The Top 5 Things You Should Do First When You Get a New Mac

  • Published on Jun 11, 2017
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    The top five things you should do first when you get a new Mac. Here is the list, including any links that I may have mentioned:

    1 - Check your Settings for natural scrolling
    Try and stick with natural scrolling, but if you can’t adjust, here’s how to switch it back to the “old” way.

    2 - Set up hot corners in your system preferences
    Everyone should be using this time saver! Here’s how to set it up.

    3 - Download and install 1Password or a comparable password manager app
    Download at

    4 - Choose a VPN service if you were mobile
    I use VPN Unlimited and have for a couple of years now.
    There are plenty of good options out there for VPN.

    5 - Choose a backup method and use it.
    Start with Time Machine and an external hard drive (This one is a reliable option: )

    Then use an online backup service... I use Backblaze and love it
    (SIGN UP HERE: )

    ►▶▶ Favorite Equipment (as of late):

    💻 - MacBook Pro 13" -
    🎙 - Audio-Technica Condenser Microphone (AT2035) -
    🎛 - Audient iD4 Audio Interface -
    🎧 - TASCAM TH-200X -
    🎙 - RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm -
    📱 - iPhone 8 -
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  • Everyday Apple
    Everyday Apple  2 years ago +83

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    • biscotti2k7
      biscotti2k7 Year ago +2

      Hey Everyday Apple. You may need to blurred out your Amex number. Hehe. 1password will not protect that on your recommendation recording. ;) Let me know if you want me to proof watch your videos. Haha . I'm just watching out for you.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  Year ago +2

      Ha, yes the previous reply is right. It shows 2012 because I don’t use Time Machine. 😇

    • Veronica Wedlake
      Veronica Wedlake Year ago +1

      @Sergey Kasimov 🔥 because he doesn't use Time Machine, that's why

    • Sergey Kasimov 🔥
      Sergey Kasimov 🔥 Year ago +1

      Listen when you give tips for backing up! 7:26 do what you preach you did not backup since 2012

  • withcheesepls
    withcheesepls 3 years ago +206

    Good refresher for people who have used a Mac for a while. Especially hot corners. I hated it but am rethinking it now with the key combinations. Thanks!!

  • Vilhelm3989
    Vilhelm3989 3 years ago +7

    I knew about basically all of these. I ve been a Mac user for many many years. But there is one thing that I learned that I was amazed I didn't know about, and that is you can combined hot corners with a hot key. Thank you so much 😁

  • AnonymousKitty
    AnonymousKitty 4 months ago +1

    Used macOS for the first time today on my first ever apple product. Hadn't used a trackpad in 2 years but when I used the MacBook Air trackpad , it was so smooth and amazing. Took me like an hour to get accustomed to the two fingers scroll thing and it's very nice.

  • Caitlyn
    Caitlyn 3 years ago +78

    Finally a video that actually helps 😂 I finally coughed up the money to buy myself a MacBook for college, and I’ve been searching RUclip for a video of what applications I should have, and what I should do with the MacBook. No one has mentioned hot corners yet! They’re just primarily photo editing applications and 1password. So thank you!!

    • Vadya
      Vadya 2 years ago +1

      @Everyday Apple I got a mac and im 13 and I loved your help thank you

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago +5

      That's great to hear! Glad this helped. 🙂

  • RacoonOnInternet
    RacoonOnInternet Year ago

    I'm a Windows user but there are 2 things I love on Mac: First (changing the cmd and ctr keys first) and being able to change from desktops with cmd 1-2-3-... and second being able to hide the dock just with a shortcut.

  • Lorraine D
    Lorraine D Year ago +7

    Just treated myself to a mac, and this helped alot, especially since the trackpad was driving me nuts i was about to return it. Thanks also for the backup tips and security tips, most videos dont even mention those

  • Stormy Monday2k19
    Stormy Monday2k19 3 years ago +15

    Wow ! That’s a lot of info. I am a windows user but I have an iPhone and iPad Pro 12.9. Some useful info here but a lot to learn. I’m in the process of upgrading my laptop and have been researching the pros and cons of finally getting a MacBook Pro or the new HP Spectre X360. Decisions! Decisions!

