Crowd chants "send her back" at Trump rally, echoing president's tweets

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • President Trump is on the attack as he fights for a second term. At a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina, he fired up the crowd with more attacks on four Democratic congresswomen. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid and CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes join CBSN to discuss the president's reelection strategy.

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  • Vlad7777 Tepes
    Vlad7777 Tepes 25 days ago

    This news segment speaks volumes about why people don't trust the current-day vaudeville shows that used to pass for news in a bygone era. The SMUG on each presenter's face, along with the tone of their "reporting" says it all. It's the Deep State at work, and it's no more independent of the fiat of a liberal, coastal elite than Russia's media is dependent on the whims of a captive oligarchy.

  • 3
    3 Month ago

    I don't believe Trump expected it

  • Dean Christos
    Dean Christos Month ago +1

    Pres Trump tweet referred to the four ( Mob Squad ), who just happened to be minority. This immediately sent welcome shock waves thru ranks of lib, humanists, globalist, elitte mrdia and their politician confederates only too anxious to deceitfully twist meaning of Trumps words to: RACIST! They knew this would be picked up by antiTrump socialist/gimee crowd and other confused or easilty manipulated who resent Pres outspoken, blunt personality. They prefer the pleasant speaking "bed side manner type " to one who actually gets things done. Other than a few; "Wheres a (an impartial news reporter ) when you need one?"
    Putin, on the other hand, speaks to his nation, and internationally, in a moderate, polite, very intelligent, logical manner. He is immediately referred to in our media as the enemy. And, even though his people were our allies in WW11, and bore the brunt of the conflict with some 22 mil dead troops, untold brutalized civilians included.

  • Danny Keane
    Danny Keane Month ago


  • Zachary Mullins
    Zachary Mullins Month ago

    Did we find something else to pretend to be outraged about? But its ok for 350 pound leftist with fake blond hair to say go back to where you came from? The minnesota congressthing is a muslim and does not hold America in her heart like she should. She hates white people and she supports terrorist. SHE NEEDS TO BE DEPORTED! and will soon because she is a criminal. And under Trump CRIMINALS will be dealt with. unlike twinkle toes obama.

  • alphawolf31 Gaming
    alphawolf31 Gaming Month ago

    I want to ask a question, what about his wife? the so call first lady hmm. should that also apply to her bc she is not from the US so why is he attacking meanwhile his wife is not even from the US lmao every other first lady has done more then this first lady. The only thing she does his stand n look pretty. lmao lmao hey president trump i just talked $&÷× about your throphy wife lmao r u not going to chant " send he back !!" send her back !! Lmao u sir r the son of Hitler.

  • Neal Conway
    Neal Conway Month ago +2

    Send Melania back

  • Rachitha De Soysa
    Rachitha De Soysa Month ago +1

    Wish my country Sri Lanka had a president like Trump. Americans are lucky!

    • TruBlue82
      TruBlue82 Month ago

      No one cares about Sri Lanka and their smelly people with dots on their forheads. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Prest4tyme
    Prest4tyme Month ago +3

    I'm so ashamed of NC right now. 45 has pulled the curtain back and we see the real heart of this country.

    • Zachary Mullins
      Zachary Mullins Month ago

      Yes you are shamed. never forget that. And never forget how much this country offered you only to have you stab it in its back. 45 Trumps 44 and that I think what hurts you the most. obama couldn't do it in 8 years what Trump did in under 3. Which is why folks like you keep the propaganda alive. The heart of this country is true blue and no other color. The heart of you and the other few lefties are black and shrived. Hate rules your world and the best part is that you never personally had a reason to hate anyone. The dems tell you all to hate so you hate. which is how your group gained the label of sheeps.

  • Michael Tabor
    Michael Tabor Month ago

    If Omar was running for President
    & had a chance of winning
    We would have A Civil war in this country
    Just saying

  • Michael Tabor
    Michael Tabor Month ago +1

    I thought trump was Hitler??
    Always sticks up for Israel
    General suggested an attack
    For shooting down a drone in Iran
    Trump said no
    Not killers no 250 people form a robot drone
    But he’s Hitler??
    Omar admitted hating Israel
    Who’s Hitler again???

  • Nikki Cedrone
    Nikki Cedrone Month ago

    This idiot, 2:24 "they have no sense of humor" because last names are funny? I'm pretty sure having who I am at birth and what I stand for mocked over the color of my skin would not be some long punchline. seriously, f these dumb hicks. they make me ashamed to be white.

  • i am deacon
    i am deacon Month ago

    ya obama did a great job fixing the economy, so good that trump is claiming hes responsible for it. this is what trumpf has done for americans and the american

  • John Gault Productions

    I totally agree... "SEND HER BACK!"

