The Spongebob Character Tier List

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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    Also special thanks to Aquarium Co-Op for letting me use their footage of their Mbu Pufferfish cracking snails and clams!
    Sea Shanty 2 piano cover by Swampy Songs:

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  • TierZoo
    TierZoo  26 days ago +817

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    • MinerKyle 17
      MinerKyle 17 6 days ago


    • Gerrago the Allidile
      Gerrago the Allidile 10 days ago

      R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg

    • Carlos Vieira
      Carlos Vieira 13 days ago

      Will Nebula videos be available though Curiosity Stream? And is a Fire TV app in the plans for Nebula?

    • Ntig Dona
      Ntig Dona 14 days ago

      your first video about fictional characters and its sponge ******* bob... dislike and almost unsubscribed!

    • Xavier videos
      Xavier videos 19 days ago

      Do ants next

  • J. Shwah
    J. Shwah Day ago

    TierZoo and LegalEagle? What is this a crossover episode?

  • David Perez
    David Perez Day ago

    I wanted to see the rankings in relative to whats in the show not realife...

  • Mohamed Hason
    Mohamed Hason Day ago

    What do you mean "Squidward didn't show venomous properties"?
    He is like the most TOXIC character in the show xD

  • Robert the Robot

    this is cool, but it's loosley related to spongebob

  • Shad0w 影
    Shad0w 影 Day ago

    squidward is a squid... not an octopus bro

  • Austin Mitchell
    Austin Mitchell Day ago

    Wait a sec, where does Pearl place on the tier list??

  • Luca Grinyer
    Luca Grinyer Day ago

    You really called SQUIDward an octopus


    Isn't Squidward a squid, not an octopus?

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams Day ago

    Say what you will about the aquatic squirrel build: at least they don't have glass bones and paper skin.

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams Day ago

    Sea Sponge Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing.

  • Andy F.
    Andy F. 2 days ago

    Just discovered your channel and teaching biology in the style of explaining video game tiers is hilarious!

  • Steels 375
    Steels 375 2 days ago



  • Evan .M
    Evan .M 2 days ago

    SQUIDward is a squid not an octopus, check you facts scrub.

  • OrchidAlloy
    OrchidAlloy 2 days ago

    Wtf, I never knew Squidward wasn't a squid

  • Doug Nulton
    Doug Nulton 2 days ago

    0:30 dude what is this music, I’m getting hardcore flashbacks to checking out science VHS tapes from the library. Was it PBS or something, it’s killing me!

  • Woof Bark
    Woof Bark 2 days ago

    Sandy is Sans..

  • Graham Makel
    Graham Makel 2 days ago

    this is a garbage tier list

  • AVACADOS forlife
    AVACADOS forlife 2 days ago

    squidwwar d is squid

  • rafighian
    rafighian 2 days ago

    wish you didn't spoil the list right in the thumbnail

  • Chris* Cervantes
    Chris* Cervantes 3 days ago

    Squidward is a squid tho

  • CoryWasHere
    CoryWasHere 3 days ago

    i disagree that SQUIDward is an octopus

  • matthew mitchell
    matthew mitchell 3 days ago

    why isn't the tier list updated at the end of the video, the last image you show of it is 8:34.

  • Bumble Chives
    Bumble Chives 3 days ago +1

    LegalEagle x TierZoo is the crossover I didn't know we all needed

  • Char Thapian
    Char Thapian 4 days ago

    Tier list of the dumpster arena? Possum/Raccoon/Rat/Roach etc.

  • Donovan_Du_Bois
    Donovan_Du_Bois 4 days ago

    I NEED to know the source for the song in the opening of this video.

  • Andrew O'Malley
    Andrew O'Malley 4 days ago

    Damn pokemon did Quilfish dirty

  • Joseph Osorno
    Joseph Osorno 4 days ago

    So is legal eagle ever gonna finish his rendition of the harvey birdman theme song???

  • Nick R
    Nick R 4 days ago

    I know this sounds weird but if I wanted to cite this video as a source for my school project, how would I do it?

