I broke my Tesla wall charger, don't break yours!

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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    I got the red light of death on my Tesla wall charger, lets take a deeper look on what happened along with alternatives.
    checkout the wattzilla charger here www.wattzilla.com
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Comments • 919

  • Wo0dy Woodstock
    Wo0dy Woodstock 2 days ago

    I likes the Wattzilla!!!
    How's the price compare?

  • dfgdfg
    dfgdfg 2 days ago

    The charger looks top notch.

  • john kilner
    john kilner 2 days ago

    Sell out

  • cilayin
    cilayin 4 days ago

    That's one beefy boi

  • Omar Bukhari
    Omar Bukhari 4 days ago

    Try it and give us your opinion about it .

  • Derikimi
    Derikimi 5 days ago

    "Chocolate covered peanut with glasses"
    I love this dude

  • Sarah W
    Sarah W 5 days ago

    Omg the turtle 🐢 died! Uggg ☹️ i must know the offender.

  • The Cat
    The Cat 6 days ago

    Lol when that plastic cover broke 😂 I cussed like I was the one who did it

  • Daniel Short
    Daniel Short 6 days ago

    That is a nice new charger. Those enclosures are nice. They are made for industrial applications however not completely water tight(not much is). Remember the means you use to get your cable into the enclosure must be water tight also. Love your videos!

  • Daniel Short
    Daniel Short 6 days ago

    Rich I am an electrician and I agree with you, your failure was from water. Yes a nema 3r enclosure is for outdoors hoever when I watched your build the hole you put in the back for the wiring to pass thru did not meet thr nema 3r requirements. Next time use a myers hub or a seal tight connector in the back, both of those options will keep you water tight.

  • Farid B
    Farid B 6 days ago

    ASMR at its finest...

  • Kuwa Sirias
    Kuwa Sirias 7 days ago

    RIP Mr.Turtle

  • Madman0001
    Madman0001 7 days ago +1

    Lol that wattzilla charger has a starting price of $3,495.00 yikes.

  • Thomas Howl
    Thomas Howl 8 days ago

    Why not just buy a clamp with teeth and use one side to secure the first part of the charger wire coming out to the wall?

  • jha shua
    jha shua 8 days ago

    An Easy long term fix. if you just use a little putty epoxy, like they sell at harbor freight Epoxy Putty Stick $4.99. it will stick to the part through the clamp and make a ring of epoxy or whatever you like to make it wider. That stuff is strong and will prob hold it for the rest of the lifetime use of the charger. you will only need maybe 1/8 of the stick and you will have a lot of left over epoxy and believe me you will find use for that stuff. once you use it once you will be hooked on how handy it comes in. and it can even help fix the broken plastic of the cover or whatever else plastic things you got broken. www.harborfreight.com/epoxy-putty-stick-93957.html

  • Iain Simpson
    Iain Simpson 8 days ago

    You could just put another clamp below the box, that attaches to the wall. That way it would take the strain off the clamp in the box.

  • Ryan MacEwen
    Ryan MacEwen 9 days ago

    Lubricate hands before handling. Sexy!

  • Bert Bert
    Bert Bert 9 days ago

    Wowe thats a badass charging unit

  • Combat18KKKNazi4045
    Combat18KKKNazi4045 9 days ago

    Style over durability. Yeah that sounds like Tesla

  • budfiend4627
    budfiend4627 9 days ago

    I sub'd cuz you said "chocolate covered peanut." you also got the bell cuz ur ashy hands. I love humility!

  • Joe Uehlein
    Joe Uehlein 10 days ago

    Rich, your kids are cute. Mine are 25, 20 and 20 now. I miss those younger years.

  • gabriel richert
    gabriel richert 10 days ago

    4:00 thank you so much for grabbing that drill. I was hurting inside watching you do that with a ratchet

  • Jonny awsom3
    Jonny awsom3 10 days ago

    is about to handle electrical connections

    *time to moisturise*

  • Logistical Solutions
    Logistical Solutions 10 days ago +6

    Disliked for the impromptu lotion ASMR. Nothing personal, but I was watching at high volume at work and got some dirty looks when the lotion scene popped up and I feverishly scrambled to lower the volume. 😂

  • i Neifion
    i Neifion 11 days ago

    Can you mount the whole unit horizontally rather than vertically ? Thinking that would help with pulling on the wires.

