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  • In Finland during WWII, German soldiers fathered many children with local women. After the war, the mothers were frequently ostracized and their children demonized as bastards. Only recently have mothers and children started to break their silence.
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  • Jon Kline
    Jon Kline 24 days ago

    Hey what about all the German women who got pregnant by all the American GIs.

  • Sam Attic
    Sam Attic 25 days ago

    Germany was raped and burried alive.

  • Seekthetruth3000
    Seekthetruth3000 3 months ago +2

    Why did the Germans go crazy?😏😏😏😏😏 Why did the Japanese go crazy? The whole thing was a sign of madness. So sad.

  • Pamela. Nam
    Pamela. Nam 3 months ago

    The Finns would not have suffered occupation for long. It was not even 30 years since they shook of the Russians in 1917. The krouts should have known better.

  • AirFire18
    AirFire18 8 months ago +6

    A lot of young women were raped during those times. I’m hoping that wasn’t the case and him looking into his father identity is harmless .

  • AREA 51
    AREA 51 8 months ago +4

    WHO'S WATCHING IN 2019 👍

  • Genick bar-meir
    Genick bar-meir 8 months ago +5

    who knew that the Finishes have fascistic roots.

    • Anfieldo88
      Anfieldo88 7 months ago +4

      My Grandpa is one of these children and i like it.

  • Boris-Smiff
    Boris-Smiff 9 months ago +12

    Finnish and German are among the most beautiful of all people on planet earth.

  • ananas
    ananas 11 months ago

    Jee suomi :P

  • Fantastic Grodon
    Fantastic Grodon 11 months ago +2

    they betrayed us and then cried when we reacted to it.......... oooooh noooo how dare we did such things.....

  • A degenerate
    A degenerate Year ago +7

    "Mitäs perkele kuuluu?" :D

  • connect your humanity

    run SS ruuuunnnnnn

  • Alfred Enisz
    Alfred Enisz Year ago +4

    At least they were not treated as badly as the Norwegian Lebensborn children.

  • lancelot1953
    lancelot1953 Year ago +2

    Viewers should understand that in all wars, including our modern "surgical" wars - during the chaos and fog of war, displacement, abuses, rapes, internments, collapse of societal infrastructure, etc. Innocent or not-so-innocent women get pregnant - war is chaos. This happens in ALL wars (WW I, WW II, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, and most of all WW II whether in the European or Pacific Theaters. It also involves soldiers of all countries i.e. whether from one side or the other. War is hell.
    During my years as Liaison Officer (US Navy) with the French Marine Nationale, I served as interpreter to reunite French children of American soldiers who had impregnated French women during our liberation of France (and Germany) - same took place in England and Italy. The fate of these (for the most part abandoned children) was terrible - regardless who their fathers were.
    Ciao, L

  • Gregory Mac
    Gregory Mac Year ago +5

    I can understand him not wanting to upset his mother but she was being selfish.

  • Ya Mom
    Ya Mom 2 years ago +18

    Finland is a good place

  • Doby Pilgrim
    Doby Pilgrim 2 years ago +55

    Finnish history during WWII (and before) was ENTIRELY honorable. And admirable. Mannerheim is one of my personal military heroes

  • Jim Key
    Jim Key 2 years ago +18

    One can understand the derision by some Finns, especially children; it is in thier nature. The children of Finnish Women and German soldiers were completely innocent. Hopefully they did not shear the heads of women who loved German soldiers.

    • Carla venero
      Carla venero Year ago

      They did in France. Shaved their heads.

    • enceladus
      enceladus 2 years ago +16

      No sheared heads in Finland after the WW2. Finland was never occupied by Germans (or Soviets) so the situation was different from Norway or France. A German father was a taboo, something not a talk about but the public reaction was not as harsh as in Norway for an example.

  • Stobus44
    Stobus44 2 years ago

    What was the fathers name? Rudolf Emern?

  • Laurance Robinson
    Laurance Robinson 2 years ago +17

    The Finnish German relationship of WW2 is a complex topic that rarely sees the light of day in the English speaking world. It is easy to say Finland supported the Nazis but the relationship is a whole lot more complex.
    The Lapland War is a shame on Finland's record. It was a war they were enthusiastic about.

    • Mulă Pare
      Mulă Pare Month ago

      @Game-Caliber You mean the siege of Leningrad

    • Tapani Talvinko
      Tapani Talvinko Year ago

      Pardon! Meant replace Order of Liberty Cross! The shape(form or model) is same than George Cross except those lions swords etc. Sorry😰

    • Tapani Talvinko
      Tapani Talvinko Year ago

      @Laurance Robinson One addition please: Decoration was established by general Mannerheim in 1919 to replace St George Cross. It is enameled white cross where between points are the heads of Finland's lion with swords up! Ribbon is deep blue. I am not sure about my english translation but in Wikipedia you can easily read more. Many thanks of yous congratulations, soon we have Independece Day 6.12. And SVR R in my breast.

    • Laurance Robinson
      Laurance Robinson Year ago

      @Tapani Talvinko not the Cross but the 5th class of the award, Suomen Valkoisen Ruusun ritari (SVR R).
      Congrats on yours too. I would love to one day receive an award of such a magnitude in Finland myself.

    • Tapani Talvinko
      Tapani Talvinko Year ago +1

      @Laurance Robinson He has received the Cross of the Order of the White Rose of Finland. ( Me too )!

  • tyler higgins
    tyler higgins 3 years ago +94

    The Germans must have felt especially betrayed by Finland, when Finland was forced by Stalin to declare war on Germany. After all they were comrades in arms against a common and terrible enemy, and without German arms and assistance Finland could not have achieved the spectacular victory at Tali-Ihantala which saved the nation from communist occupation. The Lappland War actually saw little fighting, Germans and Finns were loathe to fight one another so the German withdrawal and Finnish advance were coordinated. The real criminals were the Soviet Union, and the Western Allies who abandoned Finland just as they did Estonia, the other Baltic States, Poland, and Eastern Europe to communism. Finland was exhausted after the Continuation War, and forced to accept harsh peace terms.

    • Andy Soto
      Andy Soto 19 days ago

      You're so right man!!!!

    • Pasquale Gelardi
      Pasquale Gelardi 3 months ago

      Finland paid its war debt unlike Europe

    • AdurianJ
      AdurianJ 3 months ago

      @MrWackyGuy That was the convenient cover story.
      The real mission was to occupy northern Norway and Sweden to take control of the Iron Ore fields and infrastructure. Which would force a German invasion of Scandinavia.
      The troops had orders not to engage the Soviets in battle.

    • MrWackyGuy
      MrWackyGuy 3 months ago

      @AdurianJ Britain and France offered to send around 100,000 soldiers and supplies to help Finland (they were scared of growing soviet influence), but they needed a supply chain through Sweden and Norway, and both countries refused to have a British and French supply chain.

    • MrWackyGuy
      MrWackyGuy 3 months ago

      Let's not forget how much the Germans burnt down in Finland before they left, including all of Rovaniemi.

  • apokalypse 2016
    apokalypse 2016 3 years ago +19

    people like these two are welcome in germany

  • jessie james
    jessie james 3 years ago +7

    watch the movie, THE INNOCENTS about children born of nuns raped in Poland....wonder what happend to those children

  • Frederick-Nrunk Kamara
    Frederick-Nrunk Kamara 3 years ago +14

    I've heard of stories like this and I thought it only happened in France and Norway.

  • amartinjoe
    amartinjoe 4 years ago +15

    we all return to our past.