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago +2

      Randall Holmes If you are already familiar with Windows there is something to be said for sticking with what you know, but I think it’s worth it to switch over to MacOS. After watching a few RUclip tutorials on switching from Windows to MacOS you’d probably be good to go. Good luck with the decision!

  • Kimberly Stepchinski
    Kimberly Stepchinski 2 years ago +8

    So helpful! Waiting on my first MacBook Pro to arrive but have a limited working knowledge on where to start. Again, this was incredibly helpful. Thanks!

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      Glad it helped! I recently posted another video with some practical tips for the Mac that may also help as you get up and running. It’s here:

    • Dina Tesfay
      Dina Tesfay 2 years ago

      Did you buy the MacBook Pro 13?

  • Jaden W
    Jaden W 2 years ago +1381

    i’m watching this yet i don’t even own a mac

    update: i got a mac! yay!

    • haleema ⚯͛
      haleema ⚯͛ 2 months ago

      @LittleDrummerKid what’s a mac mini??

    • LittleDrummerKid
      LittleDrummerKid 9 months ago

      I’m the only one with no MacBook 😣

      I got a Mac mini YAY

    • Jack starter
      Jack starter Year ago +2

      I have placed order for Mac air

    • Me Daily
      Me Daily Year ago +1

      yas me getting it in a couple of days!!!!!! LESSE GO YEET

    • Paul Gonzales
      Paul Gonzales Year ago

      Sana halls

  • DIYNate
    DIYNate Year ago +1

    Thanks for the pointers - making the conversion from windows to Mac and these seemed helpful - looking forward to trying them out! - DIYNate

  • Ahmed Sheikh
    Ahmed Sheikh 2 years ago +4

    Brilliant video, got my first ever mac couple days ago, definitely will be using some of the suggestions you made 👍🏽

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago +1

      Ahmed Sheikh Great to hear! Enjoy the new Mac... I’ve recently posted another Mac tips video here: if you want more.

  • Scottlp2
    Scottlp2 2 years ago +1

    For those of you who dont want your data being backed up to the cloud, just have an auto backup program that backs up all documents on your hard drive to a flash drive and you can rotate between 2 different ones and keep one off site.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      Yes, good suggestion. Carbon Copy Cloner is a good option for this, FYI.

  • Trudy Parke
    Trudy Parke 8 months ago +3

    My new Mac should be in my hands within 2 weeks. Never had one before so I’m trying to absorb as much info as I can get. Thank you for this.

  • Laura S
    Laura S 2 years ago +3

    Thank you so so much ! I have been a windows user until today and was very confused but now a lot of it makes sense 👍🏽

  • brk
    brk Year ago +110

    why is there so many dislikes when all he's doing is helping new macbook users out

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  Year ago +15

      Well, the video isn't perfect, and some people love that dislike button. :). Thanks for watching!

    • brk
      brk Year ago +1

      @That’s Hectic periodt

    • That’s Hectic
      That’s Hectic Year ago +15

      I’m telling you, people are ungrateful.

  • gezbo66
    gezbo66 3 years ago +1

    This a great help. I have followed your suggestions closely and now feel very secure , informed and very much secure for sure. So thanks a bunch. The best help I have found so far.

  • Ramy Haswany
    Ramy Haswany Year ago +2

    Hey lovely video! Love the content. Just one thing, windows do have 'natural scrolling' by default as well! Cheers

  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 years ago +1

    We are certainly different mac users ;)
    The first 2 tips, I do not like the corners, so I have them disabled. I use the "windows" oriëntation for my magic mouse. It feels better in my hand. I did try the "natural" but did not like it.

    Question: Whe use one password. I use keychain and like it very much. What is the advantage of 1password?