  • Pat Pikulski
    Pat Pikulski 11 days ago

    Is your Tesla charger on a 100 amp 240v breaker, or is the 100 amp breaker you flipped for the main disconnect for the breaker box, if that’s really a 100 amp breaker feeding that Tesla charger, it’s dangerously oversized.

  • Liam Telenko
    Liam Telenko 11 days ago

    Fuck the electrified garage, start up some electrified ASMR

  • YungFuego25
    YungFuego25 11 days ago

    I would’ve thought that to keep it safe (from weather or hooligans), putting it in the garage would make the most sense, right? 🤔

  • Jeff Norris
    Jeff Norris 11 days ago

    ClipperCreek charger. Share2 set up much more flexible than a single box 2 cord arrangement. Also cheaper. Also: Why chargers with displays, wifi, etc., when this info redundant to info & functionality already available on car (and pushed to your phone)?

  • João Paulo Padilha de Aquino

    A simple solution could be putting an clamp on the wall, under the charger to lock the cable and relief the strain from the flawed clamp used on the original Tesla charger. That part of the cable seems to receive a lot of stress from winding and unwinding the cable from the charger and should be anchored to the wall, not to the charger plastic housing.

  • Mack Dlite
    Mack Dlite 12 days ago +2

    The Elon Musk signature wall charger is like the Gavin Belson signature Box from Silicon Valley.

  • Modern Plays Games
    Modern Plays Games 12 days ago

    should have just quickly stuck a strip of sandpaper on inside of each clamp. Won't slip through with that extra friction.

  • Eddie Gardner
    Eddie Gardner 12 days ago

    That Wattzilla charger looks very well made and durable. How does the price and charging ability compare to TWO Tesla chargers?

  • Alden Buyer
    Alden Buyer 12 days ago

    Just put a hose clamp or two on your original tesla charger's cable right above or below the built in clamp but in the housing. That will make it more resistant to slippage.

  • Daryl Dauphin
    Daryl Dauphin 12 days ago

    Do a meet up in boston!

  • Simon Atkinson
    Simon Atkinson 13 days ago

    Maybe fit a mini shelter over it.

  • Darieee
    Darieee 13 days ago

    Man that charger is a beast ... surprised tesla doesn't sign charge sessions over the air to prevent use of 3rd party ones

  • Jacob p1223
    Jacob p1223 14 days ago

    Rich is obviously an industry plant from Chevrolet or Ford don't be fooled ;) ... I'm on to you buddy :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

  • lamebubblesflysohigh
    lamebubblesflysohigh 14 days ago

    Everything should look like that charger... quality materials and overbuilt to make sure it lasts a long time. I have a set of electric tools made in 60s... they are heavy AF but nearly 60 years later afte my grandfather bought them they still work flawlessly... unlike use and throw away crap they sell today.

  • hill billy
    hill billy 14 days ago

    add a clamp to the wall under the charger that will hold the cable.... it will never pull out again

  • Lee Curtis
    Lee Curtis 14 days ago

    What kind of different EV are you going to get next that you mentioned in the video?

  • whitesox2624
    whitesox2624 14 days ago

    Tesla about to steal your VPN and sniper you

  • S0nny1984
    S0nny1984 14 days ago

    I don’t know a lick about cars, but I find your channel to be amazing. Liked and subscribed. I look forward to your content!

  • William Stellmon
    William Stellmon 15 days ago

    How to guide in getting elon musk to help fix Tesla www.foxnews.com/auto/elon-musk-assists-sheryl-crow-after-tesla-screen-goes-black-singer-says-shes-stuck-in-parking-lot.amp

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 15 days ago

    Tesla was trying to make their wall connector non serviceable requiring Tesla or an electrician to install. They just changed that with their new version with the 14-50 plug. Because people were complaining about installation fees up to $3k to install a wall connector.

  • Dj none
    Dj none 15 days ago

    Elon owes you a swole

  • djwilliams
    djwilliams 16 days ago

    So much for running that 220v line from the panel to the ODU in conduit like the electrician said...

  • Fixepedia
    Fixepedia 16 days ago

    Who the hell uses lotion on there hands?? Whats the point?

  • ABoyNamedTom
    ABoyNamedTom 16 days ago +2

    New charger is BEAST! Defo use the new one man.

