My Race/Ethnicity? DNA Results

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  • its $100 for regular DNA testing and $200 to include health checks too. DNA testing 23 and me website :
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  • Steven Smiley
    Steven Smiley 3 часа назад

    Literally the only thing that makes you seem black is your voice and the way you talk. That is literally all. You sound like a southern east urban chick.

  • Nada Anilom
    Nada Anilom 8 часов назад

    tell your dad I like his Scottish rite, im in Las Vegas Lodge 32

  • December Coleman
    December Coleman 14 часов назад

    We have light skin black ppl in the black community so I don't see why ppl confused

  • December Coleman
    December Coleman 14 часов назад

    I knew you had some black in you lol

  • Maria Rizo
    Maria Rizo 1 день назад

    We all know genes express themseleves in different ways from biology so calm yo self.
    For example, my sister and I have the same parents (obviously) but im much lighter than her

  • Lydia Anderson
    Lydia Anderson 1 день назад

    "What are you" a human being bitch. Can't tell you how many people have come up to me without my permission and started touching my hair or the ridiculous amount of men who comment on me being "exotic" or "pretty because I'm mixed". I'm half Ghanaian and half German so people can usually tell I'm mixed, but the WORST thing is when you tell someone what you are and they try to tell you what you are like they somehow know better than you. Us fellow mixed and biracial people feel your struggles and I'm really happy that you're on social media talking about it ❤️

  • elmohead
    elmohead 1 день назад

    Black girl who looks white, living in Korea?

  • Luka Slone
    Luka Slone 1 день назад

    I took a DNA ethnicity test too and found some surprises! Despite my appearance, I am not all European! The surprises for me...I am 19% Greek with a splash of middle eastern and Asian! I was adopted and didn't know for sure what I was. The other surprise that I got was that I found my birth families! I was matched with my biological uncle and it went from there!

  • ismail cakir
    ismail cakir 1 день назад

    is she now allowed to say the n word

  • Dziomolek
    Dziomolek 1 день назад

    sad.. best example of multiculti

  • The Loobis
    The Loobis 1 день назад

    1:11 Ummm. No, it's not like that at all. If you're not White you could be Asian, Latino, Arab, Jew, etc. As far as being annoyed at always being asked what you are? What do you expect? If you're getting mad over it, it's your fault. This is honestly what I would do. Someone asks "What are you?" I'd answer "Black" And before they can say another word I'd say "I know, I'm light skinned" BOOM!

  • dvela34
    dvela34 1 день назад

    you're very cute

  • Linden Rose
    Linden Rose 2 дня назад

    im a third german. a third hungarian and a third scottish. so um. mmmmmmm. and i have naturally red hair. xD

  • Jezz Ezz
    Jezz Ezz 2 дня назад

    the funny thing is u actually look South East Asian to me especially​ Filipino or Malaysian ✌

  • Oh No, Steven
    Oh No, Steven 2 дня назад

    I'm 66% African (Nigerian 40%, Moroccan 9%, Ghanaian 10%, Ethiopian 4%, Egyptian 2%) 20% Middle Eastern (Saudi 10%, Iraqi 9%, Syrian 1%) And every County in Europe except for Sweden

  • Vanessa G
    Vanessa G 3 дня назад

    Your eyes are so pretty. They really stand out from your fair skin.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 3 дня назад

    you look PURELY asian

  • fireinacan
    fireinacan 3 дня назад

    Race is so confusing to me. It was cool to see your take on things!

  • al Afghan Yorka Kabul gayi afgani

    lol a goth chick.... I'm guessing 100% European BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO.

  • pokelol97
    pokelol97 3 дня назад

    same with me. both parents are african but im white so it gets confusing sometimes lmao

  • michael traynor
    michael traynor 4 дня назад


  • Bencan Yalcin
    Bencan Yalcin 4 дня назад

    Who else noticed jknews on the tab?

