John Terry And James Corden - Go Fishing - Hilarious - Full Length - Must Watch!!!

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  • Lewis Davage
    Lewis Davage 2 месяца назад

    3:14 he was dreaming of Wayne bridges mrs again

  • Just Jimmy
    Just Jimmy 10 месяцев назад +12

    It's funny Giggs get hardly any stick for what he did yet that's all people refer to Terry like that. What Giggs was ten times worse

  • Rachid Khamlichi
    Rachid Khamlichi Год назад +5

    How fucking romantic

  • Allard Biggenvanger
    Allard Biggenvanger Год назад


  • dean winchestette
    dean winchestette Год назад +9

    I'm not dismissing the fact that Terry slept with his team mates wife, thats a scum thing to do and deserves reprimand. That said, to be hated on a global level over a personal ordeal does not fit the bill. Perhaps if he'd crucified someone out side of football and been sentenced a murderer, then yeah, he's a horrible human being who deserves mass hate. What Terry did was an inside matter which didnt affect his game or the team or the match so it hardly concerns the fans. From what i can see here, he seems to be a genuine human being. He is one of the best defenders the country has ever seen. Why let the reputation go to waste over indirect hatred on a matter that doesnt concern us? Lets jump off the bandwagon for once and end the shaming, it's not going to get anyone anywhere.

    • Samuel Coe
      Samuel Coe 8 месяцев назад

      Bryan Miller Well this is a video about John Terry so naturally any praise/criticism would be about him!

      I never said they broke the law but criticism when you've done a scumbag thing is a very small price to pay for the lifestyles they lead.

      No one is above criticism just because they're good at football

    • Bryan Miller
      Bryan Miller 8 месяцев назад

      Samuel Coe that said, neither broke the law, plus they're footballers, not ministers, so let's not be too harsh

    • Bryan Miller
      Bryan Miller 8 месяцев назад

      Samuel Coe Nah, it's just everyone jumps on Terry for breaking guy code, but somehow Griggs gets a pass for something that is worse.

    • Samuel Coe
      Samuel Coe 8 месяцев назад

      Bryan Miller Of course, sleeping with your sister in law is a scum thing to do.

      I'm not a Man U fan so I thought your accusation that I'd defend Giggs was a bit confusing :s

    • Bryan Miller
      Bryan Miller 8 месяцев назад

      Samuel Coe of course you are not a hypocrite and feel the same way about Griggs don't you

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 2 года назад

  • Adam Powney
    Adam Powney 2 года назад +34

    fuck what terry has done off the pitch he is the best defender England have ever had! Nothing but pure passion for his conurty and the FA fucked him in the arse complete joke terry should still be our captin !

    • Ahmed Arif
      Ahmed Arif Год назад

      +GrundyGames Have you consistently watched Bobby Moore play?

    • GrundyGames
      GrundyGames Год назад

      You obviously haven't heard of Bobby Moore

  • linnet12dd
    linnet12dd 2 года назад +1

    I've witnessed funnier rapes!

  • ZolaMagic25
    ZolaMagic25 3 года назад +1

    Surely Corden must be gay. He oozes it

  • Matthew Scrivener
    Matthew Scrivener 3 года назад +1

    Coupla kants

  • Adnan Januzaj
    Adnan Januzaj 3 года назад +15

    Terry is such a lad haha! 

    • Samuel Coe
      Samuel Coe Год назад

      +Paul ryan I think anyone who constantly cheats on their wife, sleeps with their friend's fiance and extracts money from his football club who pays for his massive wages by giving private stadium tours without their permission is a prick. Do you not think so?

    • Paul ryan
      Paul ryan Год назад

      +Samuel Coe how

    • Samuel Coe
      Samuel Coe 2 года назад

      No he's just a prick

  • TheSkatebaked
    TheSkatebaked 3 года назад +48

    ryan giggs  was sleeping with his brothers wife and everyone seems to have forgiven him but everybody just loves giving terry a hard time. becks giggs rooney crouch Ferdinand. have all cheated it happens.  

    • ibringit987
      ibringit987 2 года назад

      No one really talks about jt anymore and if they do its just a stupid and pathetic joke

  • Seb Waddington
    Seb Waddington 3 года назад

    you'd think the former captain of england's englidh would be better wouldn't you

    • Grady Patten
      Grady Patten Год назад

      Oi if you can't spell English don't criticise someone else's english

    • J Dodger
      J Dodger 3 года назад

      Right, a couple of things: 1) England's 2) English 3) Beckham had no qualifications after school, so, if I were you, I would keep quiet mate

  • Albert Hofmann
    Albert Hofmann 3 года назад +5

    southern fairys

    • ZolaMagic25
      ZolaMagic25 3 года назад

      It was meant to be a joke about the mines, down to earth. Anyway, we're all English!

    • ZolaMagic25
      ZolaMagic25 3 года назад

      Well, you all used to be very down to earth, but that all stopped a long time ago.

    • ZolaMagic25
      ZolaMagic25 3 года назад

      I don't need to justify to myself that I'm proud of where I come from. Just a post code, or a coal mine, whatever.

