• Hey friends, today's video was a video that my wife and her friend shot while I was out one day. In this video they're going over and rating most of the major men's releases from the house of Creed. As always, thanks for watching!
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  • juanjotiti
    juanjotiti 2 days ago

    You have to create your own chanel i will follow you without any doubts😃😃

  • Drew Branch
    Drew Branch 3 days ago

    Get a wiff of Spice and Wood,spectacular fragrance. Y’all cracked me up with “Boys de Portugal “.I love that southern drawl😍

  • roberto moreno
    roberto moreno 3 days ago

    for all of you thinking about buying Viking:
    Just go for Gary - Spongebob and save some money #FrgaranticaFacts

  • roberto moreno
    roberto moreno 3 days ago

    so... I'm selling aventus to buy viking

  • danebengeschissen
    danebengeschissen 5 days ago

    sevin point fav

  • Terren Spencer
    Terren Spencer 6 days ago

    I love the channel takeover!

  • ibmoran
    ibmoran 6 days ago

    You ladies are totally awesome!....

  • Xx The Dude xX
    Xx The Dude xX 6 days ago

    Her teeth are whiter that her white shirt 😬

  • loc Nguyen
    loc Nguyen 7 days ago


  • Alejandro Cuellar
    Alejandro Cuellar 8 days ago

    Original Vetiver always garners me compliments.

  • Chris Rhodes
    Chris Rhodes 8 days ago

    They need to review Pure White Cologne

  • DoubleAIV
    DoubleAIV 9 days ago

    They didn't like my fav Himalaya 😥

  • Trowa Barton
    Trowa Barton 9 days ago

    Southern gals with class

  • Rick Dean
    Rick Dean 9 days ago

    Go back to the man narrator.

  • Rick Dean
    Rick Dean 9 days ago

    Keep the product in frame the entire time you are talking.

  • Julian Edelman punt return madden 15

    Mary should be on here more often

  • kb 2003
    kb 2003 9 days ago

    Creed Royal oud/ MI my fav

  • Rich Mitch
    Rich Mitch 10 days ago

    "Portugal, Portugal. Mary Portugal"

  • Handoko Putro
    Handoko Putro 10 days ago


  • Carl Granados
    Carl Granados 10 days ago

    Love your channel usually but think rating scents by just smelling strips is meaningless. I've loved many fragrances by the strips but hated them on myself and/or others. Just because there are beautiful women testing the strips doesn't change this and I guarantee that stuff they like on strips they will often hate on their men.

  • John Klonaris
    John Klonaris 10 days ago

    Hi Mary.

  • Alexandre Szpajdel
    Alexandre Szpajdel 10 days ago

    Nice video guys, cool to listen to ur opinions!

  • Alexandre Szpajdel
    Alexandre Szpajdel 10 days ago

    Nice video guys, cool to listen to ur opinions!

  • Pedro Ferreira
    Pedro Ferreira 10 days ago +3

    "Bois du Portugal" is written in French and means "wood from Portugal" (wood = wood from trees / Portugal = European country next to Spain)
    This perfume was one of Frank Sinatra's favorites

  • Craig L
    Craig L 11 days ago +1

    What about Royal Oud?

    • Loky 73
      Loky 73 10 days ago

      Aventus, Viking, Royal Oud for me

  • Brizer 22
    Brizer 22 11 days ago

    Portugal.....For the boyzzz!!!!

  • Osayawe Agbontaen
    Osayawe Agbontaen 11 days ago

    Shout out to Creed Viking. Got a lot of hate and mixed reviews when it originally launched.

  • Mix tutor
    Mix tutor 11 days ago

    I love blondie smile.

  • Apollo
    Apollo 11 days ago

    Himalaya, Aventus and Viking in that order.

  • Twin Turbo
    Twin Turbo 11 days ago

    My fav Creed is Milesime Imperial, some of the Creed stuff is overpriced hype... like Aventus for example.

    PACOIMARACER 11 days ago +3

    Let's be perfectly honest. These are not high class city gals. They are country girls. They enjoy the smell of fried chicken, biscuit, and catfish.

  • EisWolf 77LP
    EisWolf 77LP 11 days ago

    sweet ladies

  • zykes
    zykes 11 days ago

    1 million parfum review soon?:)

  • The Fragrance Decant Boutique

    Fabulous review!

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson 11 days ago

    And we all love Mary! ❤️

  • Snowie Puppy
    Snowie Puppy 11 days ago +1

    It is so wrong that the lady in glasses built up Aventus so so so much even before the pretty blonde lady smelled it. It's a hive mind. She should have just kept her non-stop mouth shut. Just my honest observation. I still love you Ash. Hope you still post this comment from the heart.

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 11 days ago


  • Drew James
    Drew James 11 days ago +1

    The boxer dropper Aventus used to be my go too. To many men like it and women not that fussed. It’s now abit chavvy, common or not classy anymore for you American folk, despite the ridiculous price tag. VIW is the only creed I pay money for now.

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 11 days ago

    Mary wow are your teeth original or veneers as you have fantastic smile and big blue eyes

  • ApointB
    ApointB 11 days ago +3

    NEXT UP ON GENTS SCENTS: "French with Chelsea: Fun for Bois and Girls"

  • Lotus Eater
    Lotus Eater 11 days ago

    Im from Sweden. I could be your viking😍!!!

  • DrMatt357
    DrMatt357 11 days ago

    Dude, what are you doing!🤨

  • DeepThinking
    DeepThinking 11 days ago

    Hope your donuts didnt have chocolate or else you'll have some sick puppies

  • Hossein Abbassi
    Hossein Abbassi 11 days ago

    Nice move Ashton 😉

  • Ali A
    Ali A 11 days ago

    You would have given Royal Oud a 10, too bad you didn't smell that one, the takeover videos a great, make it a monthly thing

  • Scott Wilbur
    Scott Wilbur 11 days ago

    Thanks for the review. Stay safe y'all!