  • Lei S
    Lei S 4 дня назад

    he would only claim you, raise you, love you over a DNA test? that is messed up

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 4 дня назад

    I watched a documentary about how American blacks tend to think they are part Native American, but that it's actually really uncommon. You having any in your blood is rare as they do not tend to marry or breed outside their own race historically. The myth was that they would take in runaway slaves or mix with the black community after slavery ended. United in their oppression. In reality they were racist and usually killed, "stole", or returned for bounty the runaway slaves they found. So don't feel bad that you were wrong, most modern blacks think the same thing and have no native blood whatsoever.

  • Marie Sole
    Marie Sole 5 дней назад

    African Americans say they're native when they're not. I'm actually Native which kinda grinds my gears. During the slave trade slave owners would rape the slaves... and well Africans Americans say they're native so it sounds less harsher than saying their ancestors were raped by Europeans.

  • Girly Dee
    Girly Dee 5 дней назад

    If and when we find out our true ethnicity, is there a way to go back and find exactly where it came from? Like, can our blood be tracked to an ancestor ?

  • Honkyhomeboy
    Honkyhomeboy 5 дней назад

    I'm tried of all these black mofos hatin on me. too

  • Wesley Łatacz
    Wesley Łatacz 6 дней назад

    I'm mixed too, and you would not believe the amount of people who, on a daily basis, speak to me in Spanish. I have recently taken one of these tests as well to prove to people that I'm not Hispanic. I'm 51% European, 36% African, and 10% Asian.

  • KeziahMusic 음악주세요!
    KeziahMusic 음악주세요! 6 дней назад

    I'm planning on doing this cause I'm curious with what I'm mixed with I'm half black and half white Jamaican Cherokee Indian and hawaiian (birth) I've always known my whole like that I'm mixed and that's it but I'm curious with what i feel Megan I'm still peeved (i forgave them tho) this lady who said i looked no different from her black daughter cause we "looked" the same color that made me mad as i said "I'm still mixed tho" i find it funny people won't leave you alone when you tell them who you are and then they try to male fun of you saying exactly what you said i remember her daughter told me "oh me too" cause i said i was mixed and i looked at her black butt like "no you not" you don't have to look like something to be something that's like saying you have to be a redneck to be American it's just frustrating
    now im a little afraid about the test because i know im mox but people made me feel a little insecure because i look "the same as any black person"if y'all saw my skin i look like carmel leave me alone lol but I'm i know im mixed and imma be mixed for the rest of my days so deal with it

  • panther105
    panther105 6 дней назад

    I'm 1/4 New Zealand Maori on my mother's side. But I am white, blue eye, blonde. Does this mean any kids I have might be beautiful black or swirly because these dominant/recessive genes jump randomly from generation to generation....???? My wife is Japanese so that might be cool........

  • Daisy Malik
    Daisy Malik 6 дней назад

    Person: what are you?
    Me: an alien

  • Vay Amann
    Vay Amann 6 дней назад

    I wanna move to south Korea but minimum wage won't get me there 😂😭

  • dbright
    dbright 8 дней назад

    native american tribes allowed a lot of outsiders to join. current DNA tests cannot tell cultural history only biological history.

  • Vietta Rose
    Vietta Rose 9 дней назад

    Oh my goodness your outfit is super adorable!!!

  • FallenAngelEnemy
    FallenAngelEnemy 9 дней назад

    when you're watching this having done a Ancestry DNA test and you're waiting for the results :(

  • DP 63
    DP 63 9 дней назад

    what is a person who is half black and half white? are they black or white? and how about eurasians? are they european, or asian? neither. they are their nationality. I really loathe racial profiling. the future of humanity is mixed ... so this shit needs to stop.

  • 💗 yanna 💗
    💗 yanna 💗 11 дней назад

    I know how you feel. Some girl asked me what am I. I just stared at her and didn't answer because I was too busy thinking does it really matter and what does she mean "what are you?" I'm not an object, I'm a person just like anyone else.