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago +2

      They are both fine options, but prefer 1Password because it creates stronger passwords for me but you can use keychain by creating your own strong passwords (use upper/small case letters, numbers and symbols), then you can choose to save them with iCloud. But an advantage with 1password is that it will inform you when there is been a vulnerability so you know to change your password when that happens. That's incredibly helpful when you have you have many different passwords.

  • Gina Z.
    Gina Z. 2 years ago +4

    Saving this for Wednesday when my MacBook gets here...I’m a windows user switching over and really wouldn’t have a clue what to do first if not for videos like yours. Thanks for the info!

  • Musicalnerd 96
    Musicalnerd 96 Year ago +11

    Just ordered my very first Air I’ve been using Apple phones and iPads for years but never the macs found this helpful thanks 😊

  • Erica Eide
    Erica Eide Year ago

    I just got my first iMac (well, we had the green round one when I was a kid) and this was really helpful for me! Thanks!

  • In The Studio with Fulaniyira™

    OMG! I just bought my Macbook Pro last week. Thank you for this video. I really need this. My learning curve is long...decades of using Windows. I have to break that old habit.

    • Ron S.
      Ron S. 2 years ago +1

      XVI Yes, that is my plan as well but haven’t had the time.

    • Alecexo
      Alecexo 2 years ago +1

      Ron S. Haha I’ve Been a windows user all my life and binge watching Mac videos on RUclip has helped me so much. If you didn’t know me you would’ve thunk I used Mac all my life.

    • Ron S.
      Ron S. 2 years ago +1

      In The Studio with Fulaniyira TM You need MUCH MORE than this. We who have switched over from Windows need all the help we can get, and this vid just DOESN’T CUT IT.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago +1

      Glad it helped!

  • Tom
    Tom 3 years ago +21

    I’ve been using a Mac for years and still found this helpful.

  • Mace
    Mace 2 years ago

    Great video! I wonder why you would use 1 password when you have icloud keychain already included. Is there some kind of big difference that makes it worthwhile to get this service over keychain?

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      They are both fine options, but prefer 1Password because it creates stronger suggested passwords. If you want, you can use keychain by creating your own strong passwords (use upper/small case letters, numbers and symbols), then you can choose to save them with iCloud. But an advantage with 1password is that it will inform you when there is been a vulnerability so you know to change your password when that happens. That's incredibly helpful when you have you have many different passwords, as I do. (And I've been using 1Password for many years now!)

  • Jefferson Souza
    Jefferson Souza 3 years ago +8

    Rapaz, dicas valiosas! Acabei de comprar um Mac Mini e estou apanhando. Hahaha thaaanks!

  • Rae Rose
    Rae Rose Year ago +10

    thanks Im a first time MacBook users but not new to laptops. Mac is a whole new language but this was very helpful, can you do more tech support videos like how to connect and setup iCloud, creating password to login the computer, virus-free apps, troubleshooting, and etc

  • shaliga Suksomsong
    shaliga Suksomsong Year ago +1

    I just bought a Mac yesterday ( starter piece is MacBook Air 2020 250 GB ) and I love it! you just blew my mind with the scroll function

  • JJC11946
    JJC11946 2 years ago +1

    Hey great tips! Just wondering if you have a video on setting up a new MacBook? I want to move some stuff from my old MacBook to new but not everything. Is there an "in between" or are you stuck moving everything with Migration Assistant or doing it all yourself?

    • Dianne Hambrook
      Dianne Hambrook Year ago

      @Everyday Apple l

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      I haven't used Migration Assistant in a while, but I know it gives you some choices as to what you are transferring over. Apple's web site has a good explanation of what you are about to get into with it here: Carbon Copy Cloner is a good way to go as well.

  • Jaynen XO
    Jaynen XO 3 years ago +510

    Natural scrolling makes sense for touch and track pad; but, it does NOT make sense for a mouse.

