Testing Undereye Concealers for Mature Skin!

  • Published on Feb 10, 2017
  • I’m putting 9 Under Eye Concealers to the test on mature skin with lots of pics throughout the day to see how they perform! Here’s what I tested and where it starts in the video:
    Make Up Atelier Concealer: 2:22
    Catrice Liquid Camouflage: 3:13
    Bare Minerals BareSkin Concealer: 4:11
    NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer: 5:00
    NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (just a mention): 6:24
    Urban Decay Naked Skin Serum Concealer: 6:40
    Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer:7:43
    Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer: 9:05
    Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser: 10:56
    Lancome Effacernes Long-Lasting Concealer: 12:47
    Lessons & Tips: 15:00
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    Featured Prodcuts:
    Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Undereye Concealer in “250 Light Bisque”: bit.ly/2dQxiTs (Ulta), bit.ly/2dQwON7 (Nordstrom)
    Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in 120 Light: bit.ly/2l2fQwe (Ulta), bit.ly/2kRe0MB (Target), amzn.to/2kY2AsV (Amazon)
    Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Concealer in “Light Medium Honey”: bit.ly/2bJqUw3
    Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer in R32: bit.ly/2fGmKRE
    Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer in “Med-Light Neutral”: bit.ly/1sibzow (Sephora), bit.ly/1sibtNC (Ulta), bit.ly/1V66ds7 (Nordstrom)
    NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Light 2.75 Cannelle: bit.ly/2kRdnTm(Nordstrom), bit.ly/2l2cPw5 (Sephora)
    Bare Minerals BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Medium: bit.ly/2kMj9HX (Ulta), bit.ly/2fGjWDR (Sephora), amzn.to/2kfOnUx (Amazon)
    Catrice Liquid Camouflage in 020 Light Beige: bit.ly/2l28Cs4 (Ulta), amzn.to/2kXW0m6 (Amazon)
    Make Up Atelier Concealer in FLWA2 Medium Apricot: bit.ly/2l2cBFf (Beautylish)
    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Powder (to set them all): bit.ly/1YqtToC
    $5 Off at Timeless Skincare: Use code hf5off at www.timelessha.com
    I use/love their 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum, Coenzyme Q10 Serum, & Matrixyl Synthe 6 Serum!
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    Today’s Makeup
    Urban Decay Self-Adjusting Complexion Primer: bit.ly/2kRdGxm (Ulta), bit.ly/2l2mLFw (Sephora)
    CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth Effect Foundation: bit.ly/1PicSYW (Nordstrom), bit.ly/2cgKhwV (Macy’s)
    Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Undereye Concealer in “250 Light Bisque”: bit.ly/2dQxiTs (Ulta), bit.ly/2dQwON7 (Nordstrom)
    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Blush in “Naturally Pretty”: go.magik.ly/ml/1dnc/ (IT Cosmetics), bit.ly/2biQO8M (QVC)
    Beauty Junkees Powder Contour Kit: amzn.to/2fBnetK
    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Anti-Aging Powder: bit.ly/2btNXWV (Ulta), go.magik.ly/ml/1dnd/ (IT Cosmetics), bit.ly/2fRLCKO (Sephora)
    Elf Mist & Set: bit.ly/1HkFXFF
    Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless 12-Hour Smoothing Eye Primer: bit.ly/1Z8pCZ4 (Ulta), bit.ly/1NlH2wd (Sephora)
    Smashbox Matte Exposure Palette: bit.ly/2elccqr
    Sephora 12 Hr. Contour Eyeliner Pencil in “Tiramisu”: bit.ly/1UDsfSL
    Lancome CILS Booster XL Mascara Enhancing Base: bit.ly/1RjiEhs (Nordstrom), bit.ly/1QRwXdW (Sephora), bit.ly/1XE1YRw (Ulta)
    Lancome Definicils Mascara: bit.ly/1jxa2pH (Sephora), bit.ly/1lsklg0 (Ulta), bit.ly/1QRwOHw (Nordstrom)
    Too Faced Brow Envy Stencil Kit: bit.ly/2a9HnYk
    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in “Naked”: bit.ly/1S8bU20 (Sephora), bit.ly/1S8bnNC (Ulta)
    Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Naked: bit.ly/1WPTj2P (Sephora), bit.ly/1WPTB9X (Ulta)
    Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer: bit.ly/2gAipE7
    Necklace: bit.ly/2l2iVMZ
    Top: bit.ly/2kR6PUI
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  • Lubna Ahmed
    Lubna Ahmed 2 days ago

    It was such an absolute pleasure to watch your review. Your delivery was impeccable. Your manner, your honesty and your personal style is commendable. I have learned a lot about the application of concealers. Thank you so much.

