Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

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Music Produced By Marko G. He can be reached at:

Thanks to Devin Graham for his cinematography. He is amazing and you have to check out his channel:

Vest from "Fire" created by Kerrie Kordowski http://opalmoondesigns.net/

Directed, and produced: Lindsey Stirling and Devin Graham
Edited by Lindsey Stirling
Violin Performed by Lindsey Stirling
Produced and Mixed by Marko G

Water- Laura Watkin with NS Makeup (assistant Todd Davis)
Fire- Joanna Bishop
Wind- Alexandria Murillo

Thanks to the Dyer Family for letting me use their driveway for the water scene. Also thanks to Ensoul for letting us film outside their warehouse: http://www.facebook.com/ensoulwear

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Длительность: 4:7
Комментарии: 70187

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Автор Mrs. Potter V ( назад)
I wish I could play my violin like this

Автор nanci jacob ( назад)
Me encanta el Violin y escucho tu música siempre soy isabella

Автор VK ( назад)
You are awesome Lindsay Sterling. I listen to your music while studying and it really help me to concentrate well.

Автор Benjamin Oboczky ( назад)

Автор Sebastian vargas ( назад)
me canta la canción por qué en mi escuela vamos a ser un baile

Автор Lourdes Pena ( назад)
Lindsey loves water... doesn't she?...well...ok...All Elements. She's just so beautiful and talented! Blessings.

Автор strella flores ( назад)
she is so pretty and love her music

Автор MIGUEL royale ( назад)
Love You Lindsey ridle

Автор Vivian Carney ( назад)
lindsy is so cool!

Автор Dake59 ( назад)
Amazing live yesterday in the Zenith (Paris) <3 !

Автор Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship ( назад)
amazing talent!!!!!!!!!

Автор William Scanlan ( назад)
This was the first of your videos that ever I saw. It changed me. It amazed me. It gave me a beacon.

Автор SDanielS ( назад)
This is just amazing

Автор Jose Fernandes ( назад)
I like this girl she's so amazing I like all of her songs she's just really amazing I just can't stop loving her

Автор Hulitchigo ( назад)
this never gets old. and I doubt that it ever will.

Автор sztachacz ( назад)
Ona jest piekna i cudnie gra

Автор Patricia Kalb ( назад)
when you want to become the avatar

Автор Jade LALLEMAND ( назад)
Wow that's amazing, she is so talented.

Автор Kawthar Q ( назад)

Автор 6nateandrews ( назад)
considering both my car and home systems will rattle your brain, keep up the dubstep! it's awesome!!!

Автор valery calderon ( назад)
A combination of classical and electronic music

Автор Guy Meintjes ( назад)
go on tour is sa

Автор Snow Nightcore ( назад)
I'm so dumb,I try to play lindsey song with guitar,because I can't play violin lol XD

Автор Pietro Damiano ( назад)
Meraviglioso,splendido ed entusiasmante!😉

Автор Jufrie Jay ( назад)
first saw her on wah banana video

Автор Flower Power Lets plays ( назад)

Автор Frinzy Miyanda ( назад)
cant get enough of this

Автор Chris Olson ( назад)
still beautiful, talented, and very fun and interedting to watch and listen to. only violinist I personally enjoy to watch.

Автор Felipe Nogueira ( назад)
Perfeita!!!!! E linda

Автор Terence Gates ( назад)
Beautifully done. Can't believe I did not discover her until 2017 when watching my 35 year old son on my Roku. Would not have believed you could play and perform since intricate dance moves at the same time. Brava

Автор Tom Hegen ( назад)
она очень красиво играет на скрипке

Автор Anibus ( назад)
2:15 Im still amazed by that tree shape xD

Автор Célia Toscan ( назад)
Je viens de découvrir les vidéos de Lindsey, c'est tout simplement fantastique, magique, envoûtant... Je suis totalement fan aussi bien des vidéos que de la musique !

Автор Misty 101 ( назад)
Long ago, the four instruments lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Violin attacked. Only the skilled Violin player, master of music and imagination, could tame it. But when the world needed them most, they vanished. 100 years past, and millions of people discovered the new Master, another Violin player named Lindsey. Although her skills are great, she has a lot to learn before she could save any instrument. But we believe, Lindsey can save them all.

Автор Nooranis Sons ( назад)
living legend lindsey Stirling

Автор Alpha #1 ( назад)
You can clearly see that she loves what she is doing. I wish there would be more such awesome artists like Lindsey.

Автор Pat Hartzog ( назад)
passionate intensity

Автор Bekir GÜNGÖR ( назад)
sen keman çal ben dünya yok olana kadar dinlerim:)

Автор Lucy Krause ( назад)
Why so negativ guys? Can u do that better?

Автор Valérie Leermakers | LLN ( назад)
Why do my eyes always get sweatty when I'm listening to you, Stirling?
😭 😄😉

Автор Ashley80005 ( назад)
I have been a fan of hers since last year...her music is beautiful, wish I could see her live or something, that would be awesome! <3 :D

Автор mr.homúnculo ( назад)
hola valeria :v

Автор Baby Unicorn ( назад)
I can okay this on my violin I love it!!!

Автор lovergirl4460 ( назад)
this is awesome Lindsey ur awesome

Автор migha sabri ( назад)
im watching it

Автор Zbabajz ZnbB ( назад)

Автор Hakan Dursun ( назад)
Very nice !

Автор Aaron Wahlund ( назад)
88 million views?!!?!?!?!😍😍😍 GET HER TO ONE BILLION

Автор Adrianna Schmidt ( назад)
If you paid attention to her eyes you would see that the colors and her clothes would be relevant to the element she was doing.

