this photoshoot hospitalized me.. -Modeling Horror Story

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • this photoshoot hospitalized me.. -Modeling Horror Story
    Have you ever experienced hypothermia? This was honestly one of my craziest MODELING HORROR STORIES!
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  • Kyra Griffin
    Kyra Griffin 4 hours ago

    i wanna see all of these shots though!!

  • Make-Up MOJO
    Make-Up MOJO 4 hours ago

    How do u get some u tuber to stop showing up in my suggested videos? 🙄

  • Ryan Barnett
    Ryan Barnett 18 hours ago

    Your as cold as ice

  • Aloe Alien
    Aloe Alien 19 hours ago

    Her cheek warmth😂

  • Donna Brown
    Donna Brown 20 hours ago +1

    I live in Montana I have never had hypothermia but I know people who had

  • Nonya Buesnuss
    Nonya Buesnuss Day ago

    Ima girlscoutttt

  • xXMärï_gäçhä wørld Xx

    I almost

  • floofybunnyz
    floofybunnyz Day ago

    I'm confused, weren't you hospitalized because you had an anxiety attack and not because of the photo shoot?

    • Dallon Bow
      Dallon Bow 22 hours ago

      floofybunnyz the anxiety attack was caused by the photoshoot so same thing lmfao

  • cute bun
    cute bun Day ago +2

    your cold as ice,
    *willing to sacrifice*

  • Gabriela Whitehead

    me girl uh uh i was in a creek for an hour in ohio

  • Quinn Britch
    Quinn Britch Day ago

    *Jack Dawson has entered the chat*

  • Ein’s Daughter Esslamaru

    3:27 OMG! U look like Scarlett Johansson!! Wow!!! :0

  • Ana Gonzalez
    Ana Gonzalez Day ago

    *Turns off air conditioner*

  • XxLivvieGachaxX
    XxLivvieGachaxX Day ago

    GIRL! How do you do your eyebrows!!

  • Pretty Purple specs

    It was your choice

  • Aya Ota
    Aya Ota Day ago +2

    Yes I'm a girl scout but not a life saver 😔

  • Potato Tutorials


  • Lindsay
    Lindsay Day ago +1

    You're welcome

  • markalexander774

    There are other ways to warm up water. Why would they not just put some of the water from the pool in a kettle or pan and just boil it and add it into the mix? That's how people used to take warm/hot baths. If they knew ahead of time that the water heater was out, why even fill up the pool without warming up about half of the water there?

  • Polar Polar
    Polar Polar 2 days ago +2

    Someone: She looks so relaxed!
    Me: w h a t

  • pïnhëåd lêydî
    pïnhëåd lêydî 2 days ago

    does anyone feel like a some sort of pain a f t e r you snap your legs out of being num and you move them 🤷

  • Sydney Brooks
    Sydney Brooks 2 days ago

    I'm a Girl Scout.

