Joyner Lucas - ADHD

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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  • Yousef Hirmiz
    Yousef Hirmiz 4 hours ago

    Make a video to this!! I’m obsessed

  • Kyrgyz Magic
    Kyrgyz Magic 6 hours ago

    Joyner i love you

  • nino amargo
    nino amargo 14 hours ago

    not his style but still lit af

  • vapelordtony
    vapelordtony 23 hours ago

    love everything about this song, but joyner really needs someone else to sing that chorus, no hating..its just not his style

  • Young Baller Bryan

    i don't have ADHD but I can relate

  • vane12345ize
    vane12345ize Day ago

    I went trying to find this song cause my music teacher played this song while playing musical drums kinda like musical chairs

  • gaming only
    gaming only Day ago


  • AG - 12BA - Stephen Lewis SS (2682)

    I jus got diagnosed 😂😂

  • The Pickle
    The Pickle Day ago

    this music was uploaded on my 17th birthday and I to have adhd

  • Habibi Assyrian
    Habibi Assyrian Day ago

    Need to have minimum of 100 million views wtf is 4.6 million

  • Tech Toy Tinker Company

    I hear you bro. This has been a life long issue

  • Jason Foster
    Jason Foster Day ago

    Your a fucking dumbass if u u thumb this down. Bring it

  • Dro Rios
    Dro Rios Day ago

    This my ish.... yeah😁

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 2 days ago

    Joyner has some fire stuff, but half of his songs feel like he's just not trying and the skits... bleh, there is a reason other rappers put skits on separate tracks, I don't want to have to listen to a skit every time I want to hear a track.... I just find him more and more on the bottom of my playlist despite his skill. Jarren Benton is currently on top of that list.

  • Legitimacy X
    Legitimacy X 2 days ago

    Fucking love it feels like a mix between lil Tracy and like Lil peep

  • rwave Gaming
    rwave Gaming 2 days ago

    respect to tory , joyner ftw.

  • Sunny Ym
    Sunny Ym 2 days ago

    this the one right here

    INSPECTA 2 days ago

    Sounds like he is mocking Post Malone :D

  • Gabriel Acosta
    Gabriel Acosta 2 days ago

    Really gives me an X vibe.. 🙏

  • Madeline Heggie
    Madeline Heggie 2 days ago

    anyone else have adhd lol

  • Brady Boi
    Brady Boi 2 days ago +1

    Everyone in the comments talking about good and bad music, there is no such thing, music is so special and can be so different.

  • Sybass Productions
    Sybass Productions 2 days ago

    Getting Juice WRLD / NF vibes. I like it.

  • mike197606
    mike197606 2 days ago

    This song is identical to another song but I cant figure out what 1? Anybody know?

  • Toby Eddy
    Toby Eddy 3 days ago

    Finally I can explain what Adhd is to my friends and school 😌

  • G.R.T Official
    G.R.T Official 3 days ago +3

    If Logic, Eminem, Joyner, and NF made a song

    Mumble rappers would be working at a gas station

  • Liger
    Liger 3 days ago

    hi i'm Liger, i'm an 18year old independent artiste from Nigeria🇳🇬 i just dropped the lyrics video for my new song on my channel. i'd appreciate if you could check it out & drop your thoughts. thanks🤞❤

  • luke coops
    luke coops 3 days ago +9

    The thing about having a mental illness is when people expect you to act like you dont

  • abheet mishra
    abheet mishra 3 days ago +8

    This is a really touching song, especially for us who have ADHD....

  • Viet Dx
    Viet Dx 3 days ago

    dope 🔥💯👌

    VERGO 3 days ago

    Joyner.. Nothing but heartfelt bops since 2015. Always a fan ❤

  • The Skate Grom
    The Skate Grom 3 days ago

    Joyner Lucas is in the top 5 in the best rappers in the world 🌍

  • Burning Beats
    Burning Beats 3 days ago


  • Burning Beats
    Burning Beats 3 days ago

    Those 808s tho

  • dochudsonmerle
    dochudsonmerle 3 days ago

    This song hits home

  • Sentr0-_-
    Sentr0-_- 4 days ago

    Make more raps like this its amazing

  • Osprey Vybz
    Osprey Vybz 4 days ago +1


    TOCE TV 4 days ago


    NHLANHLA D MOYANA 4 days ago +2

    Who else thinks Joyner and post Malone would make a great song?
    Thumbs up 👍🏾 if you think so 💭

  • Panda Bass
    Panda Bass 4 days ago

    My good morning song. Love it

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 4 days ago

    The background reminds me of assassin's Creed

  • TrundleTheGreat
    TrundleTheGreat 4 days ago +1

    i like what your doing bc every song is so good, i can tell your putting alot into this album. but by the time it comes out ima hear everything so much im not going to care anymore, js

  • nwo reble
    nwo reble 4 days ago

    Like ice that poetry bring it back you know what I'm saying

  • nwo reble
    nwo reble 4 days ago

    I get what you're saying don't get off track though I like your poetry I don't like most trap b****** but you cool

  • Simon Kriszyk
    Simon Kriszyk 4 days ago

    OMG!!! I'm researching songs for a project i'm doing and I would LOVE to use this or even part of it... It's PERFECT!!! 100% love it x x

  • Jason Burns
    Jason Burns 4 days ago

    My life put in a song

  • The National Society of meme awareness

    I feel like I am the only one with ADHD in my school

  • Dragonslayer513 lopez


  • Aryano
    Aryano 5 days ago

    It kinda feels like......

    MY LIFE.

  • Chris Maw
    Chris Maw 5 days ago

    I have always felt diffetent never took medication or diagnosed with anything i over think things take things to heart no patients but i dont need medication joyner lucas is the man deff going to be top 5 one day

  • Brody Dennehy
    Brody Dennehy 5 days ago +2

    AWESOME my favorite song so far and favorite song personally!!!

  • jimmy p
    jimmy p 5 days ago

    My son has ADHD. I've struggled along side with him and worked with him 1:1 for years. He is 9 now. I vilified RX for the longest, and I recently decided that I was wasting time for him as he is super smart but cannot focus for very long. I still haven't gone the RX route yet..but I feel I owe it to him so he can succeed. Regardless how to outcome goes, I will be Damn sure to be there for my boy and love him unconditionally. And this is coming from a guy who works with students with special needs in a Highschool setting. I def wanna rock that ADHD jacket in honor of my boy. JL did it big mane. Bout to make a song about ASD.

  • ThermarX
    ThermarX 5 days ago +1

    My cousin made fun of me for ADHD and I got loss of appetite when I was on my medicine and when I was off my grades were bad. I’m My life was now a dilemma of malnutrition or failing. Now I listen to this and I feel a whole lot better

  • ValencyyYaDiGG
    ValencyyYaDiGG 5 days ago


  • boss bomb
    boss bomb 5 days ago

    I have ADHD and I don't care

  • kool kam
    kool kam 6 days ago

    I have adhd

  • Kason Ekleberry
    Kason Ekleberry 6 days ago

    What if anyone that sings this without a mumble has ADHD 😮

  • YStippi
    YStippi 6 days ago

    Having ADHD isn't apologizing enough to rape my ears with autotune.

  • 420random dee
    420random dee 6 days ago

    Finally a song that describes how it feels with adhd thats relatable

  • Keef Milly Kapo
    Keef Milly Kapo 6 days ago

    Tell Joyner Lucas This Beat Got Destroyed By A
    Up & Comin Brooklyn Spitta 🔥
    If He Want It Back We Gotta Negotiate A Collab 💽

    OH YEAH YEAH 6 days ago +1

    I have ADHD