    On another day some man asked me if I was Hispanic and I shook my head no and then he automatically blurted out what ethnicity he thought I was. He was so wrong and I was so annoyed and angry. I just stared at him like he was a fool. And he certainly was one for assuming things. Didn't even give me a chance to answer.

    This is the last story, I promise.

    I had just got on the train to go somewhere and a man had started say Ching, Ching, Ching to me because he thought I was Chinese and didn't know English. He was so ignorant luckily a kind woman told him to stop and he did.

  • Samuel Pharris
    Samuel Pharris 12 дней назад

    I just ordered Myheritage and 23andme Kits to do comparisons...  Heard a lot of family rumors never were proven so excited for results..  Great Video and results...

  • Sarah Lucius
    Sarah Lucius 15 дней назад

    God I love listening to you talk! Also beautiful cat honey!!

  • Ancar Willis
    Ancar Willis 15 дней назад

    Lol your pretty much exactly what I thought you were. Although I did think you had a little more European in you. Hahaha well you may be light skin but your voice definitely doesn't lie.

  • wilma smith
    wilma smith 16 дней назад

    As a black person in Denmark, I have experiences this question too much. This is what you should do next time:

    Ignorant persen: "What are you??"
    You: "I am beautiful"

  • Luka Mair
    Luka Mair 16 дней назад

    how is she so white, when she is 2/3rds sub-Saharan africa?

  • Shacora Surles
    Shacora Surles 16 дней назад

    erm, this doesn't really make sense. I think some of the comments aren't seeing that she's mixed when she dead ass just have the results yes she's black , but she's also mixed with other stuff that makes her the way she is. You guys aren't seeing that she is not only black. I mean her mom was mixed with 2 to 3 things.

  • Jessica Fernandez
    Jessica Fernandez 16 дней назад

    I'm 50% Spanish🇪🇸, 25% french🇫🇷, 12,5% German🇩🇪 and 12,5% swiss 🇨🇭 and I look like an Arabic lol

  • kocoa hollis
    kocoa hollis 19 дней назад

    Megan you're the most gorgeous homo sapien I've ever seen!

  • Crumb Guzzler
    Crumb Guzzler 20 дней назад

    What manner of Creole is this phuockable bitch!?

  • coolstay85
    coolstay85 20 дней назад

    You can just say you are Thai. They will believe that

  • Danielle White
    Danielle White 21 день назад

    grrrrl i feel ya. i look like your super white biatch.... but i took the same test came up mostly russian and everything after that is about an event mix irish norwegian african native american japanese ... how i got all of those we have NO family records beyond my dads parents were russian immigrants my moms mothers family was irish and her dads was norwegian. now my God-Father is black so i have alot of his influence in my personality but i have no clue where the actual dna came into that lol

  • CpnStbn12
    CpnStbn12 21 день назад

    I def would. She probably wouldnt stop talking but thats ok

  • flacosinthehouse
    flacosinthehouse 21 день назад

    hey Megan, good job on your boobs! Looks very nice on you.. cheers!

  • Natalia A Ciccone F
    Natalia A Ciccone F 22 дня назад

    Great results!

  • Janece Willis
    Janece Willis 22 дня назад

    The cat part was relatable as fuck

  • Cindy M
    Cindy M 22 дня назад

    cool you watch jk x)

  • Woodchip
    Woodchip 24 дня назад

    that intro cringy af

  • Ist kein Geheimnis
    Ist kein Geheimnis 24 дня назад

    lets make some racially ambigous babies haha

  • creepy crazy _ alaa art Alrugaibi
    creepy crazy _ alaa art Alrugaibi 24 дня назад


  • Black Boy E
    Black Boy E 24 дня назад

    I didn't listen to the start at all and when I heard that she's 62% African I was like 'wtf' and then I thought she was an albino

  • Misha
    Misha 24 дня назад

    I wonder what her child skin colour will be thou. That will be so interesting.

  • S. Sarajlić
    S. Sarajlić 25 дней назад

    I need to have sex with you. You look so different from your DNA!