  • Theyah Hoff
    Theyah Hoff 2 days ago

    She sounds like safiya

  • Elsa Morin
    Elsa Morin 3 days ago

    Well soooo I live in Sweden (really high up in the north of sweden) and during the winter sometimes it can be around -35°C and like I’m still outside like riding the scooter and stuff and one time my blood froze. Sooo if you’re really red and get white dots where your cold then that means your blood is freezing and if it turns purple/blue/greyish color then your blood is just basically frozen. So basically that happened to my feet and my hands last winter. My gloves fell of while riding a scooter and we were so far from home that it would take like 40 minutes for us to get home if we didnt take a shortcut (and that shortcut meant we had to go through very much snow and that I would get very wet and my shoes weren’t that good with water). The shortcut would take us about half the time but I would freeze faster but we chose the shortcut. I started noticing I couldn’t move my feet or my hands and I felt dizzy. My dad was driving the scooter and I asked him to drive a bit faster so that we could get out of there faster. Then the scooter got stuck so we had to dig it up with our hands (yes I had to help and it still took like 20 minutes) after that I got to borrow my dads gloves bc my hands were so frozen that it could be dangerous. It didn’t help that much cuz they were wet from digging up the scooter so I took them off and put my hands in his pockets instead. That worked but my hands were already so frozen that it wouldn’t do anything until we got home. When we got home I passed out and my family was trying to keep me awake. This had happened before when I was younger so we didn’t have to call the ambulance because we knew what to do. Sooo basically we poured up a bowl with hot water (not super hot because that’s obviously not good for your hands) and put my hands in it. Then we took of my shoes and my feet were really bad so for them we took a towel, showered that in really hot water and put it around my feet. I got a lot of tea and hot chocolate and after like 15 minutes I was starting to feel better. I didn’t feel as dizzy and I didn’t pass out anymore. My feet were blue for about 40 minutes and then turned red and then natural. My body is really used to getting cold so I didn’t get that many symptoms but yeah still it was awful

  • Mizz. Di
    Mizz. Di 3 days ago

    Milk baths used to be healthy. Now you should check for growth hormones, antibiotics etc etc etc.... ;)

  • Giovanna Mousques
    Giovanna Mousques 4 days ago

    I have the same lamp you have in the back 😂

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith 4 days ago +1

    I love you already!! 👏😂 Subscribed!! ❤️

  • Phoenix AndIris
    Phoenix AndIris 4 days ago

    I’m glad that they handled it so well and didn’t force you to get in the water

  • Yauni Doldan
    Yauni Doldan 4 days ago +2

    Is that a flip phone?
    Wow... haven't seen one in ages lol

  • mrk_ smrf
    mrk_ smrf 5 days ago

    wow that was not a good judgemental call, multiple times. honestly someone should of been taking precautions from the get go, but eh. glad she's okat

  • Wolfia Shade
    Wolfia Shade 5 days ago +4

    In our country some of us go to the river in the winter get naked and have a dip. It awakens the body and its actually pretty good.
    One time i didnt want and then my grandma got me abd dipped me in the river and for a millisecond it was warm. I was very healthy after

  • Apar Reyes
    Apar Reyes 5 days ago

    I glad your ok gurllll

  • PoTaTo CoRnEr
    PoTaTo CoRnEr 5 days ago +1

    Woman:she looked so relaxed!
    Me:Bish what the fuck??!!

  • caitlin totney
    caitlin totney 5 days ago

    her eyebrows are to die for !!!

  • Edric Graf
    Edric Graf 5 days ago


  • Anime Always
    Anime Always 5 days ago

    Yay ima girlscout

  • HeyItsLilly
    HeyItsLilly 5 days ago

    Yes I was asleep in a bath IN WINTER 0° because I got a new bath bom

  • Cece studios
    Cece studios 5 days ago

    I would just have gotten some hot water from the sink and dipped the cold stuff out. yEet too the hypothermia!

  • emma davidson
    emma davidson 5 days ago

    Bruh I googled my symptoms because I had the flu (didn’t know at the time) and google told me I was having multi organ failure

  • Rileigh Reynolds
    Rileigh Reynolds 6 days ago

    Im a girl scout. My troop # is 00090

  • Aubrey Huffman
    Aubrey Huffman 6 days ago

    I have anxiety attacks all of the time

  • rachel rabbit
    rachel rabbit 6 days ago

    One time I had a anxiety attack at the movie theater, and almost passed out.

  • Ayla.Ræ
    Ayla.Ræ 6 days ago

    Its ya girl NT and that stands for Natalia Taylor

  • Daniela Holcombe
    Daniela Holcombe 6 days ago +5

    This has nothing to do with the topic, I´m new to your channel. But OMG!!! your voice is hypnotizing. The way you articulate the words. You speak like perfect. I can´t even. I love hearing you speak!! hahaha hope this isn´t weird at all!

