His PC Isn't Selling. Let's Help!

  • Published on Feb 7, 2020
  • I wanted to help this seller with his Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace PC ad!
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Comments • 566

    PC MASTER RACE - PCMR Month ago +948

    "PC was only used by an old lady, and only on Sundays, right before Church"

    • Keeks Seven
      Keeks Seven Month ago

      I love building and selling pcs. You're right pricing is key.
      I've sold ryzen 2600+vega56+x470+16gb Rgb ddr4 3200mhz + evga case for $720.

    • Bryce Bias
      Bryce Bias Month ago +3

      So you mean it has every bit of imaginable malware/adware?

    • Matthew Jacobs
      Matthew Jacobs Month ago +3

      @ZombieBarioth you actually can wear out a CPU by overclocking it. After a year or two the CPU may need more voltage to hit the same speed or you may have to lower it.

    • ZombieBarioth
      ZombieBarioth Month ago +3

      There's a misconception that you can wear out the CPU by overclocking or running it at full load too much, so either the seller doesn't know better or they're playing into it themselves.
      If you're listing the frequency, temperature, and whatnot then it shows you clearly know what you're doing, and less informed buyers are more likely to see you as some sort of expert.

    • Omega Riddler
      Omega Riddler Month ago +5

      Old lady is selling Pc because her grandson team killed her and tabagged her, Things got biblical at church after that, THALL SHALL NOT TEABAG GRANNY BEFORE 9AM

  • April Rose
    April Rose 12 hours ago

    Me in the background having had multiple dead core 2 duos and amd phenom processors: ah yes. Most components dont die! It's usually the power supply or motherboard!
    I hate that I have to say this but. I've had multiple cpus die before the 2006 power supply decided to die.

  • TDor
    TDor 13 days ago

    why dont the link to the windows codes work?

  • Chicken Burrito
    Chicken Burrito 15 days ago

    Am I the only one that kept trying to click on the screen to get rid of the photo slide thing at the bottom

  • Wizard Koer
    Wizard Koer 18 days ago

    Thing is the i7 brand tends to hold value much better than "Ryzen" from my selling experience.

  • ShearSwordsman
    ShearSwordsman 19 days ago

    "How are we going to sell this sickly pig? Let's put lipstick on the pig..."

  • Zaycy
    Zaycy 19 days ago

    I think he meant games played on the PC

  • Christopher Rowing
    Christopher Rowing 19 days ago

    Just gotta say, finally got rid of that annoying water mark, the gsl code worked !

  • Sampreet Kishan
    Sampreet Kishan 21 day ago

    I'm from India.
    Trying to sell my 1200$ PC with almost same specs except it has 1060 6GB. (Yes parts are expensive in India.)
    I listed it for 600$ which is a fair price and people want it for as low as freaking 350$ lol. Wont be able to sell my PC anytime soon rip.

  • Abstract Alyaan
    Abstract Alyaan 21 day ago


  • var1328
    var1328 21 day ago

    This crook is charging too much money for his old computer - let's get him!

  • Jero W
    Jero W 22 days ago

    I really don't like when people take close up pictures that don't show any background, because I want to get a real perspective of what it looks like and the proportions.

  • Todd Simone
    Todd Simone 22 days ago

    If your stuff won't sell, here's the number one tip: LOWER THE PRICE

  • Rave
    Rave 23 days ago

    i got my windows 10 key for 2 euros lol

  • Switch Lanes
    Switch Lanes 23 days ago

    well done

  • T B
    T B 25 days ago

    Ryzen : Screwing everybody over on PC value lmao

  • Marko Grobler
    Marko Grobler 25 days ago

    those top mount fans are Corsair LL120s, you have to sacrifice your first born child in order to attain those.

  • Mike Kon
    Mike Kon 25 days ago

    I personally bump my prices up $100-$150 because of the many low baller's I got through weekly.

  • Olivier Dols
    Olivier Dols 26 days ago

    16 gigs 3200mhz. 50 BUCKS , give me a link plz

  • Green Leafy Cabbage
    Green Leafy Cabbage 26 days ago

    You didnt actually help the seller. You just literaly roast the seller

    • Bovice
      Bovice 25 days ago

      I don't think you know what either of those words mean.

