The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat

  • Опубликовано: 15 июл 2018
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    Pizza In A Brick Oven
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  • Chandłer Frìth
    Chandłer Frìth Час назад

    I wish you were my personal chef

  • Dani Mar
    Dani Mar Час назад

    My favorite toppings are like bacon and olive


    Me lol

  • Lilsoph
    Lilsoph Час назад

    Best pizza toppings- pepperoni, green pepper, feta cheese. Thank me later.

  • nightngale49
    nightngale49 Час назад

    My "secret" for homemade pizza is to use tomato paste instead of sauce. I'll use 3/4 of a small can for one pizza and layer it on thick. I don't tell people how I make my homemade pizzas, but I always get compliments. I also make my pizza dough from a yeast levain that I've been working with for awhile, so it's soured instead of using quick rising yeast. Those two things really make a huge difference.

  • Blue Lemonade
    Blue Lemonade Час назад +1

    Can you do 🍩, 🍦, 🍞 and 🍝 101

  • Ragebeef12
    Ragebeef12 Час назад

    WRONG if u want good pizza in your regular oven u have to make your dough but let it rise for 1 hour and then cut it make it into dough balls then let it rise for 6 hours then you flatten the dough into a circle and put it on the stone with no sauce or toppings let it cook for half the time then put toppings on and cook til done

  • TrademarkTM
    TrademarkTM Час назад

    I love how she is such a good (might I say a true professional) cook but she isn't scared to show her personality. Like the part where she squealed when she cut the pizza dough! I love channels like this.

  • cj
    cj Час назад +1

    her voice is so soothing LOL

  • Grace Cummings
    Grace Cummings Час назад

    Ohio Valley pizza is best

  • Karam Hijazi
    Karam Hijazi Час назад

    Thumbs up for JULY 15!!!

  • Saki630
    Saki630 Час назад

    uhhhh boojee............... Get some Truffles!

  • Michele W.
    Michele W. Час назад

    This was such a pleasant video.

  • Alignment Six Trading
    Alignment Six Trading Час назад

    You are to brush olive oil lightly on the dough before putting the tomato sauce...this allows you to not have to rush with the toppings and it prevents a soggy dough.

  • bubbyj
    bubbyj Час назад

    Entirely too much bread in the thumbnail. Looks like a store bought frozen pizza. All that bread and a millimeter of toppings? No. Just no.

  • Awais Yasin
    Awais Yasin Час назад +1

    this video is slightly sexual which is making uncomfortable lol

  • Redlive122
    Redlive122 Час назад

    What's that at 5:05? Sugar? Salt? Flour? Parmesan cheese?

  • Kristian Orna
    Kristian Orna Час назад


  • Jon Michael
    Jon Michael Час назад

    I'm sad because I'm going to Russia for a month so I won't be able to see David make this. But I'm excited about Russia though.

  • BowlingBall10
    BowlingBall10 Час назад

    Must be some really tasty pizza to be number one on trending

  • Fortnite BROS
    Fortnite BROS Час назад


  • Swerve
    Swerve Час назад

    8:05 pizza BiANCA? mean blanca? 🤨

  • Darold101 Xp
    Darold101 Xp Час назад

    Justin y were u at

  • monica santiago
    monica santiago Час назад

    Is it me or why do I find it weird that this is #1 🤷‍♀️😂 and not Alex changing his identity 😑😂

  • Rogo
    Rogo Час назад

    I’ve watched this like 5 times, now I need pizza.

  • Max C
    Max C Час назад

    Had a digiorno ad

  • PatisserieBoy
    PatisserieBoy Час назад +1

    The tossing does nothing....its all for show.

  • jaciel gonzalez
    jaciel gonzalez Час назад


  • 影域
    影域 Час назад


  • Shahzad Khan
    Shahzad Khan Час назад

    This video is 9 minutes long and it felt like it was one minutes. Oh and it left me hungry

  • dude dudeson
    dude dudeson Час назад

    The only correct thing in this video is the dough,and what the hell is that white pizza monstrosity.

  • -Vin3e-
    -Vin3e- Час назад

    #1 Trending!!!

  • Esteban Singh
    Esteban Singh Час назад

    Damn that voice is annoying

  • IgnitedZucc 25
    IgnitedZucc 25 Час назад

    Buzzfeed is cancer but tasty isn’t as cancer

  • Owly
    Owly Час назад

    holy shit

  • Lea Moncla
    Lea Moncla Час назад

    #1 on trending!!!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Joel Chi
    Joel Chi Час назад

    Food is trendiness

  • SasserReturns
    SasserReturns Час назад

    not sure if i'm late but this was a really good inadvertent face reveal

  • Sutten Hughes
    Sutten Hughes Час назад

    Everything on trending is trash including this

  • Noee
    Noee Час назад

    If only this was in asmr

  • Boubakar Dekhakhni
    Boubakar Dekhakhni Час назад

    my grandma hates pizza😐

  • booppopdown justme
    booppopdown justme Час назад

    Going to try this. Kids and hubby love pizza till death 💀 🍕

  • The[-]1 101
    The[-]1 101 Час назад

    Wow, this video made it to #1 on the trending list in the us

  • PatisserieBoy
    PatisserieBoy Час назад +1

    I wouldn't use a nonstick baking sheet in a 500 degree oven......unless you want cancer, and dead pets.

  • Andrew Úlfur
    Andrew Úlfur Час назад

    This makes me hungry

  • Rob
    Rob Час назад

    the dough is alive. pizza is murder

  • Little Nerdy Asian Girl
    Little Nerdy Asian Girl Час назад

    I like bacon, mushrooms and onions on my pizza

  • PatisserieBoy
    PatisserieBoy Час назад +1

    I mean....its really difficult to beat a naturally leavened crust.....but this is probably the "best *easy* homemade pizza"

  • khaotik11
    khaotik11 Час назад

    So is this better than Papa Johns😂

  • Amina Bouarara
    Amina Bouarara Час назад

    Finally pizza .... yessss!!!!