    • ゴミクズ人Violet
      ゴミクズ人Violet 2 years ago +1

      It's meant to parallel phone usage. If it were natural it would have been designed that way from the beginning.
      It's a wheel, not a surface. Can you imagine 'natural scrolling' when you're driving a car? 🖐️😂👌

    • condorX2
      condorX2 2 years ago

      @ijslandernl It's hard to adapt when you're a window user like me for dacade. I'm glad it's on the number list.

      I got my Mac air for free from a friend and I hate the natural scrolling. I able to adapt quick and changed the setting.

      I mainly use the laptop for emulation gaming. Call me a apple hater, but everything Apple is a rip off. (expensive on everything).
      I saw a video where the apple repair guy make the seller pay a grand to fix where it should be free.

    • xboxbml
      xboxbml 2 years ago +1

      When I got my 2015 Air last year I started using natural scrolling on it straight off, on both trackpad AND scroll wheel mouse I carry. I've also edited registry on my work windows laptop and my home PC so I could do the same on those as well. Never going back!

    • Will Eaton
      Will Eaton 2 years ago +3

      ijslandernl If you have a Logitech mouse you can have separate mouse and trackpad scrolling. You have to download the Logitech app

    • Guillermo Juarez
      Guillermo Juarez 2 years ago

      Thank you!

  • Athirah Azhar
    Athirah Azhar Year ago +1

    Thank youuuu so much! This video really helps. I have been a windows user since the first time I used computer and never used mac before. Since that I have graduated and started working I thought of getting a new macbook for myself. Thank youuu for the video! 😃

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  Year ago +1

      You’re welcome! I’m about to start the working on a new video for new Mac users to show you a few more things in the system itself to help you get configured to make things easier. I will post it here when it’s done and live!

  • Timothy Bradek
    Timothy Bradek 3 years ago +1

    You at times mention different Apple products in explaining why, what you suggest is good or needed, but what about those that have different Apple products. I'm new w/ Apple and have 2017 17.5 Imac and love it over Windows and your right about two being opposites in scrolling.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago

      Timothy Bradek This video is applicable to any MacOS device made since around 2010. 👍🏼 Enjoy your new iMac!

  • Sandy M
    Sandy M Year ago +3

    Thank you! My parents gifted me the new mac book pro for my graduation and as an over decade long windows user... adjusting has been hard lol

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  Year ago +1

      Awesome! Yes, you’ll have an adjustment period! I’m hoping to have a video posted in June about what System Preferences you should look at first with a new Mac, so keep an eye out for that.

  • Cindy Alicia
    Cindy Alicia Year ago

    I use both a Mac and windows laptop and now I’m so confused how I scroll since I use the trackpad on both but I have never found any difficulties with natural and unnatural scrolling

  • Eddie Anderson
    Eddie Anderson Year ago

    1. Make sure its in hexadecimal
    2. Make sure its 48 states
    3. Make sure ipconfig shows it
    4. Make sure its on back of computer
    5. Make sure it has an ip

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 2 years ago +2

    Thanks! I'm a new mac user. I'll be following your videos step by step. This video has helped so much!!!

    • Ron S.
      Ron S. 2 years ago +1

      Sam Sung Hope u held onto your Windows device!

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago +1

      Awesome! This one may also be helpful:

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago +2

      Awesome! This one may also be helpful:

  • Tigerfish Organics
    Tigerfish Organics 2 years ago +87

    I’m just about to get my 1st MacBook Pro and you have help me out so much ✌️ hoping to make a big improvement on my Gorillagrow RUclip video 🤛thanks buddy

  • Trend Town
    Trend Town 3 years ago +2

    hot corners just make sense, as a new user i am already enjoying hot corners. big help and thanks for the tips!

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago

      Trend Town Glad it helped! I’m putting a video together soon for some basic tips for new Mac users that will have some basic practices that can make things even easier.

