• Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • How does the newest 2019 21.5" iMac stack up against an old 2009 iMac. The results surprised us!

    About this Video:
    Today we review the newest 21.5" iMac money can buy. Our buddy Josh was due for an upgrade, so we took this opportunity to do an unbox and some side-by-side testing.

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  • ninline2000
    ninline2000 Year ago +25

    The slow speed is entirely down to the fact that these have old style mechanical drives. It's amazing the one in the old one still works if it was used heavily. It's a 5400RPM drive and the newer iMac most likely has a 7200RPM drive. I put a SSD drive in my 2011 and it TRANSFORMED it! It's like a better than new machine. It's child's play to do, the screen pops right off, a few screws and the LCD comes out and then the drive is right there. It takes minutes to swap in the new drive. If you wish to upgrade the CPU to an i7 that requires pulling the logic board but that's not that big a deal. You can ever swap out the graphics card to a more powerful one although that has a lot of issues and complexity. As for the new iMac, pulling that LCD is no fun and if you crack it a new screen will set you back many hundreds of dollars. For the money, a nicely preserved 2011 iMac is a bargain compared to the new one. The ONLY improvement I see in the new one is the picture.

    • mike969696
      mike969696 6 months ago +1

      @Michael Douglas as does my low end early 09.

    • Michael Douglas
      Michael Douglas Year ago +1

      MY LOW END LATE 09 has a 7200 rpm drive

  • tpeg.explores
    tpeg.explores Year ago +4

    I own a late 2009 27" iMac, and after much deliberation I decided to retire it today. I never really thought I'd get 10.5 years of use out of a computer, however, there are a few areas where it has gotten a bit sluggish and lack of updates for my needed software is what has caused me to move on. However, I will still be squeezing some more life out of it by using it as a second monitor!

  • Bram vandenbroeck
    Bram vandenbroeck Year ago +2

    My 2008 imac with an ssd and patched version of mojave, boots up in about 40 seconds, and yes, that is with the password entered and the desktop shown ready for use, while your new 2017 imac's startup bar just filled up completely, my imac beats both of yours in startup time, which is insane! How sneaky of apple to ship mechanical spinning hard drives in 2017!

  • Cam Cappe
    Cam Cappe Year ago

    Thought Id just chime in and also love the video and thanks for uploading,great content!2009 imacs are tough to beat. I have a late 27 core 2 duo with ssd, 16 gb ram and it holds its own against a 2015 imac with i7 quad 32 gb ram and 1 tb fusion drive. The screen on the 2009 is still gorgeous to look at, the 4k on the 2015 is simply clear to look at and is also gorgeous but then I keep my 2009 screen crystal clean. Best of luck keep it up!

  • Change of Art Mary Ann Einarson

    this was really helpful! my [late 2009, 27”] iMac has been a workhorse all these years, but the drive just died. my gut (and my wallet) tells me to get the new drive and keep it running. your video confirmed this - making me VERY happy. THANK YOU!

    • Rendell001
      Rendell001 2 years ago +1

      A good SSD will work wonders on this model and if you're brave, you can change out the cpu for an i7 880 3.06ghz cpu. That would give your 2009 imac a real boost!

    • MusicByTopazThyme
      MusicByTopazThyme 2 years ago

      I'm going to get a new SSD and keep my Late 2009 21.5 running, too. Seems lots of folks are doing that vs. buying a new machine. BTW, my wallet is also crying "Get a new drive and keep it running."

  • Adam Burke
    Adam Burke Year ago

    I can imagine Apple thought the sound quality wouldn't matter on the newer model since people would most likely connect speakers to it anyway.

  • Stephen Foster
    Stephen Foster Year ago

    Apple keyboards rule! The level keys reduce carpal tunnel, ( Dell et al take notice) the report is perfect and the added right delete is awesome. If I have one criticism, it would be the Num Lock toggle hidden under the clear button

  • xrayangiodoc
    xrayangiodoc Year ago +4

    I took in a late 2009 iMac that had been left at the curb by my neighbor for trash. He had acquired it during a house clean out job and had never been able to get past the prior (deceased) owners' password. The 2009 is easy to get into since the front glass is held on by magnets so I removed the hard drive and erased it with my Windows PC and then installed High Sierra with an install disc I bought. Cloned the hard drive to a SSD and cut the boot time from 60-70 seconds to 20 seconds! Still very usable.

    • Richy McFly
      Richy McFly 2 months ago

      you saved a beautiful mac before it would become E-waste, great job and enjoy the device.

  • Steven G.
    Steven G. 4 months ago +1

    I have a 2011 Imac works perfect zero issues however, I can at least upgrade my hard drive,ram ETC. It'll be just as good as any new Imac without spending the money for a new one and I can figure out a way to update High Sierra to Mojave or Big Sur if I really want to.

