paranormal moments from buzzfeed unsolved: supernatural (part one)

  • Опубликовано: 18 ноя 2017
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  • ella
    ella  Год назад +2159

    Feel free to discuss some logical explanations or theories as to why you think these things happened. Are you a Shaniac or a Boogara?

    NINTH CIRCLE IX0 15 часов назад

    I definitely dont fuck with buzzfeed but these guys have some lit ass chemistry.

  • DefaultyBoii
    DefaultyBoii 21 час назад

    Meanwhile in another Dimension

    Human: Show me something cool
    *Ghost starts doing tricks*
    Human: Noice

  • DefaultyBoii
    DefaultyBoii 21 час назад

    How to stay Positive:
    People always think that Ghost are here to hunt us, let’s just imagine that the ghost are just invisible people minding their own business, and if they scare us, let’s just imagine their pranking us for a laugh within themselves

  • DepressoExpresso
    DepressoExpresso День назад

    part 2????????????

  • Ela Gök
    Ela Gök День назад

    From where is that 4:30??

  • DonkeyShows
    DonkeyShows 3 дня назад

    Dumb overacting

  • Silent23lover
    Silent23lover 4 дня назад

    0:11 confidently calling for ghost but then suddenly hahahaha

  • Julie Kavanagh
    Julie Kavanagh 6 дней назад

    Is crazy to me that when they went to the Lizzie Borden house, they didn’t look into the satanic sex murder cult that lived in the exact same town in like the 80s or something. That town is weird as balls man. At least 3 serious murderers (that were heavily reported on) have lived in or come from that town.

  • Caden
    Caden 6 дней назад

    Shane could see a ghost with his own eyes and say “maybe I was just hallucinating”

  • NightyArctic
    NightyArctic 6 дней назад

    9:52 is his stomach..

  • AccOUntRetr0
    AccOUntRetr0 6 дней назад

    You should add descriptions to the videos

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 6 дней назад

    The footsteps sounded veeeeery weeeird

  • brooke rylee
    brooke rylee 7 дней назад

    "Part two coming soon" YEAH IN LIKE 10 YEARS

  • Maguire’s 20inch forehead
    Maguire’s 20inch forehead 7 дней назад

    Where is part two?

  • James Potter
    James Potter 7 дней назад +1

    *Shane got dragged across the room*
    Shane:uh... Eh probably just wind

  • Holy Freeholy
    Holy Freeholy 8 дней назад

    “I don’t want to be here “

  • Holy Freeholy
    Holy Freeholy 8 дней назад +1

    When I feel sad or down I usually get a hand that calmly grabs my back and I feel reassurance. Never happened till my uncle passed.

  • Nabilah Audah
    Nabilah Audah 8 дней назад

    The thumbnail is ryan face so im expecting somethings funny

  • Raniere
    Raniere 8 дней назад

    fuck I hate people that steal other peoples content

  • Grumpy ass /Chris
    Grumpy ass /Chris 8 дней назад


  • Alien Bah
    Alien Bah 8 дней назад +1

    These two are funny as hell.

  • Mack & Cheese
    Mack & Cheese 8 дней назад

    Ryan: “Do something and we won’t be scared”
    Ghost *taps*

  • Crystal Salazar
    Crystal Salazar 8 дней назад

    Timmy had me fucking rolling that shit cant be a coincidence

  • 3k subs without videos??
    3k subs without videos?? 8 дней назад

    **reads the youtuber’s name** thinks: no te ama :v

  • Frank Macc
    Frank Macc 8 дней назад

    Can I get 1k likes?

  • Dorky Derpterio
    Dorky Derpterio 8 дней назад

    I watch like, the ghost adventures and they've all this gear and shit to find ghost or anything paranormal and I want these two to be around those guys and Shane going "it's defo the wind." I'd love to see that

  • Siomai Ethan
    Siomai Ethan 9 дней назад +1

    Timmy still freaks me out

  • bourgeoisHellion
    bourgeoisHellion 9 дней назад

    Jumpscared me with that *intro, fuck!

