Gold & Silver Price Update - August 29, 2019 + Where is the Value??

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
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  • JT the AT - Joshua Thompson Fitness

    What software do you use to film your screen? Is that just a powerpoint?

  • Alaska Mike
    Alaska Mike 2 months ago

    I have learned to watch the dollar. Pretty much every time the dollar tanks, silver and gold jump. The more the Fed trashes the dollar/prints QE, the higher gold and silver will go. $60 Silver will translate to a $40 Rib Eye steak on the grocery shelf or $15 box of Cheerios. . Most of the pundits and Gurus' are full of shit. 9 times out of 10 the talking heads forecasting Gold and Silver to go higher are selling it.

  • doug godfrey
    doug godfrey 2 months ago

    If you feel satisfied with the size of your metals stack - a junior miner is good . I bought a junior silver in March & it has doubled. It's a dream maker

    • Graham Hobbs
      Graham Hobbs 2 months ago

      but, that was March... Kudos to you though

  • ng
    ng 2 months ago

    Is it the chart of Sandspring Resources Ltd. (SSPXF)?

    • Aeromet TC
      Aeromet TC 2 months ago

      ng looks like impact silver corp

  • winging it tracy
    winging it tracy 2 months ago +1

    mining stocks are very scary , undisclosed debt can be devastating

  • moneymagnetelizabeth
    moneymagnetelizabeth 2 months ago

    People should buy now. I'm spending this winter dry panning for gold, my first time. I believe there's going to be another Gold Rush.

  • Fe Lix
    Fe Lix 2 months ago

    Does it make sense to invest in silver mining stocks although some of them are 100% up? On the other hand a Deflation could bring a dip like in 2008. Thank you very very much.

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor  2 months ago

      It looks like we are due for a moderate pullback. Let's see how deep it goes.

  • Paul Dyche
    Paul Dyche 2 months ago +1

    I just picked up 20 silver eagles for $400 at my LCS

    • doug godfrey
      doug godfrey 2 months ago

      Found '48 Roosevelt dime in the CoinStar machine return slot today -pennies from heaven .

  • Van Dieu
    Van Dieu 2 months ago

    Junior Silver Miners... be prepared for a rollercoaster ^_^

  • My Life Thriving in Canada

    Long ago when gold went from $300 to $600, my gold stocks went up ten fold. Now, I personally did not buy at the bottom or sell at the top, but I did better with stocks than physical. This time my strategy will be to buy physical with stock market profits.

  • Quaalude Charlie
    Quaalude Charlie 2 months ago +4

    Buy Silver , even now on the way back up . Silver could be worth $40.00 in only a few Months , Maybe More , :) QC

  • Gunavan HY
    Gunavan HY 2 months ago

    No discount in subscription?

  • Frank Joseph
    Frank Joseph 2 months ago +1

    The value ? Have you ever hit anybody over the head with a sack of silver ?

  • DavidisDawei
    DavidisDawei 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video - VERY Well Done!

  • Eugene Hicks
    Eugene Hicks 2 months ago

    If gold and silver are about to explode, why is every Tom, Dick and Harry, company selling gold and silver.

  • gene Pohlemann
    gene Pohlemann 2 months ago +5

    If gold doubles we are in a heap of trouble, this will be helter skelter in our country as well as Europe

  • Felix Efren
    Felix Efren 2 months ago

    BRO, I like your channel

  • Metal Bum
    Metal Bum 2 months ago +1

    Hey so do you still think silver will go down from $14.90??? 😏🤔😃😊😆
    I do think GDXJ is the value play now. GDX is already up 40% short term.
    I made a lot on NUGT and am putting that profit into GDXJ SIL miners--and of course physicals to unbox on my channel.

    • Paul Dyche
      Paul Dyche 2 months ago

      Funnier than that no one wanted to buy at the bottom now everybody wants to buy into the way up

  • Retard Retard
    Retard Retard 2 months ago

    Slowly investors will be taken out , the die has been cast . Get it ? Playing on the optimisms of the dyeing breed . Good Luck

  • Amit Desai
    Amit Desai 2 months ago

    SSPXF is the stock.

    • Aeromet TC
      Aeromet TC 2 months ago

      Amit Desai looks like impact silver corp?

  • silver fox
    silver fox 2 months ago

    Teslas solar panels where rejected by walmart i read...recycle glut for bagholders maybe coming up.

  • Melvin Espinal
    Melvin Espinal 2 months ago

    Pan America silver, first majestic silver.

