The Story Of Elon Musk

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    Elon Musk is probably the most interesting character in the engineering field today. His vision of the future is ambitious but despite the many skeptics it is slowly coming to fruition. Watch and learn the story of how Elon Musk came to be. Doesn't matter if love him or despise him, it's an interesting watch.

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    Bloomberg - Risktakers | Elon Musk:

    Elon Gets Introspective:


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    What's a caristaristic ?

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  • Latebar
    Latebar День назад

    Elon Musk is da man. A true insperation.

  • Jhony Antoun
    Jhony Antoun 3 дня назад

    He s smart but delusional!!im sure he have the grandiosity of a bipolar disorder!!!he maked an electric car!!!whats the genius about it???it just an engine working on battery!! It was possible long long time ago but due to political and economical reasons they didnt produce it!!!thank u

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  • real world
    real world 4 дня назад +1

    Drop out do not mean they stop learning, these people learn basic without college, then use their brains ,

  • Nallinannan Muthusamy
    Nallinannan Muthusamy 4 дня назад

    He is leading by exemplary leadership with dont give up attitude.He will be a great motivator for the future young generation.

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    Neill Tuck 5 дней назад

    Proudly South African!!

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    hit like if you are thinking to droupout from school after watching this video

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    Stop promoting yourself and your videos and give us an unbias, smooth biography as your title suggests.
    "See my video on this" x20...
    What about the unpromotable things?! Hit us! He's hoing to be the president of the universe so we might as well know him now...

  • godswill orji
    godswill orji 6 дней назад

    Elon Musk, The model I look up to

  • Will Robbins
    Will Robbins 8 дней назад

    11:44 sometimes the underdog comes out on top

  • Murtaza Khat
    Murtaza Khat 8 дней назад
    Amazing facts about Tesla

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    Straight the facks Up 10 дней назад

    Thanks for helping me explain to the mom who he is great video

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    noguarantees 10 дней назад +1

    You left out all the negative parts. I suspect so will history books. Damn shame.

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    Anant Gautam 11 дней назад

    Great video my man...keep up the good work

  • ssd27
    ssd27 11 дней назад

    7:00 clearly people want to bring Elon Musk down. This is how the real world tries to bring you down, through money and the laws. Look at the youtube situation with advertisers and bringing down people. this is how they always operate

  • Joseph Viernes
    Joseph Viernes 12 дней назад

    All of his companies are built by great products and services, he is always solving a problem using his products.

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    Mohit Rahaman 12 дней назад

    4:23 Solitaire!

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    A rare genetic combination

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    Kenny Rodriguez 13 дней назад

    He's my idol and inspiration yet I feel worthless when I compare myself to him...

  • MuhdZikry
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    Involved in 9 companies, SpaceX, PayPal, Tesla Inc., Hyperloop, SolarCity, OpenAI, The Boring Company, Neuralink, Zip2. Currently holding a title of CEO and CTO of SpaceX
    CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc.
    CEO of Neuralink
    Chairman of SolarCity
    Co-chairman of OpenAI
    Founder of The Boring Company

  • Sarah Lodin
    Sarah Lodin 13 дней назад +1

    I see the Tesla company in Fremont everyday on my way to school and back to home

  • SidemenNation
    SidemenNation 15 дней назад +7

    Possibly the greatest man of the 21st century so far.

  • Google it
    Google it 16 дней назад

    Musk is the new Steve Jobs (in regards to the influence and power he has)

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    yianismeri Greek traditional flavors 16 дней назад

    very nice video, thanks!

  • yianismeri Greek traditional flavors
    yianismeri Greek traditional flavors 16 дней назад

    very nice video, thanks!

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  • Brian Perkins
    Brian Perkins 17 дней назад

    We need more people like Elon musk!!!

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    Craig Warner 18 дней назад

    How can you get 5.4 out of 5. Plus Elon is a twat.

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    Jorgan 19 дней назад

    Why he doen't wear glasses?

  • Jasna-Maria Jahrens
    Jasna-Maria Jahrens 20 дней назад

    Nice summary. I never saw or read anything about Elon Musk and figured it is about time to "see his face and get some facts about him".
    YOUR VIDEO IS JUST AMAZING. It is the first one I saw and it will be the last one about Elon Musk, because you managed to put in all the information I was looking for.

