paranormal moments from buzzfeed unsolved: supernatural (part one)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2017
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  • ella
    ella  Year ago +3959

    Feel free to discuss some logical explanations or theories as to why you think these things happened. Are you a Shaniac or a Boogara?

  • Jamie Andrade
    Jamie Andrade 3 hours ago


    Absolutely nobody:

    Ryan: NO NO HELL NO

  • hannah ember
    hannah ember 21 hour ago

    With all of these paranormal things going on how come the taller guy seemed to always be skeptical about it happening? like, oh they arent real and just got to laugh it off like nothing happened

  • Nathalie Inoa
    Nathalie Inoa Day ago

    Shane: no

    Ryan: NO?!

  • 70ny
    70ny Day ago

    The blue ball extra bounces was it bouncing down the stairs

  • kit kat
    kit kat Day ago

    99% convinced 9:53 is just Ryans stomach or smthn

  • Nina
    Nina Day ago

    That person who was in the room above them could have been the ghost.
    1. He didn’t open the door
    2. He stuttered saying 3, So could have been 3 years
    3. He Sounded kinda nervous

  • Florina Ceniza
    Florina Ceniza Day ago

    The only creepy thing about the video is the thumbnail

  • dupey
    dupey 2 days ago

    9:15 no way thats real

  • dupey
    dupey 2 days ago

    ghost: levitates ryan
    shane: its quite windy today

  • Jacob Gersaniba
    Jacob Gersaniba 2 days ago

    when shane said watch your language i heard the whisper say "hey ryan"

  • Sad Trophy Wife
    Sad Trophy Wife 2 days ago

    *It's the ghost of Yankee Jim!*

  • Sad Trophy Wife
    Sad Trophy Wife 2 days ago

    Thanks for not making me watch shitty Buzzfeed.

  • Jayk Koznesoff
    Jayk Koznesoff 4 days ago

    i beseech thy demons

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith 5 days ago +1

    I have watched everyone of these video's, Ryan has by far the best reactions to noises then any other so called paranormal investigator in the world, cracks me up every time!!

  • Shiloh Blake
    Shiloh Blake 7 days ago

    Every time I watch the Lizzie Borden ep, my one thought is “why are they saying the chant in such a weird way?”
    But I honestly do believe that a lot of this could be proof of ghosts or demons. Hopefully ghosts, cause they are more tame and less likely to kill us.

  • GeneralSchrimpf
    GeneralSchrimpf 9 days ago +1

    Ryan "Those were footsteps... Was that the balcony outside, right?"
    Shane "Yeah, sure..."
    He's so disinterested and tired hahaha

  • Lyre Autumn
    Lyre Autumn 11 days ago

    shane and ryan: *does creepy shit*
    cameraman instructed to follow them around: _am i a joke to you?_

  • Primrose Petals
    Primrose Petals 12 days ago

    *This literally just made me realize how tall Shane is ummmm*

  • Grumpy Crumbles
    Grumpy Crumbles 12 days ago

    1:34 what episode is this from again? 🤔

  • Rollcake
    Rollcake 12 days ago

    Dude when I got to the 7:30 scene, my dog started huffing and growling 😳

  • prostitute nun
    prostitute nun 12 days ago

    them: any spirits here? give us a sign
    spirits: give them a sign
    shane & ryan: (surprised pikachu)

  • J C
    J C 12 days ago

    Which episode is the second clip from?

  • Zebricord 3234
    Zebricord 3234 13 days ago

    You mean every time shaynes on screen

  • punkypaige
    punkypaige 13 days ago

    Funniest paranormal moments tbh

  • Painted Røses
    Painted Røses 14 days ago


  • Alek
    Alek 14 days ago

    For everyone who thinks evps are a legit proof : someone make a compilation of evp out of context : if it's clear enough that you're going to know what it says put of context I can maybe consider it... Not to be a random noise.

