Second Round: South Carolina defeats Duke

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017
  • South Carolina upsets Duke 88-81 and advances to the Sweet Sixteen. The Gamecocks will face Baylor in Tulsa, OK.
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Комментарии • 129

  • Tom Levy
    Tom Levy Год назад +1

    People cheer for 2 things during march madness:
    Duke to lose and their team to win

  • Victor Walston
    Victor Walston Год назад

    that's what Duke fans get for cheering for Arkansas against North Carolina earlier before their game

  • David012186
    David012186 Год назад

    so much for coach K, on paper Duke seemed the strongest, but in real life..anything goes, anyone can win! way to go South Carolina

  • Carson Adams
    Carson Adams Год назад

    Lol @ everyone who actually thought Duke was gonna win it all

  • Aadam Alli
    Aadam Alli Год назад

    the game is actually at MSG

  • Van Iyke
    Van Iyke Год назад

    Duke still don't know what hit them.

  • Packersfan 12
    Packersfan 12 Год назад

    I told you all Duke would be a early exit if they don't improve their defense

  • Srey Not Sarah
    Srey Not Sarah Год назад

    And down goes Duke #sorrynotsorry

  • Joshua Griffin
    Joshua Griffin Год назад

    UGA fan here got get it South Carolina...

  • Jay Rolf
    Jay Rolf Год назад +2

    SEC is the weirdest conference...we hate each other, but love seeing each other beat other conferences😂

    • Bama Ed
      Bama Ed Год назад +2

      Jay Rolf During the season we hate each other but in the playoff. That's a different story.

  • Likelyconvict
    Likelyconvict Год назад

    PACATTACK 8-0 baby

  • Proudyfoot
    Proudyfoot Год назад

    bummed I turned it off at half

  • Timothy Olmert
    Timothy Olmert Год назад +1


  • high horse
    high horse Год назад

    Jayson Tatum is trash

  • Jeff Lucas
    Jeff Lucas Год назад +2

    I love seeing online now how Duke fans are blaming the refs, like they say us Tarheel fans do. A loss and hypocrisy exposed. Double win. No excuses. All that five star, McDonalds AA, future NBA talent got worked over by a team that has one player that can stick on an NBA roster. Even though you wrecked my bracket, thank you for the birthday present South Carolina! I hope Allen doesn't trip getting on the plane on the way back home haha.

  • The Shaolin
    The Shaolin Год назад +2

    Man this was therapeutic to watch

  • Brandon Schoenhoff
    Brandon Schoenhoff Год назад +9

    I'm a Kentucky fan, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of the Gamecocks. Congrats on the victory!

    • Kevin Tanksley
      Kevin Tanksley Год назад

      man who can Gamecocks lose

    • MrCrispy3322
      MrCrispy3322 Год назад

      im happy whenver an sec team wins, people were saying we were overrated and that made me really fustrated, acc only has one team in sweet 16 while big ten and sec has 3 although pac 12 is looking really nice in the tourney, i just hope kentucky wins angainst ucla

  • Silverback93
    Silverback93 Год назад

    Bye bye Dookie

  • Agent Block
    Agent Block Год назад +1

    Daily reminder...
    Duke blew a 7-2 seed

  • Holland Bostrom
    Holland Bostrom Год назад +2

    1:17 Duke cheerleader gets flattened

  • Jonathan Riley
    Jonathan Riley Год назад

    if you not kentucky u dont matter !!!

    • Sneak
      Sneak Год назад

      louisville all day but we lost to michigan by 4 :/

  • Andrew Fowler
    Andrew Fowler Год назад +8

    It's not our first Sweet 16 in school history.. where are all of these media outlets getting their info? We went in 1971, 1972 and 1973...

    • F.B.I Agent
      F.B.I Agent 7 месяцев назад +1

      R.P.M "it doesn't matter what you think!!" - The Rock

    • R.P.M
      R.P.M Год назад +5

      That was before the 64 team format. It's our first sweet sixteen in the modern era of the tournament

    • Fly Dee
      Fly Dee Год назад +5

      Wenger. Out

    • Teodor Rørbech
      Teodor Rørbech Год назад +4

      Reminds me of this quote from a recent Alastair Campbell interview:
      "If you look at someone like Arsène Wenger, the Arsenal football manager. Just look at his face when he’s watching a football game. Is he happy? He’s absolutely racked and I think a lot of these people in sports in particular, the fear of failure is far more driving than the joy they get from winning. Do you remember when José Mourinho, when he was the Chelsea manager, threw his medal in the crowd and part of you thinks, he’s just being a showman. But I think it’s about this thing of: right. Done. Next thing. Got to do something else. That’s not a route to happiness."

  • Samuel Nam
    Samuel Nam Год назад +3

    congrats to south Carolina

  • Owen boi
    Owen boi Год назад +3

    I live in South Carolina but most of those fouls they called on us honestly weren't fouls but gg south carolina

    • Junior Basketball
      Junior Basketball Год назад +2

      How about those two block/charge calls that went against USC. Also why didn't Jefferson or Tatum get technicals for their antics?

