GIANT SPICY Chicken & Hand Pulled Noodles: Xinjiang Cuisine Guide

  • Published on Mar 15, 2017
  • Xinjiang cuisine is some of my favorite! In this video I tried some classic including the famous BIG plate of Chicken and hand made chinese noodles. I had the Xinjiang dishes at Eden Silk Road restaurant in Fremont in the Bay area.
    The Restaurant:
    My noodle recipe:
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  • Daniel Correa
    Daniel Correa 2 days ago

    Mickey if you go to San Diego
    Visit Aqui es Texcoco pit roasted lamb and ask for the broth
    1043 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91911
    Warm Regards

  • Terri Ellis
    Terri Ellis 24 days ago

    I love hearing you don't get paid or sponsored for this. I had no idea. Would have LOVED to see more of the places you went. What an awesome place.

  • Hseo Jeon
    Hseo Jeon Month ago

    Mike "rub hands" Chen

  • Kurtis Tam
    Kurtis Tam 2 months ago

    San Francisco prices....

  • Jim Nguyen
    Jim Nguyen 3 months ago

    You should try out ok noodle in Newark near Fremont. Yummy!!

  • Jasmine0Brooke
    Jasmine0Brooke 3 months ago

    I wanna try their noodles

  • Jesus Raphael
    Jesus Raphael 3 months ago

    I want that shirt!

  • lito navera
    lito navera 5 months ago

    Yum Yum...

  • TabbyAngel2
    TabbyAngel2 5 months ago

    Xinxiang is home to the Persian tajik people as well. That is why palaos and kabob style food

  • Fanta Diakite
    Fanta Diakite 5 months ago

    He is too funny

  • Elis Sinha
    Elis Sinha 5 months ago

    please stop grunting and moaning while u eat it’s scary

  • faat ach
    faat ach 5 months ago +1

    i reallyy reallyy love this mannn 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ food = live thank youuu bye 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • arun mishra
    arun mishra 5 months ago

    Too much cost

  • Lynnette mendoza/hutchison

    California rocks

  • D C
    D C 5 months ago

    Wow..,it looks so awesome and you made me hungry. Problem is It's Feb 2019 and Yelp reviews for Eden Silk Road Cuisine is pretty low and bad. I guess they went through a new owner after your review and quality and service went down. Anyway, I still love watching all your oldest to latest videos. Keep going Mike, thanks for showing!

  • Rohit Bungba
    Rohit Bungba 5 months ago +1

    Your channel should be strictly noodles....

  • TheWorldInMyHead
    TheWorldInMyHead 5 months ago

    You forgot to mention the 回族 who are the muslim Han chinese (who are not always considered Han chinese) . also it's much more similar to Central Asian (uzbek,kazakh etc) cuisine not Middle Eastern (Arabic,Israeli etc). Come to Forrest hills/rego park area of NYC to one of the 100s Uzbek restaurants in the area. The food is very much like uyghur cuisine (Uzbeks and uyghur are related). I have a video on the subject on my page.

  • LazyBean
    LazyBean 5 months ago

    wow thank you so much for reviewing xinjiang's cuisines. the noodles is really one of the best things on earth and it's so overshadowed by la mian and xiao long baos.

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is 6 months ago

    This is a very expensive meal

  • Brandon Stringfield
    Brandon Stringfield 6 months ago

    how do you eat all of that

  • khai
    khai 8 months ago

    I honestly just wonder why he doesnt go back to his homeland and do a special series and tour and his home and mom homemade cooking, it would be so awesome and lovely if he did that pls mikey thank u if u do

  • Inver Brass
    Inver Brass 9 months ago

    seems overly expensive, $9 for a salad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca Brandon
    Rebecca Brandon 10 months ago

    Can't stand raisins in any food! Particularly savoury dishes ....

  • tamoghna dutta
    tamoghna dutta 10 months ago

    Mike likes the word "gelatinous " a lot! It seems to be present in almost every video of his.

  • mutaween464
    mutaween464 10 months ago +2

    Xinjiang food looks so good. Too bad the Chinese government right now is killing off the ethnic Uyghur people, putting them in concentration camps, etc. This food may not be around for much longer.

  • juan tomas
    juan tomas 10 months ago +1

    Hand pulled noodles are so good !! You have to try them, no better noodle on this earth !!

  • syed sohaib
    syed sohaib 10 months ago +1

    Would love to hear about what you think about all the things the Chinese government (Han Chinese)are doing to the Uygur population..
    Muslims living their are going through Hell under the Han Chinese.. seriously.. people should look it up, some of the things are just inhumane

  • Shixiong Feng
    Shixiong Feng 11 months ago

    No good.

