[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - I'm a 빛

  • Published on Nov 23, 2021
  • [MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - I'm a 빛

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Comments • 42 800

  • tokinGLX
    tokinGLX Month ago +6199

    apparently 빛 is the korean word for queen, because that is exactly what hwasa is!

    • une jeune congolaise
      une jeune congolaise 2 days ago


    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 5 days ago

      This song is a bomb. Even 4years old kids love it.

    • Sunny Girl
      Sunny Girl Month ago

      It actually means light but I think it’s pronounced like the English word “b!tch”

    • s⁷
      s⁷ Month ago

      it means light haha but do true hwasa queen

    • Noor Aziz
      Noor Aziz Month ago +1

      it means bitch-

  • Lara Mendes
    Lara Mendes 3 days ago +75

    Don't worry baby, you have ppl by your side. We are LOUD. You deserve all the love of the world. Your fans are loyal and we are her for you. ❤❤

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago +6

      Yes ! Thanks to her I got into kpop but basically I’m just only into kpop for Hwasa!

  • D C
    D C 3 days ago +198

    No ads, no promo, no support from the company just sabotage and yet Hwasa still did it. She is a real queen.

    • crazy user
      crazy user 4 hours ago

      @hyejin I strongly agree! I'm a moomoo and I love all of 4 girls even my bias is Hwasa. Some moomoos don't deserve to be in this fandom 😭💀

    • hyejin
      hyejin 4 hours ago +2

      @crazy user Nah sales shows about the fandoms support...some moos just rlly hate/dislike hwasa bcoz they think she has enough this and that alr...thats why her sales always low every comeback...see how her sales is worsen instead of improving in numbers. ALOT of moos dont rlly deserve the name ://

    • crazy user
      crazy user 12 hours ago +5

      Guilty pleasure doesn't have that high of sales(around 19000-20000 copies). I feel sad for Queen Hwasa since Moon byul and Wheein have sold more than 50000+ copies for their new album and still counting! Btw this proves that each one of Mamamoo is a successful soloist 💕✨

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago +14

      Ya agree! It will be the best if rbw had put on ads to make the view count like another company does for W. Let’s just continue to support Hwasa our queen. Even we know her agency 👎🏻

    • barrahgee gines
      barrahgee gines 3 days ago +17

      Yup, Hwasa will remain relevant no matter what they do.

  • A Jeesuz
    A Jeesuz 3 days ago +77

    no one has the same level of artistry as hwasa. she's an ace

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago +2

      Yes she is the ace!

  • Mysa
    Mysa 3 days ago +35

    Was working on a totaly different album with the theme of peace in mind but realised that she didn't found her peace yet and decided to release guilty pleasure. Even if it was under pressure im proud of what she put out. Hoping that 2022 will be a great musical year for her.

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago +1

      She need some time to recollect herself and find her passion again. I think the company really doesn’t makes her feel home or comfortable.

    AMI OPPA Month ago +13075

    The vocals
    The dance
    The visual
    I love everything about hwasa...
    A queen indeed

    • Maria Si
      Maria Si 14 days ago

      @Robin Skull That's not how you get subscribers dude. Keep making music but stop spamming people's MV and say something bad. That's just an old way to gain subscribers lol

    • Bhagyashree Das
      Bhagyashree Das 17 days ago

      Seriously I can't believe that Hwasa danced on that sitar part...I mean sitar is a indian musical instrument and she used sitar in her mv and also the attire that time was also matching with the Indian attire...She's soooo GREAT

    • F123@
      F123@ 19 days ago

      Maria was way better than this. This is so generic and not innovative at all.

    • sori not sori
      sori not sori 22 days ago

      @Robin Skull what a joke haa

    • hannah
      hannah Month ago +1

      @Robin Skull no one cares

    MiDZY ONCE 4 days ago +39

    How come I'm only discovering this masterpiece right now.. 🥰🥰

  • Mysa
    Mysa 3 days ago +29

    She will definetly comeback stronger than before just watch

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago +2

      Agree!! I’m sure she will! And rbw please treat her well or otherwise let her go.

