Nike - Kevin Durant: Rise. Grind. Shine. Again.

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • RISE to the challenge. GRIND everyday. SHINE when it’s your time. Do it AGAIN. #JustDoIt
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  • Rone Da StreetPoet
    Rone Da StreetPoet 3 days ago


  • Mason Lane
    Mason Lane 15 days ago +6

    Regardless of his choice to go to golden state. Kd is one of the best to ever do it.

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar 19 days ago

    Lebron will have advantages in debates against Kd

  • Ose Aburime
    Ose Aburime 23 days ago

    nigga you guys are salty as fuck . He is a great player and he was doing what he felt was a choice in winning championships. If you were a hall of fame player struggling to make it to the finals and the best team in nba history wants you , bet your ass your gonna join that team

  • Jumbo Jimbo
    Jumbo Jimbo Month ago

    KD. Dubzzzzzzz

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Month ago

    This guy is an arrogant prick. Never liked him

  • Geykume’sCircumcision


  • Ronaldo Lagasca
    Ronaldo Lagasca Month ago

    Kd is a Texas Struck, Sonics Struck, Thunder Struck, and Warriors Struck Ever!.

  • Left Power
    Left Power 2 months ago


  • Willis Kritsanapong
    Willis Kritsanapong 2 months ago

    Easy Money Sniper!!!!!

  • Spectrum Studio's
    Spectrum Studio's 2 months ago

    I have to comment (now I'm triggered)
    , what is this fucking mindless robotic piece of trash of a - wake up and grind fucking silicon vally, Gen X - coffee shop WeWork crap. I swear you fucking assholes logging 18 hours days like a fucking zombie. Nobody gives a fuck. Are you even human, this damn culture were being tired is frowned upon and you can't be been seen unhappy about your work. go fuck yourselves

  • #InBankWeTrust Shakur
    #InBankWeTrust Shakur 2 months ago


  • Alexander Calonge Acosta


  • Brent Banks
    Brent Banks 3 months ago


  • Ninfan 124
    Ninfan 124 3 months ago


  • Fakja Hofmann
    Fakja Hofmann 3 months ago

    Durant is a snake

  • caboose4d4
    caboose4d4 3 months ago

    An adidas logo in a Nike commercial..... TRIGGERED

  • Brandon hicks
    Brandon hicks 3 months ago


  • Yung Al-Ghazali
    Yung Al-Ghazali 3 months ago

    he join the snake challenge

  • Truth Wins
    Truth Wins 4 months ago

    We remember......

  • X29488
    X29488 4 months ago +4

    forever will be known as the person who made the weakest sports move in history

  • Samuel Desire
    Samuel Desire 4 months ago

    During any final games (NBA, NFL or MLB), big corporations like Nike or Adidas or whatever have 2 commercials for whichever team wins and several for most likely to win MVP. Just like superbowl jerseys 🤣🤔

  • john hand
    john hand 4 months ago

    KD is great scorer

  • TheArtofStealth
    TheArtofStealth 4 months ago

    Still a snake

    the BLUMENFLOWER 5 months ago

    Join no challenge

  • hailton c.j.livulo
    hailton c.j.livulo 5 months ago


  • Maximiliano Hernández Hidalgo


  • kanimo24
    kanimo24 5 months ago

    Snake ass.

  • asaadeh 023
    asaadeh 023 5 months ago


  • denver de gracia
    denver de gracia 5 months ago

    Join him on his training routine and you tell me if it's not grind. Boy got the toughest practice to play

  • David James23
    David James23 5 months ago


  • OfficiallyDanielCovey
    OfficiallyDanielCovey 5 months ago +1


  • Jesus Dunks On You
    Jesus Dunks On You 5 months ago +1

    Let’s all be honest no matter what team he on he still one of the greatest players on the planet something we all wish we where

  • Alexander Calonge Acosta

    Again. Again. Again. You can never do something enough. That’s the rule of the game.

  • Liam Taylor
    Liam Taylor 6 months ago

    Nobody Forget

    He's the 2nd best in the NBA, right now. 2 rings, 2 finals MVPs, can you do that???