    • Albert Hofmann
      Albert Hofmann 3 года назад

      +ZolaMagic25 and proud

    • ZolaMagic25
      ZolaMagic25 3 года назад

      northern monkey?

  • john barker
    john barker 3 года назад +4

    Watch out Corden, He is after your Mrs.

    • MTL
      MTL 3 года назад

      It appears he's after Cordon!

    • Jam Jam
      Jam Jam 3 года назад

      +Adam Connelly YOU'RE...  you mean. You call people names but you can't spell lol.... TARD!

    • john barker
      john barker 3 года назад

      Thanks. I am ain't I.

    • john barker
      john barker 3 года назад


    • jhon rodes
      jhon rodes 3 года назад

      and that's a good thing fair play to terry taking all the women

  • Owen
    Owen 3 года назад

    well that's a lie

  • Sir James Grainger
    Sir James Grainger 3 года назад

    Fareinday :D

  • DickHead69able
    DickHead69able 3 года назад

    that point was the beginning

  • Sly Impact
    Sly Impact 3 года назад

    fishing for fish

    or fishing for girls.

  • kade101991
    kade101991 3 года назад

    terry's a twat

  • MaskiieBoy
    MaskiieBoy 3 года назад

    Terrys a kool guy

  • Toby Sanders
    Toby Sanders 4 года назад

    You think he cares. He has probably achieved everything he has wanted to in his life and hes 32. So shut up and get on with achieving your own goals.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 года назад

    looks like you love reading bullshit off the Sun Newspaper

  • MsPulys
    MsPulys 4 года назад

    ha ha propa true m8

  • Lucien Dillon
    Lucien Dillon 4 года назад

    Best ever england CB. JOHN TERRY - CAPTAIN, LEADER, LEGEND

  • The L-A-J Gamer HD
    The L-A-J Gamer HD 4 года назад

    well said

  • Jordan Wilkie
    Jordan Wilkie 4 года назад

    3:13 First Wayne bridge now James Corden, Terry's a fucking machine.

  • Harry Stone
    Harry Stone 4 года назад

    1:14 OMG looks like Gary Barlow linesman :D

  • mchras
    mchras 4 года назад

    I like him. He's done bad things but it doesn't necessarily mean that he's a bad person. I mean, he seems like a decent guy and he's a great player and captain.

  • 93ryan93oo
    93ryan93oo 4 года назад

    they must of been lean

  • Rose Fanshawe
    Rose Fanshawe 4 года назад

    it really says a lot about terry off the field

  • david ravin
    david ravin 4 года назад

    This sound like after the affair.

  • david ravin
    david ravin 4 года назад

    He killed John Terry on The League Of Their Own. Constantly mentioning his affair on the show and calling his name. I found it disrespectful

  • wiki5631
    wiki5631 4 года назад

    I love this :)

  • Dante Constance
    Dante Constance 4 года назад

    3:17 Always looking for a shag

  • Tyler Starr
    Tyler Starr 4 года назад

    lol cba mnic

  • Ciaran O'Connell
    Ciaran O'Connell 4 года назад

    This is a guy who with a few other Chelsea players taunted Americans at an airport when 9/11 happened. Still think he's a decent man?

  • King Kaah
    King Kaah 4 года назад

    Its not good 4 a sportsman to drink alcoho... after watching this vid. i think JT was drunken man haha

  • - INSTINKT!!!™
    - INSTINKT!!!™ 4 года назад

    top man, 2013/14 season for Chelsea is going to be a blinder, come on jose!!

  • moeShuaibi
    moeShuaibi 4 года назад

    "...second of all where's your neck..." xD hilarious

  • Grandmaster Buu
    Grandmaster Buu 4 года назад

    it got European

  • Rangers 54
    Rangers 54 4 года назад

    there look baked lol

  • Tom Wray
    Tom Wray 4 года назад

    Great player, has done bad things in the past but said sorry and got on with it, other fans should get over it, Anton Ferdinand has

  • urgulp
    urgulp 4 года назад +1

    Full kit wanker.

  • Josh Cleary
    Josh Cleary 4 года назад


  • looneyshadow1
    looneyshadow1 4 года назад

    How can this guy be a racist?

  • nettyswobb1
    nettyswobb1 4 года назад

    He's a full kit wanker, simple

  • Aljo917
    Aljo917 4 года назад

    Can someone please explain to me why so many people hate Terry? Sure he's done some bad things in the past but he seems like a decent man. Someone you'd want to be mates with.

  • MCFCRuss Brown
    MCFCRuss Brown 4 года назад

    before John even answered the question who is the mouthiest player... i knew straight away he was gonna sat Bellamy

  • Malcomn McKnackerfish
    Malcomn McKnackerfish 4 года назад


    NoVGAMING 4 года назад

    Better than reeling in your Brothers Mrs.

  • Nick C
    Nick C 4 года назад

    terry's reeling in wives on the side

  • soldiergirl84
    soldiergirl84 4 года назад

    JT and James were probably just beginning to get loopy from staying up late.

