Tfue UNLOCKS *SECRET* BLACK HOLE Mini-Game! Ninja *REVEALS* Season 11 HINT! (Chapter 2)

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Tfue Unlocks SECRET Black Hole Mini Game! Ninja Gives HINT!
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    This video includes:
    Tfue Unlocks Secret Black Hole Mini Game
    Ninja Reveals Season 11 Hint
    Fortnite Season 11 The End
    Fortnite Season 11
    Fortnite Chapter 2
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    EXTRA_ SHADY Month ago

    Event epic name: ShadySand123

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    Harlem Lewis Month ago


  • Glue Man
    Glue Man Month ago

    Can’t believe people still play this game lul. Cool creator move but can’t believe people aren’t tired of this game yet.

  • 306 beats
    306 beats Month ago

    Damn this was way off

  • apkona
    apkona Month ago

    i played the mini game at season x and in the season 9 trailer jonesy and banana skin was playing it

  • Ty'zhaun Holden
    Ty'zhaun Holden Month ago

    Me:What is fortnite now.
    Epic: Idk

  • Hypnagogic Matt
    Hypnagogic Matt Month ago

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  • paraller Ôrbit
    paraller Ôrbit Month ago

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    Kenzie Yaputra Month ago

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    William Arkwright Month ago

    That's the Konami Code

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  • ItsMoonlit
    ItsMoonlit Month ago

    kill the game already holy shit

  • CIH
    CIH Month ago

    I watched fortnite’s insta,it said fortnite will come back later

  • nouredeen alshaik
    nouredeen alshaik Month ago

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    David Gremillion Month ago

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  • Blu
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  • Swoogity Boogity
    Swoogity Boogity Month ago

    my friend watched that hole for 8 hours

  • Toxic Pheonix Karuza

    This is how its working so its 48 hrs we waited for chinas event and then had to wait 24 hrs right so today and when it hits the time it happend the season launches

  • Justinthepro 53
    Justinthepro 53 Month ago

    Event justingamer211. Good luck everyone I made sure to turn notifications on too :)

  • Jonathanlee 21
    Jonathanlee 21 Month ago

    Finally this game might actually die for once

  • Isnipyyy Yy
    Isnipyyy Yy Month ago

    Isnt taco tuesday still on Oct 22?

  • bailey bro tw
    bailey bro tw Month ago

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    Dom 15 Month ago

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    Smilingjk 93 Month ago

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  • Ramen N_o_o_d_l_e_s

    Up up down down left right left right ba start is a code back when the first Nintendo came up

  • G. R
    G. R Month ago

    Plot twist : The mini game is actually season 11

  • Mr. Personal
    Mr. Personal Month ago

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    Id: Vladthe1mpaler1

  • dehz
    dehz Month ago

    No one :
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  • 壊Hraefnxx
    壊Hraefnxx Month ago

    The hint is tacos so the hint is greasy grove?

  • XxEpicKermitxX Pena

    So im guessing epic meant to do the blackhole forever

  • Samim Huncho
    Samim Huncho Month ago

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  • Matthew Ramirez
    Matthew Ramirez Month ago

    That mini game is just a game for you to play while waiting for the black hole to stop. It's nothing but a simple game

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    My high score is 157,000 cuz I got tired

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