GoPro Hero 7 Black Tips and Tricks

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Here is a collection of tips and tricks to help new users get the most out of their GoPro Hero 7 Black. This Hero 7 Black tips video includes both settings and physical attributes that are important for every new GoPro owner to know.
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  • Tech Talk With Lweystah

    which one is the best one?

  • Rasmus Damsgaard
    Rasmus Damsgaard 9 days ago

    Hi, i will be using my new Gopro Hero 7 on a mountainbike, but but is it necessary to put the camera into the super suit.
    Is the camera it self water tight?

  • Fermin Danieles
    Fermin Danieles 11 days ago

    Nice demo bro .. new friend here
    God bless you always

  • David John
    David John 14 days ago

    Thanks, worthwhile to know 👍🏼🇦🇺

  • Novelene Villa
    Novelene Villa 17 days ago

    Which one is better hero7 or hero8? Thank you

  • Cheryl Whyte
    Cheryl Whyte 22 days ago

    Can you use GoPro Hero 7 as a camera on a boat Garmin GPS.

    ALOK SHARMA 25 days ago

    Can you help me please how to stop th video in go pro 7 ,where i need to click because first time I purchase it

  • Ivo Koimecs
    Ivo Koimecs 25 days ago


  • Evoke works
    Evoke works 25 days ago

    Im connect your chanal

  • Pedro Guarinon
    Pedro Guarinon Month ago


  • PSworkshop DIY
    PSworkshop DIY Month ago

    hi..for transfer the videos from gopro to PC: my gopro7 black doesn't work with the original cable WHICH I received in the package , BUUUUT it works with the cable from the gopro charger:), WORK EVERY TIME!
    And it doesn't matter if gopro is on or not, but I think it is safer to connect the cable when it is stopped.
    When disconnected you must stop the gopro, I don't have option the safe eject.
    I hope I was helpful!

  • Cash Digger
    Cash Digger Month ago

    What, if i desable all these things like wifi and so... How many minutes could i record?

  • ahmed mehmood
    ahmed mehmood Month ago

    Just bought my GoPro Hero 7 black version, you video helps a lot. Thanks 🙏.

  • F Rod
    F Rod Month ago

    Super helpful tips, thank you. I especially liked the battery saving tips!!

  • Bridget Spicer
    Bridget Spicer Month ago

    very useful video thanks

  • [-_-;]
    [-_-;] Month ago

    Tip. Buy a generic housing case with larger openings from eBay or Amazon which then let's you charge the Gopro without removing the case.

  • The American Travelguy

    You rock dude! Thanks for the battery tips! Much appreciated!

  • Ákos Bastrnák
    Ákos Bastrnák Month ago

    How can I make video without press the mode button and start recording ? Can I start recording immediatly?

  • DodongJerson buhayOFWDubai

    Thanks for the tips and tricks you have shared to us. More power to you

  • A 205RideR
    A 205RideR Month ago

    I'm new to GoPro just purchased the Hero7black. They need to make these cameras mainly the Fusion 360 to setup like a security system 360 view and being able to access it from anywhere. Thru wifi.

  • Dangar Marine
    Dangar Marine Month ago

    Fantastic video, thanks so much!

  • Eric Styer
    Eric Styer Month ago

    I thought I would need to get a special mount but you’ve shown me how to shoot upside down with my new 7! Thanks!

  • The Fizz Vlogs
    The Fizz Vlogs Month ago


  • vlog of Nepal.
    vlog of Nepal. Month ago

    Nice thanks for trips

  • Anushka Ranasinghe
    Anushka Ranasinghe Month ago

    This is helpful. Thanks

  • matteo d'onofrio
    matteo d'onofrio Month ago

    Thanks man! you've been perfectly clear on it! can't wait to test it on my new 7 black that should arrive tomorrow!!

  • AquaFireGamer
    AquaFireGamer Month ago

    The store say to me don't use power bank in gopro

  • Yashar Ranjbar
    Yashar Ranjbar Month ago

    iso or ios?

  • Anastasia Afanasieva
    Anastasia Afanasieva Month ago +1

    What is the super suit for?

    • Anastasia Afanasieva
      Anastasia Afanasieva Month ago

      Air Photography thank you!