  • Geo Man
    Geo Man Year ago

    Older iMacs (compared to current models) had quality and durable components - i still have 2008 iMacs in daily use. In contrast i had many macs bought after 2012-2013 with hardware flaws...

  • Elephant In The Room

    the old imac has a glass thats removable, then the screen, so the dust gets trapped between the glass and screen, the new one is sealed and you can't detach it

  • DPP Official
    DPP Official Year ago +1

    I prefer the thick models. I've got one from 2011 and I'm perfectly fine with it, it's running MacOS High Sierra.
    It is the highest possible Configuration from 2011 and I got it about a year ago for just 350€.

    • DPP Official
      DPP Official Year ago +1

      Really? How? Does it also work with Catalina?

  • Opus
    Opus 2 years ago +1

    ive used apple only since like 2007, saddled over to pc now, but have a 2009 imac I was thinking of upgrading with a ssd and some more ram ( just remembered, I dont think the l8 2009 can have more then 8 gig ram ), guess ill do that. I miss my newest 5k i just sold, but even my top model was to slow for what it costs.

    • TaCt1CaL
      TaCt1CaL 2 years ago

      You wrong it supports 17gb
      Mine has 12

  • Aureus Laraño
    Aureus Laraño 5 months ago

    Chill vibes, great video!
    I just bought the late 2009 iMac Core 2 Duo, 8GB Ram etc. for my mum who mainly just general web surfing, watches videos, netflix, youtube etc. and she loves it so far.

  • SneakerFetish420
    SneakerFetish420 2 years ago

    Awesome subscribed ! picked one up for a 100 with original keyboard and mouse late 2009 model wasn’t sure if it was a decent pick up but the video makes me feel more at ease with spending 100$ on such an old computer

    • JRgunman
      JRgunman Year ago

      SneakerFetish420 how is it? I’m gonna do the same lol

  • mediumstudio
    mediumstudio Year ago

    I have a Late 2009 21.5" that is my main machine (I run a graphic design company). I burnt-out 2 hards drives, upgraded the Ram, and replaced the screen. It can't be killed (1TB SSD 16GB Ram OSX High Sierra). Purchased in 2009 as a refurb from Apple ...

    • mediumstudio
      mediumstudio Year ago

      also - El Capitan with an SSD HD is the best combo for this year/model - lightning fast ....

  • Justus Govaert
    Justus Govaert Year ago

    Sadly the new iMac does not have an SSD storage. That's why the speed on the new iMac is a little disappointed. I hope that Apple will stop selling normal harddrives soon

  • mylespl
    mylespl Year ago

    I’m doing a software update on my ‘09 21.5” Imac. We bought this thing brand new in 09 and it has never been good. Super super slow since the day it was purchased. Was never impressed with it. I pulled it out of storage so my daughter can mess around with iMovie. Im going to guess that it isn’t compatible with this relic. Which is too bad because its still a nice looking computer. 🖥

    • TheArtShow
      TheArtShow Year ago +1

      mylespl all if needs is an ssd. Get the HDD replaced with an ssd and you won’t believe how fast it runs. DONT go to Apple. Go to a local computer tech

  • Alienware Gamer ALX
    Alienware Gamer ALX 2 years ago +3

    i m planning to do the opposite: i have the new one, but wanna buy the old one (2), to use in Target display Mode (function not avaible on the newer)

  • Geovanny Zuniga
    Geovanny Zuniga Year ago

    I got iMac 21.5 2019 model i upgraded from 8g to 16g big difference.. next upgrade it's gonna be from 500gb to 2T.

  • Mistro Tech
    Mistro Tech Year ago

    HDD vs HDD. Apple hard drives haven't changed a lot... on base models. SSD's will boot these in less than 20 seconds. Also, for your HP, I recommend getting a linux distro on it.

  • Guppy Galaxy
    Guppy Galaxy Year ago

    My 2012 Thunderbolt Display has insane sound quality so an apple product was really good speakers.

  • Doemi S
    Doemi S 11 months ago

    My 12-years old phenom II can(!) do all daily tasks on windows 10 with ease, why wouldnt it? This has nothing to do with apple being awesome, more like the growth in cpu power stagnating for years and years.

  • Corban
    Corban 2 years ago +7

    “It’s kinda crazy you can fit a TB hard drive 16 Gb ram and a pretty decent graphics card”

    Laptops: am I a joke to you

  • Danny D
    Danny D 2 years ago

    Thicker pannel = Better acoustics
    As far as the performance goes, they both sucks since they dont have an SDD, that's the bottleneck.

