 days ago

      Sharang Satish still doesn’t work 🙁

    • Sharang Satish
      Sharang Satish 23 days ago

      Make sure that the "Always speak" option is selected (under the Speak Time setting). And you have to tap with two fingers and hold until you hear the voice speaking. Hope it works!

  • Marlene K.
    Marlene K. 29 days ago

    Thanx for the video, helped out 👍🏾I have the Series3 Blk SS, sad that the Mickey Mouse sound is gone(That was my watch face I used exclusively) I also can't hear the hourly chimes that I set up:/

    CHEVROLET IMPALA 29 days ago

    Mickey Mouse is not talking anymore...

  • portzblitz
    portzblitz 29 days ago

    Could listen to Jeff's voice all day

  • Fast Fizzi
    Fast Fizzi 29 days ago +1

    I’m on iOS 13.1 beta 4 on my iPhone 7 and my Apple Watch series 2 hasn’t got watchOS 6 still

  • Fina
    Fina Month ago

    I'm wondering if buying an apple watch do you guys know how much can last (a no cellular model) if i turn down the message and email notification? (i'm much more intrested to use as an activity tracker and if can last enough as a sleep tracker with 3d party's apps...)

  • Matthew Howell
    Matthew Howell Month ago

    Wow. The Apple watch sure is complicated...

  • Estelle Bright
    Estelle Bright Month ago +13

    Obviously, most of the new features are only available for Apple Watch series 4. Series 3 and below does not get a whole lot.
    Also, iPad has been around for ages long before Apple Watch is a thing, but Apple Watch gets calculator app but iPad does NOT? WTF?
    For anti-Siri users, I barely feel watchOS 6 too much more powerful than before.
    I wish I can control my iPad music playback on my Apple Watch.

    • Doch Dsk
      Doch Dsk 26 days ago

      8 plus

    • Multiple Gamer2862
      Multiple Gamer2862 26 days ago

      Doch Dsk what iPhone

    • Doch Dsk
      Doch Dsk 26 days ago

      Multiple Gamer2862 alright, 2 watch faces for series 3, wow and just the big ones and not a classic one. And I have watch os 6 and iPhone with iOS 13

    • Multiple Gamer2862
      Multiple Gamer2862 26 days ago

      Doch Dsk that’s not true there’s the world watch face and some other watch faces not sure 🤔 what you’re talking about but you need an iPhone 6s and above for watch os 6

    • Doch Dsk
      Doch Dsk 28 days ago

      Estelle Bright | not a single new watch face for series 3, what a bummer

  • Jacobrobertone
    Jacobrobertone Month ago +1

    You made something that was interesting to me. Completely BORING.

  • Phuc Baldr
    Phuc Baldr Month ago

    Can you sync Apple Watch to iPad ? I don’t have a iPhone.

  • Alex Hasomeris
    Alex Hasomeris Month ago +3

    Great video! Does anyone know what sport loop he has on?

  • Keith
    Keith Month ago +8

    Who else doesn’t have a Apple Watch but just watches tech videos?

  • Enidx10
    Enidx10 Month ago

    Hey Jeff, I’m curious on your stance regarding the new apple watch sizes. 38mm vs 40mm. I know you like the smaller, sleeker design of the smaller ones, like myself, so I was wondering if the 40mm is a noticeable leap from the 38mm. I don’t like big, chunky devices on my wrist, and the less it looks like a tech device, the better.