  • Blood Moon
    Blood Moon 2 years ago +3395

    That’s the longest dock I ever seen

    • Tahoor
      Tahoor 2 months ago


    • AnonymousKitty
      AnonymousKitty 4 months ago

      I have a long *dong*

    • Kash
      Kash 4 months ago

      Mines about that long

    • Mudgie1949
      Mudgie1949 9 months ago

      SHE is always saying stuff, usually off-color. Could she please shut up? 🙃

    • Techtype
      Techtype 10 months ago

      Oh, I have a longer one

  • Harry Katsaros
    Harry Katsaros 10 months ago

    Do not turn off natural scrolling. It takes like 1-2 days to retrain your muscle memory and it makes total sense once you’re used to it.

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim Year ago +1

    Thank you bro, this video is very helpful for me. But I still have a few questions about the Mac, is it okay when I charge my Mac to 100% I don't release it, I release the cas when I'm done with my work on the Mac. Is that okay?

    By the way I am from Indonesia, success continues bro 👍

  • Amber Breece
    Amber Breece Year ago

    I am a college student and I just got the 2020 macbook pro and I have never owned a macbook before, this video has helped me tremendously.
    Thank you! 😊

  • Lemuel Ortiz
    Lemuel Ortiz 3 years ago +8

    Just got my New MacBook yesterday and this video is really helpful. Keep it going!

  • Courtney Girdwood

    this is great, waiting for my MacBook Pro to come in the mail and I really needed tips like this! Thank you!

  • Farah Friesen
    Farah Friesen Year ago +1

    Love the Helio Gracie screensaver and thank you for the tips!

  • Anell Rey
    Anell Rey Year ago

    the quality of this video was amazing and the tips were great! Thanks!

  • NasTime Adventures
    NasTime Adventures 10 months ago

    Very helpful for a newbie to Macs like myself. Cheers bud.

  • Shaheen Haneefa
    Shaheen Haneefa Year ago

    A first time MacBook Pro user and this helps a lot!! Thank you for this video

  • Ken Evans
    Ken Evans 11 months ago

    Thanks for the tips. I just got my first mac and i found this helpful.

  • bhanu pratap
    bhanu pratap 7 months ago

    Sir, what's the difference between "1password" and the password that are saved in Safari?
    Whenever I sign up on a website I use Safari's own in built passwords that it chooses randomly & they are complex also (not easy to hack).


  • gezbo66
    gezbo66 3 years ago +8

    7 days old and I just found you. Excellent tips for me thanks Jack!

  • Saikat Ghosh
    Saikat Ghosh 3 years ago +2

    Scrolling is a matter of perspective. You can either think you’re pulling the top of the page, or think you’re pushing the bottom. You can’t say one is more natural than the other. But in Mac, the fingers move in the same direction as the page.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago +1

      saikat93ify Yes, that’s right. Of course Apple will refer to it as the more “natural” way to do it, but you’re either pulling the page (like in iOS) or pulling down the scroll bar on the side of the screen.

  • Peeticek
    Peeticek 2 years ago

    Good tips except scrolling and vpn.. use vpn all the time, also on desktop.. regarding the apple type of scrolling... i changed my habits within two days and now the win scrolling is weird for me :)

  • G Castillo
    G Castillo 3 years ago +2

    I just bought a MacBook and I had no idea about hot corners! Thanks for the info!

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago

      G Castillo Glad it helped! Enjoy the new MacBook!

  • Project Infinity
    Project Infinity Year ago

    That was very useful bro, just bought my first MacBook today.

  • Jonathan Dean
    Jonathan Dean 3 years ago +4

    Great tips. Many thanks! Do you know how long backblaze keeps files for. Ie. Does it allow you to restore back to a number of days / months prior

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      Jonathan Dean FYI, I just posted a video on backup, in which I talk more about Backblaze, if you are interested:

    • Jonathan Dean
      Jonathan Dean 3 years ago +1

      Great thanks so much. Sounds good. :)

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago

      Jonathan Dean Glad it helped! Backblaze can restore multiple versions up to 30 days back. It’s a pretty terrific solution for cloud backup.