  • SSTFilm
    SSTFilm 4 года назад

    Shows that you've got a mind of a 12 year old that you still into dinosaurs so you have no say in this

  • SSTFilm
    SSTFilm 4 года назад

    coming from the guy with a dinosaur has his picture

  • ferrari6891
    ferrari6891 4 года назад

    did they just stay up all night?

  • Umesh Bx
    Umesh Bx 4 года назад

    "I got the Petr Cech going on" LOL

  • 123domr
    123domr 4 года назад

    I don't know why but that was absolutely hilarious!

  • LolKiiid
    LolKiiid 4 года назад

    this got kind of gay at a point lol

  • TheRmcmufc
    TheRmcmufc 4 года назад

    from the thumbnail, I thought james cordon was wearing a monk's robe

  • ohsnapwtfify
    ohsnapwtfify 4 года назад

    fuck Benitez, fuck you and your stupid ass comment!!

  • Rachael Seaward
    Rachael Seaward 4 года назад

    i think it speaks volumes about john terry that people say so much shit about him and he doesn't say a rude word about anyone back but instead just continues to play well

  • King Jeeves
    King Jeeves 4 года назад


  • Gallowgate
    Gallowgate 4 года назад

    I can't think of a worst pair to spend any time with

  • Michael Badfest
    Michael Badfest 4 года назад

    2 of the biggest shits of all time. And that is a fact. As Benitez would say.

  • KingArthur
    KingArthur 4 года назад

    You know what's wrong with you mate?

  • garner8
    garner8 4 года назад

    get off terry's dick pal

  • Aaron flaherty
    Aaron flaherty 4 года назад

    people shouldnt judge on the shit the media come out with, seems a decent guy who just happens to be a easy target for people to asume things

  • Natalie Dupille
    Natalie Dupille 4 года назад

    Ok that was the worst thing to come out of westham I film shame for my team but love James corden he is a proper geezer love him as a westham fan

  • EggOnLegs
    EggOnLegs 4 года назад

    2 cunts

  • soldiergirl84
    soldiergirl84 4 года назад

    1:58 Why am I not surprised?

  • Slundermin
    Slundermin 4 года назад


  • Kagawa m8
    Kagawa m8 4 года назад

    Terry came from West Hams youth academy

  • dylan tent
    dylan tent 4 года назад

    who says pot?

  • anthony poole
    anthony poole 4 года назад

    watching this John Terry doesnt seem like a cunt...How wrong

  • Adam Benjani
    Adam Benjani 4 года назад

    ur a cunt. LOL
    JT is still a TANK

  • Fin .Reilly
    Fin .Reilly 4 года назад


  • King Jeeves
    King Jeeves 4 года назад

    Terry is still a cunt

  • Mark Strathmann
    Mark Strathmann 4 года назад

    James Cordan's laugh sounds like Billy McCulloch's laugh, the Chelsea masseur.

  • thebest3921
    thebest3921 4 года назад

    I hope he gets him to A League Of Their Own, would be brilliant

  • Adodereader1
    Adodereader1 4 года назад

    at youth level

  • Liaaam7
    Liaaam7 4 года назад

    terry started off at west ham as well you nonce

  • S Riley
    S Riley 4 года назад

    And Joe Cole! Both legends

  • IMadLarkin
    IMadLarkin 4 года назад

    Terry graduated through the West Ham academy before moving to Chelsea's u18s.

  • Ronan Burke
    Ronan Burke 4 года назад

    It's ridiculous that Terry gets more stick than Giggs, IMO, Giggs done way worse!!

  • Prateik Mukherjee
    Prateik Mukherjee 4 года назад

    Terry also did you uninformed person! Get it right before you ask someone else to do the same.

  • Alfie Blake
    Alfie Blake 4 года назад

    They both did.

  • Alfie Blake
    Alfie Blake 4 года назад

    You make me laugh he played for West Ham Reserves in1995 and he left to join Chelsea get it right!

  • Jroth
    Jroth 4 года назад are a wanker...everybody now

  • Sam J
    Sam J 4 года назад

    He went on loan to west Ham before back when he was young.

  • Liam Donoghue
    Liam Donoghue 4 года назад

    hide yo kids hide yo wife cus he rapin everybody out here

  • Danny Ainsworth
    Danny Ainsworth 4 года назад

    "my family know me pretty well"
    Try telling his wife that!

  • CRPcod
    CRPcod 4 года назад

    After all the John Terry jokes in The League Of Their Own

  • Ben Welsby
    Ben Welsby 4 года назад

    John Terry was part of West Ham's youth academy, but he was so young he's considered having been at Chelsea forever.

  • James Marshall
    James Marshall 4 года назад

    im suprised terry diddnt try to shag him

  • bensimps123
    bensimps123 5 лет назад

    listen here you dickless wonder , STOP defending that idiot

  • bensimps123
    bensimps123 5 лет назад

    keep defending a racist and home wrecker ....your parents have taught you well

  • bensimps123
    bensimps123 5 лет назад

    your wrong ..suck the slop out my fuck stick

  • bensimps123
    bensimps123 5 лет назад


  • bensimps123
    bensimps123 5 лет назад

    for 1 they had an affair when she was with bridge and for 2 look it up , he did actually say something racist to ferdinand...CHECK MATE