  • z
    z 8 days ago +310

    Why was this promoted soooo poorly 😭 she deserved more!

    • Stan Baby Photos the Slither-puff
      Stan Baby Photos the Slither-puff Day ago

      I know! I didn't know until like two weeks after and I'm a die hard fan!

    • Stan Baby Photos the Slither-puff
      Stan Baby Photos the Slither-puff Day ago +1

      I know! I didn't know until like two weeks after and I'm a die hard fan!

    • Elisa 2013
      Elisa 2013 Day ago +7

      @claudia and Moonbyul's new comeback literally not dropping on time but like 30 or 1 hour later than it was due, it took moonbyul to get off the smn for the video to upload. I literally hate that company

    • Mari _
      Mari _ Day ago +7

      @Chaeyoung's deep dimple Hwasa said on studio moon night that while preparing for this comeback she was in 4 car accidents but thankfully she didn't hurt herself. This just shows how pressured she felt with this comeback

    • Chaeyoung's deep dimple
      Chaeyoung's deep dimple 2 days ago +1

      @Elisa 2013 wait 4 car accidents?how come I've ever heard of this😰

  • s⁷
    s⁷ 14 days ago +78

    the "no bra" part, so iconic. she never hesitates to break codes

  • LittleGreenEyes
    LittleGreenEyes Month ago +8773

    Shes an icon shes a legend and she is the moment. EVERYBODY GIVE IT UP FOR MS. HWASA

  • Dumpling 🥟
    Dumpling 🥟 3 days ago +28

    Hwasa es una luz que nadie puede apagar. Es un desperdicio intentarlo.

  • ARMY
    ARMY 7 days ago +241

    No entiendo porque está canción no tiene 100M si es un temazo
    Osea la voz de HWASA es espectacular

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 5 days ago +5

      @Viviana tt yea rbw sxxks in promoting. Wonder why they never learn.

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 5 days ago +5

      Yes I don’t understand too

    • Viviana tt
      Viviana tt 5 days ago +27

      RBWfuck no promociona a sus artistas (en especial a MMM y sus solistas),da cólera ;(.Hwasa se ha esforzado para su Comeback y no la saben valorar .solo nos queda seguir apoyando a cada una de ellas =)

    • Nganglang Madin
      Nganglang Madin 5 days ago +8


  • hwasasonlyone
    hwasasonlyone 6 days ago +245

    Hwasa is one of K-pop’s few ACES! Visual, Choreo, VOCALS, charisma! Everything!

  • Stheffany Vázquez
    Stheffany Vázquez 3 days ago +51

    A pesar de la insípida promoción Hwasa rompió sus propios records y marcó nuevos. Esta era fue tan buena, los outfits, la producción, la madurez de Hwasa, etc todo me encanto

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +3378

    She rocks everytime

  • everlastingsummer
    everlastingsummer 6 days ago +170

    so people are asking, why did this not blow up as huge as Maria? so pushing ALL the sht the company did to her and this album aside. let me talk about the song. there were no subtitles in the first ten days, (fck rbw) so i didnt see anyone discussing the lyrics. tbh reading the translations i didnt get what she was actually conveying, except for the storyline, which is "what if maria chose evil". but someone tweeted about survival and now i cant stop thinking about it.

    in some ways maria is also about survival, surviving the fight happening inside her head and rebirth when she chose good over evil(which, is always twisted into "dissing haters" when it is such a deep song just to fit kpoppies simple minds but it made maria blow up so nvm let's not talk about it here.)
    but in I'm a B, she chose evil, to survive everything in this world, especially the industry she is in. she said she realized she has to be a btch to survive in this industry, and everything she is doing, has to do now, is driving her crazy. she talked about 2021 being a hard year for her, so yeah. and "excuse you im a btch" is her apology to the people around her who were neglected because of her work.

    so this took me so long to actually summarize it, so the messages of this song probably dont fit kpoppies taste. but regardless she makes music for herself, i feel like she talks to herself with her lyrics, all her lyrics are so personal, all of the based on her real-life stories. this is why i love her as a musician. she is really the definition of "cant live without music", so i hope she will make music until the day she's tired of it, and i just hope she will always be happy doing this.