  • pearlintheoyster
    pearlintheoyster 11 months ago


  • mandalor-83 J
    mandalor-83 J 11 months ago

    Would they be offended of I say no milk tea for me please ?

  • Michael S
    Michael S Year ago

    food looks great but wayyyy to expensive

  • Lawless
    Lawless Year ago

    Lucky SOB

  • Kali Göktürk
    Kali Göktürk Year ago +1

    You mean uyghurs

  • yeetus_fetus1
    yeetus_fetus1 Year ago

    thank you for the geography lesson at the beginning of the video!

  • Cry Celestial
    Cry Celestial Year ago

    My mouth is not watering, but my stomach is grumbling

  • J. Jankins
    J. Jankins Year ago

    Saw your picture on the restaurant windows today.

  • Rab
    Rab Year ago

    Im salivating 😍😍

  • Grindewalds Weird eye

    The skewers u ate the beef one is kofta or kebab which is a egyptian food ( some people say its turkish pls dont start a fight

  • Underground Chamber Muzik

    looks very typical iraqi food the first meal

  • SophisticatedAss
    SophisticatedAss Year ago +1

    Try the one called “Charcoal Kebab House” in Toronto. The owner and cooks are Uighur people. Literally the same taste you will have in Urumqi.

  • Mobile Players
    Mobile Players Year ago

    the cheft gets all the working money, that's why it's expensive.

  • Gulgina
    Gulgina Year ago

    I eat these foods everyday (::

  • Ho Lee Fuk
    Ho Lee Fuk Year ago

    U look like Jacky Chan

  • Jas G
    Jas G Year ago

    I’ve always wanted to visit Xinjiang. Please do a food travel video in Xinjiang, Greece & Turkey(if it’s ever safe). Your comment is very important. Trust your review! Thanks for the video

  • Fatimah
    Fatimah Year ago +1

    The Uyghurs are a minority group that are being slaughtered by Chinese forces. I know your videos are about food but you frequently mention cultural aspects about the regions you visit. Why avoid this topic especially since it has been in the news the past few years ?

    BELNORD HOTEL Year ago

    Hey Mike, i know I'm late but is there a place like this is NY??

  • Nikita Stokoe
    Nikita Stokoe Year ago +1

    I swear to god, why the rest of the world knows how to eat real food and England is poisoning its people !!! There's nothing like this in UK unless you attempt it at home!! 😅😅

  • hao thai
    hao thai Year ago


  • Percabeth Jase
    Percabeth Jase Year ago

    How come in the beginning the junk costs less than the salad. Weird

  • idontlikebadjokes

    Ban mian is one of my favourites! Love this video!!!

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams Year ago +4

    You just spent exactly $86.75 on one meal and finished it. You still amaze me every Mikey😂

  • Cherry Ravelo
    Cherry Ravelo Year ago

    Are the meat halal ?

  • kathleen chloe
    kathleen chloe Year ago +1

    You are the Jackie Chan of Kung Fu eating! great video Mike :-)

  • reginald villanueva

    its jackie chan!

  • Cherry Ravelo
    Cherry Ravelo Year ago +1

    Are the meat halal? Thank you.

  • Doenjang Stew
    Doenjang Stew Year ago

    I don't understand how can Xinjang people get the rice?

  • salah nane
    salah nane Year ago

    mhmm, i would never never eat there call me cheap but ill never pay damn near 20bucks for 3 skewers

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Year ago

    The sims background music

  • One Journey
    One Journey Year ago

    Wow, thank you ... amazing adventure and the spices outstanding applied with NO FEAR!

  • joanna tam
    joanna tam Year ago

    Good intro to overseas xinjiang food. Singapore just had its first lamb skewer franchise restaurant. Really delicious

  • Tike Manski
    Tike Manski Year ago

    I know Cali is full of salad-heads. Am i wrong thinking $8.65 for the salad at 3:14 is pricy? , Looks tasty however.

  • land of dawn
    land of dawn Year ago

    Are you ...

  • Jessofalltrades
    Jessofalltrades Year ago

    I lived in Shanghai for about 5 years, I LOVED Xinjang for so much that I actually went there on vacation. It's so so so good. The food I had in Urumqi was the best I ever had.

  • Ace Rms
    Ace Rms Year ago

    Explore the middle east cuisine as well

  • Bdak Swagger
    Bdak Swagger Year ago +1

    Im hungry man

  • Apperentice Player Graal

    mike you look like asian but you're not? XD

  • Keith Lee
    Keith Lee Year ago +2

    How can you deal with that much calorie? That milk tea is enough for my breakfast.

  • racays
    racays Year ago

    $9 for salad ?

  • Sophie Sun
    Sophie Sun Year ago +2

    wow! the dishes are quite pricey!

  • OK Master
    OK Master Year ago +1

    Vietnamese people like me gonna love your t-shirt