Otile Brown & Sanaipei Tande - Chaguo La Moyo (Official Video) Sms skiza 7300557 to 811

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
  • #OtileBrown #SanaipeiTande #ChaguoLaMoyo
    Chaguo La Moyo is written by Otile Brown and performed by him and Sanaipei Tande
    The Song is produced by Teddy B
    The video concept was created and directed by X antonio .Dressed by @RomaDesignsAfrica
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    Special Thanks to Cake City Westlands Branch and All Jobs service Providers for providing the cake and the decor for the video respectively.

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  • M A R K I S T E mwanzia
    M A R K I S T E mwanzia 9 minutes ago

    this is the biggest song in +254

  • Dianah Odhiambo
    Dianah Odhiambo 19 hours ago +1

    2019 here we are,,,

  • Mampouma Jusse
    Mampouma Jusse Day ago

    J’adore cette chanson comme jamais 🥰🇨🇬🇨🇬🇨🇬🇨🇬

  • Rama Barry
    Rama Barry Day ago

    I love it

  • Harry C
    Harry C 2 days ago

    My favorite.. Such a nice song 🎵. I get goosebumps every time😘😘😘

  •  2 days ago

    Otile for life

  • Liz Mburu
    Liz Mburu 2 days ago

    Sana and otile please come back with another hit, your vocals blend in perfect harmony.. #here in October

  • Del Ibrah
    Del Ibrah 3 days ago +4

    2019 mko??????????

  • Mercy merab
    Mercy merab 3 days ago

    Can't stop watching this daily till 2020

  • Fatmahnur Hussein
    Fatmahnur Hussein 4 days ago

    Well done

  • derrick kiyimba
    derrick kiyimba 4 days ago

    The zouk beats boyyyyyy🔥🔥🔥

  • Sharon Nkuna
    Sharon Nkuna 4 days ago +2

    South Africa approved💕💕💓

  • Injehu Jennipher
    Injehu Jennipher 5 days ago +1

    most beautiful kenyan song

  • Joan Jones
    Joan Jones 5 days ago

    I never get tired of this song😍

  • Charitie Nailantei
    Charitie Nailantei 5 days ago +49

    Who is still here in October👇👇😘😘😘😘😘

  • Grace Makhisa
    Grace Makhisa 6 days ago +5

    October 2019 this song still makes my heart skip

  • Justus Were
    Justus Were 7 days ago

    otile plan so that you can bring your show to nairobi

  • Brian Jaysins
    Brian Jaysins 8 days ago

    OCTOBER 2019

  • Christine Makani
    Christine Makani 9 days ago +1

    i practice this song every sato just incase somebody wants to put aring on it niko ready. na si ni life

  • abdalla hamadi
    abdalla hamadi 9 days ago

    Honestly the only Kenyan song I like. 👍👍

  • Sophia Muzamil
    Sophia Muzamil 9 days ago

    Tararatata nishachagua and it was this song playing when I was chaguaring 💋😘

  • susan manga
    susan manga 9 days ago

    The chemistry is so good 😘

  • Steve Morgan
    Steve Morgan 10 days ago +2

    2019 still the song is liiiiit. Sanaipei and Otile please we need another song

  • Breacky Changwe
    Breacky Changwe 10 days ago +1

    10octber 2019

  • Fredy Donald
    Fredy Donald 10 days ago

    This song is so romantic, let the whole world see n hear it. Otile na Sanapei mmenyonga hatari hii nyimbo. just by singing u feel like uko kwa altare ur getting married.. Guys nataka nikaombee mkopo kwa kutumia hii nyimbo naomba mniombee.. Usione tabu to come over and over again to view it.. 2019

  • Viola Omella
    Viola Omella 11 days ago +10

    2019 October tukoo

  • Josephine Macha
    Josephine Macha 11 days ago

    Naupenda huu wimbo kupita kawaida uko romantic

  • Thadeo JThadayTZ
    Thadeo JThadayTZ 12 days ago +1

    Team otile brown like apa

  • Agnes Mwikali
    Agnes Mwikali 12 days ago +3

    2019 am still watching

    MARIAM MHANDO 12 days ago +5

    October 2019! Tupo hapaa

  • Hosea Kiplagat
    Hosea Kiplagat 13 days ago

    Nahisi kuoa hata Kama Sina chochote hili wiki halitapita

  • partoh msee
    partoh msee 13 days ago +4

    Otile Brown Official Fans!!
    Hit the Like Button We Move Together

  • Ras D the king
    Ras D the king 13 days ago +1

    Kw wale wapenz wa mziki mzuri wangapi 0ctober 19?