    • Peachy Kepler
      Peachy Kepler 21 hour ago

      Well said! 👏

    • Nganglang Madin
      Nganglang Madin Day ago +1

      Thank you very much ...love you...

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 4 days ago +6

      Love your elaborations here. I agree she wrote the songs for herself and that’s what artist always does. She is the living legend for 3rd generation kpop idol. I stan Hwasa forever And keep streaming !

  • Ankita Dutta
    Ankita Dutta 2 days ago +24

    She doesn't know how many people she is inspiring everyday...

  • Stheffany Vázquez
    Stheffany Vázquez 3 days ago +34

    Hwasa escribe, compone, baila, canta, rapea, etc. En fin ACE OF KPOP

  • ohmarbeline
    ohmarbeline 3 days ago +43

    Rewatching, again and again and again! The part where she's thirsty but the water is stuck in the bottle.. poetry in motion 👌 Hwasa, an artistic queen!

  • ASMR Sharm
    ASMR Sharm Month ago +1440


  • Jade Kincaid
    Jade Kincaid 3 days ago +33

    What I love about Hwasa is that she never had to beg for recognition. Recognition came to her. Always been the least fave among moos, people called her "ugly and fat" because she didn't meet Korean standards. She didn't get recognition until 2018. Yet through it all, she still remains humble and grounded with no ego attached to her. She's a very rare bird and will always be the standard.

    • Nganglang Madin
      Nganglang Madin Day ago

      @Jade Kincaid I just can crying :(
      I love her so much

    • Jade Kincaid
      Jade Kincaid 3 days ago +5

      @PL Ling It's the same reason why I have so much love for Britney Spears. She was so humble and grounded with no ego. Yet jealousy stayed surrounding her in the industry. If only Hwasa could get such a dedicated fanbase. 😩

      People like to say Hwasa is intimidating because of her outer appearance. Not me tho. I'm built different. I know a baddie when I see one. Lol 😌 But after further research, I found a big ole softie who deserves all the love and respect she gives to other reflected back at her. She deserves a fandom that truly loves and support her. 💖

      Whatever she's doing, I hope she's happy and doing some serious reflecting on what needs to be done for her own peace of mind. 🙏🙌

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago +5

      Totally agree with you. That’s why I stan her. She is such a humble person. We can see even her success through twit and Maria & ILA where she was so huge, she never show a single sign that she is more superior than anyone.

  • G. H
    G. H 3 days ago +99

    Can’t stop thinking about the ending! The next chapter of her discography is gonna be ridiculously well produced because she’s such a perfectionist. Can’t get enough or lyricist Hwasa!

  • Hunny B
    Hunny B 3 days ago +106

    There is only one thing that hwasa cannot do, and that is to release a bad song. What a queen👑

  • Mysa
    Mysa 3 days ago +65

    Hwasa said that this song is kind of a prologue to another project she's been working on! An album about peace of mind ❤️. Can't wait for what she is working on this year. Let's wait patiently for her!

  • Bryan Hawn
    Bryan Hawn Month ago +5863

    Пожалуйста подарите много любви новому альбому Хвасы

    • ֆɦɨo
      ֆɦɨo Month ago

      @Cheams - The Dogy me too
      had to google translate

    • Moo Like Butter
      Moo Like Butter Month ago

      hello everyone please keep str3@ming! We need all the help we can get 💚💚

    • بنت
      بنت Month ago

      Well I support Hawaya's new album🤪💖

    • luie
      luie Month ago


    • ggomo’s fan
      ggomo’s fan Month ago

      Don’t forget to str3@m and vot3 on idol champ she’s currently 3rd place

  • Jade Kincaid
    Jade Kincaid 5 days ago +22

    Something about this is very organic. I mean 927,000 likes?! 🙊 Come on... Let's get it to 1m. 🙈💖