  • antbojo
    antbojo 4 days ago +1

    Isn't Spongebob a store-bought sponge? Somebody actually used him to scrub a toilet one episode. He's literally litter.

  • Snail Trailz
    Snail Trailz 4 days ago

    Bikini Bottom's always been my favorite fanon server, and its creator Stephen Hillenburg (RIP) should definetely be featured along with the server in-game. It would be nice!

  • Someone Unimportant
    Someone Unimportant 4 days ago

    I think that Squidward's abilities aren't shown in SpongeBob often simply because they live in a society and don't have to fight. It would be interesting to see a more 'surviving' episode when the characters would actually fight each other using the abilities their specie actually has.

  • Brandon King
    Brandon King 4 days ago

    Did anyone play "Odell Down on Under" on PC back in the day? This tier list is actually accurate af lol

  • Pckyay Yay
    Pckyay Yay 4 days ago

    Wth hahahahahahaha

  • Dominic Compoz
    Dominic Compoz 5 days ago

    You forgot Pearl!

  • Foxtwins4
    Foxtwins4 5 days ago

    You’re hilarious, new fan

  • Daniel Vázquez
    Daniel Vázquez 5 days ago

    This is for real?

  • The SquirrelxTurtle
    The SquirrelxTurtle 5 days ago

    Can you do a tier list on ways to eat potatoes? Raw (at the bottom) mashed, baked, wedges, hash browns, skins, fries, tater tots, chips, and even potato donuts.

  • Will Fdz
    Will Fdz 5 days ago

    Sandy its to broken so she get a hp nerf 1

  • Reevee
    Reevee 5 days ago

    Do a bacteria tier list

  • MrSHIV923
    MrSHIV923 5 days ago

    You gotta do a tier list for the Rock Bottom Server

  • Bryce 3D
    Bryce 3D 5 days ago

    Ey I heard of Nebula from Kanto Bento before

  • jahaan elliott
    jahaan elliott 5 days ago +3

    Huh? I thought sponge bob was like an actual sponge 🧽 😂

  • Pick With Dick
    Pick With Dick 5 days ago

    3:07: what the f is that.

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 5 days ago

    what's the song around 30-seconds in? it sounds so familiar and nostolgic..

    • TrumpeterJen
      TrumpeterJen 5 days ago

      It's the intro theme to "Eyewitness," a British documentary series from the 90s. I grew up with it myself :)

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 6 days ago

    3:33 OBSERVE

  • Dwarfbomb
    Dwarfbomb 6 days ago +1

    I'm sorry, Mr. Crabs and the lobster should be higher tiers than sponges and starfish

  • Christopher Romero
    Christopher Romero 6 days ago +1

    0:10 DAM

  • Bends
    Bends 6 days ago

    Isn’t plankton is what whales eat?

  • BaronNolanvonStraya
    BaronNolanvonStraya 6 days ago

    Outside is my favourite Anime

  • Azuru
    Azuru 6 days ago

    He talks about these animals _'stats'_ like I talk about my stats in a fallout 4 character.

  • Riot Planet
    Riot Planet 6 days ago

    Yeah but what about Pearl?

  • Riot Planet
    Riot Planet 6 days ago

    Squidward is an octopus?!
    My life is a lie

  • Skulls Empire
    Skulls Empire 7 days ago

    the farm animals tier list

  • Njrnvrdies
    Njrnvrdies 7 days ago

    Why dose he 5:17 look like ryan Reynolds

  • Dylan Brewster
    Dylan Brewster 7 days ago

    What about a marsupial tier list

  • Chrisman 1127
    Chrisman 1127 7 days ago

    Wher is bubble buddy and the my leg guy

  • Bernt
    Bernt 7 days ago


  • Jamesyboys 876
    Jamesyboys 876 7 days ago

    Rock pool tier list?

  • Ukulele Productions
    Ukulele Productions 7 days ago

    About the legal section:
    You overlooked two problems:
    1. We have to use Bikini Bottom law. Sadly we almost don't know anything about it.
    2. The restaurant is under water. So the floor is wet at all time. To put out a wet-floor-sign is like putting out an airy-room-sign in New York.