  • kira reptile Resca
    kira reptile Resca 14 days ago


  • lily vegetables
    lily vegetables 15 days ago +1

    Timmy loves blue balls

  • lily vegetables
    lily vegetables 15 days ago +1

    Timmy loves that ball

  • Stewart Owens
    Stewart Owens 16 days ago

    shane is literally annoying for denying everything when theres literal proof

  • spoiled milk!!! :0
    spoiled milk!!! :0 18 days ago

    i forgot how hilarious ryan is when he’s scared shitless

  • jaylecia davila
    jaylecia davila 19 days ago

    The thing that makes the Timmy thing compelling is not that it landed near Ryan's name. its that he threw it straight down the hall and it somehow made a left turn to go down that hall and land under his name. how did it make a left turn on it's own without anyone pushing it or picking it up and moving it?

  • Adrian Krazy Funes
    Adrian Krazy Funes 20 days ago

    I like how Shane acts nonchalant through everything😂💀

  • Alexis Simms
    Alexis Simms 20 days ago +1

    Me, turning the washing machine on in my own home:
    Ryan, breaking in out of no where: "what was that? Can you tell us your name??"

  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace 26 days ago

    bro it's just a ghost fart

  • chefboiolive
    chefboiolive 27 days ago

    what about the singing

  • DoubleDecker BeckerPecker

    Ryan: *Neck gets snapped*
    Shane: Seems his neck just gave out huh

  • Michael Colvin
    Michael Colvin Month ago

    why do I watch these things at night

  • shaelynn going
    shaelynn going Month ago +1

    I think Shane just needs a new flash light

    KIDKILLSXX Δ Month ago

    i’m watching this at 9am and i know i’m going to think about this at night, god help me

  • Garrett Waters
    Garrett Waters Month ago

    tf is that chant?

  • JuliaFreakingGulia
    JuliaFreakingGulia Month ago

    I still think that guy at the end of the video was lying and actually was walking in the middle of the night. Like, he didn't come to the door, which makes me real suspicious. And okay, that guy says they have been staying there for 2 to 3 nights, and they had been hearing those footsteps too. It seems a little strange to me that they would continue to stay there despite hearing these supposed phantom footsteps every night. Also, he seems so unfazed when saying he's been hearing those footsteps?? Like, I would think he'd be at least a little freaked out if he had actually been hearing these loud footsteps.

  • Sad Rock
    Sad Rock Month ago

    shane ruins the vibe for 12 minutes straight

  • That Blueface Spider

    i’m a bit of a shaniac (because he’s actually a demon) and a boogara (because i still mostly believe in ghosts, but i can logically explain _some_ things)

  • Narnia Dici
    Narnia Dici Month ago

    How is the scariest thing Shane like at 5:40

  • homunculi0408
    homunculi0408 Month ago

    You know what I never understood? The ball thing, how the hell did it go from traveling down a straight path to doing a complete left turn to a small hallway with Ryan's name on the wall... and why Timmy loves pot.

  • Denise Uhlry
    Denise Uhlry Month ago

    I love how Shane said nothing about that creepy noise!Not one word.I seen the video from behind the scene and Shane took off running 🏃.Thats why there was no answer from Ryan!Shane was fucking freaked!

  • Alicia Carrizales
    Alicia Carrizales Month ago

    My favorite part is 11:00

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori Month ago

    Okay to be honest, 3:00 is maybe the _creepiest_ thing I've ever seen in a ghost Hunting show. what is _actually_ the likelihood of that ball landing in that hallway??? Ryan looks so genuinely freaked out and tbh I would be too lmao

  • Shanik M.
    Shanik M. Month ago

    The house at 5:30 is the only one that makes Shane look scared or weirded out

  • ohmondieu
    ohmondieu Month ago

    4:33 Um hell no, that’s straight up Hell.