  • I am the cause of my Euphoria

    This is not a MV but an art so stop sleeping on this

  • Xomara Perez
    Xomara Perez 3 days ago +26

    Vamos a seguir apoyando a hwasa demostrémos que podemos llegar a los 20 millones de vistas hwasa se merece eso y más si podemos

  • Stheffany Vázquez
    Stheffany Vázquez 3 days ago +15

    No sabemos de Hwasa hace días, sin embargo sigue rompiendo logros. ORGANIC QUEEN

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M Month ago +508

    Por favor, denle mucho amor a esta canción y al álbum en general. Ella se ha esforzado mucho!!!

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago

      Let’s continue to show her love with our support and loving her creations.



    • Andréa Bezerra
      Andréa Bezerra Month ago +1

      Eu estou pedindo por favor, essa música é a melhor de todas meu deus!!!

  • TheKleinesPferd
    TheKleinesPferd 7 days ago +16

    Love it, it's perfect
    The choreography
    The song
    Her outfits
    Her visuals in general

  • Sophia
    Sophia 5 days ago +58

    The lyrics, Hwasa's voice, the choreography - a whole masterpiece!

  • Hore Ppoi 🧃
    Hore Ppoi 🧃 13 days ago +179

    Es la primera vez que escucho una de las canciones de Hwa Sa Y NO ME ARREPIENTO DE HABERLE HECHO CASO A MI CURIOSIDAD. ♡

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 5 days ago +5

      She is unique. Her singing never fails.

    • Arleth Rivera
      Arleth Rivera 6 days ago +6

      Sus canciones son hermosas, igual te recomiendo el grupo en general 👌🏻👌🏻

    • s⁷
      s⁷ 12 days ago +19

      tienes que escuchar a más canciones!! maria es muy buena, y puedes escuchar a todas sus canciones en spotify

  • Luna
    Luna 3 days ago +14

    Porfavor no escuchen a gente inmadura en esta app. HWASA a pesar de todo hizo un magnifico trabajo estando aún debajo de rbdumb. No comparen, solo apoyen y si no van a decir nada productivo larguense de acá que generan bardo al pedo.

  • Muhdae
    Muhdae 3 days ago +24

    Pure art

  • Lachimolala owner's industry

    So cool

  • Viviana tt
    Viviana tt 8 days ago +31

    Moomoos ,twits La era Guilty Pleasure NO PUEDE MORIR y No debe morir hay que seguir apoyando a Hwasa ella se merece todo lo mejor al igual que todo MMM.Ahora se nos viene 2 eras nuevas "6equence "Moonbyul (19/01/22) y "Whee" Wheein (16/01/22) . Apoyemos a estas grandes artistas , fighting Moos!!!! let's support our Queens

  • Felix Chacha Ki Dost
    Felix Chacha Ki Dost 12 days ago +28

    Hwasa showing her middle finger to the haters is so satisfying✨

  • LadyPipay
    LadyPipay Month ago +691


    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 5 days ago

      Slay all the way until her next album ❤️ continue to support I’m a b

    • neocultured Uaena
      neocultured Uaena Month ago


      WIRANTO PORA Month ago +4

      Fr tho;)

  • Hwa Sa
    Hwa Sa 13 days ago +35

    She is the definition of charisma

  • Borella
    Borella 8 days ago +25

    Our queen hwasa deserves more

  • I dream of life
    I dream of life 2 days ago +12

    solo puedo decir diosa hwa sa(RBW NO ENTIENDO POR QUE NO PUBLICITAS ESTO SERIA UN HIT )

  • eunick
    eunick 13 days ago +76

    when this played during the MBC year end show, i literally got goosebumps. that intro sets the mood so well

  • Angry Jin aka Rap Jin
    Angry Jin aka Rap Jin Month ago +870

    No matter what people say I consider Hwasa and Jessi to be the queens of kpop, not just because of their daring personality but also because they literally created their own standard in kpop.

