How a Single Swedish Submarine Defeated the US Navy

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
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Comments • 14 546

  • Graham, King of the Britons!

    There are only two types of ships, submarines and targets.

  • Condor1970
    Condor1970 Day ago

    The Russians installed those radiological detectors because American submarines are SO quiet, those detectors will let them know there is a Sub in the area by detecting small amounts of isotopes released into the water when doing small coolant discharges, etc. However, those detectors do not give them exact location. If they do detect anything, it basically tells them the American sub has already been tracking them for quite some time.

  • Snow Rabbit
    Snow Rabbit 2 days ago

    The new Dutch subs are super quiet too 👌 and cheap 😅

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 2 days ago

    they still havent found the east swede $Rubb > >

  • Sherry & David
    Sherry & David 2 days ago

    Carriers are the most protected ship in the world and the chances of a sub even getting close is 1to a million.. hunter killers surround them with deadly backup on surface

    • Sherry & David
      Sherry & David 22 hours ago

      Sorry you are very wrong with no physical evidence. I am a carrier pilot. Simulator doesn't count in real world battles..

    • oZten
      oZten 2 days ago

      yes but still a swedish sub did just that...

  • antiHack jeje
    antiHack jeje 2 days ago +1

    we need this to fight against T-Series !!!

  • thesheepsaysmoooo
    thesheepsaysmoooo 3 days ago

    I can't be arsed hahaha

  • Kim Young Jin
    Kim Young Jin 4 days ago

    Sorry what? When did they defeat the US Navy? 🤣🤣🤣🤣they’re the one that nuke Japan lmfao. U don’t fuck with the US Navy

  • Loyalists Lix
    Loyalists Lix 4 days ago

    *Sponsored by IKEA*

  • Glenn Turner
    Glenn Turner 4 days ago

    Hi-tech is America's flaw! The Australian navy did the same thing with a Collins class sub when in a training exercise against the yanks who cheated by tracking the Aussie sub before the training exercise even started!!! The Aussies played " We come from the land down under" when they took the killing shot so the yanks knew...LOL

  • Sigurd Torvaldsson
    Sigurd Torvaldsson 5 days ago

    *Gotland sinks US carrier*
    US Navy: "There is a killer about"

  • Hans Mars
    Hans Mars 5 days ago

    happened also with a german sub 15 years ago within an military excercise :-)

  • Loyalists Lix
    Loyalists Lix 5 days ago


  • CaptianKAma
    CaptianKAma 6 days ago

    Thank you nice video 👍👍

  • Minhvisual
    Minhvisual 6 days ago

    War game is just a virtual simulation.

  • Dion Febrian
    Dion Febrian 7 days ago

    viking blood is still live and well

    CHRIS 7 days ago +1

    My ick when I see a Blonde girl



  • UniqueBart
    UniqueBart 8 days ago +1

    Vikingar 🇸🇪

  • Pierre Jooste
    Pierre Jooste 8 days ago

    This happened years ago courtesy of a South African 🇿🇦 submarine, which surfaced next to the US Navy ship🤦🏻‍♂️. It wasn’t a carrier.

  • duur Namets
    duur Namets 9 days ago +9

    In 1999 did the Dutch hms Walrus sink the Uss Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier and 9 other ships in a exercise.

  • Arthur Rogers
    Arthur Rogers 9 days ago

    Tax payers taken by ego in p R ice tag of one carrier sunk. Same price build two for 3b per

  • Buster Tegermark
    Buster Tegermark 9 days ago +1

    So Sweden can sink the whole US navy?

    • antiHack jeje
      antiHack jeje 2 days ago +1

      US navy has more corvetes, frigates, submarines and aircraft carriers than sweden has missiles .o.
      it's like ww2 where the USSR had more soldiers than nazi germany had bullets.

  • Rhys Tal Cernunnos
    Rhys Tal Cernunnos 9 days ago

    That's what a submarine for.
    With sonar..... if you listen with the best equipment... you can still count the props on the propellers of the submarines.... so they also had to have worked on their props too.