    • Ben H
      Ben H 2 months ago

      Not either of these the price of this stock he is talking about is around $0.40. Pan and First Majestic are much more expensive than that

  • Богатырь Сашко

    I think these miners will get nationalized:).. crash occurs, most governments have not enoough gold to stabilize their debts under a gold standard, nationalization of miners worldwide begins

  • John P
    John P 2 months ago

    The Confidence Protection Team destroyed gold las week.

  • Grace Lagot
    Grace Lagot 2 months ago +1


  • Blake Ponders
    Blake Ponders 2 months ago

    That is good truth, we are all speculators....

  • Robert Anson
    Robert Anson 2 months ago +1

    Thank you Chris..looks promising

  • Matthew Ellul
    Matthew Ellul 2 months ago

    both markets are going north. The value is the interest rates going lower for peoples savings, and hype of the money flowing into the market. go figure..

  • Jai mahakal
    Jai mahakal 2 months ago +2

    . Silver price will be 450$ in 2021. . .

  • Steve Gilette
    Steve Gilette 2 months ago

    $18.60 today at 08:00 EST.

  • Luckyplate Goodies Channel

    If the us dollars goes up and stay up the rally is bear .gold will break below 1000 .if the us dollar peak from here ,then the gold bull is here.

    • El Sols
      El Sols 2 months ago +3

      Luckyplate Goodies Channel that makes zero sense. The dollar has maintained relative strength and gold has climbed. If the dollar drops, gold will climb faster. If it goes up, gold will climb slower.

  • Luckyplate Goodies Channel

    The millions dollar question ? Is this a bull or bear market rally ???

  • Ernest L Stromeyer Orthodontics

    Silver has gone up a dollar this week and many silver miner moves less than convincing. Maybe a good time to buy DUST

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor  2 months ago

      A good observation. We have trimmed exposure this week as well.

  • Silver Bean Counter
    Silver Bean Counter 2 months ago +3

    Metals are on fire for sure.

  • M G
    M G 2 months ago


  • M G
    M G 2 months ago +5

    The best Gold & Silver analyst on YT!!

  • Kelvin Foo
    Kelvin Foo 2 months ago


  • Kelby Henschen
    Kelby Henschen 2 months ago

    I am all in 64k worth of naked call options on gdxj,silj and sil. My one account went from $2100 up to $46000 since may 28th from my call options. It has been a hell of a ride and I think it's only the beginning. Gluck all, go balls to the wall.

  • 2224TIGGER
    2224TIGGER 2 months ago

    I bought MAG Silver last week you own it?

  • 2224TIGGER
    2224TIGGER 2 months ago +6

    Thanks for video...Rand price gold is up 35% in the last 12 months...but our food prices are going through the roof.

  • WorksofMart2008
    WorksofMart2008 2 months ago +6

    Looks like Impact Silver $IPT to me (undisclosed silver stock) 😉 Great vid mate

    • Paul Raffety
      Paul Raffety 2 months ago

      @Amit Desai SSPXF is not the one in the chart,SSPXF hasnt been above .40 in for a couple years,Waiting for a little more pullback and im in >SSPXF

    • Ben H
      Ben H 2 months ago

      Is he using US dollars for scale or Canadian dollars? If he is using dollars, it isn't Impact. Impact high was $0.75 in 2016. What do you think?

    • Amit Desai
      Amit Desai 2 months ago

      SSPXF is the stock

    • silver fox
      silver fox 2 months ago

      sold mine for PDL...little early but overall ill wait

  • 999西ha yat ying
    999西ha yat ying 2 months ago +3

    I knew it in 1 min!! Thx 😂😂😂

    • Ben H
      Ben H 2 months ago

      @JOSEPH DECRESCENZO Is he using US dollars for scale or Canadian dollars? If he is using dollars, it isn't Impact. Impact high was $0.75 in 2016. What do you think?

    • Metal Bum
      Metal Bum 2 months ago


      JOSEPH DECRESCENZO 2 months ago +2


  • James Hibbert
    James Hibbert 2 months ago +5

    So, we're not buying in to the fact we could still be in a bear market anymore ?

    • R R
      R R 2 months ago +1

      Observe the bond/treasury market.........what is it telling you. Yields falling fast.

    • Богатырь Сашко
      Богатырь Сашко 2 months ago +1

      bear market it in the stock market:)

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 2 months ago +6

    Nice chart a first majestic silver 🤑

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones 2 months ago +3

    Wondering when I'd hear from ya 🙃