  • Ian Nordin
    Ian Nordin 9 дней назад

    Shane needs to stop getting his lights from ditches and trashcans

  • trackboy17
    trackboy17 9 дней назад

    Honestly I think all the unidentified sounds are just the caretakers making rounds or making sure they don't burn the place down

  • Lunatic LNTC
    Lunatic LNTC 9 дней назад

    The tapping noise in the house was the radiator warming up. They cleared that up in the post-mortem

  • Moon Man
    Moon Man 10 дней назад

    Ryan: "Are there any ghosts present?"
    *small insignificant sound*
    Ryan: *has a mental breakdown*

  • Huy Anh Bùi
    Huy Anh Bùi 10 дней назад

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  • HimaniAK 4ever ARMY
    HimaniAK 4ever ARMY 11 дней назад

    If I was a ghost I would LOVE Ryan and Shane to visit my house one day and I would serve them tea and talk about my life

  • TheEzemikedirnt
    TheEzemikedirnt 15 дней назад

    1:36 hahahahaa

  • jacob suarez
    jacob suarez 15 дней назад

    aS I AnNOuncE i aM lEAvIng, wE PiCk AnoTHer vOice

  • Anju Kaisar
    Anju Kaisar 17 дней назад


  • Brandi Gray
    Brandi Gray 18 дней назад +1

    Anyone else feel like Shane would be the type of person to be thrown down a flight of stairs or see a ghost face to face and STILL would swear that it was just his imagination?

  • Wilhem Young
    Wilhem Young 18 дней назад

    Everything in the bordello is fucking terrifying! Walking from nowhere, whispers, holy shit! That is by far the closet thing to proof!

  • victor sels
    victor sels 19 дней назад

    Wow the first second was the most scariest part

  • Lawnypoo The first
    Lawnypoo The first 20 дней назад

    I’m just looking for
    Person: I wonder why the ghost won’t talk to us
    Other person:maybe it’s homophobic
    Person:we aren’t gay
    Other person: we aren’t?

  • Lawnypoo The first
    Lawnypoo The first 20 дней назад

    6:09 he prolly head butted the ghost then tha ghost prolly looked like he was growing a dick outta his forehead

  • Ayzis
    Ayzis 20 дней назад

    The whisper Ryan heard while sitting in that chair really got to me. I've once had an experience when I was walking up the stairs to my apartment, I started to get my keys out of my backpack on the middle portion of the stairs, so I was initially just looking into my bag and my head was bowed down. I suddenly heard a very VERY distinct whisper in my right ear. It was just some gibberish, but it was 110% a whisper, a 'loud' one too. I immediately jumped because I assumed a neighbour was walking behind me and I had been blocking their way, but there was nobody. I froze and just listened for a few seconds to hear someone closing the door behind them or someone walking past the porch or something that would prove me that there was in fact a human nearby that could have caused the noise. No fucking thing after. I sprinted up the rest of the stairs and into my flat. Never heard it again, but I'll never forget that either..

  • Robby Wohl
    Robby Wohl 21 день назад

    what was the snowy episode in the pit

    • allbymyshelf
      allbymyshelf 5 дней назад

      Robby Wohl salem witch trials

    EDDY GOLDER 22 дня назад

    You need to make another one

  • sophie m
    sophie m 22 дня назад

    Really great video Please do more of these

  • Grimbo
    Grimbo 22 дня назад

    I swear that was the noise from Wii sports resort at the beginning

  • Bre Nicole
    Bre Nicole 22 дня назад

    turn captions on at 6:14 Lol

  • kiso
    kiso 22 дня назад

    this video in a nutshell :
    ryan: nO NO FUCKING WAY *fear in his eyes*
    shane: *laughing while shakily recording ryan dying* it’s clearly just the wind

  • R. Morgan
    R. Morgan 22 дня назад

    *shane gets picked up by the neck and swung around* must be a bird!!!