  • Jeanne Leclerc
    Jeanne Leclerc 25 дней назад

    After 2 videos, you've just won a subscriber !!! Take care ! xx

  • bunnyrabbit
    bunnyrabbit 25 дней назад

    your face looks weird and stiff what happened

  • Evelyn Wood
    Evelyn Wood 25 дней назад

    looooove that top, where's it from? x

  • Zoe Ordman
    Zoe Ordman 26 дней назад

    Get this all the damn time! And I'm such a mix I don't really know how to answer!

  • Clariccy
    Clariccy 26 дней назад

    what´s this styled like my generation ?

  • Stacy Scott
    Stacy Scott 26 дней назад

    From one ethnically ambiguous bee to another: I feel ya.

  • Erin Maurer
    Erin Maurer 27 дней назад

    Genes are a funny thing. But what it all boils down to is that you're a lovely young lady of the human persuasion. I think it sucks that you would have to do a video like this.

  • Leyla P
    Leyla P 27 дней назад

    ouhh! her foundation makes her so light compared to that clip with no makeup at the start of the vid!

  • Erika A
    Erika A 27 дней назад

    my moms side is Creole and they all look similar to your complexion and ID's as black. what I'm getting at is that no specific region accepts lighter skinned black people, I remember my grandma telling me a story that everywhere her and her husband went (grandpa) they would get looks from both sides because it looked like a black woman was with a white man but it turned out that she had more white in her coming from an interracial household than he did coming from a creole/black householf. BTW, they were in Louisiana and it was about the 50s through 60' - 70's so you can imagine the discrimination. Even today my mom would have random people come up to her asking what she is, and when they hear the answer they deny it, or have the nerve to look unsatisfied with the answer. smh.

    • Erika A
      Erika A 27 дней назад

      also, I found your channel from watching miles trip in Korea and right when I saw you I was like, yup she black. lol. stay awesome.

  • PanamericanistaM0R3Na
    PanamericanistaM0R3Na 27 дней назад

    Both your parents are black. Tell people to shut up.

  • heyshaybee
    heyshaybee 28 дней назад

    How are you so pale? Not trying to be offensive or anything but I'm just genuinely curious lol do you use a product or something ?

  • Nessa Chae
    Nessa Chae 28 дней назад

    Most African Americans are about 30% European

  • Desi Boy
    Desi Boy 28 дней назад

    omg you are more black than white but i thought you are southeast asian

  • Deplorable Papa
    Deplorable Papa 28 дней назад

    Look white to me.

  • Zoë Forko
    Zoë Forko 29 дней назад

    west africa represent🔥

  • Serena Gophlin
    Serena Gophlin 29 дней назад

    I understand completely how you feel! Some of the speculations of race.... whoo! lmao. my daddy dark my momma white..

  • Negarin M
    Negarin M 29 дней назад

    "Hello I'm John. What are you?"

  • ahmedics82
    ahmedics82 1 месяц назад

    your beautiful

  • petroglyph79
    petroglyph79 1 месяц назад

    i can see a lot of stuff in you you are hot put together right😍👍

  • InvisibleRen
    InvisibleRen 1 месяц назад

    Growing up, I got shit from other black people for “acting white" because I didn't speak AAVE or like rap music. So I know that people who don't “look black” have experienced plenty of shit too. It hurts. Even if you accept your blackness, there are people questioning you or saying you aren't black enough. Stop treating people like this. It's bullying. Being black isn't about skin color or facial features or what dialect you speak or music you like. Indeed, those things can play a role in our culture or how we are profiled by the white community, but they don't define a person's blackness. The same goes for other POC. Honestly, who the hell are some of you people to decide what someone is or isn't? 凸(`△´+)

  • InvisibleRen
    InvisibleRen 1 месяц назад

    It's so sad you felt the need to do these to get idiots to shut up. But the saddest part is they still won't shut up. At least we have a video to redirect them to.

