IISuperwomanII Colorful Bedroom Makeover for Lilly Singh

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
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    Wall Color: Pink Dahlia by Dunn-Edwards: www.dunnedwards.com/colors/browser/det419
    Headboard: bit.ly/2jAhHaS
    Bedding: bit.ly/2jA5NOf
    Abstract Pattern Pillows: bit.ly/2iKiWjR
    Pink Velvet Pillow (similar): bit.ly/2jAtYvT
    Purple Velvet Pillow (similar): bit.ly/2jAxw19
    Pink Square Pillow: bit.ly/2iKiT7F
    Bench: bit.ly/2iKpXkr
    Carpet: bit.ly/2jAfcFn
    Mirror (similar): bit.ly/2jAd9kR
    Nightstands (similar): bit.ly/2jAb1th
    White Lamps: bit.ly/2iKgABu
    Dresser: bit.ly/2jAiCrS
    Glossy Pink Vase: bit.ly/2jAfHiZ
    Scalloped Pink Vase: bit.ly/2iKrKWL
    Tall Scalloped Pink Vase: bit.ly/2iKebGW
    Yellow Vase (similar): bit.ly/2iKsRpi
    Boombox Candle: bit.ly/2iKtEa2
    Planter with Faux Succulents: bit.ly/2iKqV02
    White Vase with Yellow Flowers: bit.ly/2jIbzx8
    Vanity: www.houzz.com/photos/31037222/lid=17256079/Il-Vetro-Collection-Vanity-by-Casabianca-Home-modern-bedroom-and-makeup-vanities
    Vanity (budget-friendly option): bit.ly/2iKmHpp
    Yellow Stool: bit.ly/2jA4bE4
    Yellow Lamp: bit.ly/2iKhmy6
    Floor Lamp: bit.ly/2iPlRrb
    Pendant Light: bit.ly/2iKinGI
    Curtain Rod: bit.ly/2jApXrh
    Curtains: bit.ly/2jA75bZ
    Yellow Tray (similar): bit.ly/2jAfhch
    Pink Jar Candle (similar): bit.ly/2jAfGLW
    Creative Credit:
    Audio Tracks: ES_Afterglow (Instrumental Version) - Joachim Nilsson, ES_Diamond Love (Instrumental Version) - Kalle Engstrom-2, ES_Summer Days (2000s Rock Version) - Hokan Eriksson, ES_I'm Coming Home (Instrumental Version) - Magnus Ringblom, ES_Timber Lands - Martin Baekkevold, ES_Higher Ground (Instrumental Version) - Marc Torch, ES_Go Around The World (Instrumental Version) - Happy Republic, ES_Dirty Joyful 3 - Josef Falkensköld, ES_Country Classics 3 - Stefan Netsman, ES_I Wont Be Turned (Instrumental Version) - Sven Karlsson, ES_What A Night To Remember (Instrumental Version) - Joachim Nilsson, ES_Hit Chart 1 Nr15 - Marc Torch
    A Mr. Kate Production
    Shot by: Brad Etter and Tiro Rose
    Edited by: Drew Rosas, Oleksii Babenko
    Sound: Tammy Martinez
    Grip: Vianne Robitaille
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  • Matilda Martin
    Matilda Martin 7 days ago +2

    I thought that color wasn’t going to work but, it looks good very talented decorator!!!***❤️❤️❤️

  • Alyssa Claire
    Alyssa Claire 10 days ago +1

    Ok yea but Lilly was acting like a brat bc she was thanking Kate for everything but Joey did most of it😕

  • Joanna L
    Joanna L 12 days ago

    That's who decorated her room.......

  • Michael Carter
    Michael Carter 12 days ago +1

    Good hair

  • karen fernandes
    karen fernandes 21 day ago

    👍🏼for Kate's hair😃

  • m a n d y
    m a n d y 23 days ago

    14:21 had me dyyyying

  • Shealsi Maitre
    Shealsi Maitre 27 days ago +1

    I love you guys
    U r amazing and I love your energy 😍

  • Nicole Penny
    Nicole Penny Month ago +1

    this is not my style, and this is not the color that i would go for. BUT DAMN I LOVE THAT ROOM!