  • liveinmyamerica
    liveinmyamerica Month ago

    What with the CBSN gay skin head, isn't that "racist"

  • liveinmyamerica
    liveinmyamerica Month ago

    Love this, make them squirm, Trump 2020

    • Lanayru
      Lanayru Month ago

      Its not going to work its actually going to nake them want to go against trump even more

  • J May
    J May Month ago +2

    The reason that people have a problem with these four politicians is not because of their race. It is because of what they are trying to do to America. It doesn't help that the media continues to put them on the news and they continue to put themselves on the news by tweeting constantly and saying crazy things. They also get more attention because they are young and pretty.

    • Son White
      Son White Month ago

      Their race and gender make people hate them even more so...

    • Lanayru
      Lanayru Month ago

      Trump is the real problem not the 4

  • red delian
    red delian Month ago +5

    anyone remembers Mussolini?Italian dictator and ally of adolf h.

    • Michael Tabor
      Michael Tabor Month ago

      red delian
      Yea Omar’s not far off
      Hates America & all Jews
      Mussolini was a choir boy

  • Cecilia Darko
    Cecilia Darko Month ago

    Democrats are so sensitive everything the president said they thinking is about them..get a life Democrats

  • Steve Zav
    Steve Zav Month ago

    No different than a football fan rooting for their team.

  • Rocky castor
    Rocky castor Month ago +3

    This is typical trump tactics!!! They go high he goes low!!!!

  • Rocky castor
    Rocky castor Month ago +1

    When are these clowns 🤡 are going get to work???? The war is with the government their self’s!!!!!

  • Vulcan Minbari
    Vulcan Minbari Month ago +2

    And so it begins..........."HEIL TRUMP!"

    • schizo phrenia
      schizo phrenia Month ago

      know your history you libtard, hitler is a national SOCIALIST , not trump . i am asian and i hate communist and socialist , trump is gonna win BIGtime in 2020

  • Zeus747 Vulcan
    Zeus747 Vulcan Month ago +8

    The old forefathers must be turning in their graves at the shameful state of America these days.🤣🤣🤣

    • MaskedMan66
      MaskedMan66 Month ago

      @Tsu 800 *smh* Is that what they're teaching you in school these days?

    • MaskedMan66
      MaskedMan66 Month ago

      @Zeus747 Vulcan Who would that be, then? Not the President; he's the one who's brought respect back to the Constitution.

    • Tsu 800
      Tsu 800 Month ago

      Nah, theyd love it! They founded the country on tax dodging for the rich and nothings changed!

    • Zeus747 Vulcan
      Zeus747 Vulcan Month ago +1

      @MaskedMan66 plus the mad psychopath in the whitehouse !

    • MaskedMan66
      MaskedMan66 Month ago

      The term is Founding Fathers, and they would be glad to see the Constitution respected once again. The only thing they'd be disgusted by is the murderous disregard for the unborn and the elderly.

  • summer greene
    summer greene Month ago

    We are all earthlings and I think it time America to vote against trump for 2020 and vote for a new president. If trump gets 4 more years in office then I hope democratic will impeached trump. #Makeamericasafeagain.🇺🇸

  • Jeff Dunlap
    Jeff Dunlap Month ago +1

    He got approx. 62 million votes last time. That number is not going to increase its going to decrease to about 50 million at best. If the Democrats don't do something stupid he's gone.

  • geoffrey collins
    geoffrey collins Month ago +1

    trump speaks the truth...
    if you hate your country,
    leave it

    • Lanayru
      Lanayru Month ago

      @geoffrey collins and have you seen other trump supporters?

    • Lanayru
      Lanayru Month ago

      @geoffrey collins at least i know how to spell unaware and that has nothing to do with history

    • geoffrey collins
      geoffrey collins Month ago

      @Lanayru you need to study history and read up on cultural marxism.. you are brainwashed and your iq is so low you are un aware of it

    • Son White
      Son White Month ago

      What does it mean to hate your country?

    • Lanayru
      Lanayru Month ago

      I believe trump also hates it

  • hgrantii1
    hgrantii1 Month ago

    Trump loves Mother Russia

  • luisvega666
    luisvega666 Month ago

    she said in hr opinion it wasnt anty semitic Same for him in his opinion he wasnt racist love from poland trump

  • 65wiseman
    65wiseman Month ago

    No good can come from ANY of these narrow minded politicians of either extreme. We will all end up suffering.

    • Lanayru
      Lanayru Month ago

      Suffering because of trump

  • Lu Ha
    Lu Ha Month ago

    Omam says what she wants and Trump says what he wants, and you do too.