    • The Wolf
      The Wolf Год назад +1

      lol... someone drank to much ocean water

    • bucky468
      bucky468 Год назад +3

      Hoopgod x Owen - Typical salty Dookies, blaming the refs for them losing. SC was underestimated by Allen et al.

  • Noah Curry
    Noah Curry Год назад +29

    If you though Grayson Allen and his team were going to win, you were trippin'.

    • Zac Stone
      Zac Stone Год назад

      Noah Curry had to love the announcers with under a minute and thirty seconds left, "It's Grayson Allen time"

    • TH3GPS
      TH3GPS Год назад +1

      +WarmBeer Gaming Dude
      I mean, he did score 20 points against your "athletic dogs."

    • bucky468
      bucky468 Год назад

      Noah Curry - I think it's safe to say that Allen is gone after this year. Hope the stiff arming punk leaves early.

  • NTT News
    NTT News Год назад

    Thanh you! Have a nice day.

  • Joshua King William Prater 777
    Joshua King William Prater 777 Год назад +5

    No one saw this coming? South Carolina defense is stellar all they needed was to turn up on offense. Great classic tho! Oh yeah folks the madness ain't over. Wait till this week. #Igotafeeling 👑🙈

    • Marc Regal
      Marc Regal Год назад

      Joshua King William Prater 777 yup

  • Eternal Darkness
    Eternal Darkness Год назад +6

    They beat us fair and square. What people don't realize is how USC was former ACC rivals and champions back in the 1970's! I'm not even mad at this point. I'm not even mad but rather happy that we lost. Hopefully coach K can invest in recruiting a true big man next year! #BDN

    • Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness Год назад

      +WarmBeer Gaming Dude why are you replying to me and not that KraKKa?

    • J G
      J G Год назад

      Jerad Scharrer
      I'm white but it's true African genes are more athletic they extra fast twitch muscle fibers but there are cases like Christian mccafrey that are born with same genetics that is usually found in blacks

    • WarmBeer Gaming Dude
      WarmBeer Gaming Dude Год назад

      Eternal Darkness hahahahahaha the salt is real...even though that same ball of air gets blacks that same education FOR FREE! lol fail

    • Jerad Scharrer
      Jerad Scharrer Год назад

      WarmBeer Gaming Dude Color has nothing to do with skill,blacks just have nothing better to do then to play with a ball of air all day everyday. Only reason why there is a higher % of talent in blacks vs whites in that category. I'll stick to a proper education and a career, not a sport.

  • Gabriel Stafford
    Gabriel Stafford Год назад +7

    fire coach k

    • Carson McCord
      Carson McCord Год назад +6

      you are very dumb

    • Gary Hall
      Gary Hall Год назад +2

      Gabriel Stafford. lol 🐓👊

  • PronunciationLesson
    PronunciationLesson Год назад +21

    They celebrating like we successfully landed humans on Mars

    • Matt Riser
      Matt Riser Год назад +1

      PronunciationLesson it's for the sweet 16...hater.

    • Andrew K
      Andrew K Год назад +23

      PronunciationLesson either you lost your bracket or you're a duke fan. It's a big win.

    • Daniel Owens
      Daniel Owens Год назад +51

      PronunciationLesson they beat regular power in the tournament in Duke and are going to first EVER sweet 16. why not??

  • etoo23
    etoo23 Год назад +2

    How sway!

  • Mack 10
    Mack 10 Год назад +1

    duke chokes

  • Conrad Pales
    Conrad Pales Год назад +6

    first villanova then dukeee. how sad

    • Edan Bonilla
      Edan Bonilla Год назад

      Grand Priest bet. UNC will WIN.

    • Edan Bonilla
      Edan Bonilla Год назад

      Conrad Pales never now, Lonzo Ball is really good.

    • Conrad Pales
      Conrad Pales Год назад

      I think UCLA will win all the way.

    • Edan Bonilla
      Edan Bonilla Год назад

      Conrad Pales easy for unc!!!!

  • DFromOutEast
    DFromOutEast Год назад +1

    SEC 😈😎

  • Lil Dagga
    Lil Dagga Год назад

    This is pure bs they game should have never been moved from North Carolina, South Carolina practically played a home game not even about to dive into officiating smh

    • chicotoe
      chicotoe Год назад +1

      Lil Dagga are you serious duke was traveling the whole game lol. And y'all had way more time to rest we had only 48 hours to rest y'all got beat fair n square South Carolina is underrated and duke is overrated point blank period

    • Lil Dagga
      Lil Dagga Год назад

      Respect brother but I grew up watching the lakers I can't help that they won chips ahead of time so I'm labeled a bandwagon I only like Duke because i have a cousin that went there and they use to send me t-shirts n stuff so that's how I end up liking duke

    • Marc Regal
      Marc Regal Год назад +1

      Lil Dagga I actually can. I'm a Charlotte Hornets fan. Through and through. No championships or nothing. Thats who I ride for. I've been a Carolina Panthers fan since 12 years old. Bandwagon is liking a team bc they win chips. Thats what a bandwagon is. Whether my team win or lose or want ever be champs. Im still a fan.