  • Anfal Rakin Addin
    Anfal Rakin Addin Year ago +1

    You guys deserve a lot more subs..❤❤

  • Just Sxpphire
    Just Sxpphire Year ago +1

    I have mid-2010 iMac, and the startup time is just like iMac Pro, weird

  • Michael Gordon
    Michael Gordon 2 years ago

    You can still get RAM for the 2009 iMac. Get it on Amazon or eBay. Fusion drives slowly slow down as they age. If you do not want to pay a premium for the temp sensor cable when upgradeing your slow 2009 hd just boot off a USB SSD. The idea of having to cut the screen off the 2019 iMac to upgrade is less a trauma than opening the 2009 iMac with all the cable you have to disconnect.

  • GOF6666
    GOF6666 Year ago +8

    When you upgraded to a 2009 version from a 2007... 🙏

  • Billy Dawson
    Billy Dawson Year ago +2

    My 27" 2010 Imac runs 1080p perfect

  • Smorfnimda
    Smorfnimda 2 years ago

    I have an iMac 27 i7 with 10 gigs and 512 video card and
    late 2009. So how is that one going to stand up in 2019???

  • Turnt
    Turnt 2 years ago +82

    by this video seemed yall should be like 2million subs i swear😂

    • BiggestOof
      BiggestOof 3 months ago


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    • B B
      B B Year ago

      Xpress Beats not if they don’t engage the audience! Less than 50 comments & they have responded to none! Not exactly a way to grow. Nevertheless the video was interesting & I love my late 2009 IMAC 🖥 . Still works like a champ

    • Xpress Beats
      Xpress Beats 2 years ago +1

      Zach Parrish they will get there!

    OK LIVE Year ago

    2020computers normally work with ssd - so what are you guys comparing + I have a mac mini 2011 with a Fusiondrive an imac late 2009 and a imac 2019 and your results are absoluteley not in line with my experience - intensive processor use like LogicPro or videoediting should b e considered - whatis your message? If a 10 year old machine would be closely as good as a 2020 machine nobody would buy new computers.

  • Heidi
    Heidi Year ago

    After watching this I'm in no hurry to replace my 27" iMac from 2011 running High Sierra that no longer makes that stupid chime at start up!

    • LowSpec Ghost
      LowSpec Ghost Year ago

      Bro that chime the best

    • Alejandro Luis Paolucci
      Alejandro Luis Paolucci Year ago

      you must upgrade your iMac 27" with a SSD disc, 32 MB of RAM and a Metal graphic GPU ( & (

  • Imrul Haque
    Imrul Haque 2 years ago

    You guys deserve more subscribers.

  • NexTech
    NexTech Year ago

    well obviously the old one takes longer to boot because it only has a spinning hard drive...

  • Life with Bart
    Life with Bart 2 years ago +2

    2017 model with 5400 RPM SATA, could've bought the 2012 model instead!

  • Manish kalladka
    Manish kalladka Year ago

    Good review bro. You deserve million subscribers

  • Mike Guzman
    Mike Guzman Year ago +1

    I just found me a 24” iMac 2008 for $29.99, was able to upgrade to El Capitan, planned on selling it but now I kinda want to keep it.

  • Wesam
    Wesam 2 years ago +11

    tbh this channel should have way more subs, I subbed btw also I am starting a tech channel and I am going to make a vid like this (reviewing the iMac 2009).

    • urban
      urban 2 years ago

      stop self promoting

  • Darius Dominicus
    Darius Dominicus 2 years ago +12

    iMac 27" 2011 - best iMac "2009-2019"

  • Станислав Пилипович

    well, i have 10 years old windows laptop dell e6500. Windows 7, runs all tasks prety well. Adobe photoshop 25mb raw files no problem, try adobe premier 2019 and here you can see it's age (all about core 2 duo, hhd drive, 4 gb ram and nvs 160m).
    As for mac OS in modern days. I found old mac mini running snow leopard, damn, that was The OS from Apple!!!

  • chuck kososky
    chuck kososky 2 years ago +1

    just bought an imac off of WOOT. its a 21.5 imac intel i5 2.7 ghz quad core 8 gb ddr3, 1 tb sata hdd (mac os x high sierra) how will this be doing with simple youtube video editing? right now im running a optiplex 790 intel core i5 with hitfilms program for editing and it does lag a bit any info would be great and great video!!!

  • NicVandEmZ
    NicVandEmZ 2 years ago

    27 inch ones you can still upgrade the ram

  • TheArtShow
    TheArtShow Year ago

    Apples charging 1299 and still putting slow ass hard disk drives in these machines. New macs are by no means a good value lol. That boot time is just ridiculous for a 1200+ 2019 model.

