Match the Job to the Person 2 | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
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    Match the Job to the Person 2 | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 7 462

  • Cut
    Cut  2 months ago +2687

    Follow the cast on IG!

    • Viktoria Cervantes
      Viktoria Cervantes Month ago

      Does anyone have a Instagram teacher?

    • YvnG DINO
      YvnG DINO Month ago

      Why do gay people always talk like that. It’s so annoying

    • Moonflower D.
      Moonflower D. Month ago

      @abdul mazed Bruh why do these questions seem very targeted 😂

    • Moonflower D.
      Moonflower D. Month ago

      Where's the hot teacher

    • abdul mazed
      abdul mazed Month ago +1

      Cut I like very much program. I have some requests this program. 1. Who enjoys more sex, guys or girls. 2. What kind of porn prefer. 3. Does foreplay most important and enjoys for sex. This questions for 30 - 45 age people. 4. Do girls like body hair. 5. Morning or night, which time sex prefer. 6. Fast or slow, which sex prefer. Thanks

  • Kamri Beth K
    Kamri Beth K 17 hours ago

    “The vacation is why I have the job”
    “Teacher for sure”
    Lol what teacher gets lots of vacation?! 😂 love you Lauren hahaha

  • Chloe Grace
    Chloe Grace 18 hours ago

    Bro that teacher is hot

  • Repapeve CJM
    Repapeve CJM 18 hours ago

    Teachers don't get vacations I'm screaming at my phone this whole vid omggg

  • Johanna Xo
    Johanna Xo 19 hours ago

    It’s kinda disgusting that Lauren kept flirting with the teacher 🤢

  • Nur Byt
    Nur Byt 19 hours ago

    Curtis is the gut who played True or drink with his boss, isn't he?

  • Im upset 3000
    Im upset 3000 21 hour ago

    They did that one girl dirty in the thumbshot

  • Nashley Medina
    Nashley Medina 22 hours ago +1

    That cute teacher and I have some chemistry 😉😂😂❤️

  • Angelique Valadez
    Angelique Valadez 22 hours ago

    the girl with the blonde shirt is so freakin pretty 🥺

  • Minkyy
    Minkyy 22 hours ago

    Came for the pit stain

  • Jisung’s cheeks

    I was like in the thumbnail wait she looks like laurdiy and then I’m like OOHH she is laurdiy 😂😂😂

  • Gaylord Mercury
    Gaylord Mercury Day ago

    "You could be anything- you could be jesus" i felt that

  • Saja Kamal
    Saja Kamal Day ago

    Everybody would flirt with that teacher tho

  • Yeet urSheeps
    Yeet urSheeps Day ago

    that pit stain tho

  • Lara Morgan
    Lara Morgan Day ago

    Whos looking threw the comments to find the students?😂

  • Rainy x
    Rainy x Day ago

    is anyone going to talk about the thumbnail she’s sweaty

  • Sharon Gitau
    Sharon Gitau Day ago

    Whoever came up with the line up idea is a genius

  • satanisdaddy _
    satanisdaddy _ Day ago

    "You could be a scientist"

  • Kendall Casperson

    “We like that”


    What is a Dean? In Australia, we have Chappy.

  • urchinboy
    urchinboy Day ago

    also is no one gonna mention the *sweat stains* 😐

  • urchinboy
    urchinboy Day ago

    why is laurdiy here lol

  • Siobhán Gallagher

    Love LaurDiy And Mia😘

  • Tommy Burgess
    Tommy Burgess Day ago

    I love these videos. Haha so entertaining!

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez 2 days ago

    The teacher kinda hot

  • Kelinde Ricketts
    Kelinde Ricketts 2 days ago

    When I thought dean of students I thought university. I would’ve never guessed because she looks super you g

  • Yamper Gaster
    Yamper Gaster 2 days ago

    "Jesus" xD

  • Jelena
    Jelena 2 days ago

    9:29 something a bitch would say

  • rockstarundercover
    rockstarundercover 2 days ago +1

    that was so damn rude of that guy to call her a bitch. ik he was tryna be funny but like being funny at the cost of insulting other people. not cool.

  • Ashley Johansson
    Ashley Johansson 2 days ago

    Oh my god that gay guy is so hilarious

  • jungshook
    jungshook 2 days ago

    Wow I'm kinda surprised how much Lauren talked to the teacher lol

  • Mīst Çloūd
    Mīst Çloūd 2 days ago

    the thumbnail showed her armpits were wet....

  • Smurfette101
    Smurfette101 2 days ago

    Lauren, dont say Mr. D like saying it doesnt turn you on lmao

  • Jairo Vasquez
    Jairo Vasquez 2 days ago

    Laurdiy youtuber

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 2 days ago

    *are you high?*

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 2 days ago

    0:17 *gasp* I know her

  • Abdo Ali
    Abdo Ali 2 days ago

    It would be great if viewers know each one job before participants start guessing
    We would be able to see how bad they messed up

  • Caitlin Skinner
    Caitlin Skinner 2 days ago

    I saw Lauren and said yes

  • Sunny Side Down
    Sunny Side Down 2 days ago


  • morgalynn goffymee
    morgalynn goffymee 2 days ago


  • shelbyyy
    shelbyyy 2 days ago

    someone plssss tell me who the youtuber in a yellow cropped tank is I forget her name 😭

  • Bruna Alexandra
    Bruna Alexandra 2 days ago

    Wasnt expecting Lauren omgggg

  • Mary Gonzalez
    Mary Gonzalez 3 days ago

    yes lardiy here

  • Holly Stroman
    Holly Stroman 3 days ago

    Anyone else click because Lauren was on the thimbnail?

  • Evva GJ
    Evva GJ 3 days ago


  • GraceGello
    GraceGello 3 days ago

    Lauren is so annoying

  • JungkookIsWoah
    JungkookIsWoah 3 days ago +1


  • charlotte benson xo
    charlotte benson xo 3 days ago

    just realised that’s laurdiy

  • Allie Turpin
    Allie Turpin 3 days ago

    omg the teacher was in a blind date one

  • Liv529
    Liv529 3 days ago +1


  • Andrea
    Andrea 3 days ago

    Mr. D FINEEE

  • Yeet Kristine
    Yeet Kristine 3 days ago

    aw i love mia

  • Gloomybunny
    Gloomybunny 4 days ago

    Lauren diy

  • HeyHeyMikaikai
    HeyHeyMikaikai 4 days ago

    That teacher looks like my hot prime minister, JT xD

  • Sakile Vaughn
    Sakile Vaughn 4 days ago

    The lady in the red gave it away she said "I know where the bodies are hidden"

  • keep breathing
    keep breathing 4 days ago


  • Sonja
    Sonja 4 days ago +5

    Curtis is annoying af. I dont appreciate his sexist comments

  • DanielP533
    DanielP533 4 days ago

    Lets be honest

    I never heard of any of these “celebrities” or “youtubers” ever before in my life. Have you?

  • Big Yikes
    Big Yikes 4 days ago

    Y’all did Abby DIRTY

  • Kay Nicole Tozawa
    Kay Nicole Tozawa 4 days ago

    omg mia and lauren yay💗💗