  • Lu Ha
    Lu Ha Month ago

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago

    You two too, go home or homeless but get outa here, steal and scam.

  • Miles Ackers
    Miles Ackers Month ago

    Of course they like it

  • Roy Curtis
    Roy Curtis Month ago

    Caucasian Devils go back into the caves of Europe

    • Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
      Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Month ago

      You can go back to the baobab trees of central Africa instead of bitching since you are 400 y.o. tourists too. Lol.

    • Waabboommia
      Waabboommia Month ago

      I prefer staying where I was born at Virginia Peninsula. I don't go for one extreme or the other. I hadn't voted for President Donald J. Trump, but I don't think I would vote for him nor anyone else this election. I want to stay where I was born at and not be pushed nor kicked out of where I was born at because I wasn't born in Europe at all.

  • Tsunami Fit
    Tsunami Fit Month ago +6

    The Media brands them "4 women of color" really??!! they are Congress women period! Quit race baiting!

    • Chris Tams
      Chris Tams Month ago +1

      How many white Congress women has Trump told to go back to where they came? I rest my case.

  • Noble Casalupus
    Noble Casalupus Month ago

    Go back to where you are from?? You're from Queens? That's NYC. Democrats. Democrats are racist! MORE IDIOCY from the left.

  • Sextus Empiricus
    Sextus Empiricus Month ago +1

    "We the People" who LOVE America want "We the People" who HATE America to back to their country.

  • i am deacon
    i am deacon Month ago +1

    he raped and beat his former wife

  • Orange Crush
    Orange Crush Month ago

    Alpha News MN - Exploring the evidence that a member of Congress Ilhan Omar committed Bigamy, Marriage Fraud and Tax Fraud -

  • Bad2theBone
    Bad2theBone Month ago +1

    Look at all that white trash sitting behind Trump! Trump deplorables they are.

  • Chris Cull
    Chris Cull Month ago

    Like i said polls lie. Packed stadiums don't!

    • Chris Cull
      Chris Cull Month ago

      @Lanayru DEMOCRATS are the CULT. Right?

    • Lanayru
      Lanayru Month ago +1

      His followers are ignorant and im starting to believe its more of an cult to be honest

    • SamS
      SamS Month ago +1

      @Chris Cull Wow! You gullibles just can't control your emotions, can you? Especially the angry ones. I suppose that's what makes you gullible. That's also the reason that there is a world of difference between a decent Republican and a Trump supporter.

    • Chris Cull
      Chris Cull Month ago

      @SamS ABSOLUTELY NOT. NIT WIT HE'S surrounded by true AMERICAN patriots. Not IDIOTS who are to stupid and ignorant to know. They've been HOOD WINKED. PLEASE DON'T STOP.. YOU PUT ON THE BEST COMEDY SHOW OUT THERE. S.N.L CAN'T COMPETE.

    • SamS
      SamS Month ago +1

      Trump lies though. Maybe he's just surrounded by gullible fools? Billy Graham packed stadiums too.

  • sam t.
    sam t. Month ago

    Hmm...bag of idiots.

  • kevin Smoth
    kevin Smoth Month ago +1

    Hey CBS is not the SQUAD Channel......Why not ask show these 4 women past twit's. They are DOING NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.....THEY WANT TO HELP ILLEGAL IMMGRANTS

  • Erik Lorenzana
    Erik Lorenzana Month ago +19

    Proves that North Carolina belongs to the Confederacy.

    • MaskedMan66
      MaskedMan66 14 days ago

      And that's enough of your Yankee bigotry!

    • Michael Tabor
      Michael Tabor Month ago

      Maybe you should go to Somalia with Omar
      You would be dead in a day

    • I Know My Dick is Small, but
      I Know My Dick is Small, but Month ago +1

      Erik Lorenzana and didn’t she say some people did something about 9/11 a terrorist attack made up by some people from her country but she doesn’t want to disrespect her country. She should go back. She is not grateful for America.

    • Chris Cull
      Chris Cull Month ago +4

      Hey chump go say it right to there face. U won't. JUST LIKE the rest of u IDIOTS. Snow flake fairies. NO ACTION WHAT SO EVER.

  • Steve Powell
    Steve Powell Month ago

    All the negative comments I'm reading here are from 10 percent of the adults who was so fond of Obama's wellfair, foodstamps and unemployment checks. The 91 percent is out working at their new higher paying jobs, making money to support their families and don't have time to go on social media and complain about the loosers who hate a man who is looking out for the American people for the first time in 30 years

  • Vivian R
    Vivian R Month ago +4

    Listen carefully, " This is America"

    • Michael Tabor
      Michael Tabor Month ago

      Good Palmer who built this country to what it. Became??
      Btw I’m 10% Cherokee Indian
      More then Pocahontas so
      I guess I’m a native to?

