Shang Chi Teaser - Iron Man Scene Easter Eggs Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • Shang Chi Teaser, Iron Man Scene Easter Eggs Marvel Phase 4 Explained. Avengers Endgame, The Mandarin Ten Rings and Iron Man Marvel One Shot ►
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    Covering new Shang Chi Marvel Phase 4 Teaser. Iron Man Scene Shang Chi Easter Eggs. The Mandarin Ten Rings of Power, Iron Man 3 Marvel One Shot All Hail the King. Marvel Phase 4 timeline and Avengers 5 Shang Chi Crossover plans. Lots more Marvel videos coming soon. Thor 4 Love and Thunder and more Spider-Man Far From Home!
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Comments • 1 626

  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome  4 months ago +263

    Here's my *Shang Chi Iron Man Easter Eggs* video. Let me know how many you spotted! They've been setting The Mandarin up for a long time! More Marvel Phase 4 videos coming soon!

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago

      @J.B. Clutch Fin Fang Foom*
      Eh... maybe? I do recall his backstory being that he and his other crew members got sick of the peace on their planet and looked for some still warring people to be entertained by, it's not beyond the realm of possibility to tie in with Eternals.

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago

      @Joser Maiz Most likely not, Netflix Defenders universe effectively ruined any chance of Iron Fist getting used in main MCU.

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago +1

      @alexis soto If they were smart, most likely not. Netflix Defenders Universe is technically canon with MCU even if films don't acknowledge it, and its Iron Fist sucked. Smart directors would cut their loses and try to distance themselves from it. Great directors might be daring enough to salvage it, but that's unlikely.

    • OrangeOblivion
      OrangeOblivion 2 months ago

      Has everyone forgotten iron man armored adventures

    • Altereca Mcdonald
      Altereca Mcdonald 4 months ago

      From the black widow movie to captain America aka falcon and the winter soldier movie hints will be given about the 10 rings then we get to talk a mutants and the inhumans that led up to galactus and probably even protege and the one above all of the multiverse

  • Liam Smyth
    Liam Smyth 4 days ago

    All hail the king phase five movie or phase six movie

  • Dustin Bridges
    Dustin Bridges 13 days ago

    I know this may be sac religious but I would rather them recast Ironman and captain America instead of killing the characters or stop using them. Downey and Evans choose to stop playing these characters so hopefully they realize they miss it in 5 yrs or so and come back. I’m excited about Shang chi and most of the upcoming movies/shows except the externals, black widow because it’s a prequel, and ms marvel. I want to see the main Avengers interact with the X-men and the fantastic 4 as well as some of the other characters coming out. It seems like we will get the B team Avengers and a wanna be guardians in eternals and back stories we don’t want like black widow. We want all of the characters to interact like in the comics but they killed and aged up the best 2.😫

  • daniel moore
    daniel moore 20 days ago

    My friggin' head hurts...😦

  • AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    Tony Ka Fai Leung for Madarin

  • AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    I'm sick of marvel changing the's lame

  • LucidDreamers
    LucidDreamers Month ago

    Thor was gonna fight the midgard serpent whaaaaaaaaaat

  • King Bo
    King Bo Month ago

    So creative I love to hear u talk to us geek topic lovers dog u one of the best with this shit keep it up

  • Beny Bary
    Beny Bary Month ago

    I am still triggered because no one talked about RDJ and Jeff Bridges each wearing 1 of the 10 rings in Iron Man 1

    • Ya Yeet
      Ya Yeet Month ago

      Beny Bary you have a link?

  • HardCopy
    HardCopy Month ago

    Jet Li as the Mandarin. Mickey Rourke

  • xi channel
    xi channel Month ago

    Hero will get the ten rings.