  • Kyle Mertz
    Kyle Mertz 2 years ago +1

    Great video! Just bought my first MacBook Pro 15” today! Super stoked to jump in the Mac world 🌎 💻 ♾

    • Kyle Mertz
      Kyle Mertz 2 years ago

      Everyday Apple yes thank you I’m in the Apple store waiting for them to bring it out. I’m going straight home after this and going to subscribe to you’re channel and scroll thru vids! Thank you!

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      Kyle Mertz Awesome! 👍🏽 I recently uploaded a new video with some other tips as well for MacOS. 💻

  • Jeanie
    Jeanie 2 years ago

    Great video - but I didn't see the link for the backup drive he recommends. Does anyone have a little more info for backing up with Time Machine? Thank you!! 😄

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      I'll add this to the description, but I use this Toshiba now and it's solid:

  • TheBlueIntentions
    TheBlueIntentions 2 years ago +2

    Thank you very much, I am getting a new MacBook Air this Christmas, so this is very helpful. Earned a sub!

  • Victoria Lacroix
    Victoria Lacroix Year ago

    I’m not a new apple user but I’ve never heard of hot corners! This is really cool 😁

  • Greg Shenaut
    Greg Shenaut 2 years ago +1

    If you use Time Machine, especially over wireless, it's a good idea to enable Power Nap in Energy Preferences.

  • Jeffrey Godjay Okuse

    This helped me a lot. Thank you!

  • Yaacov
    Yaacov 2 years ago +3

    *1. Mouse settings*
    2. Hot corners
    3. Password manager (1password)
    4. Choose and install a VPN app
    5. Back up data (time machine / Backblaze)...

  • Sana
    Sana 3 years ago +15

    Just got my New MacBook Pro, thanks for the tips 👍

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago

      Sienna and Lucy Asmr Awesome! Glad it helped. More videos coming in 2019!

  • Dee C. Dee
    Dee C. Dee 8 months ago

    I just purchased my first Mac it’s a Mac mini and wanna think. All of these tips are really helpful and I’ll text tutorials are interesting but I have one problem I am blind or legally so and I really can’t see the page at all except to maybe follow the mouse if I can find it. I use the tab keys in the up and down keys to move around and I cannot get my Mac mini to use those consistently any ideas

  • mykids99
    mykids99 Year ago

    Great video! Quick question -- Do you still use Backblaze? I'm currently using iCloud to back up all my Apple devices. Subscribing to the 2tb storage. Thanks for getting back to me :)

  • Eun chae Lee
    Eun chae Lee Year ago

    Just get my macbook pro today and your tutorial helps me alot🥰🥰 thank you so much

  • Hanns Rios
    Hanns Rios 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for the video man! Really helpful.

  • Krystal Beauty
    Krystal Beauty 2 years ago +4

    Oo thank you for this information! I just got a MacBook Pro and I am excited to implement all of this info!

    • Crusiferous
      Crusiferous 2 years ago +1

      just bought one too a hour ago lord this thing. is very fast.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      Glad it helped! My most recent video might also be helpful if you are switching from Windows and are new to the Mac...

  • Atreyi Bhuyan
    Atreyi Bhuyan Year ago +1

    I bought my first Mac today and your video was recommended to me😊

  • Andrew McGee
    Andrew McGee 3 years ago

    You forgot to mention a couple of things but the main thing is the Hard Drive shortcut on the desktop and other devices that might be needed for users to see whats connected to their computer or where to find either a USB flashdrive or an external Hard Drive to save some files.

