Tasting Cold Weather Russian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

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  • 7c3c72602f7054696b
    7c3c72602f7054696b 12 hours ago

    I wish I could speak Russian, my grandmother was from there.

  • Nadjib Habib
    Nadjib Habib Day ago


  • Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor 2 days ago

    Liver pate' or pashtet is my favorite! I love the Russian military MRE the very best! It's just so expensive for shipping from Russia.

  • Mines116
    Mines116 3 days ago

    Is this the same MRE all the time but different packaging?

  • Unicornstar 101
    Unicornstar 101 6 days ago

    Why do I feel like lunchables are like MREs

  • Mihai Mușat
    Mihai Mușat 7 days ago


  • UkiGamingHD
    UkiGamingHD 7 days ago

    this video is rushed....

  • Salman Haider
    Salman Haider 17 days ago

    How can I get this mre ?

  • Jamie Aguilar
    Jamie Aguilar 20 days ago

    8:25 is there a monster in the woods

  • Benny C
    Benny C 25 days ago

    Lol. “I love pastet. Everybody loves pastet. Almost even named on of my dogs pastet.”

  • Born Again & Rapture Ready

    How can you say its delicious before you even taste it?

  • Eric Paranormal
    Eric Paranormal 27 days ago

    Youre hands are too much shakeing. You have to eat more Pashtiet.

  • Hawkion Z
    Hawkion Z 29 days ago +2

    Russian general : Taras Throw a grenade
    Taras : *_Boom_*

  • Green panda
    Green panda Month ago

    He named his dog 'pashtet' that's insane 😂

  • hypomanic
    hypomanic Month ago

    probably the only time he wrote "Tasting" instead of "Testing" in the title.

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup Month ago

    There is a pashtet really popular on Balkans called Argeta and its Slovenian

  • The High Pineapple
    The High Pineapple Month ago

    If Taras didn't find Pashtet in that Russian MRE, I think he would've flipped the table.

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    I'ma start calling everything dusanka

  • Ammar Haider
    Ammar Haider Month ago

    Him and i said it the same time "where's the pashtiet"

  • Kushal Shahi
    Kushal Shahi Month ago

    He missed koffee tho

  • aaadinn
    aaadinn Month ago

    i really want to try that ыхвдцзчтвтажфхйбвьвдсьвтцлвшмотмабуюущвлвооаоа

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson Month ago

    Introducing the North Korea MRE. ingredients:
    Decayed rats

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson Month ago


  • StonerDom
    StonerDom Month ago

    Can you do more mre videos

  • Victor Echefu
    Victor Echefu Month ago

    There’s gonna be Bastet or how u say it is my prediction

  • Matthew Christ
    Matthew Christ Month ago

    If you type in on google is pashtet russian theres a picture of him and a can of pashtet lol

  • Dr Shobhit Garg
    Dr Shobhit Garg Month ago


  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin Month ago

    Hahahahaha I’m in luv try teel new

  • Hi How are you
    Hi How are you Month ago +1

    He is cool 😎👍 it's cool things that he gives us tips for things that are really really helpful

  • Yvonne Livingstone
    Yvonne Livingstone Month ago

    Love watching you send some over

  • Denis Cerviakov
    Denis Cerviakov Month ago

    take ur dog and put in a meat grinder, and make some pashtet

  • Battle cry
    Battle cry 2 months ago

    Indian military MRE

  • Purusharth Srivastava
    Purusharth Srivastava 2 months ago

    Please do on Indian mre

  • SasukeUchiha 2002
    SasukeUchiha 2002 2 months ago


  • Durby24 _yt
    Durby24 _yt 2 months ago

    Looks like Japanese noodles lol

  • Ijal. ____
    Ijal. ____ 2 months ago

    Mekak ii je kau barua.kau makan jela musibat.babi tidak.bodo botak cacat

  • Bharati Saha
    Bharati Saha 2 months ago

    Try indian mre

  • Arbiana Merturi
    Arbiana Merturi 2 months ago


  • Grievousnz
    Grievousnz 2 months ago

    Haha, 'you're pretty much gonna fist all day...'! 3:55

  • Grievousnz
    Grievousnz 2 months ago

    Keep the MRE's coming... much better than 'Kitchen gadgicks part 653...'

