My Race/Ethnicity? DNA Results

its $100 for regular DNA testing and $200 to include health checks too. DNA testing 23 and me website : https://www.23andme.com/
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Автор ahmedics82 ( назад)
your beautiful

Автор petroglyph79 ( назад)
i can see a lot of stuff in you you are hot put together right😍👍

Автор InvisibleRen ( назад)
Growing up, I got shit from other black people for “acting white" because I didn't speak AAVE or like rap music. So I know that people who don't “look black” have experienced plenty of shit too. It hurts. Even if you accept your blackness, there are people questioning you or saying you aren't black enough. Stop treating people like this. It's bullying. Being black isn't about skin color or facial features or what dialect you speak or music you like. Indeed, those things can play a role in our culture or how we are profiled by the white community, but they don't define a person's blackness. The same goes for other POC. Honestly, who the hell are some of you people to decide what someone is or isn't? 凸(`△´+)

Автор InvisibleRen ( назад)
It's so sad you felt the need to do these to get idiots to shut up. But the saddest part is they still won't shut up. At least we have a video to redirect them to.

Автор Sarah W ( назад)
I'm so glad you did this - for you more than anything. im boring white but id still liks to know my mixes. I've mixed my kids so their ancestors will be way more fun 🐴

Автор LastKnownBeer ( назад)
I'd bang her

Автор Matogba Nelson ( назад)
WOW this is truly amazing. I've been watching a couple of her videos now and always wondered why she talked the way she did. Not that I didn't like it. I thought it was cool cause that's just who she is but this makes total since. Isn't it amazing how the human DNA works?

Автор Chris Coppola ( назад)
Well where ever your from Your very beautiful.

Автор Carl Stanley ( назад)
The guy who asked you what you were, I would've just said a human being just like yourself lol.

Автор CrĀzY ViRūS ( назад)
I just tell people "What do you think?" When I'm asked what am I.. but regardless it isn't they're business anyway; but i usually get "your white? European?" or "you look Chinese or Asian" dude I don't even know what I am ~ that answer your question.

Автор Midnight ( назад)
Hey, 5 more percent and you'd be the standard. 35% away from being full LOL That's really neat. I never would have guessed. Noticed how I'm responding to your video without spoiling it for you lol. Your results shocked me and that's saying something.

Автор Ms Lili C. Peach ( назад)
Hi, am I mistaken, or did you debut in "The Arraingment"?

Автор darkvador en toi ( назад)
You just did a lot of skin bleach...

Автор Monet Orr ( назад)
Girl I've never related to something so hard before. I get called everything and when I tell them I'm just a quarter black everyone's like no you're lying you can't be black. Bitch why would I lie?

Автор Dre Thomas ( назад)
I never seen a laid back woman youtuber

Автор Camron Monroe ( назад)
She's gorgeous

Автор dul ( назад)
Megan, I wish you were mature and self confident enough to say what mixed race you are in future, what's the problem with that? Don't you think it would be great for our education and knowledge, instead of being ignorant?
One thing I don't understand how people misunderstand or ignore the nationality and race part.
Nationality and race is a huge difference! Especially people from colonized countries/continents ignore it easily.

Автор Simonne ( назад)
Everyone asks me what I am and when I say Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, probably also Italian and Carribean maybe they're like no just the basics. I say White and Asian and then they're like "Nah you gotta be Mexican" and I'm like ok bitch bye.

Автор Renae Malik ( назад)
black comes in all shades but i'd never have guessed that you were 65% african

Автор Sean Nolan ( назад)
you are so Beautiful Babes.

Автор The Javanese Wisdom ( назад)
Many Nusantara people are Adventurer and Sailor, so our DNA spread across the globe...

Автор Republi Can't ( назад)
No doubt, with that sense of humor and that hair, you are a certified black chic. You are pretty BTW, and PROUD of your heritage.
If I were of your age, I would propose right now

Автор Kayak1088 ( назад)
It's a compliment for a guy to ask u what u are. A**hole feminists complain about everything.

