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  • Luis Ortega
    Luis Ortega Hour ago

    Hello my friend I share a video that you might like. Share it with your friends and colleagues. A big greeting from Argentina. A taste Luis

  • Ricki
    Ricki 10 hours ago

    This is comedy is it not? So much wasted money for so little, must be nice to be rolling in it.

  • Roby tryba-jones
    Roby tryba-jones 15 hours ago

    your voice is so fucking annoying. jesus. you fuckinb idiot

  • A. Anonymous
    A. Anonymous 18 hours ago

    Why didn't you build an underground house? Would of been neater

  • mplewp
    mplewp 21 hour ago

    how to turn a fricking fire proof shipping container into an oven :P

  • Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras!

    I don't build but, wouldn't it have been much easier to stick build it traditionally first, and then put steel on the outside? Seems like a backwards way to do it, only so you could use a container. How is this better? is it less expensive than traditional building?

  • anasmrright
    anasmrright Day ago +1

    Wow, a circular saw with a diamond blade is faster and easier than the grinder.

  • bjorn joseph
    bjorn joseph 2 days ago

    Cant wait to see ending but holy cow that looks narrow. I wouldve went double wide

  • Sympa Dm
    Sympa Dm 2 days ago

    I suspect that you might have plumbing blockage in the future since there's just one pipe that leads out. Once it gets blocked or clogged, the whole house has a problem

  • headhunter257
    headhunter257 2 days ago

    what an over built cali funded bull**** house... looks nice but thats so much extra that not needed.

  • Dave1854
    Dave1854 2 days ago

    Do i need a permit to watch this?

  • Sugito x
    Sugito x 2 days ago

    No background noise like in the first episode.
    Ahh.. SO much better!

  • ModTheGodOfGoats
    ModTheGodOfGoats 2 days ago

    I'm supposed to be studying Japanese but this is really impressive! I may see if My Grandfather can take me to work with him so I can observe this kind of thing first hand!

  • Seemingly Strange
    Seemingly Strange 2 days ago

    also, hey robert :)

  • Bruce McNally
    Bruce McNally 3 days ago

    Very pleasing design.

  • Johnny V
    Johnny V 3 days ago +1

    I was in the military and we lived in some of these containers in war zones. We would set them on the ground, level them the best we could and then stack sandbags all over the top and sides for insulation and mortar protection. Containers are designed to support a stack of 6-8 containers loaded with cargo. Containers are very strong in their corners, due to this strength in the corners we would just build a timber frame over the top and then we added sand bags to the roof. This build is overkill to say the least, this house would be standing after everything else was shaken apart in an earthquake. It's important to understand that the structural limits of containers are formulated under the assumption that hey will be moved while loaded and loaded onto each other on a moving vessel. Needless to say many of us are still here because we slept in these things.

    ISO Standard 1496(1) states that the corner posts of ISO Series 1 containers should be tested to a load of 86,400 kg (190,480 lbs). This is the load applied to the posts of the bottom container in an 8-on-1 stack of 24,000 kg (gross weight) containers (20 Foot)

    The side walls and end walls/doors have to withstand loadings of 0.6P and 0.4P respectively, these values equate to 28,746 lbs and 19,164 lbs based upon the payload given above. The side wall area in contact with the load is 146.56 sq. ft. giving a pressure of 196 lbs/sq. ft. Corresponding figures for the end wall/doors are 51.78 sq. ft. and 370 lbs/sq. ft. These figures are well in excess of the 20 lbs/sq. ft. wind load required for structures less than 50 ft. high. A wind of 100 MPH produces a pressure of only 30 lbs/sq. ft.

    The roof load test is 660 lbs over an area of 2' x 1' applied to the weakest part of the roof. The load is usually applied at the center of the containers positioned with the 2' dimension aligned longitudinally. Thus the roof is able to support an imposed load of a minimum of 330 lbs/sq. ft. The design is easily capable of supporting the basic snow loads of 30 lbs per sq. ft. evenly distributed.

    The floor is design to pass a concentrated load test of 16,000 lbs over a foot print of 44 sq. inches. The floor has also been designed to pass a test at twice its rated payload capacity of 47,895 for a 20 container and 58,823 lbs for a 40' container when evenly distributed.

    The boxes are suitable for earthquake areas of seismic rating of up to the California standards.

  • Iron Horse
    Iron Horse 3 days ago

    I bet you could've bought two plasma cutters and an air compressor for the $$ that you must have spent on cut-off wheels. Holy crap dude, that is a LOT of cutting to use a grinder. I bet you had forearms like Popeye when you finally got done lol. Way to stick with it though. :)

  • 자유인
    자유인 3 days ago

    South Korea

  • George Minjarez
    George Minjarez 3 days ago

    Off the bat
    Could a used a forklift
    Containers are light .
    Crane was a waste of money

  • Guppypants
    Guppypants 3 days ago

    A house that uses a shipping container as siding, because shipping containers are pretty.