  • UrBoi Carlos
    UrBoi Carlos Year ago

    both sounded great tho

  • Wolftan WoltN
    Wolftan WoltN Year ago

    Yes truelah me also use old imac 2011 still running good at kuala lumpur

  • Jane Mallory
    Jane Mallory 2 years ago +24

    These tests are bad. New out the box comp vs one with files. Both should be clean os install, with same SSD and RAM for proper test

  • NicVandEmZ
    NicVandEmZ 2 years ago

    You called the 2019 iMacs the 2017 one in the video also new Macs don’t have the chimes anymore because they used to annoy people in meetings

  • JJ Bluestone
    JJ Bluestone 7 months ago

    Both have hdd their both slow as molasses an ssd more ram and they will fly read and write speeds thru the roof!!

  • The Art Of Making Alternative Media

    No one really cares about a HD screen when it comes to an iMac!!!
    If you can’t self change out drives or self repair parts it’s a deal breaker!!!
    And as far as I know in your model you can’t,
    I also don’t understand what problems you are having with speed as I have the early 2009 model with no problem!!!
    How is your sponsor? Apple!
    This is a complete joke and I’m viewing this video in 2020!!!

  • Windows XP
    Windows XP 2 months ago

    Wouldn’t say the same for a windows machine?! EXSUCE ME?!

  • Huw Williams
    Huw Williams Year ago

    Where's the follow-up promised? Only three videos produced in total, so it seems you gave up before you really got going. That's a pity, because this shows much potential.
    Found it because I've a 2011 21" iMac which I'm going to upgrade from 4GB to 12GB tomorrow. Next week I hope to replace the old HD with a new SSD to significantly speed it up.
    Also got a new 27" i9 eight core with 2TB SSD ordered up. Will probably sell the upgraded 21" in a couple of months while hoping that the £200 I will spend on the upgrade will pay back and help it sell quickly. It is immaculate apart from the usual slight white shading you mention in the video. I kind of hope that this is just dust that has found its way between the glass and the actual screen, but it is only noticeable when the screen is off and, in any case, is more a 'characteristic' of these models than a fault.

  • DeAnn X
    DeAnn X Year ago

    First vid ive seen from you guys. Nice! Subbed!

  • Brendan Parsons
    Brendan Parsons 2 years ago +2

    Why is that 2019 boot up so slow? They still configured with HDD's??

    • TheArtShow
      TheArtShow Year ago

      Dude for real 1299 dollars and my 2007 iMac boots faster than that

    • Herr Lich
      Herr Lich 2 years ago +1

      You can chose I think..

  • CR Shemz
    CR Shemz 2 years ago +70

    Why is the video production/quality so high but you guys have no subscribers.. wth I thought u guys were a 10k + channel.

    • cyan.
      cyan. 9 months ago

      @OrangeGherkin step one, cover yourself in oil

    • OrangeGherkin
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      How do I get 1000 subs?

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      CR Shemz if you build it they will come

  • Sithu Kyaw
    Sithu Kyaw Year ago

    Tech gets cheaper as dollar inflates. IPhone gets more expensive as users get dumber. Steve Jobs never increase product price but upgrades the specs year after year

  • eUploads
    eUploads Year ago +6

    WHYYY would you buy a mac with a HDD in 2019???

    • eUploads
      eUploads Year ago

      Suren Xavier If only the hard drives had been as easy to upgrade as the ram is

    • Suren Xavier
      Suren Xavier Year ago

      To not spend the $700 at Apple, and upgrade it for $100.

  • cyan.
    cyan. Year ago

    why are your subs still in three digits? This is quality!

  • Master Kamen
    Master Kamen 2 years ago +2

    Watched on a 2006 iMac P.S. I hate Apple but I got it for very cheap so I bought it

  • bru11711
    bru11711 Year ago

    my neightbor wrks at an office and they where throwingo ut an old imac from the office *an imac 2010 model*
    with a core i3 porcessor 8 gb of ram and mac HD hard drive *the hard drive is long gone now*
    and since it was from an office on the back it said
    "Electrical safety test due august 2020" DAMM BOI THEY BE LOOKIN' FOR THAT IMAC

  • Apple Tips
    Apple Tips Year ago

    Give them a MacBook they buy a smaller iMac so they can take it whit them

  • qup
    qup Year ago

    Good video! I subbed

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    I thought you would have atleast 100k plus subs but I'll help by doing my part and subscribing.

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    Bro this is higher than Linus tech tips quality but they have 100000x less subs

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    Holy fuck this edit is lit

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    Great video. But the chemistry of nerd 2 is off. Nerd is not a derogatory term. I am one.

  • Karls Klangers
    Karls Klangers Year ago

    apple have got you (need to buy the latest model) silly humans by the ghoulies and its costing you lot thousands buy a older machine and upgrade and maybe save hundreds ,,humans realy make me laugh ,,

  • Julian Reveles
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    So nobody going to send the link to audio library song here ?

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    Hp,s are the worst laptop brand

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    What happened to them

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