  • tarnesh88
    tarnesh88 2 years ago +5

    Thank you this was helpful especially about the vpn. They still have the special

  • avkayaker
    avkayaker 9 months ago

    Good video. Just got a new Mac, did the migration- all good. I have had a lot of problems with accessing my iCloud photos so I am downloading them to the new Mac (for now). Problem is all the photos are also going to my old Mac (of course) which doesn’t have much storage available anymore. I don’t want to get rid of old Mac just yet) Can you tell me what to do to the old Mac so stop new photos going onto it? (iCloud is off)

  • Mike Garner
    Mike Garner Year ago

    Old video but I'm a new MacBook user and the one thing I HATE is that I cannot set my trackpad and mouse independently of one another. If you do natural scrolling for the one, then it gives it for the other and since I use trackpad most often, it's made a mouse almost unusable for me. Really frustrating that Mac doesn't have a built-in solution for this.

  • Jyotika Rajput
    Jyotika Rajput Year ago

    Thanks a bunch for such valuable tips! Cheers! :)

  • J Ryan
    J Ryan Year ago

    Hang up...You STOPPED using Time Machine??? I've only just come back to Mac since 2013/14 when I had one since late 2010. There are many subjective benefits to using a Mac (especially as an iPhone user) but the one BEST feature of MacOS has always been Time Machine (unless something has drastically changed that I haven't noticed). Simple as pie to set up, awesome and intuitive UI for file restore and full system backup/restore that never used to fail on me. Basically, Time Machine has always been a set it and forget it solution.

    Combined with iCloud now, I'd say it's all the backup anybody could possibly need.

  • Martin Sauer
    Martin Sauer 4 months ago

    I personally prefer and use Linux but really like your videos ^

  • Axiom
    Axiom 3 years ago +1

    I wish the natural scrolling setting could be separated from mouse and love a natural scrolling trackpad and a classic scrolling mouse.

    • tommyvercetti6
      tommyvercetti6 3 years ago

      You can do that with a logitech mouse through the logitech software.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago

      Axiom Hey that’s an interesting idea!

  • chriissi B
    chriissi B Year ago +61

    1:17 I got my first ever MacBook yesterday and I WAS SO CONFUSED why I couldn’t scroll down 😂

  • Mrssea Sea
    Mrssea Sea Year ago

    I recently went from windows to Macbook, I do own Ipad, iphone, and apple air. Going from windows to Mac was very confusing , I thank you for your videos. Why Macbook and Iphone is recognized as type o ?

  • Jeffrey Godjay Okuse

    Natural scrolling on the mouse still feels weird as a former windows loyalist. Thanks for showing me how to change it, I am not sure I want to adapt to that particular feature. lol

  • Iluv dogs
    Iluv dogs Year ago

    I used 1Password for a long time. I switched to Bitwarden now which is open source, free, and the online secure vault is free. It is updated frequently, and works on all platforms, and iOS.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  Year ago

      Sounds like something to consider. Thanks for commenting.

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith Year ago

    Good advice. Thanks so much!

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson Month ago

    Grateful for your tips I was expecting you to tell us to run software updates

  • Conor Furlong
    Conor Furlong 2 years ago

    Really useful. Thanks.

  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline 2 years ago +1

    Jason.... speaking to you from 2020 (late to this vid!) --
    Would you consider a larger Cursor, when you demonstrate?
    Trying to read any text, follow your directions-- AND spot the moving Cursor can be one too many---!
    Found Myself doing mini-rewinds, to see the action.....

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      Great suggestion! In more recent videos I've used a highlighting feature that shows where the cursor is, because I agree with you on that.

  • Words to His Bride Ministries

    There is a huge difference among VPN’s. Some are slow and others are extremely fast. Some are based in countries that require them to keep records. Others are not. Some use unbreakable AES encryption and others use weaker encryption. Some have hundreds or thousands of servers worldwide others only a few dozen. Some allow torrenting and others don’t. After extensive research I found ExpressVPN to be the best in all categories. No I don’t work for them. They have Mac, Windows, IOS, IPadOS, and even allow router connectivity. I’ve used it almost a year with no problems. To say there is no difference between VPN’s is careless at best and dangerous at worst if you live where all internet traffic is monitored by a dictatorship state.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago

      Thank you for bringing up this point and making this recommendation. I've had a few other comments pointing this out as well. I appreciate the input!

