Taylor Swift - Lover Reaction

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Hi friends! In today's video we #react to #taylorswift 's new music video Lover! We absolutely LOVED it. What did you think?
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 241

  • Bill and Kay
    Bill and Kay Day ago

    Sooooo dramatic

  • Keren
    Keren 5 days ago

    Okay why does the guy on the left look so much like Jack Antonoff?

  • Joker K
    Joker K 7 days ago


  • I’m gay and so what Be proud

    Sebb I think you are the Taylor swift to be.

  • whenweallfallasleepwheredowego

    Lover full album

  • ur_homie
    ur_homie 15 days ago

    nice t-shirt tho

  • hanzo x.
    hanzo x. 17 days ago +1

    dion enjoyed the song but sebb was screaming n i couldnt stop laughing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Harley Swift
    Harley Swift 17 days ago

    Started at th end 😂

  • Alexandre Silva
    Alexandre Silva 17 days ago

    Taylor maravilhosa demais amei a música demais amei

  • Joker K
    Joker K 18 days ago +1


  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 19 days ago +2

    Gay hoe

  • aditya singhal
    aditya singhal 19 days ago

    Ummm, when are you going to release the LOVER album reaction video???

  • Molzo
    Molzo 20 days ago

    Im a cool avacado! :DDD

  • Tyler Martinz
    Tyler Martinz 20 days ago

    Don't gays like britney spears? Ya'll should stick with her.

  • kingDanny Jay
    kingDanny Jay 20 days ago

    I'm a cool avocado!!

    I love you guys. It's always so fun watching your videos!
    Please never stop

  • Avinash Singh
    Avinash Singh 20 days ago

    drama queens 😂😂😂

  • Hadley Randall
    Hadley Randall 21 day ago

    Sebb is dead, i repeat, Sebb is dead

    HELLO PROTOTYPE 21 day ago


  • Felipe Bruno
    Felipe Bruno 21 day ago

    Hey Hey Streaming #Press and #Lover #cardib and #taylorswift Hot SONG 😍❤️🔥

  • Felipe Bruno
    Felipe Bruno 21 day ago

    Hey Hey Streaming #Press and #Lover #cardib and #taylorswift Hot SONG 😍❤️🔥

  • Cyla-Ann King
    Cyla-Ann King 21 day ago

    I recomended this 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 iam a cool avocado 💜

  • Joyce C.
    Joyce C. 21 day ago

    The MV is so beautiful aa well as the song. You two are so sweet which makes the reaction of Lover MV much better. 💜

  • Anna Does Things
    Anna Does Things 21 day ago

    You guys are effing cute

  • pontegafas89
    pontegafas89 22 days ago


  • Cesar Petilla
    Cesar Petilla 22 days ago +1

    You two is gay right or not maybe you are i think so godness

  • bishypony 1
    bishypony 1 22 days ago

    You should react to Babymetal’s music video called PA PA YA! Featuring a Thai Rapper named F.Hero! ruclip.com/video/oO7Y8NsnkRg/video.html Its ok if you dont like them :) ^^ Babymetal is a japanese kawaii (cute) metal band full of amazing madness! ❤️ Its very different but unique combination of metal mixed in with different genres! :) Give it a shot! The third album called METAL GALAXY is out OCTOBER 11TH!! ( Ps,to avoid copyright,might want to pause and maybe change the pitch or mute it,youtube can be a pain lol) if you dont want to react to it,its ok! ❤️

  • 김지현
    김지현 22 days ago +1

    Each room represents each era.
    Green= Her debut
    Black attic= reputation
    Red= Red
    Orange= Fearless
    Purple= Speak now
    Blue= 1989
    Pink= Lover
    I'm not sure of the others

  • Syasha Heairull
    Syasha Heairull 23 days ago

    please react to the whole album !! 😭🥺💘

  • Emilio Velasquez
    Emilio Velasquez 23 days ago

    im a cool avocado

  • Benjamin Law
    Benjamin Law 23 days ago +1

    You too are so cute together
    #goals #chemistry

  • cebjl 89
    cebjl 89 23 days ago

    this is the cutest thing i’ve seen in quite some time 😩

  • Aleksandra Felczerek
    Aleksandra Felczerek 23 days ago

    Your reaction was so sweet. 2x loverrrr

  • Lisa Sun
    Lisa Sun 23 days ago

    You have to react to her entire album. It's out now.