  • Jov Pal
    Jov Pal 28 days ago

    Make it 600 can't sell Tech with the same price you bought it man

  • ZuccX99
    ZuccX99 29 days ago

    I find ryzen 7 2700Xs for less than 150$ most of the time.

  • SandoBamesXP
    SandoBamesXP Month ago

    Just used your promo code for the windows 10 pro, thanks man i needed one after my build hahah


    Umm 800watt cause u could upgrade GPU downlink that sorta triggered me I used brand new vs old 450 watt I replaced bad caps in and it did 11.7 volts and new insignia did 11.988 volts so 800 watts for higher end cards are needed so it doesnt cause random crashing
    I tested a powered hungry opteron and old i3
    And r9 280x

  • Dynarush333
    Dynarush333 Month ago

    I wouldn't personally pay $700 for dead in the water hardware with no option to overclock the CPU. It's a polished turd and I just think your being polite

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago

    I personally wouldn't pay more then $600 USD for this pc

  • acreppinstp
    acreppinstp Month ago

    $800?? I just bought a 9900k with 32gb ram, 500 gb nvme, 1 terabyte ssd, 8 terabyte hard drive, thunderbolt motherboard, rtx 2060 for $1000.

  • Bound4Earth
    Bound4Earth Month ago

    I disagree with taking out the overclocking bit, as it is important and no different then listing a video card not being used for mining when selling. It means that no damage has been done to the components. Especially with the issues that Ryzen 3 is having when overclocking with static voltages on all cores in range of default can just destroy the CPU. Now the CPU will only work properly with lower voltages and this can hurt the boosting feature, etc. You can easily damage a CPU with overclocking if you do not know what you are doing and even if you know how to do it can cause damage and a CPU. You can talk about how trustworthy a comment like this is, but you do not talk about that aspect and claim you can test it, but without the knowledge you would never know the CPU was damaged or now only accepts lower voltages because it can still run windows and play games. As you state a CPU is not fragile, but overlocking is not a simple or easy task and can easily damage a CPU. I think you take this far too lightly. If I am buying a used CPU or GPU I would go out of my way to try and find one that was not overlocked.

  • WhiteKidInSocks
    WhiteKidInSocks Month ago

    what cpu cooler was greg using?

  • UltiUnited
    UltiUnited Month ago


  • Joruus C'Boath
    Joruus C'Boath Month ago

    I might leave the EVGA in myself as I know that their products with a part number that ends in "KR" have a warranty that follows the item and not the person, extra value to me if its not too old. Oh and remember if you base your pricing on ebay prices I would go by SOLD items, not whats listed as those obviously havent sold and might be over priced.

  • Viper vids gaming plus

    I would pay $750 for it but that is the top end of what I would do

  • Vicke fau
    Vicke fau Month ago

    You look like Thom Ellis from Lucifer ma dude!! 😎

  • Tyler Benjamin
    Tyler Benjamin Month ago

    i bought a csgo key off that website couple years ago and never got my key

  • P3Flier7
    P3Flier7 Month ago

    To add to your point on trying to move and make the sale QUICKLY. We are dealing with an AGING PC that price that is volatile and only in the negative direction. Imagine if AMD announces the release of their 4000 series, BOOM your PC takes a price cut because those would be buyers would just rather wait for the 3000 series to be put onto the used market.
    Time is money, and in this instance the money is burning in the capital that you have (the PC) while depreciation takes a strong hold. This is the philosophy that I took when trying to sell my PC, I was just trying to minimize my losses instead of trying to maximize my revenue.

  • Mitch Richard
    Mitch Richard Month ago

    Buy a matrexx 55, 10$ wifi adapter. Add tempered glass and wifi in the title. List for 800. Done deal

  • Cory Scopis
    Cory Scopis Month ago

    you sort of come off as a self righteous prick lol. Does it really matter if he's uploaded a few extra useless pictures instead of having not enough pictures?

  • oceankhayne
    oceankhayne Month ago

    The only thing I care about is if the gpu was used for mining. I won't buy one of those unless I get a ridiculous deal.

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy Month ago

    Pricing for the fans wasn't included in this breakdown. Personally, i think his pricing is perfectly fine.