  • Gunay Yildiz
    Gunay Yildiz 6 months ago

    I think no one will disagree that he is one of the best. Still those championsships means very little

  • black chocolate24
    black chocolate24 6 months ago


  • RosySpeaks
    RosySpeaks 7 months ago

    I love me some KD

  • Sandernista
    Sandernista 7 months ago +1

    I had no problem with the Kaepernick ad, but by putting this snake in an ad... Nike has gone too far

  • sosaboy sosa
    sosaboy sosa 7 months ago

    KD, is gonna go down in NBA history as one of the all time "Greats"😀

  • CornRow Kenny
    CornRow Kenny 7 months ago

    Snakes are pretty shiny

  • Terrell Gaither
    Terrell Gaither 7 months ago +1

    Hate all you want but it’s a grind to become a back to back champ and finals mvp !!! Shine on baby !!! People mad cause players back in the day didn’t control their own destiny or paths

  • kingwleung
    kingwleung 7 months ago

    Once a traitor, always a traitor...

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs 7 months ago

    Excellent commercial. #NIKE

  • MZBomb _
    MZBomb _ 7 months ago


  • MZBomb _
    MZBomb _ 7 months ago


  • M K
    M K 7 months ago


  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 7 months ago +1

    Bruh I have no hate for any ball player at any level. I watch every form of basketball. NBA, D League, WNBA, NCAA, BIG 3, The tournament, Drew League, Etc. I got love for players you probably never heard of like travis best. But Durant lost all my respect. What Lebron did with miami was low, But Durant really lost his mind. Like they was just in the locker room laughing at you 3 years ago not you hanging out with them C'mon my G

  • M.H. L.
    M.H. L. 7 months ago

    Cupcakes...Mix. Bake. Eat. Again.

  • M.H. L.
    M.H. L. 7 months ago

    Lose. Defect (to the champs). Win. Again.

  • Brian Cheng
    Brian Cheng 7 months ago +2

    People put too much emphasize on regular season wins. 73 wins don't mean shit if you don't win a ring. KD didn't just join a 73 win team. Half of the roster was gone when KD joined. KD is who he is because he works hard. People who hate on him are just jealous that they ain't t as talented and as hard working as Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is who he is as a basketball player because he grinds every single day.

    • KING LOS
      KING LOS 7 months ago

      We can acknowledge Kd is a great player and one of the greatest in his era but you cant ignore the fact he joined the team that beat him it doesn't matter if they didn't win the championship that year they did the previous year he joined the best team in his conference because he couldn't beat them, I can make an argument that they can win without him and they have, but can he win without them?

  • petter pipher
    petter pipher 7 months ago +1

    Ok so wanting to have a longer life after basketball is a bad idea 🤔 he did the right thing to me with so many good basketball ball players around him don't have to play so hard he can relax on the court sometimes and he can stay in the NBA longer thats means more money it's just a game or retire with less stress on his body and legs wake up

  • Fuzzy Karma
    Fuzzy Karma 7 months ago


  • Angelo Bonsignore
    Angelo Bonsignore 7 months ago +2

    I will never buy Nike again!

  • J Alexander Hill
    J Alexander Hill 7 months ago +3

    FUCK NIKE 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Joseph Mingle
    Joseph Mingle 7 months ago +2

    I just bought some Nike and the quality is garbage. Soul fell off the left shoe in under a week. Tried to get in contact with Nike several times before getting the answer that there was nothing they could do about it and my loss was just too bad.
    Never again.

    • REAl REAction
      REAl REAction 7 months ago +1

      If you wear Nikes you probably support slavery... Probably a Democrat so that would make sense.

  • D Storm
    D Storm 7 months ago +1

    Is it true that Nike gave a contract to that NFL kneeling moron?

    • REAl REAction
      REAl REAction 7 months ago +1

      A rampant problem? So what would the killings in Chicago be called? Or the statistics on Black on Black Crime vs Police? Maybe you're a tool? Wear those Nikes made by Chinese Slaves and keep calling for justice.

    • REAl REAction
      REAl REAction 7 months ago +2

      *Nike is the new Slave Brand*

    • Ramius
      Ramius 7 months ago

      You mean the guy trying to draw attention to the rampant problem of police brutality against unarmed people? Yes. They did.

  • Ron Mexico
    Ron Mexico 7 months ago +2

    You want to get involved in politics Nike? Bye. I refuse to have anything to do with your brand.

    • REAl REAction
      REAl REAction 7 months ago +1

      Nikes are for Democrats.. the Party of Slavery.

    • Ramius
      Ramius 7 months ago +1

      They knew that. They didn't *want* your dumb ass as a customer. Good riddance.

  • Scary Name! WarRobots
    Scary Name! WarRobots 7 months ago +1

    Anti-American scum colin kapernick supporting morons! You are the dont like the USA? Nike is un-American! I will never be seen in public wearing nike products.

