Ceramic PCB Substrate Manufacturer Metallization Service

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We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of the following:

Ceramic PCB Manufacturer
Ceramic Substrate Manufacturer
Ceramic Metallization Service
Ceramic DPC Manufacturer
Thin Film Ceramic Substrates
Electronic Ceramic Supplier
Fine Ceramic Parts
Semiconductor Ceramics Parts
Advance Ceramic Parts
Precision Machined Ceramics
AL2O3 Ceramic Supplier
ZRO2 Ceramic Supplier
SI3N4 Ceramic Manufacturer
CNC Metal Parts Manufacturer
Industrial Ceramics Manufacturer
High Temperature Ceramic Coating
Anti ESD Coating
Anti Glue Coating
Silicon Carbide Coating Services
Anti Plasma Coating

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Tensky International (Technology) Co., Ltd. mainly supply all kinds of electronic products and precision ceramic products, ceramic and fine porcelain, TSK adhere to build an international brand for the business goals and ideals, and in 2009 put into ceramic circuit board (substrate) of the R & D and production and a high-tech enterprises.

After years of rapid development, starting from the development of fine ceramics, cross-sell fine ceramics to the world, then in 2009, successfully entered the high power and high heat ceramic circuit board (substrate), and now TSK in mainland China in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the United States and Germany Jieyou cooperation LED packaging manufacturers and suppliers to the needs of ceramic substrate factory, the products are widely used in high power LED ceramic substrate, microwave wireless communications, HCPV solar animal cells, ceramic sensor substrates, semiconductor and military electronics.

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