  • jakethreesixty
    jakethreesixty Month ago

    I Wouldn't pay more than $600-$650 given what's coming in the next year or so

  • Insane Potatoz
    Insane Potatoz Month ago

    I saw a pc as for a 5th gen i5 and a GTX 960 as well as a terrible grey box psu and the slowest ddr4 ram ever for $800.

  • Dave's Unbranded
    Dave's Unbranded Month ago

    I noticed that the market sucks lately. I assumed it was due to lack of disposable income. I figured it would pick up after tax refunds started going out.

  • JayzBeerz
    JayzBeerz Month ago

    can you help me sell some used RAM?

  • Ispeak _Weeb
    Ispeak _Weeb Month ago

    lol jk just trolling

  • Ispeak _Weeb
    Ispeak _Weeb Month ago

    it would cost around the same price if not more if you include the GPU in your calculations

  • Ispeak _Weeb
    Ispeak _Weeb Month ago

    your process doesnt even include the gpu

  • Pope Platinum Beats

    Who would spend 850 on that when you can build a faster newer PC for less

  • ricky v
    ricky v Month ago +1

    Oh snap I may have to ask for your help sir. Good work here. Thank you.

  • cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries Month ago

    I would give him no more than $450 usd for it. no offense it's 4 years old and used. 250gb ssd and 1tb hdd is way too small. the only thing of any worth is the 1070 which is easily outstripped by the new amd cards by a cool mile. never overclocked sounds like you're lying. i simply don't care. most people buying used hardware want a good deal. if i'm paying Apple prices I would rather buy a Mac.

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams Month ago

    Honestly id say $750 or nearest offer as people see room for negotiation

  • ElementalSk81
    ElementalSk81 Month ago

    Based on my experience with picking up a relatively new condition oc edition 1060 6gb 2 years ago for only $150, this rig is overpriced for sure. If he had it for about $600-$650 ish at most, it would be a steal, and pretty much spot on cost wise considering its dated hardware as greg said himself.

  • CrimFerret
    CrimFerret Month ago

    I'm sorry, I don't think he's going to get any bites at even $700. I don't care what the parts sell for used. The CPU is virtually worthless at this point in a complete system thanks to AMD. Given what's in that, I'd probably consider parting out the Motherboard and CPU. The rest of that system would make for a really good base for a Ryzen based system. If he could get a couple hundred for the MB/CPU he'd have a good portion of enough to do a really nice upgrade to a 2700X or better.

  • HappiHD
    HappiHD Month ago

    $140 really isn't bad imo.. it's not like it's $400.

  • Rene Stanneveld
    Rene Stanneveld Month ago +2

    You are one hell of a annoying male life form Greg :P
    but you make AWESOME content :P keep it up little annoying man :P
    "Someone who knows about computers KNOWS how CHEAP it is, smart guys know its an AWESOME price.
    I will go NO lower then this its CHEAP already don't bother emailing for lower prizes" :PP

  • JD Sampson
    JD Sampson Month ago

    If he listed pornhub in the games as well I think he could have got at least 800....... .. .

  • Made from Watermelons

    "The case is nice".

    No, it isn't. There is no proper air flow and certainly not one bit of liquid cooling.
    Look how much space is between the GPU and shroud. That case is complete garbage.

  • Danny D
    Danny D Month ago

    Says they don't have time to help anyone with their pc ad then proceeds to be bias and help only that one person with it. Oh ok

  • Best nils BR /BNB
    Best nils BR /BNB Month ago

    Do not shop pc parts on ebay

  • Frank McConnel
    Frank McConnel Month ago

    The RGB on my PC was pissing me off. So I turned off all the RGB. Feel much better after that.

  • Corey Batchelor
    Corey Batchelor Month ago

    It's funny you mention the prices of a used i7-6700. I was helping a friend upgrade his PC which had a Pentium G4560. Thought we could just throw a used i7-6700 in it. Turns out we could get a new Ryzen 2700 with a budget B450 board for the same price and then sell the old mobo and CPU. Sometimes, used hardware makes no sense.

  • Mystico
    Mystico Month ago

    Im selling a 600$ pc for 800$ cause I’m including a whole set up, keyboard mouse 2 monitors headset and a blue yeti mic

  • MistaNoZero
    MistaNoZero Month ago

    what’s with used hard drives?