  • Azhang Entesari
    Azhang Entesari 2 years ago

    I like natural scrolling on trackpad but when I use a mouse I uncheck it. For some reason changing a setting on one affects both and I have to change every time I switch.

    • Azhang Entesari
      Azhang Entesari 2 years ago

      @Everyday Apple Seems weird that one setting will change the other.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago +1

      They didn't really account for someone wanting to use natural on a trackpad but opposite on a mouse, did they!?!

  • Максим Жук
    Максим Жук 2 years ago

    hi, I buy my first macbook pro just one week ago. It's pretty cool laptop, I'm using squid proxie with default settings. What you think, Is it enough for save or I need to do some work with it?

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago +1

      Максим Жук So sorry but I don’t know about squid proxie, so I can’t help you on that one. I have kept the default settings for my VPN, but look at all the options and be aware of the downsides for each before making an adjustment.

  • Robin W
    Robin W 2 years ago

    For the backups, do you need all the external hard drives plugged in all the time? Ex... your photos external hard drive.

    • Robin W
      Robin W 2 years ago

      Thank you so much. Kind of a dumb question I know, but I would never know unless I asked! 😂 thanks for your answer! Makes perfect sense!

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  2 years ago +1

      I make sure my external drives are plugged in before I go to bed because I have the backup schedule set for the middle of the night. And I will plug in the photos drive when I need to open Photos.

  • Brianna
    Brianna Year ago

    Wow. I've had my MacBook Pro for about 3 years now and I had no idea you could scroll like that, lol.

  • FeliciaTakesLasVegas
    FeliciaTakesLasVegas 3 years ago +10

    Just got a new MacBook Air and it’s pretty overwhelming even though I have an iPhone an iwatch lol. Are the password apps really safe? No one else can access my account? I have so much to learn but I’ll start with this video thanks.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago +3

      FeliciaTakesLasVegas Just start with the one question, what do I want to do with this MacBook? Then learn what you need to from there. And yes, the password apps are safe due to the encryption they use.

  • Janice Troska
    Janice Troska Year ago

    thank you for this macbook pro should be arriving soon, and am new to the Apple world..This vid is gonna be very handy!

  • Andrew Richardson
    Andrew Richardson 3 years ago +7

    How do you not have more subs??? Keep up the great work. :) :)

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago +2

      Thank you! I am going to start creating more content. I have way to many interests...

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b Year ago

    natural scrolling is the best way to use the trackpad it's easy to get used to and well it feels more natural

  • Larry Soerville
    Larry Soerville Year ago

    Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate your help.

  • dash8brj
    dash8brj 3 years ago +1

    Hot corners with modifier keys - a godsend - so now I'm using them again - I kept triggering off my screensaver (which is same as yours - top left with 5 second timeout for password). Now I use CTRL to activate, and bottom left to show Desktop when CTRL is held.

    • Everyday Apple
      Everyday Apple  3 years ago

      dash8brj Nice! Yeah I probably should go ahead and set up the modifier keys on my Mac at work because I train people on that one and the first time they hit a hot corner they freak out when all the windows go flying ha ha. 😂

  • Tim Weber
    Tim Weber Year ago

    I don't like the whole "natural scrolling" thing. Like, when I use the touchpad, i want it enabled cause that makes sense, but when i plug in a mouse, i always have to disable it as I want to use the Mouse just like on my Windows PC. It annoys me everytime i plug my MB into my Desktop setup.

    Like i think it makes really much sense for the trackpad (altough on my old Lenovo Notbook, it was the same way, so i don't see where apple changed sth) but with the mousewheel basically turned upside down...just why??

  • Oeuf Me
    Oeuf Me 3 years ago +2

    The touchpad is pretty much the same as my laptop. Windows has it too lol.

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b Year ago

    I love natural scrolling It's like the right way for me