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Month ago +1

      It allows you to take the go Pro deeper in water if your a scuba diver. But it also adds more protection to the camera if you’re doing things that could put the camera in jeopardy

  • Royal Soldier 🇮🇳

    Hey Thanks for this information. Bought gp7 for my videos 👍🏻

  • Sreeganesh Vr
    Sreeganesh Vr Month ago

    Guys, is there a way to turn off the front screen? (the monochrome one next to the camera lens)

  • Frozenm16
    Frozenm16 Month ago

    Why can't you use the touchscreen underwater? It's waterproof without a case right? Is it because your fingers won't be able to use the touch screen because they're wet?

  • Joseph Higgins
    Joseph Higgins Month ago

    I just got my new 7 black today and found your videos extremely helpful thank you for the information you have shared have subscribed to your channel and look forward to watching your future videos. Joe from Ireland.

  • Mark Way Up
    Mark Way Up Month ago

    helps a lot i have been wanting to move up but been too nervous as a non-techy to do so...thanks!

  • Laurent D'Hondt
    Laurent D'Hondt 2 months ago

    helpful, thanks!

  • Anton Sumekar
    Anton Sumekar 2 months ago

    Wow....gopro hero7 black is the best

  • Mikecolesvids
    Mikecolesvids 2 months ago

    Great info, thanks! 🏆

  • naison jain
    naison jain 2 months ago

    Can go pro be used as a camera for taking pictures only

  • Michael Mourek
    Michael Mourek 2 months ago

    People complain about the 3 internal microphones however that are amazing -- if you drill out the case -- to expose all 3 -- that easy --

  • Michael Mourek
    Michael Mourek 2 months ago

    I drilled out the GoPro Case to expose the 3 internal microphones -- it makes a big difference --- that case is to big -- the 3 internal microphones are amazing -- but the case -- covers each one -- True

  • Michael Mourek
    Michael Mourek 2 months ago

    Nice video -- I learned allot -- about saving battery life -- Thanks

  • wasn't me
    wasn't me 2 months ago

    ok i got one for 6 months now and just investigate the gps feature , anybody got an idea how much battery life it will cost if you enable gps ? i got a good 1 hour recording on the battery set to 2.7k@60 fps and hypersmooth . thanks in advance

  • Jr negrete
    Jr negrete 2 months ago

    Is fucken hard....😓

  • Scott House
    Scott House 2 months ago

    Please stop putting an "X" in "ESPECIALLY". That makes me want to avoid subscribing.

  • Pinoy Good Vibes
    Pinoy Good Vibes 2 months ago

    i have new gopro hero7 black..what is the best and free hd video editor you can recommend..tnx n more power

  • Jorgen Bach
    Jorgen Bach 2 months ago

    Thanks so must

  • Joy Alvarez network
    Joy Alvarez network 2 months ago

    Very good video

  • SomeDumUsrName
    SomeDumUsrName 2 months ago

    Hey man....I have a 4 Blk and it takes me 3 batteries to stay ahead of the batteries for shooting all day. How many you think I'll need to shoot all day with the 7 being that it has the screen which (dim or bright) sucks the batteries down significantly faster?

  • Lee Mcdermott
    Lee Mcdermott 2 months ago +1

    I really need some information about how to best scuba dive with gopro 7 black

  • praveen raj
    praveen raj 2 months ago

    I think my gopro hangs for some seconds sometimes

  • Wayne Young
    Wayne Young 2 months ago

    Thanks mate, I got my Hero7 on the weekend and that was very helpful.

  • brian ward
    brian ward 2 months ago

    How do i get my videos from gopro 7 to play on computer. They r extremely slow n jerky

  • Adam Wood
    Adam Wood 2 months ago

    Fantastic video. Super helpful!

  • Greg
    Greg 2 months ago


  • Jackie Toong
    Jackie Toong 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing 👍

  • Rafon
    Rafon 2 months ago

    Great tips! What did you record this video with? Your GoPro 6?

  • Nick Burridge
    Nick Burridge 2 months ago +1

    Sub my channel! Just got a 7black we make funny videos!

  • Mister Geer
    Mister Geer 2 months ago

    About to get my first GoPro and this info will be quite helpful. Thanks.

  • Rocky Ed
    Rocky Ed 2 months ago

    Is this video made by Hero 7? It is stupid if not.

  • Ray Karpuska
    Ray Karpuska 2 months ago

    love the tips, thank you