Автор Rosalia Pena ( назад)
People would ask me the same thing and when I told them I was Mexican American they would snear at me and say, "No you are not because you are too white". Nasty people, like if there was a color test to determine your origin. Now I just say, I am Hines 57 and walk away. Dumb asses just give me a stupid look, like if the lights are on but nobody home type look.

Автор nebrew centric Giptian ( назад)
where is that dominant negro DNA?

Автор Kingdom Fantasy ( назад)
I was wondering I know this is a bit unrelated but can u make a video on people who are mixed with Korean?? Like I'm half black half Korean and my friend is half German half Korean. I was just wondering how would we be treated in korea? And do you see a lot of mixed Koreans? Not a lot of people answer this question or make videos on the topic.

Автор Antwon Carter ( назад)
you are beautiful. I mean absolutely gorgeous. I would like to know you! lol

Автор lord Farthingale ( назад)

Автор Robert Thomas ( назад)

Автор chloemcc89 ( назад)
I know the feeling.

Автор Truth Seeker ( назад)

Автор Tiffany Felkner ( назад)
People are rude sometimes. Most don't mean to be, but they are. Especially when they see someone that may look different. I went to China about 10 years ago to visit family and I was constantly stared at and pointed at and people were taking pictures of me as they had never seen a fat, blonde, American "Live & In Person" before. It was humiliating and hurtful and brought me to tears a couple of times, but I only had to deal with this for a few weeks. You have this happening all the time. I am so sorry that you are going through this and annoyed and hurt by people asking "What are you?" when it's none of their business. I think we should get rid of the classification of "race" altogether. I am with you Megan! I am American should be the only response required and given from now on. DNA = does not apply! Peace out!

Автор Dulce Escalona ( назад)
does anyone know what lip color she has? 😍😍

Автор LivePassionately ( назад)
100s of videos and I actually like her.

Автор MsKeelyKat13 ( назад)
I find it amusing how some people can only talk about what she is xD Like, does that even matter???? Megan is a beautiful person who has a good head on her shoulders. These days, everyone is so obsessed with what you ARE and what he said she said. I'm glad Megan can deal with this stuff on her own :) because people can be SO annoying, not just hormonal teens...but adults as well *sighs*

Автор B_O_T_I ( назад)
That rule is misleading (sorry if this is racist but it comes from college humour)
Person: well I'm American but I'm like Asian and black
Black people council: Your black!

Автор Lilibeth alvarado ( назад)
So I'm wondering; is it worth paying the $200 or would it be better to just pay $100??

Автор Lowkey Jane ( назад)
you should make a business card with the youtube link to this video whenever anyone asks you just give them the business card lmfao

Автор Bronze Dog ( назад)
.....How can you be 7 percent less African than me and look like that? Genetics are wierd.

Автор Bamboo ( назад)
I wanna rub my dick on her thicc thigh and cum on it

Автор Bamboo ( назад)
Am I the only one who actually fapped to her thighs at 1:38?

Автор Misted Forest ( назад)
Preach, I deal with the same thing.

Автор Gee Tee ( назад)
Why is the question the most annoying? People are curious. I'm racially ambiguous and interested in the background of others so I don't trip when people ask me about my ethnicity. I tell them about my origins and they learn something new. I think when folks are completely comfortable with their identity it really won't matter that people are curious.

I don't think people should be afraid to ask questions about topics that interest them. Its how we learn new things about the diverse world around. It helps point out the the world is indeed not black and white just like America is not simply "If you ain't white, you're black". There isn't simply one way to be black so the extra "black" accent with the poor grammar is unnecessary when asserting one's legitimately black American or African heritage.

Автор Soma noma ( назад)
Maybe if you didn't use so much make up

Автор Megan Lariviere ( назад)
omg you are hilarious :)

Автор Ailín Ó'S ( назад)
"Iris" 😶😶😶

Автор coraline.dixon ( назад)
Subscribe to LaLa (:

Автор Alex Crowley ( назад)
Does anyone know where I could buy that top ?