  • CeoofNewGenz Llc
    CeoofNewGenz Llc Month ago

    When selling this pc he should of show a couple benchmarks and it will sale for 650 at least

    JOMAC Month ago

    He's lucky, Greg was pricing this rig, and not TechyesCity ;)

  • Bonafide
    Bonafide Month ago

    greg mentions how a cpu might just die, true my brothers old xeon died it cant hold a voltage bc something shorted it :/

  • Makivel
    Makivel Month ago

    Yea the motherboard and cpu probably worth like 130 combined, just cause they are priced as 200 on ebay for the cpu alone doesn't mean they're worth that, you could buy a 3600 for 200 no one is gonna pay for that

  • Mansoor Haque
    Mansoor Haque Month ago +1

    Tbh he seemed dishonest with the price. I would pay 550 at most. Dishonesty tax and he deserves it.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  Month ago

      We literally justified the price via eBay rates... So no. Not dishonest. And I told him to take less than $700 - it's just a starting point. Don't show your cards.

  • Sara Valestein
    Sara Valestein Month ago

    Easy fix, just put obo.

  • TheJackalPhantom
    TheJackalPhantom Month ago

    Am i the only one actually caring for if someone overclocked their stuff? i mean if i am buying a Audi RS8 and they say its chip tuned to have 300HP more then heck yes please. If not i think certain cpu's and gpu's will sell faster i mean if i would ever buy a second hand GPU and someone says it works overclocked 400mhz from core then thats a pretty huge OC and a silicon lotery win

  • Onyx RS
    Onyx RS Month ago

    Never sell on eBay. I've made the mistake 4 times and all 4 times I was fucked over by shitty buyers abusing eBay's buyer protection policy. I sold a NZXT Kraken X42 which "arrived with no cables" despite them being in the photos and zero incentive to remove eBay took the buyers side and I refunded $20 of the sale. An i7 8700K which "is not what I purchased" wanted a return and I received a i5 4690K in return brought it up with eBay and again they took the buyers side. Other 2 were both watches, one that had literally never been worn he wanted a slight refund because of "Scratches" where he showed the brushed metal side of the watch thinking that was damage. Again eBay took the buyers side and I had to refund $15 and lastly there was NOTHING wrong with the watch, buyer didn't claim anything was wrong but requested a return on a "No returns" auction and eBay once again, took his side somehow.

    Wonderful site to buy off of because they take the buyers side in seemingly all situations.

  • Minmataro718
    Minmataro718 Month ago

    Price is the biggest deal like you said in the video. I can build a similar spec PC with new parts (r5 2600, GTX 1660 ti, 16gb ram and SSD) for around $650 if i shop around for sales. $850 is crazy.

  • Spice
    Spice Month ago

    "lightly gamed on " makes me instantly think it was beaten to death and back by overuse

  • Matan Lerman
    Matan Lerman Month ago +1

    Greg is the hero of computers.
    Gregputers Inc.

  • rez
    rez Month ago

    I get asked "has it been overclocked" no matter what cpu or gpu when I try to sell.

  • adam sibley
    adam sibley Month ago

    wayyyy overpriced. most people would rather buy a ryzen build for cheaper and have new parts with warranty on them

  • Atakez
    Atakez Month ago

    did u say 1070 worth $200?? tf

  • Randomjification
    Randomjification Month ago

    A good PC to play 1080p 120FPS?

  • s13sil80
    s13sil80 Month ago

    I don't disagree that $850 is the high side, but you have to price high to get the price you need to get. Most of these people are going to see it at $700 and try to offer you $550 for it. I personally would add some benchmarks, and follow your picture advice, and maybe find a cheap kb/mouse and a 1080p monitor from the thrift store and repost it @$850 and then take no less than $750.

  • Justin Kang
    Justin Kang Month ago

    he should price it 699.99 not 700

  • treiton
    treiton Month ago

    you can build ryzen 3600 pc for less

    • treiton
      treiton Month ago

      granted 2600 would be cheaper but you're dropping some performance that can be made up with only $50 more for the 3000 series

    • treiton
      treiton Month ago

      Greg Salazar oh my bad i thought you said 2600

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  Month ago

      I literally said this in the video... Hence my recommendation to start at 700 and take less if offered.