GoPro Hero 7 Black Tips and Tricks

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Here is a collection of tips and tricks to help new users get the most out of their GoPro Hero 7 Black. This Hero 7 Black tips video includes both settings and physical attributes that are important for every new GoPro owner to know.
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  • Rob p
    Rob p Day ago

    You must be a heavy smoker your fingers are yellow...

  • just me
    just me Day ago

    Any idea of the release date for the 8?

  • Nguyen Minh Hai
    Nguyen Minh Hai 2 days ago

    I want to use the front screen but when I hit the mode button and the record button at the same time but nothing happens, maybe my front screen failed

  • Nguyen Minh Hai
    Nguyen Minh Hai 2 days ago

    Useful tips, the screen/ monitor in front of my camera seems not to work. Please tell me how to turn it on. Thank you

  • That Pet Family
    That Pet Family 2 days ago

    Especially not ecspecially

  • sanju2
    sanju2 3 days ago +1

    Got this a few days ago to upgrade from a hero 3 to find out it needs usb c. 😂

  • lucky Kshetry
    lucky Kshetry 4 days ago

    Awesome tips...appreciated

  • Kane Mortlock
    Kane Mortlock 4 days ago

    Thank you for your video!

  • Bora BR kh
    Bora BR kh 5 days ago

    looking gopro 7 black how much?

  • Placer Chaser
    Placer Chaser 6 days ago +2

    Very helpful Thanks for taking the time to share! 👍

  • Nyleve Eiram
    Nyleve Eiram 7 days ago

    I'm getting mines sometime next week.

  • jnagime
    jnagime 8 days ago

    I dont know why but my video is getting stuck....changed the setting and sd cards but still the same....any ideias?

  • vodelta momen
    vodelta momen 10 days ago


  • Lachlan Madsen
    Lachlan Madsen 10 days ago

    Very useful

  • GrassRoots Living
    GrassRoots Living 11 days ago

    Grrr What am I doing wrong? 95% of the Adventureland video was shot with the GoPro. It's terrible. The gimble wasn't allowed, because it was considered a selfie stick. I was moving as smoothly as possible.

    • quadrunner91
      quadrunner91 9 days ago

      Well, "Hyper-smooth" isn't perfect. I took a look at your video, nothing in the first few minutes seemed abnormal to me. There was a shot of a row of candy that looked very soft. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

  • pseudechis
    pseudechis 13 days ago

    Excellent tips and well presented. Thank you

  • Marlon Rolon
    Marlon Rolon 14 days ago

    I’m new to GoPro and purchased the black hero 7. Now which software would you recommend for editing on a Mac? I’m a beginner and would love to hear your advice to point me in the right direction..

  • The Soaring Seaward Family

    Thank u

  • Alexa Gonzalez
    Alexa Gonzalez 20 days ago

    Omg so excited I just got my gopro 7 can wait

  • Micahel H Chhannith
    Micahel H Chhannith 20 days ago

    Got one today , stil learning but very exiting!!

  • Mike Jarvis
    Mike Jarvis 21 day ago


  • Jeff Ellis
    Jeff Ellis 21 day ago +1

    I’ve got one coming tomorrow. I’ve used a 5 a little, bit this vid is REALLY helpful to get me rolling on the new one. Excellent!
    Can we adjust the WB manually? For shooting indoors. I shoot in schools and industrial situations. Light can be funky...

  • cnsengineer
    cnsengineer 22 days ago

    Thanks, appreciate the succinct info!

  • Павел Батин
    Павел Батин 22 days ago

    That the camera is not blocked !!! Open the Camera MENU and turn off the Low Light option !!!

  • 22 days ago

    Nice tips ... I see you're a smoker ... hypnosis works great to stop

  • Philippine Islands Adventure Milo Expat

    Good tip thank you. Haven’t unbox mine which I bought earlier this year

  • AS. I see The World
    AS. I see The World 24 days ago

    Great video 👍 thank you.

  • Sigi K.
    Sigi K. 25 days ago

    thx, your video was very helpful!

  • Will Helliwell
    Will Helliwell 26 days ago +1

    Picking up the Hero 7 Black today. Can't wait!

  • Roland W.
    Roland W. 26 days ago

    Does the waterproofing stays intact when changing the lens filter to ND filter?

    • huskyf0x
      huskyf0x 25 days ago +1

      the camera stays waterproof even without the lens. The outside lens is just protection to the actual lens.

  • astrid rodriguez
    astrid rodriguez 26 days ago +1

    Excellent tips! Thank you.

  • Pushkin sharma
    Pushkin sharma 27 days ago

    great video thanks for the tips. however, i tried connecting the power bank and record but it wont record. do i pull out the battery and let it run through the power bank or is there something i am missing? please help.

    MOMLOVER100 27 days ago

    Excellent video very thorough

  • Yerris Wolfer
    Yerris Wolfer Month ago +1

    I wonder if i can use this tips on my Silver edition 😂

  • DVMS 2018
    DVMS 2018 Month ago

    Cool, just bought one and it has just arrived. Nice tips.

  • Steve Arnold
    Steve Arnold Month ago +1

    Why would ANYONE follow anyone who cant reply back .... go to someone who interactive

  • omarabudayeh
    omarabudayeh Month ago

    thank you 😍

  • diesel
    diesel Month ago

    My lens on the 7 black will not rotate even when I do what you said ..pull slightly and rotate anti clock wise..
    Could I put it in the visa and try and rotate camera’s on very tight..

    • MBSS
      MBSS Month ago +1

      I have had the same "problem". Just had to use a lot of power to get it done. First pull it towards you en then turn the gopro and it will come off.