Автор Lioness Of Judah ( назад)
Wow the Asian genes are strong though minimal. Same with myself & daughter it shows in the eyes although for me it's only 3%

Автор Xica Henley ( назад)
I empathize lady! You just gotta keep doing you! You know who you are and that's all that matters!

Автор GaoXiHui 陈 ( назад)
You are black, that is shocking!

Автор MandarinCat ( назад)
I don't think there's anything wrong with the curiosity of race/ethnicity. It's part of our history of humanity. We are so diverse but so similar at the same time. I think it's beautiful. I really want to do a DNA test one day. I'm very mixed too and I'm excited to know how diverse my ancestors are. But yeah, I do understand if it gets tiring to be asked the same question over and over again.

Автор Chloe 福绢 ( назад)
Did ancestry one and got 12% Polynesian

Автор Bruce Wilhite ( назад)
Whatever you are, you are beautiful. And your personality is hugely entertaining.

Автор Dear Lexii ( назад)

Автор Taelien Taemin ( назад)
Well native Americans did come from Asia..

Автор Kjonz Jonz ( назад)
Cool video. You showed great personality. Your percentages are similar to mine and I'm a lot darker than you. People need to wake up and stop being so judgmental.

Автор Happy ( назад)
I think the east Asian that's often seen in these tests is technically "Native American" because Native Americans are from early peoples coming along ice and land bridges from Asia and Europe into North America. Those early peoples mixed and created the Native American groups. Also, there are a few things that can explain being a different skin tone than your parents. Some medical conditions, like hypothyroidism, can cause that. Or, recessive genes (like both parents had lighter skinned ancestors and the child got those genes). Or, lol, just not going out in the sun can cause anyone to be lighter lol.

Автор vanou sisi ( назад)

Автор Bethany Morrison ( назад)
You're so pretty, lol I see the Korean influences in your makeup its pretty :) You're a beautiful black woman overall.

Автор Sexual Frustration ( назад)
West Africans UNITE

Автор Seokjin's pink Flip phone ( назад)
ok so she IS a koreaboo... got it

Автор aѕajj ( назад)
My mama is biracial and you are like her complexion. Light bright, damn near white. I don't care what these DNA test say, as far as I am concerned you are black. No need to acknowledge the genes of some long dead rapist. You are black. You were raised by a black family, in a black neighborhood as the child of a black man and woman. I would be surprised if you didn't identify as black. This need that so many people have to force their definitions of how someone should identify themselves is very sad and unnecessary. No one should need to justify where they come from to those who have not lived what they have lived.

Автор Ashley Poston ( назад)
23 and me is the best! Being adopted, I was surprised at my findings!

Автор Hailey Sterrett ( назад)

Автор Sybil Elysian ( назад)
When I go out with my parents people always stare cuz they be thinkin I was adopted bc I Iook different to my parents.

Автор ZiZi ( назад)
Every American tries to claim Native American lmao

Автор Stephanie Cordova ( назад)
Where did she get that chair?! I must know ✨

Автор Nova Starr ( назад)
This may come as a shock to some of you but being "black" doesn't come with a "set look"......some of us are very white looking....some very black skinned and all that in between....she's not a "light skinned" black woman she a Black Woman period

Автор Terra Llanos ( назад)
You're beautiful and all but why do you embrace the Asian culture so much if you are barely Asian? Just 1.9%. Is it because you 'look' Asian? Which would be culture appropriation what you're doing since you're not Asian. Just wondering

Автор Woojong Yi ( назад)
I really want to try this now!

Автор 14Rogue Manatees ( назад)
I'm sorry.

Автор Nicolas Joseph ( назад)
these are like my exact results. lol But I think 23andme confuses native American with Asian. Because my did it at 23andme and didn't get any native American. But I tested at ancestrydna as 1% Native America. While my mom tested for east asia. So It's probably a reference panel issue.I got 66% African 32% European and 1% native American on ancestrydna. I get a few of the same issues with people asking what I'm mixed with. More my issue is that I can't figure out what. I just say black and white but I see a whole nunch of stuff on like gedmatch and dna.land makes it pretty consuming but yeah.....