  • Wosty
    Wosty Month ago

    9:55 I actually heard Mortal Kombat
    Haha maybe I'm just tripping XD

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +2

    Shane:if there is a ghost here make a noise any noise
    Ryan: *having a mental breakdown*
    Ghost: *makes a noise*
    Shane:it’s probably just the wind
    Ghost: *Am I a JoKe To YoU*

  • Mittens X
    Mittens X Month ago

    I don’t understand the ball thing

  • Georgia Stephenson
    Georgia Stephenson Month ago

    Two bros chilling in a bed and a hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay

  • Georgia Stephenson
    Georgia Stephenson Month ago

    Sometimes I think Shane fucks with his torches just to mess with Ryan.

  • Fat Ataera
    Fat Ataera Month ago

    More more more

  • 4 : 0 8 A M
    4 : 0 8 A M Month ago +1

    Its hilarious that Ryan's face in the thumbnail matches your profile pic

  • Gilky The Playstreamer

    German Ryan: If you’re here make a noise
    Ghost:Cyka Blyat
    German Ryan:

  • chaos x
    chaos x Month ago +30

    Ryan : can you please show us a sign? Make a noise

    Ghosts : i-

    Ryan : *insert shocked pikachu meme*

  • Lisa R
    Lisa R Month ago


  • Molz 333
    Molz 333 Month ago

    Otherwise known as paranormal moments from buzzfeed unsolved and Shane Mandej denying every single one

  • Ama's Spilt Tea
    Ama's Spilt Tea Month ago +14

    When he threw the ball I was kinda imagining the kid grabbing the ball and violently throwing it saying "YEET"

  • jule c:
    jule c: Month ago +14

    Ryan is always so scared but still goes into all these dark rooms alone, I wouldn’t be brave enough tbh

  • Jenna Fern
    Jenna Fern Month ago

    I’m shane lol im such a skeptic

  • wer
    wer Month ago

    ryan is such a nerd omg 💗

  • JeeBeeJee
    JeeBeeJee Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks it's strange you answer the door without opening it?

  • TheOne King
    TheOne King Month ago

    The footsteps at the hotel is probably the most compelling as it’s all night and nobody is in the room.

  • Niki Hagan
    Niki Hagan Month ago

    It’s daft punk 😂

  • Yanyan Guevarra
    Yanyan Guevarra Month ago

    9:55. It sounds like his tummy rumbling...

  • Arc4ne_
    Arc4ne_ Month ago

    wow amazin

  • Clockwork Energy
    Clockwork Energy Month ago

    5:41 I feel so bad he Sounded like he was going to cry

  • YoonYoon
    YoonYoon Month ago +3

    Ryan: *creeped out*
    Shane: *wheeze*

  • BigRussianBoi71
    BigRussianBoi71 Month ago

    Oh fuck off

  • sh loop
    sh loop Month ago

    i love that you left shanes reactions 😂

  • Koi
    Koi Month ago

    “They know! Ryan they know!”

  • Vala
    Vala Month ago +468

    Ryan: If you are here right now, if anyone is here right now, make a noise.
    Ghost: *makes noise*
    Ryan: Its probably just some furniture creaking..
    Ghost: Am I a joke to you?

  • Maj Tolentino
    Maj Tolentino Month ago +10

    the spirit box sessions are just too creepy and accurate specially that penitentiary episode

  • im hungryyy
    im hungryyy Month ago +1

    Omg Honestly the footsteps were hella creepy and Shane just lying there with no blanket and not alarmed how is he not scared???!

  • FelixFTW
    FelixFTW Month ago

    what the fuck is that noise at the beginning

  • aurora borealis
    aurora borealis Month ago +261

    i admire the cameraman for his courage to go to all that creepy-ass locations,if that was me i would've already had a mental breakdown the first five minutes i stayed there. kudos to that dude

    • L16htW4rr10r
      L16htW4rr10r 17 days ago +2

      He is like Shane apparently

    • MsMichelle31573
      MsMichelle31573 28 days ago +6

      aurora borealis idk if it’s different ppl at times but it was a girl in one of these. She laughed and said something. She’s got HUGE balls too!🤣

    • Theveryoneguy
      Theveryoneguy Month ago +10

      Lmao he’s also always in a corner by himself honestly he’s got balls of steel

  • akiila buiilds
    akiila buiilds Month ago +8

    the ball moment was the scariest moment for me, you can literally hear it stop - then continue bouncing 🤠

  • Hush3d Hustla
    Hush3d Hustla Month ago +61

    My conclusion: Ryan is too innocent to lie about ghosts

  • raging mystosanity
    raging mystosanity Month ago

    @5:18 is that a guy's figure over there?