  • Iron-T
    Iron-T 9 days ago

    Wasnt the first time, us lost a cv in wargames...

  • John Mullen
    John Mullen 9 days ago

    Why is there a penis at 2:35

  • JuanYang7
    JuanYang7 11 days ago

    it also happend to South korean submarine 1998 , 2004 rimpac exercise. During 2004 exercise, the single korean submarine busted 15 us vessels including aircraft carrier, uss john stennis and hitting 40 times with torpedo in the 15 vessels never was detected.

  • Garfield Farkle
    Garfield Farkle 11 days ago

    It is doubtful the U.S. would ever go to war with Sweden

  • Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy

    The sub can only stay Down for the 2 weeks cos that's how long it is before the crew run out of meatballs and need to reload

  • The Philosopher of Culture

    The expensive carriers and other stuff is built because of huge bribes to politicians. This also prevents the development of new technologies to replace existing ones because politicians can't understand new technologies. As the Russian and Chinese strategies show, one needs not have a big army to win. The Belt&Road Initiative is smarter than any strategy, if still in existence, the US have today. The interference in the networks of the US cost less than $20 million and destroyed the whole US whole society including its nature. That is less than the cost of one atom bomb.

  • Dutch Mapping
    Dutch Mapping 12 days ago

    Who would win?
    A multi-billion dollar invincible carrier.
    Or an IKEA sub.

  • Ricardo Carrera
    Ricardo Carrera 12 days ago

    During RIMPAC 1996, the Chilean submarine Simpson (class 209 type 1400-l) was responsible for sinking the carrier USS Independence (this event was chronicled in the 1997 Discovery Channel TV documentary "Fleet Command"). In a 1998 article, Robert Holzer, the outreach director at the Office of Force Transformation, provided more detail; "A Chilean diesel sub penetrated the perimeter of a U.S. Navy battle group and moved among its ships for several days. U.S. forces knew the sub, participating in an exercise with the Navy, would operate in an attack mode. Yet the Pacific Fleet could not find it. The Chilean sub demonstrated that it could have targeted and fired on U.S. Navy ships at any time. Also in 2001 in another war game the USS Montpelier nuclear submarine in a virtual way was sunked by a Chilean submarine.

  • SaVaGe Aaish
    SaVaGe Aaish 13 days ago

    It’s the army of pewdepie

  • aussienscale
    aussienscale 13 days ago

    you have no idea at all do you !! this bullshit story has been going around for years and neglects to actually cover the truth on how these exercises are carried out, the circumstances around them, and the whole reason why that particular class of submarine was in the exercise in the first place. understand what you are talking about before the crap talk, you are just embarrassing yourself

  • Gabriel Monte
    Gabriel Monte 13 days ago

    Extremely cost effective!

  • Leffe G
    Leffe G 14 days ago +1

    Sweden its best

  • Werner van Zyl
    Werner van Zyl 14 days ago +5

    At 1:30 the narrator talks about active sonar in warfare and says "but this isn't a SOUND strategy" ROFL hahaha

  • Kristian Melliza
    Kristian Melliza 14 days ago

    Some of the images show the Saab Kockums A26 instead of the Gotland though. A26 will replace the Gotland class AFAIK.

  • macs rutledge
    macs rutledge 14 days ago

    Diesel power is the future

  • Conner Hess
    Conner Hess 15 days ago

    So we just ain’t gonna mention the animation of the stirling engine look like a dick

  • Håkan Nyberg
    Håkan Nyberg 15 days ago

    You may add to the picture, that a noise generator had to be installed on the HMS Gotland to make the war game playable. The sub itself was too stealthy and the crew to skilled to make it an even match. Speaks volumes, if you ask me.
    My source: The then Chief Engineer on the HMS Gotland (during the time of the US Navy's lease). A top man. Humble, soft-spoken. Even quiet.