Автор Jabutts623 ( назад)
You're awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Автор Sasha D'Alger ( назад)
Same with me!! I almost got left at the hospital cause I'm "whiter" than all my family! #blameitontheirish #andportuguese

Автор Keona ( назад)
I just noticed Justkiddingnews
I love them

Автор 물고기행복 ( назад)
"I'm a homosapien motha-"

Автор AnonymousKindOf ( назад)
Can 110% relate. When strangers come and ask, "What are you?"
I tell them - "Human most days." XD

Автор Beanee B ( назад)
I can so relate to this video. I was born in Brazil and moved to the US when I was very young. Folks could never figure out 'what I was'. African American, Native Indian, Indian, Pacific Islander, etc. , etc.... the constant questioning got really old so I can imagine how it would be living in a country that is so homogeneous.

Автор purpleguddess ( назад)
Rude cat just ran on top of her 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 tooooo cute

Автор Robeltoable ( назад)
it's hilarious, sad and pathetic that so many Blacks on this forum are denying the obvious that this girl looks mostly European and denying that fact while claiming Black people have her features!! If u use the old 1 drop rule, yes! Real or predominantly Blacks don't look like her or have Loose curly hair or have her features. Please don't refer to Horn of Africa! They are not part of the diaspora! Many of u are so ashamed of real West African features like fleshy noses, wide noses (most) large lips and tight kinky hair. This is the norm for predominant Black folks! Stop claiming others races features! They don't claim yours!!!!

Автор Robeltoable ( назад)
She's a beautiful Mulatta/Browning girl!!

Автор andrei.ok ( назад)
Maybe you have a light case of albinism:))))

Автор IzzyMarrie ( назад)
All I know is that it's one, incredibly rude for anyone to ask you your race at any point, and two, you're incredibly beautiful either way. Honestly, I don't see how it matters at all, but I'm new to the channel, and it was definitely fun listening to your ethnic background. One of these days, I really want to get a DNA testing done because I know I'm part Irish and German, but I want to know how much of each I am, and I'm curious to know what else I might be.

Автор Brittney ( назад)
I don't care what race you are! Your still amazing and I love you! <3

Автор Jimin's Lost Jams ( назад)
I'm new,hi so did she learn korean or....

Автор Sharon Lynn ( назад)
The bottom line is you are not homo sapien you were created by God Almighty! School lied to you, you were taught by atheist! DIG, FIND THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELF. If you love truth you'll find out.

Автор Marie Diana ( назад)
do you need to replace your charger cable often lol. what are you ? human ?

Автор Sammie Cleveland ( назад)
You the bomb! Girl! !I mean MS LADY ....Right On

Автор Caperucita Roja ( назад)
USA.... only place in the continent which divide people in races :)
In my country people is people.. not black, white, asian, etc.

PD: Saludos de Argentina x3

Автор godlove6980 ( назад)
Never imagines that u would be dealing the question what r u. I thought only asian americans deal with that.maybe im gonna start asking white americans what they r.

Автор Daniel Krieger ( назад)
Those European genes came out strong in you.

Автор scirazzbrehh ( назад)

Автор charlotte phelps ( назад)
I know the struggle

Автор Tamika Miles ( назад)
I feel the exact same way. "What are you?" Response: "What am I? I'm human?" The number of times I've had to explain to people that I'm black, not at all Latina, and part white, not half white and half black. Almost every person I meet asks me that question. Some ask me not twice, but once, or multiple times.

Автор Azhar ALI ( назад)
you are pretty, have you ever thought of entering the intertatment industry in korea? like acting or modeling

Автор Will Smithson ( назад)
Why is it Mexican Americans can vary in skin color and appearances and no one will tell them they are not Mexican. But Black Americans are always questioned on their appearance when Black American is a mixed race culture like Mexican American? Both are not a pure race.

Автор IMr LAPS ( назад)
Everyone tries to figure out what i am and i dont find it annoying at all. To each, their own.

Aside from that, you are very beautiful and enjoyable to watch.

And to people who accuse your dad of not being your dad: fuck em. People are too fucking stupid to comprehend whats actually going on in the world.

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