  • GiselleViølet
    GiselleViølet Month ago

    Ryan: shaaane thats a ghost
    Shane: oh no its just a breeze
    Ryan:IKR HELP ME

  • JS_Productions
    JS_Productions Month ago

    Me am watching at night

  • Nizza Pain
    Nizza Pain Month ago +1

    They get more ghost activity than the ghost hunters on t.v.

  • Hinn
    Hinn Month ago +1

    Tfs part 2

  • Music Is My Aesthetic
    Music Is My Aesthetic Month ago +7

    *My old apartment in Cali was haunted I swear to god and everything holy.
    Edit: my apartment was in Van Nuys, CA
    -I would feel something put pressure on my bed as if someone else was getting in with me.
    -In the middle of the night I would wake up to something tapping my headboard.
    -I would be in the kitchen and - for some reason this only happened while I was in the kitchen - my bedroom closet door would open. It has a very loud creek so I would hear it every time.
    -I’ve tripped over pillows at night time that I did not place on the floor.
    -I would hear footsteps in the hallway around noon almost every day
    I stayed there for about six months. Once I saved up enough money to move out I got the hell out of there.

  • KingBongHogger
    KingBongHogger Month ago +456

    It's kind of ironic how one of the least scary ghost shows has possibly the most convincing footage. You can tell they're not bullshitting so when shit does happen it's believable.

    • A is for America
      A is for America 22 hours ago +1

      That's exactly why no TV network can make a good show on ghosts. They're all too determined to make every episode eventful to get good ratings.

    • L16htW4rr10r
      L16htW4rr10r 17 days ago

      Which episode do you mean?

    • Duhlayna
      Duhlayna 28 days ago +9

      Well all of the stuff that happens is all explainable. Like most of these could be the wind or the house settling.

  • William Lane
    William Lane Month ago

    Great vid !!

  • TaeKLynn V
    TaeKLynn V Month ago

    6:50 casual bro time

  • Maria Markova
    Maria Markova Month ago

    Shaniacs UNITE!!!!

  • Ei Mainoksia
    Ei Mainoksia Month ago

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dih dih duh duh

  • Just_dyll
    Just_dyll Month ago +4

    3:31 oh GOD!......

    An ASMR Ghost😱

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller Month ago

    It' seems like the unfinished bureau near a wolf house,. Some barley corn's human drift to Eden. It has been said the closer you get to the spirit world, the more time seems to blend with Nature. Some heel of iron, some burn't place to the ground. Things that seem odd awareness is heightened. Like a a rebuilt fish patrol in an abandoned pool somebody made. For
    the people of the abyss this was done, who have nothing left but a call to the wild. A light bends, distorts the reverent silence that haunts with no fear. Abandoned ghosts have lent moonlit gleams tonight. I wonder if other people will be able to see the beauty in this wreckage, or if only I , an amateur photographer and poet who grew up in San Francisco and did ballet as a job in his life, can truly appreciate it. Down from the attic, over the debris, some ghosts do rounds lingering over lost souls. Like ground fog over cotton poetry slamming the phantoms moans but cherishing their return.

  • Fortnite Default.Streamer YT

    *our audio recorder pics pics up this*

  • Fortnite Default.Streamer YT

    Ghosts don't know their ghosts

  • MrJ3gather
    MrJ3gather Month ago +1

    Get a dog! Bring the dog with you to season six!