  • fiar blaze
    fiar blaze 23 days ago

    I'm a cool avacodo can I please have a shoutout

  • Kellymay Parker
    Kellymay Parker 23 days ago

    I'm a cool avacardo. Love you guys your my favourite you tubers .

  • Rainy Liu
    Rainy Liu 23 days ago +27

    Imagine experiencing the Lover era with a lover😭😭😭I'm crying so hard😭

  • Chandlerbing
    Chandlerbing 23 days ago +1

    My favourite thing about this video is the FRIENDS t-shirt! I reconice Chandler’s hair anytime! I’m like worlds biggest friends fan! (I’ve watched it 15 times or something in like 2 years....)😍😍😍 WHERE DID YOU GET IT!?!?😍🤔

  • Eleanor Johnson
    Eleanor Johnson 23 days ago

    This is so gonna be their song at their wedding!

  • Tebza Modisane
    Tebza Modisane 23 days ago +1

    Taylor🐍: i want black fans like Adele...
    Manager: lets put a black guy...

  • AllysWorld
    AllysWorld 23 days ago

    * shows little girl * oH wOW I LOVE IT

  • cool girl
    cool girl 23 days ago

    Do lover album reaction video

  • Augustina Higuera
    Augustina Higuera 23 days ago

    I sheet my pants when I heard it 😁😁😁😁

  • Lebz P
    Lebz P 23 days ago

    who was at (or watching) the live 😆ME!!!
    Lol notice the pun😁

    TOTO SEYO 23 days ago

    You guys are so cute 😭❤️

  • yuufa lam
    yuufa lam 23 days ago

    I’m a cool avocado 🥑

  • Maggie Georgieva
    Maggie Georgieva 23 days ago

    Why is this so perfect whyyyy😍😍😍😍😍

  • The King
    The King 23 days ago

    Df is with all the screaming

  • olaf man
    olaf man 23 days ago

    Im a coooool avocado

  • Nikita Stanbury
    Nikita Stanbury 23 days ago

    You guys are so precious!! Love you!💙🤗

  • Kat Xu
    Kat Xu 23 days ago

    This human being met Taylor AND has a supportive boyfriend 😂 wholesome life

  • Layla Dhaif
    Layla Dhaif 24 days ago


  • ThenJT Said
    ThenJT Said 24 days ago

    God damn the first 30 seconds of that was obnoxious enough.

  • Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs

    sebb will cry in every reaction video and that makes me sad.i don't want to see sebb or diongo cry. #sebasdion #fluid #fianswan

    also fluid is better than lover

  • Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs

    its been so long since ive last hear my fianswah,im so happy

    im dying

  • loreleivixen
    loreleivixen 24 days ago

    You guys made me cry happy tears lol, you're the cutest couple with the best reaction! ☺️👍🏼

  • Zoey Valkyrie
    Zoey Valkyrie 24 days ago +1

    You two are so funny and so sweet 😍
    Btw. Congratulations 💍💍❤❤

  • FahME!
    FahME! 24 days ago

    How I wish Ive had a boyfriend too. You guys look so cute!

  • Tom Formio
    Tom Formio 24 days ago

    You're so funny 😂😂😂

  • Eline Van Der Sluis
    Eline Van Der Sluis 24 days ago

    Can you do a
    I have a nightmare prank on dion
    Screem for help while he is sleeping
    Pretend you can't wake up

  • Chicorito Rey
    Chicorito Rey 24 days ago +1

    Marke y ethan volvieron a ser novios