    • Good Palmer
      Good Palmer Month ago

      Listen carefully: let's send you back to Europe, immigrant, and leave the Natives alone. Cherokee Nation.

  • recon dad
    recon dad Month ago +2

    The 4 are all anti American, they prove it every day, the niave don't even know what racism is and YES if you don't like America THEN LEAVE

    • Santa Clause
      Santa Clause Month ago

      @recon dad "If you disagree with me then you hate America" I love the freedom this country gives me to disagree with you. if you hate that freedom, I'm pretty sure you must be the person that hates america.

    • recon dad
      recon dad Month ago

      @Alex Benitez I call it the way I see it, and my eyes don't lie, then you too must think America is garbage

    • Alex Benitez
      Alex Benitez Month ago +1

      recon dad “ignorance” 😂

  • laksh nayyar
    laksh nayyar Month ago

    Trump represent the white fringe extreme group ,and if he get re elected again then it will be nightmare for everyone including White-Nationalist .Check out its economic policies.

  • Ron Osga
    Ron Osga Month ago +1

    Since Congress remains silent put pressure on mayor's of major cities to ban these rallies.

  • i am deacon
    i am deacon Month ago +2

    he cheats on his wife

  • tim steele
    tim steele Month ago

    If the four idiots from the squid loved the usa and its people instead of constantly bashing white people the history of the usa and calling everyone racist they never would have said send her back.. liberals are such shallow thinkers....

  • laksh nayyar
    laksh nayyar Month ago

    real problems of America has been distanced by Donald trump Administration.

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz Month ago +8


    • Raul Ruiz
      Raul Ruiz Month ago

      the stocks will get better or worse with or without him. In fact the upward trend, unemployment data etc were there well before this dude was let to play to be a president. the guy is unfit, you just need to look to his face when he talks, unbalanced@Killumi Ronnie

    • Paul Aragon
      Paul Aragon Month ago +3

      Killumi Ronnie send him to prison

    • Killumi Ronnie
      Killumi Ronnie Month ago

      Yeah, right after he continues to fix the economy. My portfolio is looking great. Send him back to Wall St.

  • Troy Cartwright
    Troy Cartwright Month ago

    More proof trump is not the problem.
    Trumpies are....

    • Bulldawg Freakzoid
      Bulldawg Freakzoid Month ago

      It's actually the Democrats who are the heart of the problem. They are a sham and worthless excuse for human beings.

  • Philip Harrison
    Philip Harrison Month ago

    This is crazy send her back this man is aiding and embedding a Russian spy in the White House They need to send his wife back.

  • Karlo Ve
    Karlo Ve Month ago +4

    Also we need to SEND BACK JARED KUSHNER this man is a Talmudic follower and of course is part of the ANTICHRIST. There are two institutions that are hurting America :The AIPAC and the MIC

  • Tea Mhatre
    Tea Mhatre Month ago +8

    The Squad4 Created ALL the Problems They Now Got On their Hands.!

    • Dennie Linch
      Dennie Linch Month ago

      The democrats are crawling in a hole really they are going to dump these 4 so fast it would make your head spin. They are an embarrassment to the dnc something I thought wasn’t possible but hey I’ve been wrong before...

    • d hart
      d hart Month ago

      Actually it"s THE SQUATS

    • Karlo Ve
      Karlo Ve Month ago

      I don't think so , the main problems of America is the MIC and AIPAC, these two have to get out of our government.

  • antonis antonis
    antonis antonis Month ago


  • Ann Beekeners
    Ann Beekeners Month ago +9

    Trump 2020. Then see the great things happen.

    • MaskedMan66
      MaskedMan66 26 days ago

      @Renee Lemoure What sort of jobs? Largely parttime ones without benefits attached. I am in that position myself, but I am seeing excellent prospects and aim to be in a 40-hour job by the end of the year. That was not an option three years ago.
      As to the economy:
      And let's have some proof that Trump is a racist.

    • Renee Lemoure
      Renee Lemoure 26 days ago

      @MaskedMan66 brought unemployment down? Many people work two jobs to make a living. This economy sucks. Watch the video and open your eyes! Trump is a racist!

    • Lanayru
      Lanayru Month ago +1

      @MaskedMan66 he specifically promised more jobs in ohio like the gm plant but failed to do so

    • MaskedMan66
      MaskedMan66 Month ago

      He's brought unemployment down and removed a lot of unnecessary policies. And you don't know the future. Nobody does.

      xZANZIBARZx Month ago