  • Kihosha Hanson
    Kihosha Hanson Month ago +1

    I lovee how u guys did Lilly's bedroom . Like it's Soo beautiful . I am subscribing so I can keep watching.💝💝💝

  • meenu das
    meenu das Month ago

    U both r just owsum. Loads of love. Very recently I subscribed u guys and I love all the work, actually creativity. Muuaaah

  • Vyann Van
    Vyann Van Month ago


  • Vyann Van
    Vyann Van Month ago

    I don't know how it

  • Vyann Van
    Vyann Van Month ago

    D to the gym and the rest of your own business in the morning and I'm not sure what to say it to be a great way to the game is a very

  • Samantha Dietrich
    Samantha Dietrich Month ago

    Her doors remind me of paint stick color things

  • kawaii pudding
    kawaii pudding Month ago

    Oh my god lilly why are you yelling

  • Jessicas Murphy
    Jessicas Murphy Month ago

    Are Kate’s pants ripped

  • 707 Sparksfly
    707 Sparksfly Month ago

    I have no friends
    So I gonna eat a bagel
    Literally me rn

  • Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch

    OMG I love it!!!💜💛❤

  • Joregen the ghost
    Joregen the ghost Month ago +5

    " *I have no **friends.Im** gonna eat a bAgEl* "
    OMG *MOOD* 😂

  • Josue Montes
    Josue Montes Month ago

    When they were on the rug I thought this is how Kate got pregnant

  • Sophia Hall
    Sophia Hall Month ago +1

    Lovin the hair😀

  • Abby's Diary
    Abby's Diary Month ago +3

    Now I want to be a big youtube so that Kate and Joey decorate my room

  • Nayanam Kanapathipillai

    I can’t even write straight on lined paper

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 2 months ago

    Lmmfao she yells in the background DO IT.... I am gonna have to check out her channel. I wanna see her office one next.

  • ava hebert
    ava hebert 2 months ago

    I'm named after Damian Marley/ Bob Marley's kid . I'm Ava MARLEY Hebert

  • Stacey Salgado
    Stacey Salgado 2 months ago

    They both jumped at the same time🤣

  • Katarina Rose
    Katarina Rose 2 months ago +2

    Did anyone else really enjoy Joey's curtain song??

  • Katarina Rose
    Katarina Rose 2 months ago +3

    Lily has the best reactions to everything

  • Kusuma Krishna
    Kusuma Krishna 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful as usual

  • Lilly Goralski
    Lilly Goralski 2 months ago +1

    who is watching when they are at 3.4 Million!!!!!! ♥👑

  • Lilly Goralski
    Lilly Goralski 2 months ago +1

    Your hair looks Beautiful and way better than mine!!!

  • PerryStyles
    PerryStyles 2 months ago

    Why and how do you only have 3 million subs! You deserve waaaayyyyy more

  • Nicki Brantner
    Nicki Brantner 2 months ago

    pause on 15:54 and you see her tattoo 😂 "a tattoo'

  • Inaaya M
    Inaaya M 2 months ago

    2:34 Gurll..ur pretty

  • Kylie Vendetta
    Kylie Vendetta 2 months ago

    Omg I loved this video and I love both you and Joey and you guys are so awesome

  • Beavers Forge
    Beavers Forge 3 months ago

    My daughter name is Kate

  • KK's World
    KK's World 3 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Cate Hunter
    Cate Hunter 3 months ago

    I love Kate’s new hair!
    Ps I’m also called Cate

  • Ash Cab
    Ash Cab 3 months ago

    Who is Lilly Singh?

    • layan al-amri
      layan al-amri Month ago +1

      Ash Cab only one of the biggest youtuber ever check her out she’s hilarious her channel is iisuperwomanii

  • Hava Yozyl. YT
    Hava Yozyl. YT 3 months ago

    Kate almost like Anne marie

  • Brigitte Bernard
    Brigitte Bernard 3 months ago

    you should do a video showing your house

  • liban mohamed
    liban mohamed 3 months ago

    I love their videos but I hate their intro

  • The LadyNoir
    The LadyNoir 3 months ago

    Dose Anyone else just upset, just because they don’t like that much color? Or is it just me being weird?😅

  • Gacha Moon
    Gacha Moon 4 months ago

    Me too I watched litterly just watched the gender reveal video!!!

  • Cherry Barba
    Cherry Barba 4 months ago +2

    I like your new hair Kate 👍👍👍

  • Kate Crowley
    Kate Crowley 4 months ago

    In Ireland we call this (.) a full stop not a period

    • layan al-amri
      layan al-amri Month ago

      Kate Crowley i call it a full stop too i literally just found out what it meant because of your comment

    • Iris 15
      Iris 15 3 months ago

      Yeah in the UK we say "full stop"

  • Coco Nutty
    Coco Nutty 4 months ago +5

    Joey is such a mood.
    i have no friends, imma go eat a bagel

  • Smart Notepad
    Smart Notepad 4 months ago

    Hi Mr.Kate and Joey.(I just subscribed.)My mom and step dad needs to move out of our basement apartment for adult reasons...My name is Cassie and can please talk to me)digitally in the comments) in future videos.Also I'm a big fan of your channel and my dream job is to be an interior designer like you when I grow up.#My mom doesn't know I'm talking to you~I'm a ten year old girl.