  • Cupcake Paper
    Cupcake Paper 4 days ago

    So everyone was worn off at the corners after 10 hours. Most were not great.

  • Tina Hinkle
    Tina Hinkle 5 days ago

    Love your methods!!! Keep on keeping "us" looking our best😘💕

  • Elizabeth Freyre
    Elizabeth Freyre 5 days ago

    Amazing review! I’m turning 40 this year and look for reviews on how to deal with maturing skin. Fortunately I’ve been moisturizing since my teenage years and have always made sure my neck and decollage always get moisturizer too. I do love my Laura Mercer 24 hr concealer but planning on trying both the Lancôme and Maybeline concealers. Also primer works wonders for filling in the wrinkles and pores. Helps the concealer set and last beautifully

  • Stephanie Jones
    Stephanie Jones 5 days ago

    You are fabulous! I’m 43 and ever so grateful to have found you. I’ve been watching 20 year old mua’s snd wondering why the hell my face doesn’t come out the same! I love your videos!!!

  • Demi California Girl

    I agree about the matte look for older skin. Going back to matte full face from now on!

  • Demi California Girl

    Shocked that Maybeline the cheap one from the drug store was number 2.

  • Demi California Girl

    I have never used concealer around my eye, concealer never looks good on me so I don't bother.

  • That's Jacqueline
    That's Jacqueline 6 days ago

    I think you did amazing in this video. Very scientific and understandable. No bias. I learned a lot. Thank you for doing this.

  • Alison Mcdonald
    Alison Mcdonald 8 days ago

    Angie? I think what ur doing hare by the way is brilloant ok becos ur falling in to a age category for us women over a certent age and hav small lines dry skin things going on ,no one expects u to be a trained make up artist but i think for som budy its not trained ur doing a famtastic job u keep us middle age womens spirits up and help us all thr time i love the fact u test things and u tell the truth as well u tell us about products we can buy in high street and ur very dowm to earh by the way did o say i think u look fatastic u make us all feel good about being over a certent age fed up seeing make up clips for teens amd yung people thank god for u love ur program to bits u keep up the good work and well don ,from a loyel fan

  • Tiffany Eulalah
    Tiffany Eulalah 10 days ago

    I'm new to your channel and I'm so thankful I found your channel 😍

  • T S
    T S 10 days ago

    I don't see any comments from anyone regarding Marykay. I have to say their concealer works really well...it doesn't separate on me.
    So just another opinion.

  • Bari Wimmer
    Bari Wimmer 13 days ago

    I love the fact you are bringing more inclusivity to RUclip! My mom would love your channel.

  • LL
    LL 17 days ago

    What did you use for the setting powder?

  • Billie Jolene
    Billie Jolene 17 days ago +1

    YEEESSSSSSSS!!! 🙌Thank you so very much. My 45-year-old skin and I needed this. Videos abound of younger skin, but my skin is different now, and still changing. Also, the name of your channel may very well be my favorite of all time!!😊

  • Shikha Hiwale
    Shikha Hiwale 19 days ago

    Thank you!! This is so helpful! Love all your videos ❤

  • carmen khadiga carmen khadiga

    Thanks for this video I like it so much ❤🌷

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 23 days ago +4

    Awesome! Iv'e been using the Maybelline Age Rewind for years, and when I came across this video I really thought that I would be switching that out for one of your top 3, but now it's confirmed that I'll be sticking with the Age Rewind. Thank you!!

  • Stephanie Brady
    Stephanie Brady 25 days ago +1

    WOW!! I teach science and I love your totally scientific experiment!!
    Just found your channel 1 week ago and LOVE you and all your advice!!! I just bought a beauty blender. Any advice on BRUSHES??
    My only issue that you don't struggle with is rosacea.

  • Catherine Shepard
    Catherine Shepard 25 days ago

    Great experiment. Thank you so much.

  • LA WhispersASMR
    LA WhispersASMR 28 days ago +1

    Do you have a video for the best setting powder?

  • Lovespitbulls
    Lovespitbulls 28 days ago +1

    Greattest info!!!! What do you use for a setting powder and foundation?? Thanks!!!

  • le th
    le th Month ago +1

    Useful video. Thank you for doing all the hard work and research for us! Very much appreciated!

  • Anne Nilsen
    Anne Nilsen Month ago

    That is a gorgeous necklace!!!

  • Shirley Sherlock
    Shirley Sherlock Month ago +2

    Please do a 2019 update. Colourpop, fenty, JS, and kaja etc etc

  • Rrikikiki
    Rrikikiki Month ago

    you look younger and better without any concealer. does nobody see that????