  • VivaVideo User
    VivaVideo User Час назад

    See if I did this, my kitchen would take DAYS to clean.

  • Lego Man
    Lego Man Час назад

    i don't think freezing dough is a good idea

  • noon o.m
    noon o.m Час назад

    Looove your voice and videos

  • a m y
    a m y Час назад

    itsa me miro

  • J Sal
    J Sal Час назад

    as a tax scammer i dont need to make homemade pizza i already have thousands of pizza hut giftcards >:)

  • jakedragoon
    jakedragoon Час назад

    i got diarrhea after eating this, It looked the same too expect it might've been a little under cooked because the doe was doie

  • Greg Armstrong
    Greg Armstrong Час назад

    i couldve drove down to my pizza spot and picked up a pizza quicker than watching this video.

  • alexandra Dogo
    alexandra Dogo Час назад

    #1 on trendingggg!

  • Celine Kim
    Celine Kim Час назад

    I find that the longer the dough is left to rise, the more it tastes like yeast which is never good.

  • Heather Thomas
    Heather Thomas Час назад

    Holy crap. This video is at 1

  • Peter Stewart
    Peter Stewart Час назад

    This video is lit

  • guyan theslayer
    guyan theslayer Час назад

    Smh added salt to the yeast mixture

  • jacob
    jacob Час назад

    mann this bitch said "its super easy" on day 2 of making dough..

  • Chache
    Chache Час назад

    Who is the voice behind this? I wanna know.

  • Green Green
    Green Green Час назад

    My mom makes like 6 big ass pizzas with like 5$

  • J.J. Rodriguez
    J.J. Rodriguez Час назад

    Sigh....I miss old RUclip.....

  • landdead26
    landdead26 Час назад

    Mozarella? For pizza? Groundbreaking

  • Bethany Lade
    Bethany Lade Час назад

    My favorite toppings are mushrooms and onions. And ricotta - so yummy.

  • Typical Vloggerz
    Typical Vloggerz Час назад +1

    Soooo... *LUNCHABLES?*

    • J Sal
      J Sal Час назад

      Typical Vloggerz yeah but its not the *best*

  • Tirese Thomas
    Tirese Thomas Час назад

    I wish I was Lucky enough to live in her house😍

  • Gabe Channel
    Gabe Channel Час назад

    WOO #1 TRENDING!!!

  • casey buckingham
    casey buckingham Час назад

    Im thinking about making this what do i do if i freeze the dough and want to make another pizza do i leave it for 24 hours or warm it up?

    • guyan theslayer
      guyan theslayer Час назад

      casey buckingham leave it and let it thaw out

  • Jaybib
    Jaybib Час назад

    6:03 Awesome Pizza bubbles? Bubbles on pizza are the worst

  • Emma Crowie
    Emma Crowie Час назад

    why so stingy on the cheese !

    • J Sal
      J Sal Час назад

      Emma Crowie Pizza’s all about balance, not an overwhelming amount of toppings.

  • chuckie brown
    chuckie brown Час назад

    Pizza sucks. There's no real Italians around anymore. The only Italian i see is video game plumber who only eats mushrooms and no pizza

  • B. White
    B. White Час назад

    I don't need it, but I can knead it.

  • ItsEbro
    ItsEbro Час назад

    I love this narrators voice, who is she?

  • apocalipmon
    apocalipmon Час назад

    For future videos, don't put the music that loud, it sounds at the same volume as the voice


    Lol she smacked the dough at 2:23😂😂😂
    W H O ‘ S Y O U R D A D D Y

  • Taran Curry
    Taran Curry Час назад

    Trending #1

  • KarnageX
    KarnageX Час назад

    I F Y O U W I L L

  • Mario IsGaming-Chacha Studios and More

    if i get 1k subs ill make it

  • aeria
    aeria Час назад

    Food is great...🤤

  • Yun
    Yun Час назад +2


  • HaypiGamer Ivy
    HaypiGamer Ivy Час назад +1

    "Do you know anyone doesn't love pizza?"
    Me: Me! *laughs* Wait, why am I here? Oh well, I don't have anything else to.

  • atd8vii
    atd8vii Час назад

    That yank accent is like nails on a chalk board.

  • Green buttercups
    Green buttercups Час назад

    I can't watch this any more as the narrator is so extremely annoying. Please change her if you can do anything

  • NinjasHyper Salt
    NinjasHyper Salt Час назад

    Do voice overs...

    UNI ROLL Час назад

    Search blue waffle, tell me

  • Killer Dog
    Killer Dog Час назад

    lol you call this pizza? no thx.

  • MrXsanX
    MrXsanX Час назад


  • santolify
    santolify Час назад

    Been wondering what you looked like. Que bella.

  • Mercedez Gwinner
    Mercedez Gwinner Час назад

    5:18 i thought it was shredded carrots

    HESSA.K Час назад

    I can’t wait to try this recipe

  • Rocer
    Rocer Час назад

    this was posted a minute after the pizza arrived at my house.

  • Rellean Duarte
    Rellean Duarte Час назад

    Didnt know katy perry worked at tasty

  • Robert Guitarist
    Robert Guitarist Час назад

    #1 on Trending!

  • BlankTom
    BlankTom Час назад

    not all of us have access to warm water. check your privilege

  • Fryzzle
    Fryzzle Час назад

    Make it at home: $25
    Just buy it: $5

  • Killer Dog
    Killer Dog Час назад

    damn fix your mic