• Published on Jan 10, 2020
  • Hey friends, in today's video I'm going over another weekly fragrance rotation. This fragrance rotation features fragrances from Kierin NYC, Parfums Vintage, Creed, Lolita Lempicka and more. As always thanks for watching!
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Comments • 58

  • abbas rajani
    abbas rajani 10 months ago

    You talk a lot buddy , cut short your reviews

  • DK
    DK Year ago

    I dont even own that many fragrances yet I still watch these daily 😅

  • android 95203
    android 95203 Year ago

    I smelled licorice in angel men ultra zest and I loved it

    KIERIN NYC Year ago

    Thank you! We love being on your skin. We're so grateful you've given us a try... and overjoyed that you love our Santal Sky! You are spot on... while it is a sandalwood scent, it has its own personality. Soulful, spicy, slightly mysterious. My personal scent of peace in New York City! Thank you for the shout out. We're honored. You made my day! Cheers, Mona

  • Aaron Baird
    Aaron Baird Year ago

    Theme is 'Old School' this week. All bottles are more than 10 years old.
    Kenneth Cole Black
    Calvin Klein Eternity
    Acqua di Gio
    Cool Water
    Armani Mania
    Calvin Klein Truth
    Ralph Lauren Romance Silver

  • Ernest Gallo
    Ernest Gallo Year ago +1

    Always a pleasure Ash🌟💙🌟

  • Ruslan Levin
    Ruslan Levin Year ago

    Why you don't talk about roja Dows??? Or xerjroffs??? The best scents!!! Why you talk about cheapis, or very weak creeds???

  • Kenz Schueler
    Kenz Schueler Year ago

    I'm watching the video again, and looked up to see the "Fake Creed Wish" sampler set on the top shelf Rofl.

  • Talgat
    Talgat Year ago

    It's minus 20 where I'm at. Consistently. But thankfully, with little wind. Otherwise, wind chill temps would be unbearable.

  • Eric Loiselle
    Eric Loiselle Year ago

    Ash, mention of soap reminded me to tell you about Method X Minted Ocean Drift. It'll be worth the look, and if you enjoy the scent, stock up!

  • Adrian
    Adrian Year ago

    I rolled my eyes

  • Adrian
    Adrian Year ago

    Dude the chair Is fine ....relax

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson Year ago

    Azzaro - Pour Homme Intense
    Armani - Eau Pour Homme
    Boucheron - Pour Homme EDT
    Navitus - Absolutio
    Mugler - Pure Havane
    Gucci Guilty - Absolute
    Guerlain - Heritage EDT

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson Year ago

    Interesting list!

  • steven vega
    steven vega Year ago +2

    Bois de Yuzu from Karl Lagerfeld is a invigorating, refreshing scent, it’s great for the spring, summer & fall. Great review Ashton..

    • Marius Johnson
      Marius Johnson Year ago +1

      Just got in my bottle also🍈🍋🔥👍🏻

  • U Smells Good
    U Smells Good Year ago

    What does banging mean?

  • RJMM
    RJMM Year ago +2

    Next video:
    7 Fragrances for Banging

  • SubArcticWolf Tools & Outdoors

    -35C today

  • J W
    J W Year ago +1

    Great video Ash! Weather everywhere is nutso. I’m in NY, and it’s going to be around 60 here too. I’m feeling pretty vetivery, and with the warmer air in the area, I’ll probably wear some Encre Noire Sport. Thanks Ash! 💪👊

  • Jake Pap
    Jake Pap Year ago

    Nice video Ash.are you planning to review at some point Toy Boy from Moschino?

  • Joshua
    Joshua Year ago

    Really dig the new editting

  • Clay Bergen
    Clay Bergen Year ago

    It's - 31 here in Prince Albert, that's - 25F. Winter Frags only. How long would it take you to go through all your collection?

  • Tuomas Soronen
    Tuomas Soronen Year ago

    Hey, just wanted to say that the font you used on this video is really bad. I had a really hard time reading it. You might want to consider another font for future videos 🙂

  • Tutu Maina
    Tutu Maina Year ago +3

    Yo! Love your videos! Would you mind reviewing Anthony Terrence Hughes fragrances?

  • david sugar
    david sugar Year ago

    I like au masculin alot so interesting to me even though I hate black licorice lol I stopped buying so many fragerance cant wear what I got and there just sitting there smh lol

  • Jeremy Milliken
    Jeremy Milliken Year ago

    Have you ever tried Triumphant Black Amber? Found it at TJ Maxx and love it. Can't find much about it though.

  • Taseen R
    Taseen R Year ago +3

    Talking about the weather. Tennessee weather sounds like NYC weather. Can't decide what season is it.

  • Jeremiah Windle
    Jeremiah Windle Year ago +6

    Warm in the 60s. lol man I don’t miss living in East Tennessee with that kind of weather

  • C K
    C K Year ago +1

    Nice rotation a lot of variation. I wanted to ask if u have tried Le Labo Tonka 25 and Van Cleef and Arpels Bois Dore? If they r actually similar with Bois Dore having better performance? Thanks a lot Ash.
    - Colin

  • Shabir Samadyar
    Shabir Samadyar Year ago +1

    Thanks for all the videos Ash. Waiting to see if u will do a top 10 earthy fragrances

  • Louis Anthony Reyes

    Great vid Ashton one question where is the best place to buy samplers online ? For niche and designers thanks

  • Trusted man -
    Trusted man - Year ago +1

    I like it 👨🏻‍💻

  • J Powers
    J Powers Year ago

    I have a 10-year-old bottle of Original Vetiver and - while the top notes are fresh soapy and gingery - the drydown is extremely woody (almost like an Encre Noir vetiver). For that reason, I don't find it and Mugler Cologne to smell anything like each other after 45 minutes. Its possible I have a woody batch or maybe the scent has changed over the years.

