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  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • LAUGH!
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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  2 months ago +11271

    Mic settings were all over the shop on this one lads! I taught them a lesson and put them back in their place , Gaelic Gladiator style😤

  • CookapeeLPSGirl 123

    Straight frigging water

  • Liam Porter
    Liam Porter Day ago

    Greens secondary

  • Red Emerald
    Red Emerald Day ago

    12:00 Its not the three primary colours but ok

  • Raeleen Organ
    Raeleen Organ Day ago

    Yeah fuck you Todd what did the robot ever do to you

  • Kandy Boy
    Kandy Boy Day ago

    A is for ass something I like to eat lmao 😂💀

  • Emmi Barber
    Emmi Barber Day ago

    Green isn’t a primary color🤧

  • Popqween
    Popqween Day ago

    Jack I’m srry but the primary colours are red,yellow and blue!

  • Emma Assailly
    Emma Assailly Day ago

    Your the fucking best

  • D1EG0 2020
    D1EG0 2020 2 days ago

    i have asthma and that is indeed funny af aint no time to feel offend lol

  • Audrey Taylor
    Audrey Taylor 2 days ago

    Jack those are not the three primary colors the three primary colors are red,orange,and yellow..

  • Darkovika Does Let's Plays

    I had asthma as well growing up. I had one of those massive pump ones, it was this blue monstrosity and I LOATHED it. It was like, as big as my face.

  • jessica bartholomew
    jessica bartholomew 2 days ago

    I have asthma

  • jessica bartholomew
    jessica bartholomew 2 days ago

    fucking carl

  • Robyn Manning
    Robyn Manning 2 days ago

    That was really funny man . U so cool. Say it like it is man go man u rack on.🤩

  • fat turtles 317 5
    fat turtles 317 5 2 days ago

    You are boss

  • joshua primmer
    joshua primmer 2 days ago +1

    The ponytail still gets me

  • Flaming Guardian
    Flaming Guardian 2 days ago

    7: 56 I TAKE OFFENSE!!!! No I don't, us Canadians can be assholes with a hockey stick. I mean come on, we need to do something after repairing our igloos. And polar bears are nasty, so their great defense too. What? Be polite? Not with hockey sticks, we aren't, eh?

  • ๖ۣۜAceofspades
    ๖ۣۜAceofspades 2 days ago

    Primary colors:
    Much better.

  • ssj_timewarlords001
    ssj_timewarlords001 2 days ago

    Fuck you tod

  • Alyssa Michele
    Alyssa Michele 2 days ago

    we don't need a JSE ninja warrior; we need a JSE gaelic gladiator show

  • Jam yay
    Jam yay 2 days ago

    No that thing was Todd and kara in Detroit become human

  • Charlotte Fröberg
    Charlotte Fröberg 2 days ago

    Wow is this before Coke Zero sugar with a hint of added vanilla

  • David Brumley
    David Brumley 2 days ago

    Every intro with Jack I just bust out laughing

  • Nathaniel Harris
    Nathaniel Harris 2 days ago

    Green isn't a primary colour😂 also your the best youtuber ever keep up th good work

  • Brooke And Serena
    Brooke And Serena 2 days ago

    Because ass is you’re favorite flavor

  • Sharleen Adam
    Sharleen Adam 2 days ago

    im a fan and im cannadian

  • SammyLawrenceFangirl

    does anyone know how to submit?

  • August Bedroske
    August Bedroske 3 days ago

    I would have never guessed that Sean had asma (how the SUCK do I spell it)

    also btw i got an ad before starting this video about a body wash that was supposed to make you smell like and irishmen (but why tho)

    convenience? I think not

  • Hanaenae Newport
    Hanaenae Newport 3 days ago

    All the dislikes are Australians

  • ZbearArts1997
    ZbearArts1997 3 days ago

    Idk if u heard of ozzy man but he's frickin hilarious me and my mom were laughing forever lol u should check him out he's cool

  • Ultra Instinct Shagy

    Dick I use less than a fifth of my power.

  • power_armor_addict YT
    power_armor_addict YT 3 days ago +1

    Jack: I can barely get out of bed in the morning.
    Me: Same

  • Xsamx20
    Xsamx20 3 days ago

    Jack that’s not an elf it’s a gnome

  • Da Coolest Pig
    Da Coolest Pig 3 days ago

    Jack: I knocked down the three primary colours.
    Me: Ummm

  • Top 10 Harry Potter
    Top 10 Harry Potter 3 days ago +1

    Red teal and blue... The primary colors?