  • Elfos64
    Elfos64 2 months ago

    It seems likely that Fu Manchu and Mandarin will be combined into a single character, kind of like what happened to Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo in Iron Man 2. All things considered, that's a smart direction to go. I suspect Awkwafina's yet unspecified role is going to be Li Mei, Mandarin's... successor. I remember hearing something about Shang-Chi having sisters, so seems reasonable those two roles get combined too.
    7:18 FINALLY! Someone thinks/hopes Fin Fang Foom will be in Shang-Chi, I've been combing through MCU Phase 4 prediction/speculation/theory video after video trying to find ANYONE who mentions him, and you're the first. Unfortunately, you might be right that he'll just be a cameo or big Easter Egg though since I remember the director saying that he wants a true Martial ASrts film, not just a film with Martial Arts in it. Would be difficult to fit a giant alien talking dragon into a serious Martial Arts flick.
    Anyway, there's more reason than just how closely tied he is to Mandarin's origin to think he'll show up. MCU is really starting to pick up on their cosmic stuff, sci-fi stuff outside of earth, they're going to want to get more of their aliens involved. Also, the Kaiju genre has had something of a resurgence in Hollywood lately, Disney's not going to want to miss out on that if they think it's profitable. Marvel is full of Kaiju source material to adapt from back in their anthology days before they were focused as a superhero comic company, and a character like Fin Fang Foom would be easy to merchandise.
    And in the event Thor Love and Thunder is going to feature Jormungand, that's all the more reason to establish Fin Fang Foom before then since there was a time in the comics when Jormungand disguised itself as Fin Fang Foom, it'd be great to reference that. And Dr. Strange has had dealings with Fin Fang Foom too, might get some use in Dr. Strange 2.
    Plus Disney already has a Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl animated TV series on the way. Granted, that's outside the MCU, but they're going to want to use a lot of Marvel's kaiju for that and they're going to prefer the audience already kind of knows who they are so that it's not just new characters the whole time. MCU is a good way to introduce the characters before featuring and expanding them in their animations.
    And if all these rumors of Black Knight and Captain Britain coming into the MCU are to be believed, they may not have any ties to Fin Fang Foom that I know of, but who's going to want to pass up the opportunity to have Arthurian-inspired British Superheroes fight a giant dragon?

  • hamburgler25
    hamburgler25 2 months ago

    The nano gauntlet will come to play to hold the rings.

  • Jaime Nydegger
    Jaime Nydegger 2 months ago

    Thank god they are doing a proper Mandarin!!!!!!

  • OrangeOblivion
    OrangeOblivion 2 months ago

    Ive been watching these shang chi videos and i see pictures of the Iron Man Armored Adventures Mandarin, but nothing of what happened with Mandarin from that animated series like the history of the ten rings is also explained in there.

  • Harris Andon Fu
    Harris Andon Fu 2 months ago

    I just hope he isn't a one time villain

    • Harris Andon Fu
      Harris Andon Fu 2 months ago

      @Elfos64 understood

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago

      @Harris Andon Fu I know you were talking about Mandarin, but since he and Fu Manchu are being combined into a single character, I felt the need to stress Fu Manchu's role too.
      Racism isn't the only reason Marvel won't/can't use Fun Manchu, they also lost the rights to the character, he originates from a radio drama.

    • Harris Andon Fu
      Harris Andon Fu 2 months ago

      @Elfos64 I am talking about the mandarin, not fu manchu, besides chances are fu manchu won't even exist in the mcu, considering the backlash that chinese fans have been giving

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago

      Doubt it, he's been built up for too long, Fu Manchu is very integral to Shang-Chi's ongoing plot, and I suspect Awkwafina's yet unspecified role is going to be Li Mei- who plays a part in his resurrection.

  • Jade Lee
    Jade Lee 3 months ago

    So it’s sort of like the Six Stones for the gauntlet but there’s ten rings instead. An the Advengers and Shang Chi have to gather all ten rings?

  • Akasha Eyre
    Akasha Eyre 3 months ago

    Who should they cast as The Mandarin? I don’t really know anything about him because I didn’t get those comics BUT if I had to randomly choose someone awesome to claim the name of The Mandarin (since that’s basically what they’re doing in the MCU, they’re letting different people use that name), I would like Donnie Yen. I would’ve said Jet Li but he’s got health problems that make it so he couldn’t do it. Donnie’s in perfect health, looks incredible & could definitely pull it off.

  • delvina irish
    delvina irish 3 months ago

    He could right the wrong death with Tony Stark and bring him back to life.🤔

  • awareness007
    awareness007 3 months ago

    Trevor ends up working for the Mandarin instead of being executed.

