Wendy's Birthday Bash

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • Wendy tells us about her birthday weekend, from her breakfast at Tiffany's, dinner at Serendipity 3, and boat cruise around Manhattan with Blac Chyna and Medina! Watch the full segment of Hot Topics weekdays at 3pm EST at: community.wendyshow.com/hottopicsyt
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  • Areathamay1209 Neal
    Areathamay1209 Neal 16 days ago

    Dam Marco is fine!!!

  • sara malik
    sara malik 29 days ago

    Aren’t her boobs disproportionately bigger than the rest of her body

  • HideBehindMy Username
    HideBehindMy Username 2 months ago

    Poor James he was put on blast for not picking up his phone for Wendy lol 😂

  • HideBehindMy Username
    HideBehindMy Username 2 months ago

    Who else rewinded just to see those Kankles?

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva 2 months ago

    James is hot asf

  • kamilygreen
    kamilygreen 2 months ago

    Wendy, Shut up and let Marco fucking talk damn. I hate when ppl keep cut other ppl off when they are trying to talk.

  • Harley
    Harley 2 months ago +1

    What happened to “how yu doin?”

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 3 months ago

    Boring f stupid show, and her audience sound like a bunch of f trained seals!

  • CockStirredMartini
    CockStirredMartini 3 months ago

    she looks so fucking disgusting

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 3 months ago

    Wendy ex husband is dumb and mentally fucked up. I’m like Wendy is sexy with that New York accent.

  • Jamia McGregor
    Jamia McGregor 3 months ago

    And you do ok😂😂😅😅😂😂😂😂

    DON BUTTLER 3 months ago

    Man that Dude wendy gross's me the F out

  • george rissell
    george rissell 3 months ago

    looks like an alien lizard with slap on titties

  • TitaniusMaximus
    TitaniusMaximus 3 months ago

    i love blacchyna and wendy!

  • TitaniusMaximus
    TitaniusMaximus 3 months ago

    good that management understood that the fans wanted the hot topics all in one video! the views went down

  • H.R. Pufnstuf
    H.R. Pufnstuf 3 months ago

    The woman who looks like a man that thinks she's a woman having a party.

  • Bee
    Bee 3 months ago

    Wendell!!! Cant fool anyone.

  • Author Belinda Hunter
    Author Belinda Hunter 3 months ago

    Can we do a Marco segment?

  • Theresa
    Theresa 3 months ago

    I knew she was not gonna be single for long!

  • Butch McQueen
    Butch McQueen 3 months ago

    Damn she got them swollen cankles

  • Monique B
    Monique B 3 months ago

    Wendy: she has beautiful corn braids 🤦🏾‍♀️😁

  • Monique B
    Monique B 3 months ago

    Please have Madina on the show, she seems interesting 😁
    Please Wendy staff insert images when Wendy name drops. Sometimes we need to put a face with a name

  • Lee May
    Lee May 3 months ago

    if you're looking for a wedding dress @t

  • Breazie
    Breazie 3 months ago

    so rude to Marco, he has a life too Wendy

  • Ricky Rick
    Ricky Rick 3 months ago

    Wendy denied access to 50 cent party 🙅🏻‍♂️

    ALONZO CATO 3 months ago

    He has such a BIG HEAD..its a man people.

  • BBWulf
    BBWulf 3 months ago

    His real name is Wallace & he's a dude.

    GINGER WASHINGTON 3 months ago


  • Thomas Blackwell
    Thomas Blackwell 3 months ago

    Is she ok?

  • CatWearingAHat
    CatWearingAHat 3 months ago

    She should celebrate with more plastic surgery. She doesn't look nearly weird enough yet.

  • fat matt
    fat matt 3 months ago

    So stupid......
    This is still on ????

  • M Benzo
    M Benzo 4 months ago

    Wendy is a jersey girl no doubt😂💯💯

  • Sexy Pesh
    Sexy Pesh 4 months ago


  • Israel Robledo
    Israel Robledo 4 months ago

    This lady is fucking wired!! I can see it in the eyes and the way she's trying to keep it together on stage!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏stay high lady!!!

  • Sheree Hayes
    Sheree Hayes 4 months ago

    She's really enjoying her life and so what! She was in a mental and physical jail and is now free. God Bless her and congratulations to her! Happy very belated Birthday Wendy! ❤✌🏽☀️💜💙

  • Ivy Rivard
    Ivy Rivard 4 months ago

    Wendy is a HE.

  • Jonathan Heath
    Jonathan Heath 4 months ago

    Lady Wendy had a great time for her birthday.

  • epic bacon Krillin
    epic bacon Krillin 4 months ago

    get off my recomendations feed or im going to leave mean comments

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S 4 months ago

    I love, love, love Wendy but girl you can drag a story out! I just wanted her to let Marco talk. Lol.

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S 4 months ago

    I love, love, love Wendy but girl you can drag a story out! I just wanted her to let Marco talk. Lol.

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton 4 months ago

    Have just spent an hour reviewing several images of
    televison newswoman, Gayle King, have never seen a more clownish greasy lipped
    made-up image on a female television journalist to ever grace a televised news
    broadcast. I think her pageantry has gotten in the way of her questionable
    journalism…meaning her practice of ‘appearance journalism’, now currently in vogue
    all over the cable and broadcast air ways…

  • Stephanie Larissa
    Stephanie Larissa 4 months ago

    Time saver... no hot topics again just Wendy talking about her self.... Again for almost 30 mins. Guess that’s what happens when your Hollywood can’t talk about anything else but Wendy every day. Where’s the hot topics #overit

  • David COLE
    David COLE 4 months ago

    Who cares about this transgender crackhead her show sucks she sucks she's a liberal leftist commie

  • Shem Shimmer
    Shem Shimmer 4 months ago +1

    Where can i find me a Marco sis? because he's Yuummmyyyyy!!!!!

  • Jackie Ricci
    Jackie Ricci 4 months ago

    Sweat you

  • Caleb Hefner
    Caleb Hefner 4 months ago

    That's a man right?
    Or just horrible plastic surgery?

  • Dave M
    Dave M 4 months ago

    When are we getting some leaked nudes??

  • Gina Evans
    Gina Evans 4 months ago

    Happy birthday you look fabulous!

  • Maria Depina
    Maria Depina 4 months ago

    HEYYYY MARCO...........POLO😂😂

  • A D
    A D 4 months ago +1

    Don't you hate that one friend.. Who decides and insist to dj the whole party but you don't like their taste in music....

  • A D
    A D 4 months ago

    13:23 WHAT WAS THAT?? LOL 😂😅🤣

  • A D
    A D 4 months ago

    How do you find people to give you credit cards to splurge?? To you have to pay back?

  • IndianaJosephine
    IndianaJosephine 4 months ago +8

    *wendy speaks*
    Also wendy: "Right Marco?"
    Marco's thoughts on responding: *should I go, should I not.... it could be a trap* 😂

  • Irene Felix
    Irene Felix 4 months ago +1

    I wanted to hear what Marco had to say and Wendy keeps interrupting. Lol

  • SincerelyLEENA
    SincerelyLEENA 4 months ago

    Who is Marco?? What's his story? Cause laawd he's beautiful

  • brunom72
    brunom72 4 months ago

    you better WOOOOOORK Wendy Williams !!! #WendyLifeEqualsFabLife p.s. ya might as well just keep it on mute whenever WW asks you to tell a story LOOOOL

  • D33N9
    D33N9 4 months ago

    This was a wholw kevin heart special

  • Lakitah Harris
    Lakitah Harris 4 months ago +1

    Dam Marco is sexyyyyyyyyyyy... what in the sexy hell is going on!!

  • the truth
    the truth 4 months ago

    I sure hope this " new wendy" doesnt crash and burn.this is an unpopular opinion but I liked old wendy she said what she meant and didnt care what anybody had to say ( well needed in this politically correct society)thats what drew me to her. these days it seems she is trying to please everybody she is smart and always had a good head on her shoulders but those people she hanging with can lead her down a path that she doesnt wanna be going at 55 dont watch her much anymore but do you wendy.....love you lots

  • Gloria DeJesus
    Gloria DeJesus 4 months ago

    Ohh hell to the No I'd never do sneakers with a dress ever in my life