  • Samathah Njuba
    Samathah Njuba 14 days ago

    How sweet is this tune😍😍😍

  • Naima Wanjiru
    Naima Wanjiru 15 days ago

    In love with this song

  • Abduljalil Mahama
    Abduljalil Mahama 16 days ago

    i dont understand the language but i love the song

  • Faith Wanyoike
    Faith Wanyoike 16 days ago

    When my beloved female and male artists decide to do a song together...these so beautiful

  • jay trimz
    jay trimz 16 days ago

    swahili is the most romantic language ever
    big up otile,,i feel this tune,,the waves of his voice🔥

  • Roz Itoh
    Roz Itoh 16 days ago

    the Director of this video must have been the best😍😋😙😙😙

  • Terris Kimani
    Terris Kimani 16 days ago

    4th October anyone ....... my love for this song yawa can't explain it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Floyce Anyango
    Floyce Anyango 18 days ago

    I watch it everyday for 100million views God willing. Atleast ikue the most influenci kenyan genre in east africa. Hao wa TZ wasituletee!

  • Jay Theboy
    Jay Theboy 18 days ago +3


  • Daniel Akakpo
    Daniel Akakpo 19 days ago +2

    Please where to found french translation. I can't stop listen to this song

    • Daniel Akakpo
      Daniel Akakpo 14 days ago +1

      @Joel Opati I would like to learn this language. Believe me . If I had the opportunity

    • Joel Opati
      Joel Opati 18 days ago

      you say french is romantic its only you have not heard Kiswahili very romantic indeed

    • Daniel Akakpo
      Daniel Akakpo 18 days ago +1

      @Joel Opati thank you very much. It's awesome 🔥❣️❣️❣️💘

    • Joel Opati
      Joel Opati 18 days ago +1

      Oh bébé nooo
      Je te choisis, tu es à moi
      Mon mari, le père de mes enfants
      Aimé par vous le privilège de vous épouser une bénédiction
      Mon partenaire de vie, Ooh bébé, je t'aime
      Et pour toi, je change de comportement papa
      bébé pour toi, je cours pour l'adolescence
      Vous êtes comme un gouvernement avec vous aussi
      donne naissance à des enfants, toi aussi
      Je dors avec toi et toi
      Mettez-moi là avec vous aussi
      Je veux aussi être comme un mur avec toi
      donne naissance à des enfants, toi aussi
      Je dors avec toi et toi
      Mettez-moi là avec vous aussi
      Choix de coeur, choix de coeur
      Et sur l'autel tu brilles
      Votre favori sur la montre
      Oh bébé je savais que tu étais la seule pour moi
      Oh bébé tu es la seule pour moi
      Je peux dire la façon dont tu souris et dont tu ris
      La façon dont vous parlez, la façon dont vous marchez
      Bébé tu es la seule pour moi
      Je jure que tu es la seule pour moi
      Et pour toi, je change les habitudes de ma mère
      Bébé pour toi, mi dirige ma jeunesse
      Vous êtes comme un gouvernement avec vous aussi
      donne naissance à des enfants, toi aussi
      Je dors avec toi et toi
      Mettez-moi là avec vous aussi
      Je veux que tu sois comme toi et toi aussi
      donne naissance à des enfants, toi aussi
      Je dors avec toi et toi
      Mettez-moi là avec vous aussi
      Choix du coeur, choix du coeur

  • mary myako
    mary myako 21 day ago

    My favourite song

  • Mackrine paul
    Mackrine paul 21 day ago

    Nice song

  • Bianća Smith
    Bianća Smith 21 day ago


  • ester binyanya
    ester binyanya 22 days ago +8

    Who is listening 2019

  • Amran Abdi
    Amran Abdi 22 days ago


  • Avion Jassy
    Avion Jassy 22 days ago +1

    Just can't stop listening to this. Although I can't understand everything but I love the song so much. Love from 🇺🇬

  • irynandy
    irynandy 24 days ago

    All time fave ...

  • Miriam Mwaura
    Miriam Mwaura 25 days ago +1

    N for u, ninaukimbia ujana wangu...deeeep

  • Shadii Dinyo
    Shadii Dinyo 25 days ago +1

    Wapi watu wa buruburu phase 4😁

  • Lilian Njambi
    Lilian Njambi 26 days ago


    • Lilian Njambi
      Lilian Njambi 26 days ago

      Mpromotini uyu Mkenya wetu ni yatima naa anajaribu kujiinua like zenu tu plizz

  • Milka Muhia
    Milka Muhia 27 days ago

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  • sweetbertha charles
    sweetbertha charles 27 days ago +1

    One day 🇹🇿🇹🇿

  • Kelvin Maduga
    Kelvin Maduga 28 days ago

    Nice song

  • Grace Wanjiku
    Grace Wanjiku 28 days ago

    My future husband please note that we will dance this song on our wedding day

  • Irene Atieno
    Irene Atieno 28 days ago

    So nice

  • stephen omondi
    stephen omondi 29 days ago

    Sana; The only woman who can make me cheat on my wife.😋😋😋😜

  • Bella auni
    Bella auni 29 days ago +2

    I love this song eventho not understand..😁😁