  • Dum Dum
    Dum Dum 22 дня назад

    Most of these paranormal experiences happen when Ryan is either talking or near the spirits, I believe that Ryan has some sort of spiritual energy that is easy for the ghosts to manipulate so they like to fuck with him😂

  • maizeman90
    maizeman90 23 дня назад

    The Timmy one is the only one that really gets me, mostly because that extra bounce and then the ball landing under Ryan's name. Coincidence? Likely. But, still...

  • Chief Keith
    Chief Keith 23 дня назад

    I dislike almost everything buzzfeed touches, but this show is fantastic...

  • kylo ren
    kylo ren 23 дня назад

    Shane is just a straight up a thug

  • Red Apple
    Red Apple 23 дня назад

    Shane in the future
    (Ryan gets possessed)
    Shane:face me you coward

  • Tommi o
    Tommi o 23 дня назад

    Ryan: Did you hear those footsteps? I think they were from the balcony.
    Shane: Yeah, Sure
    Shanes attitude is superb

  • Ohntario
    Ohntario 23 дня назад +1

    get out of the comments you fucking pussy

  • Elizabeth Tarter
    Elizabeth Tarter 23 дня назад +2

    You can tell Shane really isn’t scared of anything because he doesn’t sleep with a blanket and on top of that, he sleeps with his feet hanging off the bed

  • Edward Clark
    Edward Clark 23 дня назад

    Brown & White Has To Be The Best Evidence Yet.

  • Finley Lindsey
    Finley Lindsey 23 дня назад +1

    If you listen closely our audio recorder picked up a voice
    *Turns volume to 100 plugs into speaker puts ear to the speaker on max volume"

  • Tasia Creech
    Tasia Creech 23 дня назад

    I wanna ghost hunt with them lmao

  • Mayu
    Mayu 23 дня назад

    I'm a Shaniac but I'll admit, Timmy and the blue ball was actually kind of compelling. Ryan threw it straight down, but it stopped and took a turn. But it stopping under the "Ryan" graffiti was pure coincidence. To quote Shane, "The ball also stopped under the 'I love weed' graffiti.'"

  • honeysweet
    honeysweet 24 дня назад +1

    The thing is like
    Anxiety and panic can feel pretty otherworldly, as if it's being caused by something outside of one's self. Chills, dizziness, nausea, feeling faint, are all associated with ghosts, but they're also tell tale signs of fight or flight. If youre already on high alert then those responses will be reallly easily triggered.

  • TortasInfladas
    TortasInfladas 24 дня назад

    7:41 i can?

  • Disappointed but Not surprised
    Disappointed but Not surprised 24 дня назад

    Shane in a dark place w/Ryan : Wow what a nice place.
    Ghost : thanks.
    Shane : your welcome.
    Shane : yeah, it was the wind.

  • Disappointed but Not surprised
    Disappointed but Not surprised 24 дня назад

    I love how realistic and teasing Shane is towards Ryan who’s easily scared of everything 😂

  • Ash Landers
    Ash Landers 24 дня назад

    Plot twist: Shane has been a demon this entire time

  • Miel Aren
    Miel Aren 24 дня назад

    Can someone cite these episodes? I feel like I missed all these parts

  • Egi
    Egi 24 дня назад

    You know shit's going crazy when Shane doesn't immediately make fun of it

  • Grand_er
    Grand_er 24 дня назад

    4:43 Well you too are there

    M HODSON 24 дня назад

    All of it was wind.

  • Lady.Whatever
    Lady.Whatever 24 дня назад

    Ryan Spooked Bergara

  • ples kell meh
    ples kell meh 24 дня назад

    9:53 I heard badonkadong lol

  • Alyx Wade
    Alyx Wade 24 дня назад

    The Boogaras should appreciate this

  • Bia
    Bia 25 дней назад

    2:58 You'll see on the wall the name "Rick", then they saw Ryan's name... Coinicidence?? I think yeah probably.. OR... maybe this is where the spirit of Ricky Goldsworth came from?? :O

  • Elie Desiront
    Elie Desiront 25 дней назад

    Ryan flies 10 feet in the air and Shane is like some strong wind tonight

  • Amber Soland
    Amber Soland 26 дней назад

    What if Shane is a mischievous demon just having a blast messing with Ryan's head.