  • Claudiu
    Claudiu 2 months ago

    Some of russians words are the same like in romanian :))

  • Ron S
    Ron S 2 months ago

    That’s quite a comprehensive meal

  • Shubham Mehta
    Shubham Mehta 2 months ago

    need one video on indian army MRE

  • mr. clik
    mr. clik 2 months ago


  • eriks kundzins
    eriks kundzins 2 months ago

    in survival situation i could last a week or more on this

  • Froyo Gaming
    Froyo Gaming 2 months ago

    I think he should make his merch

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 2 months ago +1

    MRE is the coolest thing for me

  • Скороход ЕВ
    Скороход ЕВ 2 months ago

    Почему не предлогаешь сухие пайки своей подруге, интересно ей такое понравится или нет.

  • Teo
    Teo 2 months ago

    Gnutella and pashtet😅🤙

  • Stebby YT
    Stebby YT 2 months ago

    Anyone notice his bird in the background?

  • riya Rani
    riya Rani 2 months ago

    indian MRE plzzzz

  • Brian Fury
    Brian Fury 2 months ago

    Can you do a Wakanda MRE

  • Saad Ismail
    Saad Ismail 2 months ago

    Taras: “I’ll put hot water in there.”
    *hot water spills on his hand*
    Taras:”oof, that’s hot.”

  • Saad Ismail
    Saad Ismail 2 months ago

    Taras: “I’ll put hot water in there.”
    *hot water spills on his hand*
    Taras:”oof, that’s hot.”

  • Egan De sa
    Egan De sa 2 months ago

    Chai is called tea in India too !

  • Aman Kallyat
    Aman Kallyat 2 months ago

    When Taras does a Russian MRE video, you know theres gonna be Pashtet

  • Ruthie May
    Ruthie May 2 months ago +1

    I love watching a millionaire sitting in his backyard eating dehydrated food. 🥰🥰🥰

  • David Mallo
    David Mallo 2 months ago

    What's pachteat ?? Im still confused

  • yongkham rezniel Singh
    yongkham rezniel Singh 2 months ago

    Is dat beef or chicken

  • chirag dham
    chirag dham 2 months ago

    how can someone be so sure about being unsure. *this looks amazing probably*

  • Robert Bob
    Robert Bob 2 months ago

    Lets go to the gym now, OK this is the jam what it looks looks like. Russian gym is one of the best.

  • Robert Bob
    Robert Bob 2 months ago

    Something got exploded inside there

  • vikas lama
    vikas lama 2 months ago

    What happen to your 👍

  • white legend wolf
    white legend wolf 2 months ago +44

    Taras: he goes to new delhi(india)
    And breath the air, immmm taste like petrol,,delicious..

  • iblockpuncheswithmyface

    Thank God there was pashtiet.

  • BRAWL BOY GAMING !!!!!!!! yo

    I was wondering whole time
    "where's the PASTIET?"

    • Feies Vlad
      Feies Vlad Month ago

      It's basically liver paste, or "pate" however you wanna call it.

  • Billy Clark
    Billy Clark 3 months ago

    Crazy Russian hacker?????

    LEOPARDTWO 3 months ago

    At 0:10, the package displays the words, 'Food, Specialized Designation'. That's right! Spetsnaz!

  • V. Reynoso 46, MLB and NHL Fan!

    New Subscriber here Taras.

  • MedicTiger 28
    MedicTiger 28 3 months ago

    24 hour MRE challenge!!!!!

  • Waqar Khan
    Waqar Khan 3 months ago

    lets go to the gym now

    SHARKHANDIA 3 months ago

    How much food do Russians eat in 24 hours omfg

  • abc defg
    abc defg 3 months ago


  • Patrick Roy Lapratte
    Patrick Roy Lapratte 3 months ago

    Is it a bird, behind in the cage? If so, what kind of bird? I personally have a green cheek conure.

  • shiva kumar
    shiva kumar 3 months ago

    Do a video on Indian MRE

  • Charlo Mtz
    Charlo Mtz 3 months ago

    The Bacardi MRE

  • Yashvanth Kumar
    Yashvanth Kumar 3 months ago +1

    Who doesn't love his Russian accent

  • Billy Xamonty
    Billy Xamonty 3 months ago

    love the vids!!!!

  • Billy Xamonty
    Billy Xamonty 3 months ago

    there he goes again. cutting it open with a knife.

  • Max Lay
    Max Lay 3 months ago

    Wheres the vodka hahahaa