  • Dred Scot
    Dred Scot 16 days ago

    Hey Rich, I love the shaving ad

  • Zurkster
    Zurkster 16 days ago

    I'd secure the cable from pulling strain with a large cable tie or jubilee clip just past the cable clamp.

  • Jazzhandedly
    Jazzhandedly 17 days ago

    Omg! Please, for the love of god, just leave your hands as is next time they are ashey. I almost puked from that.

  • Adi -
    Adi - 17 days ago +1

    Hey Rich, it’s been a while, where’s the next video? Is it like you have a day job, or something?! :)

  • Ronald McConico
    Ronald McConico 17 days ago

    Many hotels install this charger outside.

  • Fauster King
    Fauster King 17 days ago

    Would we see that advert on the super bowl half time?😂

  • wdmeister
    wdmeister 17 days ago

    2:39 oh god you are so racist! :D

  • Alexander
    Alexander 17 days ago


  • MrPotatochips4
    MrPotatochips4 17 days ago

    It's rated outside for SanFransisco. The Hub of the universe. Boston used to be the HOTU, but only in it's own mind. Thanks for the personal care tips, I now realize I'm grungy.

  • Father Scotch
    Father Scotch 17 days ago

    Rich has more filler vids then Dragon Ball Z freiza saga

  • samuel salem
    samuel salem 17 days ago

    I got a Tesla model s with a salvage title Tesla Australia north Sydney and Alexandria refuse to help me , they gave me my car back with the window down even though my they know my right side windows aren’t working , question ! How do I put the window up (which wires?) I have the door trim removed ✌🏽 Also right side door handles and both windows on right side aren’t working any ideas Richie?

  • BlueCasey11
    BlueCasey11 18 days ago

    The new charger looks like its for industrial use

  • 4x4Scout
    4x4Scout 18 days ago

    LOL you had waaaay to much help with that shave. That was hilarious.

  • 123 tesla
    123 tesla 18 days ago

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  • M VanSumeren
    M VanSumeren 19 days ago

    I have one of the original Tesla HPWC. Those ones have you route the cable through the handle cradle to act as a strain relief. A much better design IMHO. It has been charging our Model S daily for ~4 years and no issues.

  • djdsf
    djdsf 19 days ago

    The charger says "Indoor use only" regardless of R3 or not...

  • Bob Dobalina
    Bob Dobalina 19 days ago

    That new charger looks like a beast!
    All about function with that no frills commercial looking housing.

  • Richard Whiterose
    Richard Whiterose 19 days ago

    Rly cool charger that is

  • Zar TheMad
    Zar TheMad 19 days ago

    Lets crunch the cost of this repair for a typical wage slave: (1 event of the charger failing)
    No charge = Option 1 - Call off work 8 hours (~$400-800 double hourly and tesla drivers are rich). Option 2 - Go to work call a cab (~$120)
    Time to fix charger = 4 hours (if your an electrician and know what went wrong) or call an electrician ($100-120/h) service scheduling most likely will be in the 3-4 day range. .. service charge will be 6 hours or so hours.
    So your looking at a $400-1500 repair that occurred in under 5 years of service life.... there goes any gas savings.

  • Dr ones and more
    Dr ones and more 19 days ago

    Google "cable cleats", pop a couple on the lead.

  • Life and Times of Jarrod

    What amount did your electric bill go up.

  • Mike Me
    Mike Me 20 days ago

    Rich Rebuilds......The other charger looks 1000% more durable and more water tight. I would definitely go with the "new and improved" charger.

  • Dale Zapple
    Dale Zapple 20 days ago

    Tesla charger looks like cheap toy next to wattzilla

  • Jan
    Jan 20 days ago

    The second charger have industrial grade chassis...and you can't compare it with "classic" plastic tesla charger. BTW u have been doing great job!!! :) Keep going! Greetings from Czech republic buddy :)

  • Vaughan Ellis
    Vaughan Ellis 20 days ago

    The compression terminals on those loose wires should have been soldered in the factory, another case of bad design.
    Buy the other charger. it looks better engineered than Tesla's flimsy offering .

    • sickbailey21
      sickbailey21 16 days ago

      it costs $3000 more than tesla's $500 offering, thats why is better.

  • TheHighlandPony
    TheHighlandPony 20 days ago

    I'd love it if you could send me your old charger, I'm still limping along on 120VAC.

