Second Round: South Carolina defeats Duke

South Carolina upsets Duke 88-81 and advances to the Sweet Sixteen. The Gamecocks will face Baylor in Tulsa, OK.

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Автор Tommy-13 - Clash Royale ( назад)
People cheer for 2 things during march madness:
Duke to lose and their team to win

Автор Victor Walston ( назад)
that's what Duke fans get for cheering for Arkansas against North Carolina earlier before their game

Автор David012186 ( назад)
so much for coach K, on paper Duke seemed the strongest, but in real life..anything goes, anyone can win! way to go South Carolina

Автор Carson Adams ( назад)
Lol @ everyone who actually thought Duke was gonna win it all

Автор Aadam Alli ( назад)
the game is actually at MSG

Автор Van Iyke ( назад)
Duke still don't know what hit them.

Автор Packersfan 12 ( назад)
I told you all Duke would be a early exit if they don't improve their defense

Автор SurRea aka Max ( назад)
And down goes Duke #sorrynotsorry

Автор Joshua Griffin ( назад)
UGA fan here got get it South Carolina...

Автор Jay Rolf ( назад)
SEC is the weirdest conference...we hate each other, but love seeing each other beat other conferences😂

Автор 26mkunkle ( назад)
PACATTACK 8-0 baby

Автор Proudyfoot ( назад)
bummed I turned it off at half

Автор Timothy Olmert ( назад)

Автор high horse ( назад)
Jayson Tatum is trash

Автор Jeff Lucas ( назад)
I love seeing online now how Duke fans are blaming the refs, like they say us Tarheel fans do. A loss and hypocrisy exposed. Double win. No excuses. All that five star, McDonalds AA, future NBA talent got worked over by a team that has one player that can stick on an NBA roster. Even though you wrecked my bracket, thank you for the birthday present South Carolina! I hope Allen doesn't trip getting on the plane on the way back home haha.

Автор The Shaolin ( назад)
Man this was therapeutic to watch

Автор Brandon Schoenhoff ( назад)
I'm a Kentucky fan, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of the Gamecocks. Congrats on the victory!

Автор Silverback93 ( назад)
Bye bye Dookie

Автор Flare Aqua ( назад)
Daily reminder...

Duke blew a 7-2 seed

Автор Holland Bostrom ( назад)
1:17 Duke cheerleader gets flattened

Автор Jonathan Riley ( назад)
if you not kentucky u dont matter !!!

Автор WarmBeer Gaming Dude ( назад)
C'mon now hopefully all this luke kennard rubbish can stop as well as greyson. Those negro's on South Carolina saw those white guys and salivated at the chance to lock them up.

Автор Andrew Fowler ( назад)
It's not our first Sweet 16 in school history.. where are all of these media outlets getting their info? We went in 1971, 1972 and 1973...

Автор Samuel Nam ( назад)
congrats to south Carolina

Автор Hoopgod x Owen ( назад)
I live in South Carolina but most of those fouls they called on us honestly weren't fouls but gg south carolina

Автор Noah Curry ( назад)
If you though Grayson Allen and his team were going to win, you were trippin'.

Автор NTT News ( назад)
Thanh you! Have a nice day.

Автор Joshua King William Prater 777 ( назад)
No one saw this coming? South Carolina defense is stellar all they needed was to turn up on offense. Great classic tho! Oh yeah folks the madness ain't over. Wait till this week. #Igotafeeling 👑🙈

Автор Eternal Darkness ( назад)
They beat us fair and square. What people don't realize is how USC was former ACC rivals and champions back in the 1970's! I'm not even mad at this point. I'm not even mad but rather happy that we lost. Hopefully coach K can invest in recruiting a true big man next year! #BDN

Автор Gabriel Stafford ( назад)
fire coach k

Автор PronunciationLesson ( назад)
They celebrating like we successfully landed humans on Mars

Автор etoo23 ( назад)
How sway!

Автор Mack 10 ( назад)
duke chokes

Автор Conrad Pales ( назад)
first villanova then dukeee. how sad

Автор DFromOutEast ( назад)
SEC 😈😎

Автор Lil Dagga ( назад)
This is pure bs they game should have never been moved from North Carolina, South Carolina practically played a home game not even about to dive into officiating smh

Автор Know Pain ( назад)
Duke you failed me

Автор Xenres ( назад)
i got ucla winning it all

Автор Aaron Turner ( назад)
This was technically an upset, I guess..but South Carolina put up 65 in the 2nd half alone..that's 2nd half domination. Duke was overrated.

Автор craig jones ( назад)
Bye bye to Krackashitski and his Blue-eyed Devils!!!

Автор Zach Jamison ( назад)
5 duke fans

Автор cocolocooz ( назад)
Well done Gamecocks. 👏🏾

Автор Brooks Autry ( назад)
coming from a Tennessee vol fan u made the state of South Carolina and the SEC proud today👊

Автор h2o ( назад)

Автор CEOTSP WORLD ( назад)
Thats crazy

Автор Terry Zarnik ( назад)
wow...9 teams in the NCAA and only NC making it past the first weekend. what was that... the big 10 has 3. so much for the best conference regardless if NC should win it all. oh they just squeeze by. everyone is strong these days...on any given day. no such thing as the best conference.

Автор killaf89 ( назад)
isn't this the nba highlight commentator also? the one that says Oh my goooodnesss! 😂

Автор southrules ( назад)
Duke got schooled!

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