  • Kitty lovers
    Kitty lovers 3 days ago

    I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!! Because of this ( 18:52 )🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jason Olefors
    jason Olefors 3 days ago

    Those robots were sooooooo funny!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Artz Royal
    Artz Royal 3 days ago +2

    oh look...
    It's the android sent by cyberlife.

  • Jamhaica Ofiaza
    Jamhaica Ofiaza 3 days ago

    If your watching this Shaun I saw a video title:heavy rain Shaun glitch and lion king gets thrown

  • ghosty animations
    ghosty animations 3 days ago

    man i with i can go to a bigger gauge like him

  • kingdroplet38
    kingdroplet38 4 days ago

    That video made me want to have asthma.

  • farag mohamed
    farag mohamed 4 days ago

    keke flip note now you know jack

  • bon sans diamond!tale


  • Laurie Magallanez
    Laurie Magallanez 4 days ago

    exactly 999 dislikes

  • Kitty Basketball Gaming

    Me: *taking my nebulizer*
    Sean: And this is asthma world

  • Foxboy_ gaming
    Foxboy_ gaming 4 days ago

    I also have asthma

  • RickWithCK
    RickWithCK 4 days ago

    But Sean, your buddy Ryan is Canadian too. :(

  • Jaymi Webb
    Jaymi Webb 4 days ago

    Hey Jack, AKA, the boss what if you react to soggy nugget? It might be on tik tok, but it has The Simpsons :)

  • Asami Moon
    Asami Moon 4 days ago +3

    Jack: I'm a hard man to laugh
    Also him:*laughs in every video *

  • Spacer 15
    Spacer 15 4 days ago

    I hate asthma but I’m the coolest asthma kid.

  • Dyls Channel
    Dyls Channel 5 days ago

    I thought I was watching jacksepticeye not pewdepie (no offense)

  • Ninjapinky
    Ninjapinky 5 days ago

    Just saying it, your kids and your children are the same thing
    sorry, I know its hard to understand
    ps. green isn't a primary color

    • Thomas Knutsen
      Thomas Knutsen 3 days ago

      Ninjapinky Yeah. I learned it in School, but i live in Norway. Its different in USA and England. Less important things are put higher up in priority.

    • Ninjapinky
      Ninjapinky 4 days ago

      ​+Thomas Knutsen​they need to teach us this stuff smh

    • Thomas Knutsen
      Thomas Knutsen 4 days ago

      Ninjapinky True, They dont. When panting yellow is a primary colour, but that is a different spectrum. The light spectrum is the most important, AS it is the spectrum our eyes use to see colours. There Green is a primary colour. Too few people know this.

    • Ninjapinky
      Ninjapinky 4 days ago

      +Thomas Knutsen really? they didn't mention that is kindergarten

    • Thomas Knutsen
      Thomas Knutsen 4 days ago

      Green is one of the primary colours of light. Yellow is a primary colour of pigment. Is it so hard?

  • Ralph Sharp
    Ralph Sharp 5 days ago

    But that's a gnome

  • EnderNSG
    EnderNSG 5 days ago +1

    Like for jacksepticeye ninja warriors

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 5 days ago

    jack you didn’t knock down 3 primary colours you knocked down 2 and 1 secondary colour

    • Thomas Knutsen
      Thomas Knutsen 4 days ago

      Red Hood Nah, yellow is a pigment and Green is a primary colour of light.

  • hassan abdelhalem
    hassan abdelhalem 5 days ago

    Have u ever got asthma

  • IpaxPhantom
    IpaxPhantom 6 days ago


  • Son Goten
    Son Goten 6 days ago

    There is a robot meme Instagram 2

  • carcarbinks
    carcarbinks 6 days ago

    Really jack I've watched you for years and you gunna diss us Canadians

  • Liz Liz
    Liz Liz 6 days ago

    Omg, that intro made me *slaps a white board*LAUGH!!!!!!

  • Musicaholic01
    Musicaholic01 6 days ago

    11:56 jack since when was green a primary color??? lol

    • Thomas Knutsen
      Thomas Knutsen 4 days ago

      Musicaholic01 Since the beginning. Yellow, cyan and magenta are primary pigments. Red, Blue and Green are primary colours of light.