  • Kaylie Barrera
    Kaylie Barrera 4 months ago

    #creative weirdo squad

  • Ashley Chess
    Ashley Chess 4 months ago +1

    I need someone to tell me what color the walls are and where I can buy it @mrkate

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma 4 months ago

    Nice hair

  • Emevie Sae
    Emevie Sae 4 months ago

    Feb 2019
    Whose watching?

  • Happy Saturday
    Happy Saturday 4 months ago

    So when is this going to be a Netflix show?

  • Happy Saturday
    Happy Saturday 4 months ago

    0:00 ask Kendall Jenner she can do really good bird noises 👍

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    Cadance Miller 4 months ago

    RIP to Kate’s stockings 🤧😞

  • Ai sha_737
    Ai sha_737 4 months ago

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  • Limited bee72
    Limited bee72 5 months ago

    Kate your hair is so silky I love it.

  • jenni Low
    jenni Low 5 months ago

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  • Pasant Ahmed
    Pasant Ahmed 5 months ago +5

    With the hair she kinda looks like Jeffrey Star

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    Lily Buck 5 months ago

    I love that song

  • Dis Fan
    Dis Fan 5 months ago

    20:33 when you get a hate comment

  • Zaida Boomer
    Zaida Boomer 5 months ago

    Don't worry Kate your hair is amazing!

  • Randall Stewart
    Randall Stewart 5 months ago

    THE COMMERCIAL WAS LITERALLY "now that Kate and Joe are sleeping on a Serta matress..." And I was like WHHAAATTTT

  • Randall Stewart
    Randall Stewart 5 months ago

    "I don't have curtains so people see my boobs ThAtS wErE i ChAnGe"""

  • Sienna Day
    Sienna Day 5 months ago


  • Sydney Weber
    Sydney Weber 5 months ago

    Love you Mr. Kate!

  • Angela Ricks
    Angela Ricks 5 months ago

    Mr. Kate, I love your hair! The color and the cut really amplify your beautiful face.

  • Mattie Meron
    Mattie Meron 5 months ago

    who else thinks joey is pretty good at singing! ILOVEURHAIR

  • Cussundria Kneal
    Cussundria Kneal 5 months ago

    That room is gorgeous! AND I WANT THAT DRESSER, OML!!

  • 사랑해ooferdoodle_mackenxie

    Curtain hangin' time [?????????] and I need so I can sing my country song hang these curtains all day long ding-a-ding-ding-a-ding-ding-ding-ding-a-ding-ding curtains curtains curtains curtains cur...........

  • Isabella Hairston
    Isabella Hairston 5 months ago


  • Simrit B
    Simrit B 5 months ago

    this was on my bday 2 years ago 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

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    Jonica Sampson 5 months ago

    “She’s my babe. She can ride on my back. “ 😭😭😭❤️❤️👏👏

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    the room looks tacky to me :/

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    Aayushi Modi 5 months ago +6

    I'm a creative weirdo!❤️❤️
    Its 11:30pm and I should be asleep. Yet here I am watching one of my favorite RUclip channels!
    Love you guys!!!

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    Bar Avraham 5 months ago

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    when will I ever have a relationship this beautiful

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  • Jana Smilevska
    Jana Smilevska 6 months ago

    How much does it cost

  • Jana Smilevska
    Jana Smilevska 6 months ago


  • Leah C
    Leah C 6 months ago

    Joey do u listen to music when u two rolls? If so, what do you listen to?

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    Nem Nem 6 months ago

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    shelbys randomnes 6 months ago

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  • Cris galaxyrain
    Cris galaxyrain 6 months ago

    You know what really bothered me the whole video, the fact that the bed was covering the lyrics

  • CB GB
    CB GB 6 months ago

    That rug clashes with the wall colour. I’m sure once she puts the rest of the room together it will blend but it doesn’t look great when they are one their own

  • 과일
    과일 6 months ago

    These people have such good content that they like need a whole HGTV series or something like that because i see other people doing the worst content and getting like millions and millions of views.

    • 과일
      과일 6 months ago

      They only have 3 mio. Subscribers and they need like millions of more

  • Freya _ Chloe
    Freya _ Chloe 6 months ago +1

    I like cheese

  • kelsy muhamet
    kelsy muhamet 6 months ago +1

    Lol who’s watching in 2019!!!! She’s having a baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!! #watchingthislate #superwoman

  • Lydia T
    Lydia T 6 months ago

    One of my least favorite designs . It was too many different purple/pink shades .. too busy