  • Sarah W
    Sarah W 1 месяц назад

    I'm so glad you did this - for you more than anything. im boring white but id still liks to know my mixes. I've mixed my kids so their ancestors will be way more fun 🐴

  • LastKnownBeer
    LastKnownBeer 1 месяц назад

    I'd bang her

    • LastKnownBeer
      LastKnownBeer 24 дня назад

      go back to ya mama basement....

    • Ray of Lyte
      Ray of Lyte 24 дня назад

      LastKnownBeer nasty old fart, why don't you bang your old wrinkly wife and leave the black girls alone.

  • Matogba Nelson
    Matogba Nelson 1 месяц назад

    WOW this is truly amazing. I've been watching a couple of her videos now and always wondered why she talked the way she did. Not that I didn't like it. I thought it was cool cause that's just who she is but this makes total since. Isn't it amazing how the human DNA works?

  • Chris Coppola
    Chris Coppola 1 месяц назад

    Well where ever your from Your very beautiful.

  • CrĀzY ViRūS
    CrĀzY ViRūS 1 месяц назад

    I just tell people "What do you think?" When I'm asked what am I.. but regardless it isn't they're business anyway; but i usually get "your white? European?" or "you look Chinese or Asian" dude I don't even know what I am ~ that answer your question.

  • Midnight
    Midnight 1 месяц назад

    Hey, 5 more percent and you'd be the standard. 35% away from being full LOL That's really neat. I never would have guessed. Noticed how I'm responding to your video without spoiling it for you lol. Your results shocked me and that's saying something.

  • Ms Lili C. Peach
    Ms Lili C. Peach 1 месяц назад

    Hi, am I mistaken, or did you debut in "The Arraingment"?

  • darkvador en toi
    darkvador en toi 1 месяц назад

    You just did a lot of skin bleach...

  • Monet Orr
    Monet Orr 1 месяц назад

    Girl I've never related to something so hard before. I get called everything and when I tell them I'm just a quarter black everyone's like no you're lying you can't be black. Bitch why would I lie?

  • Dre Thomas
    Dre Thomas 1 месяц назад

    I never seen a laid back woman youtuber

  • Camron Monroe
    Camron Monroe 1 месяц назад

    She's gorgeous

  • dul
    dul 1 месяц назад

    Megan, I wish you were mature and self confident enough to say what mixed race you are in future, what's the problem with that? Don't you think it would be great for our education and knowledge, instead of being ignorant?
    One thing I don't understand how people misunderstand or ignore the nationality and race part.
    Nationality and race is a huge difference! Especially people from colonized countries/continents ignore it easily.

    • dul
      dul 1 месяц назад

      The test is about you and to learn more about your tree and ancestor. Isn't it great!
      Maybe you are over it, but it is even more crazy and stupid to ignore everything and in defiance saying I am American?
      It is not someone asking you about your nationality or how you feel or what you wish to be. Someone ask you about your race!

  • Simonne
    Simonne 1 месяц назад

    Everyone asks me what I am and when I say Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, probably also Italian and Carribean maybe they're like no just the basics. I say White and Asian and then they're like "Nah you gotta be Mexican" and I'm like ok bitch bye.

    • dul
      dul 1 месяц назад

      If people introduce themselves so precise like you did, I would appreciate it and would find it interesting and so precious. After that I would never bring your race into question!

  • Renae Malik
    Renae Malik 1 месяц назад

    black comes in all shades but i'd never have guessed that you were 65% african

  • Sean Nolan
    Sean Nolan 1 месяц назад

    you are so Beautiful Babes.

  • The Javanese Wisdom
    The Javanese Wisdom 1 месяц назад

    Many Nusantara people are Adventurer and Sailor, so our DNA spread across the globe...

  • Republi Can't
    Republi Can't 1 месяц назад

    No doubt, with that sense of humor and that hair, you are a certified black chic. You are pretty BTW, and PROUD of your heritage.
    If I were of your age, I would propose right now

  • Kayak1088
    Kayak1088 1 месяц назад

    It's a compliment for a guy to ask u what u are. A**hole feminists complain about everything.