  • Never give Up
    Never give Up 3 months ago +2

    U a real marvel fan or did a lot good research either way u just got new subscriber

  • Kareem Pinkston
    Kareem Pinkston 3 months ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Fing Fang Foom has already made a cameo in the MCU (ala Beta Ray Bill).
    I think it was in an Iron Man 2 or something, where there was this chase scene and there was a movie poster on the left side of the screen with him on it.
    I saw it on some Easter Egg YT video.

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago +1

      Fin* not Fing And yes, there's a poster of him in the background of one scene in Iron Man 1. But that's an Easter Egg, not a cameo.

  • Bobby Haddrill
    Bobby Haddrill 3 months ago

    there was a dragon, in Thor.

  • Kelser McMiller
    Kelser McMiller 3 months ago

    Didn't the Defenders have dragons in them with the Hand?

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago

      Defenders is only tenuously connected to MCU even if it is officially extended canon.

  • Mr. EZ HD
    Mr. EZ HD 3 months ago

    I bet in some ways it still gonna be whitewash or just another white savior

  • yung noe
    yung noe 3 months ago

    Keanu in Shang Chi confirmed

  • Beyondesp
    Beyondesp 3 months ago

    Yeah they definitely had to get rid of the name Fu Man Chu.. thats such a racist caricature...

  • David Sedghi
    David Sedghi 3 months ago

    Keanu Reeves is....The Mandarin!

  • Michael 909
    Michael 909 3 months ago

    Possible an Easter egg of iron fist too🤔🤔

  • Michael 909
    Michael 909 3 months ago

    Anyone else think we could get a after credit scene of iron lad

  • Richard Burchill
    Richard Burchill 3 months ago

    sounds terrible whatevr this crap is

  • rodney marino
    rodney marino 3 months ago

    How are they going to have a Mandarin movie and no Iron Man??

  • micmiclee47
    micmiclee47 3 months ago

    @Emergency Awesome - Theory about Shang Chi in Phase 4, was thinking what if the Ancient One is maybe a servant of The Real Mandarin, possible his wife, body guard maybe etc. If you look at Phase 4 Shang Chi and Doctor Strange 2 is just side by side, what if the Fin Fang Foom is from the quantum realm?multiverse? What if there 10 rings are actual species of Fin Fang Foom trap in a special ring stolen by the Mandarin? Please add more to this theory. :) :) :)

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago +1

      In the comics, Fin Fang Foom's race are aliens from the planet Kakaranthara, he and his crew got sick of the peace on their planet and looked for still warring planets to entertain themselves with, and the rings are just pieces of their ship. Some people are wondering if maybe he'll tie in to Eternals. Maybe? Though Moviebob suspects the Eternals will have some kind of connection to the ten rings since there are 10 of them too. And it's doubtful there's any connection between Ancient One and Mandarin. If there was, there'd probably have been some Mandarin references in Dr. Strange. Though to be fair, there have been some interactions between Dr. Strange and Fin Fang Foom, so maybe that'll go somewhere in MCU.

  • jolly Rouger
    jolly Rouger 3 months ago

    Long time watcher big spideyphile love the channel but dis you miss the dragon at the start of thor ragnurok also do you think the ten rings mandies getting might be the rings ebony maw was sporting

  • MexeM
    MexeM 3 months ago

    Damn . Even 'All Hail The King' is better than the Dc movies

  • yow mama! is
    yow mama! is 3 months ago

    if keannu will play him???? damnnnnnn i would flip damnn

  • Shinkai Atusya
    Shinkai Atusya 3 months ago

    Hopefully one day get an Iron Fist reboot, maybe even Heros for Hire.

  • Shinkai Atusya
    Shinkai Atusya 3 months ago

    Anyone remember the Mandarin and the 10 rings from Iron Man Armed Aventures?

  • johnemarc
    johnemarc 4 months ago

    It might be left field I feel the reason they scrap iron fist from Netflix they’re gonna bring him in this movie

  • strumdowner
    strumdowner 4 months ago

    Let's call it like it is. He's Marvel's Bruce Lee.