  • Richard Back
    Richard Back Year ago +1

    Banging fragrances : TMI

  • Fitzgerald Aloysius Callender

    Have you tried Hawthorne cologne? If I sent you some samples would you be willing to review it?

  • Robert Q
    Robert Q Year ago +1

    Ashton just wanted to thank you for doing all of these videos, watching you in the mornings has been part of my routine day and it’s one of the things that I always look forward to doing every time I wake up, thanks for that!

  • Michael Garza
    Michael Garza Year ago

    That Lagerfeld sounds super interesting to me.

  • marcel rodriguez
    marcel rodriguez Year ago +3

    Someones been hanging with Cubaknow 😆😆😆

  • Michael Bullock
    Michael Bullock Year ago +2

    Great list and I enjoyed it and I'm going to try these fragrances and have a blessed day

  • Carl Granados
    Carl Granados Year ago

    I love Mugler cologne but it doesn't last very long. I can't smell it much a half hour after putting on. I mainly use it for the gym. Was hoping Creed Original Vetiver would last longer but I sprayed some on in the mall, and while it lasted longer than Mugler, I couldn't smell it on my hand less than 2 hours later. I was hoping there was a edp version besides the cologne but I don't think there is one although that how it is described by people selling it on Ebay.

  • iso beatz
    iso beatz Year ago +2

    I'm in Iowa... weather is exactly how you've described where you live!

  • Ron Jarrah
    Ron Jarrah Year ago

    Unoriginal Vetiver (Mugler Cologne) and Unoriginal Santal (Mont Blanc Individuel)

  • Jovi Romero
    Jovi Romero Year ago +2

    Ash, i'm very interested in your opinion of Moschino Toy Boy. Nice review bro

  • Naldo RMV
    Naldo RMV Year ago

    Can you do lukewarm fragrance if ever there is....never fail to watch your channel from Malaysia

  • Eric DeFilippo
    Eric DeFilippo Year ago

    Kiern Santal Sky is the worst fragrance in my collection. I can barely smell it when first applied and not at all once it dries down. Bought directly from Kiern NYC so it's not a fake. The only purchase I have regretted.

      KIERIN NYC Year ago

      I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy. Scent is a very personal experience and we really value each individual and their views. We really appreciate and thank you for giving this fragrance a try. It means a lot to a small brand like us! Best wishes, Mona

  • OnlyArion
    OnlyArion Year ago +1

    Can we expect a spring list soon if its already that warm on some days?
    Honestly the weather over here is crazy too. I bought Spicebomb Extreme like a month or two ago and I barely got to wear it because it's never under 10°C

  • Faiz Ullah
    Faiz Ullah Year ago

    This fragrance is cold or hot?

    MARKOSAMBUKA Year ago +1

    Love your videos

  • Darnell Owens
    Darnell Owens Year ago

    Sound like you live in Cleveland lol. The weather is like that here

    • Randy A
      Randy A Year ago

      My in-laws live where Ash does. Weather has been crazy inconsistent there.

  • Faiz Ullah
    Faiz Ullah Year ago +3

    I love you sir

  • agosto15
    agosto15 Year ago

    I don't remember he used Boss the scent parfume in any of his weekly rotations, I wonder if it's due to the weather or other factors. A review would help understand this. And a Hugo boss wife rating would be nice too. I just don't want Boss the scent parfume to be a Fragrance he mentions but go to his list of Fragrances that he never reviews, and that would be sad.

  • Just_The_Fax
    Just_The_Fax Year ago +3

    Speaking of weather we’re looking at mid 70’s this weekend in NC. Makes it interesting wearing weather appropriate frags, but I may still go with some winter stuff since I’ve been doing a lot of purchasing for cool weather.

      DAVID SMITH Year ago +3

      Just_The_Fax same here for me in Florida it’s supposedly winter but doesn’t seem like it outside and I’ve only been buying fragrances for cold weather

  • yacine Hait
    yacine Hait Year ago


  • Sando
    Sando Year ago +17

    Severely addicted to watching your lists and reviews

  • Elliott Rodgers
    Elliott Rodgers Year ago +4

    I'm in Tennessee too. Already 60 degrees. Had to bring back out some spring scents lol.

    • bam pyro
      bam pyro Year ago

      i am doing that myself and also the fall fragrances.i still got platinum coach out and havent retired it for the year yet.actually i havent even busted out fahrenheit so far this year.

  • Robert Quinlan
    Robert Quinlan Year ago +12

    I know someone else did a video on fragrances that would get you a girlfriend, I thought this was the follow up for a second with a glimpse of the title 😂 "banging fragrances 👌👈"

    • Necn Pozer
      Necn Pozer Year ago

      Got bored of seeing cahsee almost every time, (it works i know, i know)

    • Rich Mitch
      Rich Mitch Year ago

      @Necn Pozer fragrances to get you a 🚲

    • Robert Quinlan
      Robert Quinlan Year ago +2

      @Necn Pozer I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happens 😂

    • Necn Pozer
      Necn Pozer Year ago

      Would wait for the ''fragrance that would get me side chick"

  • RayRay PooteyTang


  • Bill Corben
    Bill Corben Year ago