  • Sean Carwin
    Sean Carwin 20 days ago

    I think you should use the new charger from your friend or those Chargers that you find that your phone on the net for yourself first and see how they work and then you can put them in your shop thanks

  • A Dad Supreme
    A Dad Supreme 20 days ago

    For you, yes.. Wattzilla. For me... Juicebox.

  • S Tho
    S Tho 20 days ago

    Oh, poor build quality from a Tesla product. What a "shock". Barbie dream house/Dollar Store/As Seen on TV plastics shell and chinamart style electrical internals. Now imagine the average driver/consumer playing around with open high voltage items because they can't charge their car.
    Average consumer: you are breaking the law to DIY on hard wired current. Licensed electrician ONLY. See $250 minimum service charge. BTW, nice troubleshoot and good repair.
    EVs are going to be like early Steamers and ICE cars, where you bought 30octane, highly flammable gasoline in oak barrels transported on wagons and put into cars with wooden frames. Unexpected fires were a normal occurrence until the 20s/30s when gas pumps started to get safe.
    These junky little Tesla wall chargers will be considered crap in ten years, like glass bowled hand operated gaspumps. If I were you I'd place a fire extinguisher/phone box style waterproof cabinet over that installation. The sun is going to rot that cheap brittle plastic really fast.

  • Paul Bush
    Paul Bush 21 day ago

    Much love!!!

  • TehTeBag
    TehTeBag 21 day ago

    in big letters use indoor only smh rich lol

  • RIPbiker13
    RIPbiker13 21 day ago

    I can't explain why, but the audio in the video is so satisfying!

  • AP Jesus
    AP Jesus 21 day ago

    Just attach a hose clamp to the black sheath above the Tesla clamp. Should fix all your issues

  • jesse diaz
    jesse diaz 21 day ago

    ashy Larry

  • bobbleboydk
    bobbleboydk 21 day ago

    Nooooo not the turtle

  • Bernard Hammonds
    Bernard Hammonds 21 day ago

    NO LIE... i thought to myself, why his hands so ashy right before you made the comment and put lotion on!!!!

  • TheHobbyShopFilms
    TheHobbyShopFilms 21 day ago

    can't you attach a second clamp to the house under the charger to relieve the stress? You could use a spacers to match the thickness of the charger.

  • Aon Lazio
    Aon Lazio 21 day ago

    I broke my Model S, now break yours too XD

  • Be em
    Be em 22 days ago

    how did you know which cable goes where?

  • Philip Rizek
    Philip Rizek 22 days ago +1

    I have a great way to test water resistance even in a middle of a drought use a hose and spray it with water feel free to use that test on roofs or gutters

  • Philip Rizek
    Philip Rizek 22 days ago

    drill one or two small holes in that clamp 2 give something for that rubber to bite on

  • Latimer
    Latimer 22 days ago

    If you lightly score the outside of the main cable sheath, you can tighten down a zip tie to catch the ridge. From there you just need to put the metal bracket for the strain relief under the zip tie, and you're good.

  • Alexis Alvarez
    Alexis Alvarez 22 days ago

    lmfaoo 3:30

  • Rob M
    Rob M 22 days ago

    Rich, I know its probably a pain but more videos would be great. 6 days is too long to wait for my Tesla rebuild fix.

  • TR0N1X70
    TR0N1X70 22 days ago

    just put a support clamp below the charger! simple

  • Brian Clevenger
    Brian Clevenger 22 days ago

    Hey Rich, just a suggestion. Why not fasten the cable to the wall below the charger to wall with a with an appropriate cable clamp from your local lumber yard ?

  • Reg Rodgers
    Reg Rodgers 22 days ago +1

    Any outdoor electrical box (except perhaps desert areas) should be NEMA 4X or mounted within a NEMA 4X enclosure.

  • Royce Julian
    Royce Julian 23 days ago

    Oh no hes taken over from spaghetti hocking the razors.

  • andrija andrija
    andrija andrija 23 days ago

    OMG What a legend :)

  • bkparque
    bkparque 23 days ago

    Has anyone had amps rate of charge mysteriously change value from say 32amps to 48amps and blow circuit breaker?

  • The Creator
    The Creator 23 days ago

    In Arizona the Tesla charger wouldn't last a year outside. The sun would decay the plastic to dust.