  • Cornf1ake
    Cornf1ake 7 months ago +1

    Kaepernick??? Really. What's next OJ Simpson. Lost a customer. Not sure who your marking person is, I am assuming it is the same person that came up with What the Sears...

  • S- Squad
    S- Squad 7 months ago

  • Sarah Scott
    Sarah Scott 8 months ago

    Make a Fortnite tennis shoes

    KING JAMES 23 8 months ago +7

    What song it is?

  • Mr_Totti
    Mr_Totti 8 months ago


  • Neco IV Centenário de São Paulo


  • Lonzo Ball
    Lonzo Ball 8 months ago

    Get up, eat mouse, shed, again, LIFE OF A SNAKE LMAO

  • Just Subscribe To My Channel For No Reason

    0:22 damn he can barely do a push-up

  • Jome Cadorna
    Jome Cadorna 8 months ago

    whow I have ah short Kevin Durant and shirt Kevin durant

  • Roxy Marroquin
    Roxy Marroquin 8 months ago

    Super pu 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • R&R SPOT
    R&R SPOT 8 months ago

    KD12 came on ‼︎‼︎‼︎‼︎

  • Monique Chatman
    Monique Chatman 8 months ago

    Rise.Grind.Shine.Again...This is my new mantra!

  • Dhaka Bazzar
    Dhaka Bazzar 9 months ago


  • Ashworth Powrie
    Ashworth Powrie 9 months ago

    kd is the best

  • gabriel hamera
    gabriel hamera 9 months ago

    Nike quero patrocínio

  • yucca
    yucca 9 months ago

    best player in the world

  • mundo nike
    mundo nike 9 months ago

    Sponsor me please Nike

  • mundo nike
    mundo nike 9 months ago

    Sponsor me please Nike

  • Jacob Topel
    Jacob Topel 9 months ago


  • Rio the MadHater
    Rio the MadHater 9 months ago

    Snake 🐍🐍🐍
    Snake 🐍🐍🐍
    Snake 🐍🐍🐍

  • RJ Buckets
    RJ Buckets 9 months ago

    Bring back the SONICS

  • Chinqina Youngblood
    Chinqina Youngblood 10 months ago

    Just do it yasss

  • Jeezus C.
    Jeezus C. 10 months ago


  • Nelly Slayz
    Nelly Slayz 10 months ago

    The REAL MVP BABYYYYYYYYY !!!! REAL BAY SHXT . HATERS Going to HATE From The SideLine #OhWell. 😂🙌🏾🤩👑😉💋🍾

  • breneak soles101
    breneak soles101 10 months ago


    [email protected] (@boateshampoo1991cannon) • Instagram photos and videos


    - s & / ↓


  • Eduardo Leal
    Eduardo Leal 10 months ago

    Kevin Durant is the best ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💥

  • LegoCustoms24
    LegoCustoms24 10 months ago +1

    I’m a thunder fan and kd deserves everything

  • Zeynep Naz Aydın
    Zeynep Naz Aydın 10 months ago

    congrats KD! You deserve it all ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rolando Salvioli
    Rolando Salvioli 10 months ago

    Cmon baby. Back to back MVP. Thank u Kevin

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 10 months ago

    #Back2BackFinalsMVPS Congrats KD and Golden State

  • Charity Gines
    Charity Gines 10 months ago


  • PB GamerYT
    PB GamerYT 10 months ago

    standing 6 ft 10 number 35 kevvvvvvin duuuuuuuuurant

  • Aaron Oviedo
    Aaron Oviedo 10 months ago +2


  • K B
    K B 10 months ago

    I need a pair of those!

  • Marie Scorpion
    Marie Scorpion 10 months ago


  • Donabelle Alcover
    Donabelle Alcover 10 months ago +1

    Keep shining KD.!!! you deserve all of this..,

  • Carol D
    Carol D 10 months ago

    Remember my-name!

  • p01 echeverria collante
    p01 echeverria collante 10 months ago

    kevin duran duran

    CHiLLiN HENDRiCK 10 months ago +29

    KD, been Working On his Craft all his life and still is. They'd wouldn't cared if you was A 2 Star player leaving. Just because you super talented, you piss grown-ups around the Globe off for living your life. That's when you know you made it KD. #MVPMVP

  • ConRon
    ConRon 10 months ago

    Truly sad to see these grown ass men in this comment section crying over some shit that happened 2 years ago entirely unrelated to their lives.

  • Alexandera
    Alexandera 10 months ago

    He broke the world record for tallest snake alive