    • MizuHarajuku56
      MizuHarajuku56 18 days ago +1

      What about HyunA?

    • Krys Ivory
      Krys Ivory 21 day ago +6

      Still... Everybody in MAMAMOO
      has their own standard, though.

    • BL00MY
      BL00MY 23 days ago +7

      Can’t forget my girl CL 🙌

    • Manas Kumar Rout
      Manas Kumar Rout 26 days ago

      They are queens!

    • Byeol
      Byeol 26 days ago

      I agree 💯

  • moo
    moo 5 days ago +40

    Hwasa to jednak Hwasa zawsze jak coś wydaje to jest potężny bop

    • chuu
      chuu 4 days ago +2

      reluwa potężna

  • Mudita
    Mudita 10 days ago +21

    This song gets better with each listen. Gonna come here every day and stream to support this beautiful, talented, enchanting human who deserves every bit of attention and respect.
    Love you queen.💚🖤

  • moo
    moo 5 days ago +7

    Nie mogę przestać słuchać Im a 빛

  • Leslie Orellana
    Leslie Orellana 13 days ago +19


    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago

      Well said! The diamond that some of the fandom in her group doesn’t like her. That’s sad. But there is still many loyal twit here ❤️

  • Julia Nilon
    Julia Nilon Month ago +728

    Oh I am SO here for this. Visuals off the charts!! Can’t wait to check out FOMO and Bless U.

  • Ozzy
    Ozzy 16 days ago +65

    Twits and moos some awesome news! Hwasa surpassed 2.5 million followers on Spotify and she's the second korean female soloist to ever reach this milestone!!!
    Also Hwasa as a soloist reached 173 million+ streams in Spotify during 2021 alone with barely 1-2 comeback and sh!tty promotions, literally a queen, let's continue our support moomoos she deserves the world. Moomoo forever :")

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 5 days ago +1

      Yes please continue to show more love to Hwasa

    • Wheein Queen
      Wheein Queen 16 days ago +5

      Congratulation to Hwasa and Hwasa only 💕

  • andy
    andy 3 days ago +8


  • Emma Boney
    Emma Boney 15 days ago +48

    can we talk about the beautiful cut to the, i think it was a gayageum, and the traditional sound? yalll! it was so good and the interpretive dance! hwasa really did put all of herself into this

  • Support Mamamoo
    Support Mamamoo 8 days ago +38

    I was having an anxiety attack before I started watching this and now I'm calmer and smiling. Hwasa basically saved my life.

  • Dance Party Club
    Dance Party Club Month ago +659

    Great music, you do well 😆

  • Stheffany Vázquez
    Stheffany Vázquez 13 hours ago +7

    Espero Hwasa siga mezclanzo sonidos modernos con sonidos de su cultura, es genial

  • Ailyn Mendoza
    Ailyn Mendoza 3 days ago +22

    Tremenda joyita

  • Olga Moadie Contreras

    hwasa es maravilloso, todo, la letra, el sentido de la canción y el baile de otro mundo...

  • maricl
    maricl 13 days ago +17

    Hwasa keeps on serving high quality music, videos, concepts, visuals, contents...such a peerless Queen

  • El Gato de las Weeekly 🐈

    This is so good! ♡

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago

      ❤️❤️ let’s continue to love her creations

    • Moo Like Butter
      Moo Like Butter Month ago

      hello everyone please keep str3@ming! We need all the help we can get 💚💚

    • claudia
      claudia Month ago +1

      @Eureeka karki some of mamamoo fans did'nt want to buy the album because they feel like it's unfair for the other mamamoo members. some fan even said they won't stream it on the first day of its release bc they want to be an ot4 fan

    • Eureeka karki
      Eureeka karki Month ago +3

      @-edify. wtf didn't you get what I mean oh god!!! Yeah I feel bad not only coz she's not getting views but becoz she's not getting the recognition she deserved for her art clear?