  • Ryan Gacha
    Ryan Gacha 28 дней назад

    I heard "I'm not air"

  • Taimas Yazdi
    Taimas Yazdi Месяц назад +1

    honestly i ship ryan and shane. dont judge me.

  • Finn
    Finn Месяц назад

    The sound at the beginning threw me off hella hard

  • Electragedy
    Electragedy Месяц назад

    Boy i really want Shane to like get touched and have no explanation to what touched him. I went on a ghost tour to a haunted jail and I felt someone or something touch me even though the door to a cell was at least 5 inches away. I took the EMF reader into the cell with me to where an entity might’ve reached and touched me and it went OFF. I already have seen a shadow person and my sister a full apparition so I know ghosts are around but dammit Shane needs a good wake up call 😂

  • SONE_2007
    SONE_2007 Месяц назад

    Do anyone what are the episodes?
    Like, the names of the full vids that appear in the video

  • TheFangirlGeek01
    TheFangirlGeek01 Месяц назад

    the “what” voice sounds more like the snow under Ryan’s shoe as he slides it back and it matches

  • nope lol
    nope lol Месяц назад +1

    i love them so much....i believe in the paranormal so i'm probably more of a boogara, BUT i'm glad shane is there bc there are some things that do have logical explanations and he helps keep ryan grounded !

  • Lily Oxborrow
    Lily Oxborrow Месяц назад

    I don’t care what anyone says, those footsteps were 100% something unnatural. That guy said himself they’d been hearing footsteps for 3 days

  • Micheal with a b
    Micheal with a b Месяц назад

    Ryan: ghosts don’t know they’re dead
    Ghost: WHAT?!

  • Astro Eats Candles
    Astro Eats Candles Месяц назад


  • The Memester
    The Memester Месяц назад

    For the second one it could be the wind

  • do you ever shut up?
    do you ever shut up? Месяц назад


  • shook af
    shook af Месяц назад

    Ryan: show yourself! We just wanna talk, just give us a sign or something
    Ghost: k *movies a chair*
    Ryan: GHOsT AhAAAHH ItS a GhOooOst! *has full blown panic attack*
    Ghost: wtf man

  • Jasmine Onepeng
    Jasmine Onepeng Месяц назад

    “if you’re here, please let us know by making noise”
    *makes noise*
    “oh it was probably just the furniture”

  • Hayden Vance
    Hayden Vance Месяц назад

    (Whisper) Ah AHHHHHHHH

    RANDOMKIDzZ Месяц назад

    Jesus whoever believes this is just next level stupid. I do believe in ghosts but it's buzzfeed so this is painstakingly fake.

  • Marley Benoist
    Marley Benoist Месяц назад

    Shane: no...
    Ryan: no?!
    Ryan sounded so insulted xD

  • iEatKids
    iEatKids Месяц назад

    Ryan makes me uwu

  • Kanari Aoi
    Kanari Aoi Месяц назад

    I really would have been scared like Ryan but with Shane with him I just ended up laughing xD

  • bath time tyler
    bath time tyler Месяц назад

    The footsteps give me _chills_

    • bath time tyler
      bath time tyler Месяц назад

      James Dawson perhaps, they seemed so real, and it’s always made me wonder why they didn’t talk about it that much afterwards.

    • James Dawson
      James Dawson Месяц назад

      bath time tyler
      The man was probably walking around but embarrassed to admit it. Or he had heard of the show and wanted to spook them out a bit.

  • bath time tyler
    bath time tyler Месяц назад

    Timmy the ghost is most convincing! It could be a coincidence where it landed, however the extra bouncing I really can’t explain. So when you add it up, it’s freakin spooky my guy.