  • Steve Arnold
    Steve Arnold Month ago

    HI so do you put on screen protector even if yoru using filters????

  • Sachin Yadav
    Sachin Yadav Month ago

    How soon this gets heats during recording..

  • Alec Green
    Alec Green Month ago +1

    When he says "expecially" mate its "especially" hahaha great vid though

  • Daniel Liwanag
    Daniel Liwanag Month ago +1

    How do u change the default WiFi password?

    • Firedice
      Firedice 23 days ago

      Daniel Liwanag what do you mean

  • Brian Michael
    Brian Michael Month ago

    Im a new user.. this helped a lot.
    Thank You.. just ordered one will be here fri

  • Robert MacCready
    Robert MacCready Month ago

    I will be shooting some video and the preview screen will go blank after a little while. What setting am I missing to extend the screen time?

  • John Iwuji
    John Iwuji Month ago


  • lolyaaaa
    lolyaaaa Month ago

    so after using all your battery saving tips, how much % of power you can save?

  • sarp tuncer
    sarp tuncer Month ago

    hi, i noticed you use 1080p 120 fps. Is this the best choise.I want to take best quality videos of this machine could get xD . Should i use 4k or 2.7k?

    • Saac
      Saac Month ago

      sarp tuncer 4K

  • Paul Keating
    Paul Keating Month ago

    Just got one of these from work and for the money, not a chance I'd pay out of my own pocket for one. With all the accessories they paid over £700 for mine, £700!!! That's just silly!

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin Month ago

    Thanks, just got my 7 Black yesterday so all very useful..;-))

    PETER DEE Month ago

    Ver good video buddy.

  • DJ Remixer
    DJ Remixer Month ago

    What about overheating, freezes (software freezes of course) and sometimes it don't want to switch off...
    This was my worst gadget purchase in my 35 years!
    Why GoPro fix all that software glitches and send us software update?! Yeah, I already know the answer - the don't care for users!

  • MayenTV
    MayenTV Month ago

    Really helpful tips! Thanks!

  • Travl ON
    Travl ON Month ago

    I've gone through u tube vid's a lot, but no one has the info you gave in this one...
    Thanks so much for the tips and help.

  • imagesinLA
    imagesinLA Month ago +1

    Very helpful. I'm having loads of fun making videos while riding my BMX bike now . . . thanks.

  • M Sato
    M Sato 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for your video. I just bought the hero 7, what’s the purpose of the frame in 1:55?

  • Jim Bean
    Jim Bean 2 months ago +4

    Great tips, especially for conserving battery. Thanks!

  • Scarab324
    Scarab324 2 months ago +2

    This equipment is much to expensive! There are so much accessoires for the gopro for under 15$!
    A gopro Powerbank? Realy? You can use every powerbank für this! And for 99$ is this a effrontery!

  • GreenMachineFitness
    GreenMachineFitness 2 months ago

    The cucumber now slides in a lot easier, still some pain but enjoyable. Overall great information thank you!!

  • Mindanao Blogger
    Mindanao Blogger 2 months ago

    interesting topic

  • Shawn Landersz
    Shawn Landersz 2 months ago

    You rock! Thanks!

  • FreeTrail
    FreeTrail 2 months ago +2

    Thanx for tips, always helpfull. If you would like check my GoPro work in my channel.

  • Rastambai DC
    Rastambai DC 2 months ago


  • Tina
    Tina 2 months ago +1

    Great video! I just bought a gopro and all these tips are amazing! Especially the removable door one so you can charge your go pro as you film!

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  2 months ago

      Great I’m glad you found it helpful, thanks for watching

  • Wild Man
    Wild Man 2 months ago

    Thanks for the help especially w the battery saving advice I just picked up one today cant wait to use it

  • Julie K Munden
    Julie K Munden 2 months ago

    Great stuff! Thanks for the tips. New sub here!

  • Rohir Naik
    Rohir Naik 2 months ago

    How about Good Battery Life and prevent it from Heating?

  • Techn' Moto
    Techn' Moto 2 months ago

    Great tips, learned a few things thanks

  • Boat Lover
    Boat Lover 2 months ago

    Good information. Why do people think expecially is a word?

    • Boat Lover
      Boat Lover 2 months ago

      @Air Photography No offense intended, many people now use the word the same way. I do think there is a fine line between slang (home boy, baby momma, popo, etc...) and mispronouncing a word. I think a great many people really no longer know how to pronounce that word because of this common usage. Others really don't know the reason for the usage by an individual when they hear it, on purpose or don't know better. Again, enjoyed the video, thinking about buying one of those cameras. Just spent a month in New Zealand and wish I had the camera and your advise. Again, not trying to disparage you! Look forward to more videos.

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  2 months ago

      Different dialects and slang in different parts of the world.

  • CaliBass Slayer
    CaliBass Slayer 2 months ago

    Don't know how to play back. Wish you would have walked through that. No help for me thanks tho.

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  2 months ago +1

      Good point, I’ll make sure to include that in my next tips video when the hero 8 comes out. You can access your recorded media from swiping up from the bottom. From there you can view photos or play back video

  • Mark Pickering
    Mark Pickering 2 months ago

    DON't buy it

    • Mark Pickering
      Mark Pickering 2 months ago

      It is useless to me ITS ONLY USES W10 .. It is always locking up alll it dose is beep and do nothing .. I am so angry. My two boys got it for me for Xmas.. What a waste for there money......../

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  2 months ago

      What is your complaint? Most people are quite pleased with their Hero 7 Black. I am curious what issues you have had with it.