    • —edify.
      —edify. Month ago

      @Eureeka karki ur gonna cry,,,because something didn’t get enough views?? help whaT

  • llene lins
    llene lins 3 days ago +18

    Essa musica é perfeita o clip ta tudooo

  • Harry V
    Harry V 10 days ago +8

    beautiful song!

  • Yoongi's shadow ( #Stay Alive OST)⁷

    Definition of queen 👑

  • QueenSa
    QueenSa 3 days ago +28

    Hwasa singer, songwriter, composer, rapper, TV personality, dancer and all rounder talented Queen. Hwasa Ace of Kpop.

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago

      When I ask my Korean friend if hwasa is queen of kpop? She replied me without hesitation “yes she is!” I’m so proud of her

  • Angelina Eonni88
    Angelina Eonni88 Month ago +757

    Queen Hwa Sa😍🔥 masterpiece

  • Annie
    Annie 22 hours ago +15

    I'm back. As I should. I need this song every day. Immediately good mood.

  • Belén Fonseca
    Belén Fonseca 3 days ago +10


  • Annie
    Annie 4 days ago +19

    This woman is the definition of pure art

    • Λιλι Δ
      Λιλι Δ 3 days ago

      She is Art with a big A like Amazing

  • Kusum_2021
    Kusum_2021 7 days ago +7

    I love you Hwasa ❤ love from India 🇮🇳

  • ddongbyulie
    ddongbyulie Month ago +656

    The only one who can outshine Hwasa is herself. This woman never fails to amaze me every time she drops a song

  • asleep zzz
    asleep zzz 22 hours ago +12

    This song deserved so much more

    Damus_WHEEx6EQUENCE 2 days ago +8

    Hwasa toda una DIOSA

  • lilly B
    lilly B 3 days ago +14

    Hwasa is a genius

  • Kiwi Org
    Kiwi Org 3 days ago +25

    This is so far the best comebacks. Saw an article about she being one of the ace in kpop girl group. She look and sound so amazing.

  • anthonytoo
    anthonytoo Month ago +551

    you killed it!

  • Hyejin4lyf
    Hyejin4lyf 9 days ago +18

    I love you Queen

  • Lis Avataria
    Lis Avataria 12 days ago +16


  • Tamaza
    Tamaza 5 days ago +10

    hwasa and her unique ♡

  • Hikari Chouko
    Hikari Chouko 3 days ago +21

    People don't understand that Hwasa did more than music. She included her culture and created a masterpiece👏
    Hwasa is a brand on her own 💚

  • Hayat
    Hayat Month ago +2626

    I hate the fact that people are literally sleeping on this masterpiece She deserve more appreciation and views like other MVs seriously we are evolving backwards in terms of music

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 3 days ago +1

      Let’s continue to show our support to her creations❤️

    • Parveen Qureshi
      Parveen Qureshi 5 days ago +2

      You know even though with bad promotion they get 25 million views within week its not that company promoting them bad but also momoos are also streaming less hwasa MV i mean seriously she deserve more

    • Indie album Collection
      Indie album Collection 15 days ago

      @Letícia well majority of Group's Music is produced by Kim do hoon .. I don't think they have no say in group's Music tho..

    • Letícia
      Letícia 23 days ago +1

      @Zenab Mohamed That Hwasa posted about her comeback on her own Instagram account.

    • Zenab Mohamed
      Zenab Mohamed 23 days ago

      @Letícia What are you talking about on Instagram?

  • Aywhen
    Aywhen 2 days ago +9

    Hwasa diosa

  • Mysa
    Mysa 3 days ago +40

    Let's hope hwasa realized that she deserve everything she got. Accomplished by her sweat and tears. She can be selfish if she wants! Like she said herself: "excuse you, i'm a bitch!"