  • Digital-Scratch
    Digital-Scratch 11 days ago

    Fun video. Chelsea always looks so elegant 👍

  • MDCigan
    MDCigan 11 days ago

    Do the YSL Line including all the L Homme and La Nuit, and Y series

  • MDCigan
    MDCigan 11 days ago

    Whenever I hear a woman say "smells like older gentleman" I think straight to the trash with that one, "older gentlemen" = UNSEXY lol

  • MDCigan
    MDCigan 11 days ago

    Surprised by Viking reaction...would have bet "old man" vibe on it too

  • Jimmy Lotus
    Jimmy Lotus 11 days ago +4

    "Ashton isn't even here to correct me". Don't worry, he mispronounces a lot of them too

    ZOTIC 11 days ago

    Rawr! 12:48

  • Jimi Ola
    Jimi Ola 11 days ago

    I love her accent!!!! 😍

  • Blessed One
    Blessed One 11 days ago +1

    Recently my husband has been wearing Royal Mayfair. It smells incredible! Love it almost as much as aventus.

  • biggboi1967
    biggboi1967 11 days ago +1

    At 13:51 someone forgot to complete the name of the fragrance. ORI.. that was it.

  • Lindsay Hunter
    Lindsay Hunter 11 days ago

    Tabarome millesime and royal oud, love them.

  • Roger Saenz
    Roger Saenz 11 days ago

    Y'all would fit right in the great State of Texas! I enjoyed the video awesome review of fragrances!

  • Brad Peterson
    Brad Peterson 11 days ago

    Bois du Portugal is my favourite of this bunch. I can't wear Viking.

  • rocketrandalhood
    rocketrandalhood 11 days ago

    First off, Ashton - you have great taste in women. Chelsea and Mary are stunners. Second for the ladies reviewing, I am super surprised by how both of you girls liked Erolfa. I've never sprayed it on paper but it isn't a great wearing experience, I feel like the fruit is a little bit rotten in that fragrance.... Viking, no surprises there however I wish they would reformulate it with less pink pepper, I find it cloying in the dry down. I'm disappointed in your distaste in Silver Mountain Water, but I can accept your verdict.

  • jcbnsa
    jcbnsa 11 days ago

    Chelsea definitely wants to speak w/ your manager!

  • corey brown
    corey brown 11 days ago +1

    Love all her videos that Southern accent is a masterpiece

  • Josue Aparicio
    Josue Aparicio 11 days ago

    Women prefer the 50 buck ambroxan sweet fragrances lol. No need to spend 300 bucks lol.

  • John Wen
    John Wen 12 days ago

    Love it enjoy
    Other house overall rating pls

  • aljrvh
    aljrvh 12 days ago

    I think Ash bought some assets from the company that now owns creed... Before this video

  • dixie normous
    dixie normous 12 days ago

    That's America's smile XD lol

  • zizou357
    zizou357 12 days ago

    Thought the green Irish bottle was black?

  • RanmaSaotome12
    RanmaSaotome12 12 days ago +5

    13:46 looks like timmy was editing late at night 😂😂 "ori"
    nice one, i'll have to check out viking

  • None
    None 12 days ago +2

    Mary is a dimepiece. I'm going to have to get a decant of Viking, I suppose.

  • samaat66
    samaat66 12 days ago +1

    Chelsea Channel Takeover, excellent!

  • mikehash900
    mikehash900 12 days ago

    Video idea...... 10 out of 10 fragrances in your opinion

  • JacobsLadder
    JacobsLadder 12 days ago +15

    Mary has the best teeth I've ever seen... she's probably married to a dentist! LOL

    • Abu Nadia
      Abu Nadia 10 days ago


    • Sly11B Enal
      Sly11B Enal 11 days ago +1

      Mary's single I got that impression 1st video I seen her in.

  • Miami Sammy
    Miami Sammy 12 days ago

    Always appreciate their opinions!

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 12 days ago +1

    Boys Da Portugal. Airolfa 😂😂 honestly I’d have no idea how to pronounce any of this stuff without reviewers 😂

    • Pedro Ferreira
      Pedro Ferreira 10 days ago +1

      Fingers Micke I write what I want and when I want. It is not true that nobody wants to know. Only ignorants like
      you who think they know everything. If people know that it is written in French they would already know how to pronounce it correctly. Unless, of course, they are suckers like you!

    • Fingers Micke
      Fingers Micke 10 days ago

      Pedro Ferreira did you really need to type this for every comment? First no one cares, and second it was always in response to how to pronounce and instead you defined the terms.

    • Pedro Ferreira
      Pedro Ferreira 11 days ago +1

      “Bois du Portugal” is written in French and means “wood from Portugal” (wood = wood from trees / Portugal = European country next to Spain). This perfume was one of Frank Sinatra's favorites.

  • Buck Plays
    Buck Plays 12 days ago

    Is this a coup?

  • cutejoker69
    cutejoker69 12 days ago +1

    I give the Creed house an 8 and these southern peaches a 10.

  • Jim Sopher
    Jim Sopher 12 days ago +17

    I'm not a creed fan. Just wanted to see Mary again.

  • Aftekhar Khan
    Aftekhar Khan 12 days ago +3

    12:49 ... Mary Mary Mary what you doing to me

  • William Copeland
    William Copeland 12 days ago +1

    Ashton who???

  • Danillon Pujadas
    Danillon Pujadas 12 days ago

    Oh he bad. 😜

  • Nathaniel's Phone
    Nathaniel's Phone 12 days ago

    Uh fight...bad idea, Ashton