Honest Trailers: Titanic

  • Published on Apr 5, 2012
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    James Cameron's blockbuster film TITANIC, is back and longer than ever, this time in 3D!! Starring Leonardo DaVinci and Boobs! #HonestTrailers
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    Honest Trailers: Titanic
    Created & Directed by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
    Executive Producer Mitch Rotter
    Written by Brett Weiner, Andy Signore, Alex Sargeant & Jess Lane
    Edited by Brett Weiner
    Voiceover Narration by Gannon Nickell - gannonnickell
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Comments • 8 791

  • ペピートガーキン !

    After all these years, I still lose it at "first-class, suicidal pair of bewbs"

  • Josephine Osei
    Josephine Osei Day ago

    There was enough space for the both of them wasn't there?

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 3 days ago

    I know this is 7 years old but apparently my girlfriend believes that “it should’ve been added in that there was no way Jack should have mate it on the ship and everyone forgets she swings an ax.”
    She believes you should redo it and I’m writing this because I love my girlfriend.

  • Riyad Zahdour
    Riyad Zahdour 10 days ago

    "Spoiler alert : they still drown "
    Im dead

  • Brick Ships
    Brick Ships 10 days ago

    The excitement of PG13 Boobs shit hahahahahahahahah

  • Kowsik Reigns
    Kowsik Reigns 20 days ago +1

    Unrealistically sexy peasant,pg13 boobs lol

  • Parker Lynn
    Parker Lynn 21 day ago +1

    Best honest trailer

    MIKO SAMSON Month ago

    Please do Queen of the damned

  • Benjamin Philip
    Benjamin Philip Month ago

    starring *leonardo da vinci

  • Harry Gohil
    Harry Gohil Month ago

    "The song that tricked you to think celine Dion is hot" omg 😂😂

  • Dr Piyush Vohra
    Dr Piyush Vohra Month ago

    Whats with the voice? Where is the real one?

  • Sarah Patton
    Sarah Patton Month ago

    Sorry no, bring back the other voiceover guy now please.

  • david godoy
    david godoy Month ago

    “Based the tragedy that spawned 1000s of heartbreaking true stories, comes this fake one”,
    that made James Cameron “filthy fucking rich”. lol. Hollywood Assholes!!!

  • Kamil
    Kamil Month ago +1


  • Ted's Chicken
    Ted's Chicken Month ago

    Do Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Johnrap11
    Johnrap11 Month ago

    How come Antifa doesn't go after rich people? This has to be the first revolutionary movement in history to go after: web trolls, people at farmers market, independents "journalists," RUcliprs that make pronoun mistakes and people who show up at their marches to ask them questions. This can't be a real organization. It's must be some sort of made up for social media drama crowd-sourced and crowd-funded simulated news. That's probably why they wear masks. Half of them make social media posts, while the other half do masked Antifa stuff. Then about mid way they change clothes and they switch up which half makes posts and which half wears masks and portrays Antifa.

  • TheFourthWinchester
    TheFourthWinchester Month ago +2

    Titanic is still the greatest romantic movie in Hollywood's history and most of the world loves it.

  • melanie ramadi
    melanie ramadi Month ago

    Rose should have just gotten on the boat. Then Jack might have lived

  • Julia xx
    Julia xx Month ago

    *D A D D Y I T S A S H I P*

  • jaguar4u2012
    jaguar4u2012 Month ago

    oh come on,
    the whole waving part is less than 50 seconds even with the interuptions,
    the ship is leaving port, people wave, what you want them to do? stand still? or just skip the whole departure scene even if its only a minute long?

  • Gatita Ghotika
    Gatita Ghotika Month ago

    Stupid romance
    Stupid dead
    Why that old lady throw away Tha collar??????
    I was what da fuck dude??!!!!
    Stupid movie

  • Milind
    Milind 2 months ago

    Wow seems like half the comment section is dead

  • creatrixZBD
    creatrixZBD 2 months ago

    I would like to see a love expressed in stairs (;

  • custom PC indy
    custom PC indy 2 months ago

    Is this Adam Jenson from Human Revolution??

  • Gambiteer
    Gambiteer 2 months ago +1

    Watching this trailer now and cracked not a few laughs, which rarely happens when watching the more recent honest trailers. Hmm...