  • Logan G
    Logan G 3 days ago

    you know who's doing all the work by if they're wearing shorts.

  • toprun95
    toprun95 3 days ago

    Cali is just too restrictive man. First I would move somewhere else and then I would build.

  • btchhopperou812
    btchhopperou812 3 days ago

    Excellent video BUT should be called... "California- Where NOT to build a shipping container house"

  • btchhopperou812
    btchhopperou812 3 days ago

    Did you save your window cutouts to use as awnings(here in Florida, they could double as 'hurricane shutters' as well)?

  • jurassicgalaxy9
    jurassicgalaxy9 3 days ago +1

    3.5 million views.....from people that will never build a shipping container house, but wish they heart goes out to each and everyone of you.

    • jj jj
      jj jj 2 days ago

      this is definitely no DIY... hire an architect

  • Martin
    Martin 3 days ago

    Hi, how deep is that concrete for contener? About 20 cm deep?

  • jazzynet1
    jazzynet1 4 days ago

    In reality, from what I am learning here, this isn't practical for up north? Take Cleveland for example. We get tons and tons of snow. I don't think this environment would be advantageous in the snow belt, would it?

  • TheWhiteleather
    TheWhiteleather 4 days ago

    So....he basically re-invented the trailer park?
    I can appreciate all the work and the problem solving, but the only advantage I see is that the buildings can be picked up and moved as property taxes rise.

  • Si Moon
    Si Moon 4 days ago

    should have used the steel you cut out for a covered deck for shade!

  • bpastorb
    bpastorb 4 days ago

    18:48 "We have a steel rod that goes into the foundation, that attaches to a bracket".. as the video pans to the disconnected post/rod, that doesn't even align with the hold down on the bracket.. Hope you got that sorted out

  • Suzanne Ouimet
    Suzanne Ouimet 4 days ago

    The Aussie one is much nicer

  • Claymore77
    Claymore77 4 days ago

    What a stupid, costly, cramped, and inefficient house. You could have framed and sided an actual house for way less, had more room, and been much more efficient. Good thing you have all these sponsors. Fucking millenials eat this shit up though so cg's on your views.

  • Matthew Tong
    Matthew Tong 4 days ago

    Those loafers, they get dirty and torn but dang it, are they comfortable.

  • Temple of Ridicule
    Temple of Ridicule 5 days ago

    I really like this video series, not least because it validates my decision over three decades ago to discontinue my architectural studies at university. When an architect can't even get basic crap like the alignment of a crap pipe right, on his own sodding 'home' project, you fully begin to see why the professional is the laughing stock that it is. Especially as paying Sergio Ramos's brother $500 a day to put it right isn't an option that those of us not employed by Boston based design companies can afford.

  • Dardanelle News
    Dardanelle News 5 days ago +1

    This is as far as I go with this video. Simply put, "In Californication-land you have to build a wooden home (i.e. like all other wooden homes) and insert that home into a shipping container." Why not just build a tiny house? WASTE OF MY TIME! Advice to Cali's, move out of that state. Oh, you already are.

  • Da' Bear
    Da' Bear 5 days ago +3

    By the time youre done adding the interior and shrinking your inside. a brick house would have been faster and cheaper.

  • Foxie Dog
    Foxie Dog 5 days ago

    IAM exhausted watching this!
    But so much enjoyed watching.

  • God Help me
    God Help me 5 days ago +1

    A full concrete house 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, kitchen, balcony, living room, salon and corridor, cost me 40 k

    • leila lalala
      leila lalala 4 days ago

      God Help me that would be interesting to watch. I really like the many uses of concrete.

  • MrSlowestD16
    MrSlowestD16 5 days ago +5

    lmao, after the framing there's ZERO room left for inhabitants. This project started to go out the window with 25k in permits, but it finished going out the window when you had to put a whole house frame in there. At this point it's a regular house, you're just using shipping container on the sides instead of something more traditional. The structural support given by the containers was gone when you cut them up for huge windows, and now it's just reliant on the wooden frame. This is real rough to watch.

    • GuyUnderTheBridge
      GuyUnderTheBridge 2 days ago

      Lol yeah, total disaster from the start. Huge sums in permits and studies, a giant crew of guys with all sorts of construction machinery just to end up with a small, uncomfortable and expensive "house".

  • romain fournier
    romain fournier 5 days ago +1

    "Super transformer" for a truck.... American people are so childish. It's sometimes funny, sometimes annoying...!

  • Matt Lane
    Matt Lane 5 days ago

    This was so stupid to watch, the shit aint even connected its a bunch of contains set on concrete and and wood framed.... retarded then again it was done it cali so... you knew it was gona be dumb

  • WKAL
    WKAL 5 days ago +9

    A grinder and a can of paint makes anyone a professional welder ;)

  • Patrick the Welder
    Patrick the Welder 5 days ago

    Do you know what happens when a grinding disc shatters? Because you aren`t using the guard on the grinders, very bad safery practices.