  • Bonita Jordan
    Bonita Jordan Month ago

    What a terrific video. Learned so much. Also appreciate that mature skin was included. Thank you I’ve subscribed!

  • bethpat9
    bethpat9 Month ago

    I can't believe this popped up in my feed! I didn't notice the date until now. It's from 2017! Wow!

  • bethpat9
    bethpat9 Month ago

    Interesting. I don't agree with the setting powder but I am 73 and have cross hatch wrinkles under my eyes, powder makes it look like the Sahara desert under there. Lol however I have found that Elf makes an incredibly sheer and light under eye powder which I can dot on a little with my finger and then use setting spray. In addition, I have to reapply moisturizer at least once or twice a day. That's no matter what concealer I use. It is what it is. 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for the info. Younger people will benefit I'm sure.

  • Lady Leo
    Lady Leo Month ago

    How can you be in your 50's? You have no wrinkles!! What ever you are doing is amazing!

  • Rosalie Avila
    Rosalie Avila Month ago

    Your face looks better without any concealer :-))

  • Paula Dimicello
    Paula Dimicello Month ago

    Angie you rock. I love all your videos and you don't say like a lot it's so refreshing.

  • Silverthorn
    Silverthorn Month ago

    Angie you are never to old to learn , i have struggled with undereye concealers, thinking they will make my eyes look to puffy, and dont dare set with powder, but you have educated me well on this, THANKYOU SOOOO MUCH, you are wonderful,so glad to have ran across this video. You are the best in my opinon on YOU TUBE XOXOXOXOXOX

  • Wescela Dennis
    Wescela Dennis Month ago

    Hello, I got the Tretinoid 0.1% , I would like to use it under my eyes area because is the one that really bothers me, in your opinion how often I should put it on?? Thank you for all your great videos.

  • KristiLisa Kleiner
    KristiLisa Kleiner Month ago

    You put in a lot of effort, thank you 😊

  • Chritina Waltmon
    Chritina Waltmon Month ago

    I love your videos they help i have a question i have deep crows feet what can i do what makeup consealers are out there or wrinkle fillers makeup

  • Carolyn s
    Carolyn s Month ago

    I'm going to try Becca under eye brightening corrector..I dont have puffy ut the dark circles..ugh. your videos are great..thanks for doing mature skin product application

  • Luciana Mattoni
    Luciana Mattoni Month ago +1

    I agree with a lot of these comments about how pleasant and down to earth you are. Also your talent for taking before and afters is astounding! You much are appreciated. 😊

  • Katy H.
    Katy H. Month ago

    IT concealer (bye bye undereye) is similar to lancome but with better coverage.

  • Reena Purdy
    Reena Purdy Month ago

    Can't ask for a more thorough & honest review...up close & personal all reviewers take note!!! Bravo & take a bow..keep shooting from the hip!💕

  • Margaret McLaughlin

    What eye drops does she use? My eye have got redder over the year but hers are gorgeous.

  • Kathy Roe
    Kathy Roe Month ago

    Could you please check out the Juvia’s Place concealer and let me know what you think of it? My skin type is very similar to yours. Thank you

  • Pam Wilson
    Pam Wilson 2 months ago

    Great concealer test. Now hooked on your videos. Look forward to your under eye primer test.

  • Figurista - Девушка с формами

    Hey, can you please do update on this topic? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Robin Evans
    Robin Evans 2 months ago

    Yes this is awesome. I am a new subscriber. Do you have a setting powder preference?

    • HotandFlashy
      HotandFlashy  2 months ago +1

      Thanks for subbing! My fave setting powder is IT cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Powder

  • Kristy L
    Kristy L 2 months ago

    Excellent video; extremely thorough!

  • RLB
    RLB 2 months ago

    I think you are great but your under eye looks better WITHOUT concealer. When you smiled, all of them brought attention to your wrinkles! Sometimes less, really is more. If I looked as good as you, I wouldn't bother with more than some primer and foundation. But maybe you get paid by the companies.....

  • Maha Musallam
    Maha Musallam 2 months ago

    Love your videos thanks to you I am aware of what I need to be a great looking woman . God bless you dear

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    monica matos 2 months ago

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    Thank you for sharing and doing such an honest video!!

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  • How Mary Got Her Groove Back

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    Marce Boja 2 months ago

    I thought you were exaggerating. But you are not. I got the Maybelline one. Works great. Thank you !!!

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  • Lisa K
    Lisa K 2 months ago

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  • Lisa K
    Lisa K 2 months ago

    Great video! I find concealers are too cakey for under eyes. I usually use tinted moisturizer or just a drop of foundation.❤️