  • Lindsey Burns
    Lindsey Burns 2 months ago

    So bloated...lol.

  • GhostOfBane
    GhostOfBane 2 months ago

    do roadhouse

  • Warriorcat Enthusiast
    Warriorcat Enthusiast 2 months ago +1

    I just finished watching Titanic a few minutes ago and I’m still crying

    I’m fine, why do you ask?

  • Aljen Valencia
    Aljen Valencia 2 months ago

    Lol boobs 😂

  • Ponian YouTube
    Ponian YouTube 2 months ago

    Fun fact it may not have not just been an iceberg that sunk the titanic
    Some theorize there was an oil or gas spill that weakened the outer hull of the ship therefore when the iceberg did hit, it more damage then it would have

  • My Dogs Best Fren
    My Dogs Best Fren 2 months ago

    10k dislikes lmao!! thats so many triggered Titanic fans ( or relatives 😕

  • My Dogs Best Fren
    My Dogs Best Fren 2 months ago

    starring... *Boobs*

  • HappyFrog Day
    HappyFrog Day 2 months ago


  • Alexa
    Alexa 3 months ago +3

    “Jack- an Unrealistically sexy peasant”
    pretty much

  • Connor Wilcox
    Connor Wilcox 3 months ago

    Lobster’s still danc to this miracle...

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 3 months ago +3

    From the Academy Award winner for editing, three hours of establishing shots...

  • Hannah More
    Hannah More 3 months ago

    Am I the only one that absolutely hated Titanic?!

  • social wars mi ejercito
    social wars mi ejercito 3 months ago +1

    I think this the MOST Honest Trailer ever made. lol. Way to go 👍👍

  • Alexandros Tepiskidis
    Alexandros Tepiskidis 3 months ago +2

    1st class suicidal pair of boobs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Timber Wolf
    Timber Wolf 3 months ago +1

    Not the same without epic voice guy

  • Joana Ruby
    Joana Ruby 3 months ago

    I felt asleep at this movie.... Boring stuff.

  • Lou Skunt
    Lou Skunt 3 months ago +2

    Never watched titanic cause I already knew how it ends

  • BobbyKing
    BobbyKing 3 months ago +7

    TBH Leonardo Dicaprio did grow up poor so I don't it is unrealistic.

  • S M
    S M 3 months ago

    „Its a fucking horror movie „ Bill Burr about Titanic 😂 and this just adds up 😂😂😂😂

  • Spider made of Iron
    Spider made of Iron 3 months ago

    0:04 isn’t that from gremlins 2, when they invade your tv?

  • gab gab gab
    gab gab gab 3 months ago

    seven years after but still a classic

  • Henry Lorenz
    Henry Lorenz 3 months ago

    waving? where is the sinking?

  • Koye Osakwe
    Koye Osakwe 3 months ago

    Soooooooo true!!! One of your funniest.

  • Sean Shogun
    Sean Shogun 3 months ago

    Oh please I was already that douchbag

  • Mr. Platypus
    Mr. Platypus 3 months ago +1

    Screen junkies: Swears
    RUclip: I don’t care
    Also screen junkie: almost shows roses places

  • Mohd Nazri
    Mohd Nazri 3 months ago

    Why is it James Cameron love sex scene...terminator? Avatar? titanic? Is he is a pervert??

  • Seth Vice
    Seth Vice 3 months ago

    Spoiler alert the ship sinks

  • AceLovesDIYs Christopher

    "So brace yourself for a whole new generation of douchebags yelling *I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!*" sooo true

  • Alok Hota
    Alok Hota 4 months ago +1

    7 years later.

  • Jonathon Brown
    Jonathon Brown 4 months ago

    Kate Winslet have hot boobs at the time

  • Drew Saluk
    Drew Saluk 4 months ago

    Y isn’t it the epic voice guy

    CJ YA BOI C 4 months ago

    Imagine if someone asks you this question while watching Titanic:
    So how does it end?

  • Meghan Ambrose
    Meghan Ambrose 4 months ago

    1:56 I still think of the same thing 🙄..

  • gnshapiro
    gnshapiro 4 months ago

    These get better in the future.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 months ago +3

    Remember the romance that encouraged a generation to round base in the back of movie theater .
    I am died of laughing .