    • Gage Waterhouse
      Gage Waterhouse 4 days ago

      Exactly. A disk shattered in my uncle's face and he had to have several surgeries so that they could save his jaw and his nose.

  • dareddevil6
    dareddevil6 5 days ago

    What if I wanna build this kinda house in minnesota, where it usually doesn't get to scorching temperatures and insulating against the cold is more important

  • fred Ely
    fred Ely 5 days ago

    all that framing!! you could have just framed in a small house. Sheet metal for the outside would have been cheaper then a shipping container. In my opinion, your building codes cost you way more money and defeated the whole reason for using the shipping container. but on a positive note, it turned out very nice!!!!

  • starweaver
    starweaver 5 days ago +1

    you are so Fing dumb! You AND California suck!

  • Ian Sanko
    Ian Sanko 6 days ago

    Did this guy narrate the pacer test?

  • discoworm
    discoworm 6 days ago +1


  • ILiketo Travelling
    ILiketo Travelling 7 days ago

    How do you have fixed the frame on this container?

  • Josh Hunk
    Josh Hunk 7 days ago

    So many errors in this it’s almost unwatchable. If your considering building a house like this please seek PROFESSIONAL assistance with your building. I have build with containers many times and this is not how to do it.

  • Paul Betka
    Paul Betka 7 days ago

    Should be stacking them
    On top of one another ❗
    Build the wall
    with them ❗

  • Something Different
    Something Different 7 days ago +6

    Nice. Tho the amount of vertical supports seems excessive. Looks like u could have gotten away with 1/3 less. These containers can't b as weak as like some thick aluminum foils, as they used to b piled on top of each other and carried loads of shipping material.

  • Eduardo Tarusov
    Eduardo Tarusov 7 days ago

    Dude, just move out of California. This is stupid. A house within a house. I drew a lot of houses all over states and California is the worst. I'd never live there and do what I do. (Design houses). Just move out, then you'll be able to do more.

  • j n
    j n 7 days ago

    Seems too narrow

  • Lester Hersh
    Lester Hersh 7 days ago

    Why wood studs instead of metal studs

  • Anrol
    Anrol 7 days ago

    Save the cutout pieces to make awnings over the windows, and attach them at the top with hinges so you can also close them during storms.

  • shananagans5
    shananagans5 8 days ago

    On the window and door frames, I would suggest slightly angling the top piece of angle iron so water won't stand on the top. That would leave some small gaps on the interior welding but it would prevent standing water and future rust on the thinner container walls.
    I also agree with others here that are saying you got screwed by local building codes. lol The headers you put in above the large openings were totally unnecessary. lol Luckily, the steel frames will be plenty strong to support those headers. :)
    Looks to me like your local building codes only take the wooden framing into account for structure, viewing the container as exterior covering only. Kinda crazy on the practical side but you gotta do what you gotta do if you want it all legal.
    Helpful, household hint to the younger people here. It's gotta be legal, or the local government can kick you out of your own home. Also, you can't ever sell it if you don't jump through all the legal hoops while you build it.
    Annnnnd you wonder why some people want smaller government/fewer regulations?!?!

  • JGaskillful
    JGaskillful 8 days ago

    I am certain you couldv'e saved quite a bit of money and time using a flatbed and 35ton fork lift to get your containers to your slabs. Seen it done.

  • Lara Jagger
    Lara Jagger 8 days ago +9

    Love the idea. I think it should be under ground it would stay colder and warmer. The $25,000 permits is just insane.

  • Jason callaway
    Jason callaway 8 days ago

    I can't wait to move into my shipping container. Yikes

  • Dave Roth
    Dave Roth 8 days ago


  • The only one D
    The only one D 8 days ago

    You just ran a vertical weld down hill. Guarantee you didn't get penetration on that tubing

  • JP Loingsigh
    JP Loingsigh 8 days ago

    Any chance of using the sections you cut out for the windows as emergency shutters? Anything to keep the windows / glass protected.

  • Catharsis
    Catharsis 9 days ago

    Americans are now living in containers. The American dream went wrong.

  • Web Browne
    Web Browne 9 days ago

    You have deleted the reason for building with a container (cheap). You basically built a wood home with metal exterior.

  • Rorschach
    Rorschach 9 days ago

    i don't get it. you didn't have power, so you used solar battery charger. i doubt, that the welder for the windows was powered by battery. so someone is lying here (14:52)

  • Blotted
    Blotted 9 days ago

    why not buy a steel shop and convert to a house instead of the shipping containers? I see the appeal but the square footage is abysmal for the cost of getting those to california.

  • BaboonMF
    BaboonMF 9 days ago

    Way too complicated 👎

  • Harvardfacebook
    Harvardfacebook 9 days ago

    I was wondering when a woman was going to show up: 9:57. You know what they say; "Behind every great man, there's a woman." Love your educational videos, brilliant teacher!

  • Russell Nelson
    Russell Nelson 9 days ago

    Flux "MIG" welding.