  • M B
    M B 16 days ago

    Answer to video is "engine lul"...

  • Tay Gumi
    Tay Gumi 16 days ago

    I know that a German Submarine does the same thing like the Sewdens have done with the USN, but we use H2. :D

  • Schlipperschlopper
    Schlipperschlopper 16 days ago +1

    today Sweden and Germany are bankrupt cant operate and build any navy any longer

    • Pcc b
      Pcc b 14 days ago

      This is gotta be the most braindead comment I have ever seen.

  • Nomad
    Nomad 16 days ago

    This didn't happen in real life

  • قناة المكتب العربي الدولي اشرف اسماعيل

  • SureTexan
    SureTexan 17 days ago +1

    Seems like most of your videos are about US technology, but include constant jabs at the US. It's weird.

  • Hanlongful
    Hanlongful 17 days ago +3

    Congratulation to Sweden ! Anyway, I still don' t understand 1 thing... Why until now...Nato still need Help from USA since they had Swedish Submarine ?

    • Pcc b
      Pcc b 14 days ago

      Sweden is not in NATO

  • old gregg
    old gregg 18 days ago

    Single submarines seem to "defeat" the us navy all the fucking time in training. What's your problem USA?

  • spacemaze 0
    spacemaze 0 18 days ago

    fake news
    fake wars

    • Pcc b
      Pcc b 14 days ago

      Nope it really happned

  • Bailey Jorgensen
    Bailey Jorgensen 19 days ago

    If they can't detect the sub with passive sonar why don't they just equip the carrier with active sonar? It's not like the carriers are stealthy anyways, and this would allow them to detect submarines that emit no sound at all.

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 18 days ago

      Some carriers in the past did. The thing is, at normal cruising/ combat speed for the carrier strike group they negate the effects of most active Sonar making it difficult to pick up anything beyond your own ship's noise.

  • john atienza
    john atienza 19 days ago

    That's a big bullshit!!!!! Bullshit!!!!! Fuck you!!!!

    • Pcc b
      Pcc b 14 days ago

      Lol are you salty or what?

  • Tomas Ekbom
    Tomas Ekbom 20 days ago +6

    The answer is that the Stirling engine cylinders work opposite each other and the vibrations are cancelled out. Totally.
    You can put a coin on the side on top of it and it will not fall over. That is why it is so silent.

  • Ultimate Man
    Ultimate Man 21 day ago

    The doom of all technology is no technology!

  • kameron steel
    kameron steel 22 days ago

    America spends all this money and gets defeated by $50 submarine warmonger bastards

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 22 days ago

    America has to outdo everyone else, but it's mostly in the sense of how much they pay for everything. it's why we can't fix our crumbling infrastructure today because our cost of public infrastructure projects is higher by a factor of 10 vs. the rest of the world.

  • XenoContact
    XenoContact 23 days ago

    I think it all boils down to how relaxed is your population. You see, the soviets for example were pretty stressed out between all the threats they lived on a daily basis (gulag, firing squad, revolution, american invasion...) and the poverty they were going through their lives weren't very nominal and chill and their minds were constantly busy with all this stuff going on around them and were not able to "chillax and think deeper" so they just did whatever works as fast as possible. Same applies to the americans of that era to some extent. However, swedes don't have much to worry about, their government almost definitely guarantees them food and water and a comfortable house to live in, a good future for their kids, no wars for the foreseeable future so they lead this beautiful life eased furthermore by the beautiful scenery of their country which creates this petri dish for innovation and creativity.

    tl;dr: Swedish people don't have a lot to worry about so they can focus more on being creative and inventive which leads to these ingenious creations.

  • jonathan smith
    jonathan smith 23 days ago

    I wouldn’t call an aircraft carrier being sunk "defeat", the US has a lot other things to use.

  • YouMockMe
    YouMockMe 23 days ago

    Wow....brilliant. Never knew the sterling engine got so beefy

  • David A Loving
    David A Loving 24 days ago

    click's really a sales add for classes