    Thank you for the great work at/for ColdFusion!

  • Thepussy Destroyer
    Thepussy Destroyer 21 день назад

    Fuuuuuuucking legend

  • jesussaves7777
    jesussaves7777 21 день назад

    In the future could an AI robot that gets super smart to a "god like state", be the future antichrist or beast of the book of revelaton???

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    rommelriot 21 день назад

    Thank you very much @Coldfusion! I love your videos. You are essential to human minds. Please kindly keep it up.

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    Jagan s 22 дня назад

    Elon Musk . you're futureman you achieve above your aim . and would be the forever . and no words to say about you sir . here after everyone knows you

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    dundar Ozdemir 23 дня назад

    You are the last NIKOLA of the PRESENT and the FUTURE... we are lucky to live in the FUTURE with you...

  • reiwell del
    reiwell del 24 дня назад

    It just annoys me when people have to bring up that Elon earns $1, when the most important thing is shares. If you dont believe in your own company, and you would rather get paid, then I dont know why you even have a company. He has everything riding on these companies that he built.

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    Rohan Giri 25 дней назад

    he is 21st century s Einstein

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    Good job guys....... 👍👍👍

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    The tesla of our age

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    IMF Investments 27 дней назад

    Since elon is south African...can he speak Afrikaans???

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    username already taken 27 дней назад

    I want to be part of spacesex.

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    Gaurav Deora 27 дней назад

    This is awesome

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    Santosh kumar 28 дней назад

    please make a video about the success of hp laptops

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    Shawn Myrelle 28 дней назад

    *higher than Elon Musk, so high stars eat our dust, and I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts- dark energy we don't touch...*

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    Super Gaming 28 дней назад

    If all the rich people were like Elon Musk

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    lord of vermilion 28 дней назад

    too ambitious but thats where all the game changer starts

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    Avijit Singha 28 дней назад

    Real life tony stark

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    Low Koalatee 29 дней назад

    Dis is why being a nerd is gud

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 29 дней назад

    This might be weird, but as a musician, this man is my hero and inspiration. Just because he is my inspiration, doesn't mean I'll be an engineer and imitate him, however his philosophy stays with me. Thank you Elon.

  • MrAussieJules
    MrAussieJules 29 дней назад

    There will come a time in the future where entrepreneurial Elon's (not all as rich... ) are the rule and people working in cubicles with degrees to get them there are the exception....

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    Who all came here after watching this?

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    He proves everyone wrong .. Now that's the courage👏

  • Nachannachle
    Nachannachle Месяц назад

    A small correction/precision.
    When Mr Musk says "Never give up", what he TRULY means (in his clumsy choice of words) is: "Keep an eye on every possibility to solve any problem that you have".
    Essentially, he reminds us that not one method exclusively works to complete one job: there is a plethora of ways to reach a goal. Don't be fixed in your mindset, your views or your approach to life. Be determined but not deterministic.

  • Adarsh Poojary
    Adarsh Poojary Месяц назад

    Elon Musk - a man pushing his limits every now n then🙌🙌🙌

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    Very inspiring video

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    He is far ahead then so called billionaires

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    Someday, I want to be the best entrepreneur in the world like him...

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    Representing South Africa my boiiiiii!!!❤

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    This was really an inspiring video, it was a shame i didnt know who Elon Musk was but now that i know after watching the entire video it feels good. Nice summary of ones life without making it too long or boring.

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    Abhishek Basavaraj Месяц назад

    This is the video that I show people to introduce them Elon.. nice one

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    jesussaves7777 Месяц назад

    In the future could an AI robot that gets super smart to a " a god like state", be the future Antichrist or Beast of the book of Revelation ???

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    Rachelle Cottle Месяц назад

    What I'd like to know is is it possible to be successful (I would define success as happy/fulfilled) in all areas of life, not just financially, but emotionally, spiritually, physically. How do you have time for relationships and health when all you do is work?

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    gary flood Месяц назад

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