  • aqilah
    aqilah 4 days ago +21

    This woman never not be iconic

    DNSHBB 11 days ago +19

    Me encanta todo lo que hace y esta canción es superior

  • geiko
    geiko Month ago +306

    MY QUEEN, MY LOVE! i can't stop smiling

    • PL Ling
      PL Ling 22 days ago

      Check out her vlive videos too. She is just so charming

    • martin
      martin Month ago

      hi crush

  • La Oreja De HaSeul
    La Oreja De HaSeul 13 hours ago +3

    Hwasa siendo una diva con una puesta en escena increíble. Hermosa, sexy y talentosa. Dios pero que coreo, que voz y el mv super artístico. La canción es increíble y muy pegajosa. Es tan satisfactorio encontrar música tan buena... 💚

  • Ishfa Istianah Aulani
    Ishfa Istianah Aulani 6 days ago +5

    luv hwasaa

  • Quaker
    Quaker 3 days ago +19

    A song that always gets you in the mood. Hwasa did Hwasa.

  • Yashi 2007
    Yashi 2007 12 days ago +6

    So good 💖💖

  • Hoonki's Noona
    Hoonki's Noona Month ago +350

    God- Hwasa is such an outstanding artist, singer, and performer. *chef's kiss* I love her so much.

  • Pame Alomoto
    Pame Alomoto 2 days ago +8

    Hwasa es inspiración a realizar actividades o cosas que nunca hemos intentanto por miedo al qué dirán :)

  • bangast
    bangast 3 days ago +12

    This is such a good song, Hwasa is pure art

  • claudia quispe huamani
    claudia quispe huamani 2 days ago +8

    Hwasa hoy volviste, esta bien
    solo no desaparezcas por mucho tiempo
    te amo

  • Maria U P
    Maria U P 21 hour ago +5

    Hwasa, siempre dando lo mejor en la música!

  • Litzety Lugo
    Litzety Lugo Month ago +446

    A pesar de que este MV es muy diferente al de María y Twit, creo que estamos todos de acuerdo de que trasmite la esencia de Hwasa en su totalidad. Todo es hermoso, el visual, los outfits, la coreografía, la canción en general, la hermosa voz de Hwasa y lo que más me sorprendió y le dió un toque único y diferente fue la escena de los vestuarios blancos donde tocan una especie de instrumento chino (la verdad no estoy segura) pero en fin, Hwasa vino a salvar noviembre con esta SOTY que no se olvidará en un largo tiempo

    • HwGa Lion
      HwGa Lion Month ago +2

      Ella es todo lo que está bien en este mundo

    • Claudia Quispe Huamani
      Claudia Quispe Huamani Month ago +2

      Solo Hwasa Puede transmitir tanto, yo sigo esperando los subtítulos aún no lo he visto y estoy 100% segura que la letra al igual que todo el MV debe ser maravilloso

    • julieta A
      julieta A Month ago +1

      Sip...es su esencia inigualable...

    • Yaritza Alfaro
      Yaritza Alfaro Month ago +2

      eso mismo estaba pensando, que este video transmite mucha energía de ella

    • Jehovanna Yépez
      Jehovanna Yépez Month ago +8

      @Moomoo Love Gracias por responder justo lo que estaba por preguntar jaja. ¿Sabes como se llama la danza que bailaban en conjunto al instrumento y si también es una de las danzas tradicionales de País?

  • eunick
    eunick 3 days ago +15

    no matter how many times i listen to this i never get tired of it, it just gets better and better with every listen 💖

  • moo
    moo 3 days ago +6

    Już nie mogę się doczekać pełnego albumu od królowej bdhsjsjdjdbdb

  • Annie
    Annie 3 days ago +14

    My girl is doing great! She was born to be a queen

  • Bts• Army
    Bts• Army 15 days ago +15

    My God, queen, goddess, how come this jewel has almost no support, how should it be? IT'S ART

  • cswg
    cswg Month ago +500

    Queen, reina, máquina, mastodonte, fiera, relámpago, titán. ERES ESPECTACULAR, HWASA.