    • bucky468
      bucky468 Год назад

      Matt Watkins - Couldn't have said it better myself. No cutting down the nets for Dook. SC outfoxed them.

  • Know Pain
    Know Pain Год назад +3

    Duke you failed me

  • Xenres
    Xenres Год назад +2

    i got ucla winning it all

    • Xenres
      Xenres Год назад

      maybe next year buddy, nvm they getting jaylen hands and liangelo ball, maybe the year after that

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner Год назад +63

    This was technically an upset, I guess..but South Carolina put up 65 in the 2nd half alone..that's 2nd half domination. Duke was overrated.

    • Weston Case
      Weston Case 9 месяцев назад

      Aaron Turner is coach cal still undefeated in the elite 8? No cause the real Carolina took them cheeks

    • Aaron Turner
      Aaron Turner Год назад

      Hmmm..not to toot my own horn or anything but Fox just completely shredded Ball for 39 points and 4 assists just like I said he would do. UK with a relatively easy win over UCLA.

    • Aaron Turner
      Aaron Turner Год назад

      Eternal Darkness As much as everyone dislikes John Calipari..he is 10-2 in the Sweet 16 and undefeated in the Elite 8. I actually like UK to come out of the South.

    • Aaron Turner
      Aaron Turner Год назад

      Eternal Darkness UCLA's defense is very suspect..and Lavar Ball has ran his mouth about Fox of UK..look for Fox to come up big tomorrow night vs. UCLA and outplay Ball. Ken Pomeroy is giving UK a 59% chance to win and predicts the final score to be 88-86, UK winning. I agree on Kansas though.

    • Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness Год назад

      +Aaron Turner if you look at it UCLA/Kansa has the formula to take home the crown...

  • craig jones
    craig jones Год назад +10

    Bye bye to Krackashitski and his Blue-eyed Devils!!!

    • Jerad Scharrer
      Jerad Scharrer Год назад

      Craig Jones Still no proof showing any assumption you have, which will continue showing the incorrect troll you are.

    • Jerad Scharrer
      Jerad Scharrer Год назад

      craig jones Says the man with no evidence, shut your mouth child.

    • craig jones
      craig jones Год назад

      It's absolutely totally true. The Nile runs through Egypt...denial is runs through Caucasians.

  • Zach Jamison
    Zach Jamison Год назад +5

    5 duke fans

  • cocolocooz
    cocolocooz Год назад +8

    Well done Gamecocks. 👏🏾

  • Brooks Autry
    Brooks Autry Год назад +48

    coming from a Tennessee vol fan u made the state of South Carolina and the SEC proud today👊

    • Keevon Jones
      Keevon Jones Год назад

      Brooks Autry Most definitely I went to Spring Valley with PJ Dozier and man he has gotten big. I'm a Clemson fan though and it good to see the state team ballout. Congrats Gamecocks.

    • Brooks Autry
      Brooks Autry Год назад +1

      Matt Watkins
      Tenn has hardly ever been good at men's basketball except a few times in the past. like football whenever a SEC team does well I'm proud of them because it helps the overall image/record of the conference look good especially in basketball which usually only has 2 or 3 SEC teams that consistency do well

    • Mick lol
      Mick lol Год назад

      Brooks Autry lol Vol fans always try piggy back off other SEC teams success.

    • Dewys
      Dewys Год назад +2

      Yep, im mainly happy because everyone was calling the SEC overrated and now they have 3 teams (almost ) and the acc has one lol

  • h2o
    h2o Год назад +1



    Thats crazy

  • Terry Zarnik
    Terry Zarnik Год назад +12

    wow...9 teams in the NCAA and only NC making it past the first weekend. what was that... the big 10 has 3. so much for the best conference regardless if NC should win it all. oh they just squeeze by. everyone is strong these days...on any given day. no such thing as the best conference.

    • Eric Ponce
      Eric Ponce Год назад

      Terry Zarnik Don't let that distract you from the fact the Pac12 is 8-1 in this tournament. Only loss being USC to Baylor in a very close game. Pac12 representing nicely.

    • Bleed Blue 4 EVER UK
      Bleed Blue 4 EVER UK Год назад +3

      Terry Zarnik I would still say ACC, had deepest conference top to bottom, and I'm a lifelong Proud SEC/UK Fan. It is really nice to see 3-Big Ten, 3-SEC teams making up 6 of the 16, due to the fact both conferences were told they were weak this yr. 4 of SEC 5, won 1st game. Only Vandy lost the heart breaker to NW, and if Arkansas, could kept gas pedal down, play to win, instead of to hang on, they should had knocked UNC off. Then ur talking SEC 4 for 4 in 2nd rd games. Nevertheless great showing. All be it, UK the best SEC team, and showed that, has the toughest path, of any 1-2 seed I've seen. They had us ranked 5th best team, top 2 seed, so we get UNC, UCLA as the 1 and 3.. lol Doesn't matter in March, you play 2 game tourney's, and take 1 game at a time..

  • killaf89
    killaf89 Год назад

    isn't this the nba highlight commentator also? the one that says Oh my goooodnesss! 😂

  • southrules
    southrules Год назад +15

    Duke got schooled!