  • Matt Anon
    Matt Anon 4 months ago

    Trevor Slattery, Ben Kingsley needs to play the real Mandarin. That would be awesome, something we all saw coming, but couldn’t believe but we really knew or we all thought we knew and turns out to be true! Be amazing and then we realise that we didn’t see it coming!

  • vmiget
    vmiget 4 months ago

    That last scene showed, where is that from?

  • Elmero mero culero
    Elmero mero culero 4 months ago +1

    Hopefully they'll find a way to revive iron man in the mandarin arc. I don't think the Shang chi movie will include the defeat of the mandarin, most likely it will set the terrain for a triology. And within its story they have to find a way to relate iron man with the mandarin since it's always been a rivalry between them two. (Shang chi will steal the rings and revive stark)

  • my toe
    my toe 4 months ago

    what an amazing scene, amazing actors, this was incredible to watch when i first saw it and still to this day, hands down my favorite none action sequence of marvel studios

  • Enoch Richards
    Enoch Richards 4 months ago

    The mcu isn’t good it’s shit sorry Iv read all the old comics . It’s fucked. I welcome hate for this comment, and love it

  • Loutzenheiser
    Loutzenheiser 4 months ago

    10 rings lore looks interesting

  • How I made
    How I made 4 months ago

    holy fuck i thought hes goona stop saying "easter egg" after GOT was over.

  • Chase L.
    Chase L. 4 months ago +2

    "I know Iron Fist is supposed to be the best martial artist in the world, in the comics Shang Chi is also supposed to be the best martial artist in the world, but Shang Chi is Chinese."

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago

      Yes and No. Iron Fist has actual powers in the form of Chi Manipulation. If you factor in Iron Fist's powers, he allegedly has a slight edge. But if you factor them out, Shang-Chi is the more skillful.

  • TheDango
    TheDango 4 months ago

    I can see getting rid of fu man chu even though he is a good character i feel he might be too retro and another layer they actually dont need to get the same story

  • TheDango
    TheDango 4 months ago

    They did endgame too early in my opinion, however they did make it work on several levels im still not sure how will all pan out and if it will work out smoothly

  • TheDango
    TheDango 4 months ago

    Also if you could get downey back for one more iron man movie where he confronts his biggest baddie who is literally his equal and stark passes the torch of the mantle of iron man all in the same movie hello blockbuster get dat scrilla

  • TheDango
    TheDango 4 months ago

    Well traditionally the mandiran is ironmans classic arch-enemy even being rhe number 1 baddie in the cartoon series so i dont see how they will have the mandiran without iron man. Iron man technically isnt dead either due to the mcu timeline being all helterskelter both from killing thanos from the past in the future and cap merica staying in the past

  • Evan Kepler
    Evan Kepler 4 months ago

    Are antman and wasp going to be in more mcu movies?

  • bigdaddyevil666
    bigdaddyevil666 4 months ago

    Please make it so Trevor really is the Mandarin after all. It would be igneous!

  • Detroit Gary
    Detroit Gary 4 months ago

    Looks like Thanos will be back. He has more work to do.

  • Detroit Gary
    Detroit Gary 4 months ago +1

    Stephen Chow of Kung Fu Hustle ought to direct the action of the Shanghai Chi movie

  • Thomas Rondon
    Thomas Rondon 4 months ago

    I just hope he's not another boring villain in a suit. He better have the robe look. I also hope the actor has a dominant presence. Fingers crossed.

  • Ejay Fear
    Ejay Fear 4 months ago

    Chou = Shang Chi

  • Jullian Ducut
    Jullian Ducut 4 months ago

    Sadly, iron man didnt fought the real Mandarin.

  • Shawn Baker
    Shawn Baker 4 months ago

    What if Danny Rand made an appearance!? I'd be so happy

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago

      Impossible. Aside from the fact that show was a major critical flop and a sensible director would just cut their loses and try to keep their distance, it'd be illegal. Everything from the Netflix Defenders Universe is untouchable until 2021, by which time Shang-Chi will have already hit theaters.

    • Elfos64
      Elfos64 2 months ago

      They want the movie to be good though.