  • Hayley Louise
    Hayley Louise 6 days ago

    L A F F

  • peanut 235
    peanut 235 6 days ago

    There's a part 2 for the robot voice over

  • Animation Overflow
    Animation Overflow 6 days ago +1

    Jack : “makes something that offends canadiens”
    Me : RACEST

  • lil Stain
    lil Stain 6 days ago

    L is for lovers who love one another
    A is for ..ass of which i like to eat
    U is for ur the only one for me
    G is for the only gamer i see
    H is for happy which i always feel
    When you put them together what do you get

  • Elliot Wallace
    Elliot Wallace 7 days ago

    I have asthma

  • Wolfling 101
    Wolfling 101 7 days ago

    but that isnt a gnelf its a gnome

    and youve been gnomed

  • SpookCanNot
    SpookCanNot 7 days ago

    5:40 when Jack's hand comes into focus caught me off gaurd

  • Sami Owens
    Sami Owens 7 days ago

    12:55 yellow is a primary color, not green 😂😂

    • Thomas Knutsen
      Thomas Knutsen 4 days ago

      Sami Owens Green is a primary colour of light.

  • DNP_10
    DNP_10 7 days ago

    Finally we get some actual funny videos instead of infomercials

  • Peyton Golding
    Peyton Golding 7 days ago

    Green isn't even a primary color, it's red, blue, and yellow :p
    Green is blue and yellow mixed, primary colors can't be made by mixing two other colors

    • Thomas Knutsen
      Thomas Knutsen 4 days ago

      Peyton Golding You are talking about the primary colours of pigment. Which as a matter of fact are cyan, magenta and yellow. The primary colours of light on the other hand are Blue, red and Green.

  • Jaysca101
    Jaysca101 8 days ago

    I don't remember if that skit was part of MAD TV when Keegan-Michael Key was part of the cast... Does anyone remember?

  • Luci Lynn
    Luci Lynn 8 days ago

    Jack. Green is not a primary colour.

  • Yogendra Mishra
    Yogendra Mishra 8 days ago


  • browneyes sofia
    browneyes sofia 8 days ago

    You look so different from when I use to watch you😂😂😂. It’s been so long. YOU HAVE A PONY TAIL TRIM IT LMAO

  • Katie Knight
    Katie Knight 8 days ago

    those aren’t the primary colors. it’s red, yellow, and blue

  • EpicKillerOtis Heselden

    4:20 yet you laugh at food cutters...

  • Amy McCabe
    Amy McCabe 8 days ago


  • Bella Gazinski
    Bella Gazinski 8 days ago

    Omg the pony tail in jacks hair I dyed😂

  • Zero Bahamut
    Zero Bahamut 8 days ago

    the 3 primary colors are red yellow and blue, you knocked down red green and (blue i think, maybe purple)

  • Coral reef gamer Lol

    He has a man pony-tale haha X3

  • Nicholas Raleigh
    Nicholas Raleigh 9 days ago

    I like how he admits that he is 100% going to hell no matter what

  • Silent Cry
    Silent Cry 9 days ago

    Those Robots exist

  • Joseph Boone
    Joseph Boone 9 days ago +1


  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 9 days ago

    Ok I have ashma too and my "inhaler" looks like a fucking penis and then there is this cringey ad about it..grrrrreat

  • Dendé Hehr
    Dendé Hehr 9 days ago

    8:47 elf of the day... but jack... YOU’VE BEEN GNOMED!

  • WarHammer885
    WarHammer885 9 days ago

    Green isn’t a primary color

  • Recreate Studio
    Recreate Studio 9 days ago +1

    Green is secondary not primary

  • Marko Ranđelović
    Marko Ranđelović 9 days ago

    gets me every time :D

  • Lance The Android KittenTM

    nice to know
    I have asthma

  • Steven Talarico
    Steven Talarico 10 days ago

    I am from Canada how dare you jack😟🤬

  • Conner Gutierrez
    Conner Gutierrez 10 days ago

    Umm yellow is the primary color not green

  • Brendan Sugg
    Brendan Sugg 10 days ago

    Jacksepticeye needs to make septic juice I would buy the shit out of that

  • I love fables
    I love fables 10 days ago +1

    Sean u being happy makes me happy

  • James Mikesell
    James Mikesell 10 days ago

    2:35 bless Robin for that audio

  • TTV streamerBTW
    TTV streamerBTW 10 days ago

    8:23 sounds like lumpy space princess from adventure time lol.....

  • Sam Man
    Sam Man 10 days ago

    Iam from canada and my Dad’s name is todd

  • Michael Kee
    Michael Kee 10 days ago

    My name is Michael kee

  • Alexander Fletcher
    Alexander Fletcher 11 days ago he okay?