Автор Eni Gma ( назад)
"Black wet dress" vs. "White dry dress" ... you look awesome whatever you wear. Yin and Yang, i think ! But never drop off the Violin ! It's your passion ! Great thanks for your music :) ... greetings from germany.

Автор Kaila Powell ( назад)
how did that work? playing the violin in the rain? wouldn't it destroy the sound and the poor violin?????

Автор Divyend Rajiv ( назад)

Автор jason dads ( назад)
is getting a violin wet a good idea?

Автор katjia Schneider ( назад)
this is so awesome

Автор Shelby Lee ( назад)
A simply phenomenal fusion of classical violin with modern rhythm and beat. Everything that Lindsey Stirling does transfixes the mind and captures the soul. It takes the catchy but meaningless sounds of modern music and transforms it into the creative genius equivalent to the masters of old.

Автор elizabeth Rogers ( назад)
this vidoe takes the cake, it is freaking awsome!

Автор Sam Somerville ( назад)
Sounds like background music for The Witcher 3 man...

Автор Robert Warf ( назад)
your music so beautiful I could rock this anyday something I can definitely flip balls to some ace combat

Автор Zubair Murshid ( назад)
1:54 moment when i fall in love with this track

Автор Geoffrey Beer ( назад)
Dear god, come to Aus, Lindsey n take all us aussie boys really down under :). So sultry, such a vixen n oh so very talented. We r deprived.

Автор this song is copyrighted ( назад)
this should be a assassin creed song

Автор Rob Johnson ( назад)
first i heard you on my dubstep radio and as soon as i heard your music i loved it from the start been listening to you ever since so what ever it is that you do keep up the good work and i will keep listening

Автор Cat Figueroa ( назад)
beautiful and talented!

Автор Diná Da Silva ( назад)

Автор Diná Da Silva ( назад)

Автор Henry Zhang ( назад)
rip violin it had a goud life 360-420

Автор Henry Zhang ( назад)
well that violin is ruined

Автор Andres Cardeli ( назад)
Are there any Flac versions of these songs for purchase anywhere? Great song!

Автор Catichou schleich ( назад)
I cry when I listen this music ... 😭 She make me sad 'cause I feel a message , a sad message and you resemble a person of my entourage who touches me doubly ... Thank you for this message I love you so much

Автор noxmusiq ( назад)
If I ever have a daughter, I wish for her to be as happy and into music as she looks in this video lol

Автор GAA123TDi ( назад)
КРУТО! Но, конечно же, круче всего там где березки)))

Автор Snakebite Audio ( назад)
I love your music. I was introduced to you when I was contracted to your Portland Oregon show, where I was a truck loader. I've been a fan ever since.

Автор Maria Chaguz ( назад)
love it💕

Автор Fah Nascimento ( назад)
T.A.T.U feelings

Автор 4K ( назад)
Very beautiful

Автор Stephan PREISSLER ( назад)
your beautiful and absolutely amazing at what you do I love you

Автор TheFunnyAnimeGirl 4ever ( назад)
Wo flexible

Автор Kane Limburg ( назад)
messi vs ronaldo

Автор EpilepsyIsDancing81 ( назад)
She basically pulled a Vivaldi. Like a pro, I might add. Vivaldi did musical representations of the four seasons, Lindsey did one of the four elements. Girl's got serious style. ❤

Автор Kashia Her ( назад)
i thought you couldn't play in the rain because it ruins your instrument

Автор Sarely Núñez ( назад)
Increíble, Hermoso!! no dejo de eschucarlo

Автор Suzanne Anon ( назад)
This TREMENDOUSLY TALENTED young lady, Lindsey Stirling, is the very PERSONIFICATION of "INSPIRATION"! That a magnificent experience it is listening to her music which simply flows right along with the very forces of nature itself! And it is an honor knowing that MY SPECIES has such GOODNESS which transcends every negative thing! Thank you, Lindsey for being BEYOND AWESOME!!! :)

Автор Δημητρα Ντοσκορη ( назад)

Автор Cho Yau Charisse So ( назад)
But then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

Автор johnsax34 ( назад)
kinda miss these videos.....like the new ones..but also liked these.

Автор Vocal15 ( назад)
Como me ceba esta mina la concha de la loraa

Автор András Fityó ( назад)
You became my crush just in a couple of minutes. :D It's just amazing! :D

Автор SenatorCornelius ( назад)
I don't think that Trish Stratus ever got that low on a Matrix > . <3

Автор Foxy Pirate ( назад)
@Lindsey Stirling you rule!!!

Автор Ivan Torres ( назад)
me not know nothing about violín but love listening to your ....from Michoacán México....

Автор kuba perłak ( назад)
10 s ok reszta nudy

Автор Nicholas Ionta ( назад)
Lindsey!!! this style is incredible!!!! I can't stop listening to your work. Beautiful and captivating are the only way I can describe your music.

Автор Gio ( назад)
such inspirational music

Автор Alondra Guzman ( назад)
I love you

Автор Aditya Yawalikar ( назад)
Never knew Lily played such good violin

Автор Mr.Garcia ( назад)
Im definitely of the Water Element

Автор A74320 ( назад)
i can only say WOW,Stunned :P

Автор Teufel Teufel ( назад)
Einzigartig 🎼🎼grossartig und wundervoll🎻🎻🔥🔥🔥

Автор The Extreme Moderate ( назад)
>Be my Brother
>Brother plays the viola at school
>Brother loves Lindsey Stirling
>Brother tries to be Lindsey Stirling
>Brother plays his viola in the rain
>Long story short, Bro gets pneumonia and the viola is ruined

Автор God GamingFTW ( назад)
All I have to say is... amazing... keep up the hard work

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