  • Carley Tremblay
    Carley Tremblay 6 days ago

    You kind of hospitalized yourself...

  • Iva Kecovic
    Iva Kecovic 6 days ago

    Carmen King number two yall i represent you 🤣

  • Potato Smash
    Potato Smash 6 days ago

    I also got into a freakin cold water for 17 minutes outside and it was snowing... There were so many needles in the beginning lmfao

  • Potato Smash
    Potato Smash 6 days ago

    1:50 Cold as ice
    (Stranger things fans are shaking)

  • Zoee
    Zoee 7 days ago

    Last time I had hypothermia my knees went purple and blue I know that's in like movies and stuff but it seriously happened and I actually ended up being in a hospital cuddled up in a bunch of blankets for 2 days mostly spent asleep so that was great

  • HanaF
    HanaF 7 days ago +2

    Why did the water have to be so cold anyway?!!

  • Paige Pederzani Photography

    Oh my god. Total nightmare. I do milkbath photoshoots in Ohio too, but fill the tub with hot water to start so it's not so traumatic! Glad you're okay though.

  • Emily Holliday
    Emily Holliday 7 days ago +1

    I am only 12 and i get vertigo, so girl i get ya!

  • ae Hatzer
    ae Hatzer 7 days ago

    If she had 15 minutes to stay conscious and was dizzy and was a week from when she posted this .THIS IS THE MOST FAKE VIDEO I EVER WATCHED .

  • Brooke Pates
    Brooke Pates 7 days ago +2

    I was in Disney world on vacation in June and while I was there I passed out. We were more concerned about dehydration that we drank a whole case of water bottles in 4-5 days of a 7 day trip. So I was mostly water full so I didn’t get enough calories and was losing to many from the heat and the walking and one morning I was getting ready and my grandma was doing my hair and I look up at her and say: “grandma I’m dizzy” then passed out. Luckily I was fine and woke up in around 5 seconds she told me, and we went to a minor emergency clinic. The rest of the trip I ate a lot.
    Girl I feel you.

  • Tracey Florian
    Tracey Florian 8 days ago

    Ima future life saver

  • SOF K
    SOF K 8 days ago

    Um i live in Ohio and its freakin hot so im confused

  • Diana Stevens
    Diana Stevens 8 days ago

    Can I have your number

  • Anika Joy
    Anika Joy 8 days ago

    I couldnt finish this story time because it's self inflicted stupidity.

  • ραsτєl σrєσ
    ραsτєl σrєσ 8 days ago

    Holy shiot

  • NixieTheRipper
    NixieTheRipper 8 days ago

    Yeah. Vertigo sucks. It can randomly happen when you're not even moving or standing.

  • Heathr Wines
    Heathr Wines 8 days ago +1

    I'm 12 and I had a stroke when I was 7 and now I can't use my right arm😭

  • Leo Raine
    Leo Raine 8 days ago

    Why didn't you all just boil a couple of pots of water and put it in the pool to heat it up???

    • Leo Raine
      Leo Raine 8 days ago

      But in all honesty, I’m super impressed you stuck it out!!!

  • Mimi Darrat
    Mimi Darrat 8 days ago

    5:42 sHe SeEmS sO rElAxEd

  • Wolford Family
    Wolford Family 9 days ago

    like your nails

  • Minty Fresh
    Minty Fresh 9 days ago +6

    I can't wait to learn about dealing with hypothermia in girls scouts

  • Poop Poop
    Poop Poop 9 days ago

    Holy crap my name is Natalia

  • Draven Toland
    Draven Toland 9 days ago +1

    Models go through a lot of shit. To get the perfect picture for photographers.

  • Sophia Conley
    Sophia Conley 10 days ago

    Hi pother Mia is scary my grandfather almost died from it

  • Jim Talley
    Jim Talley 10 days ago

    Ok ummm you need to NOT get in says jermy
    No no no ITS FINE!

  • Sarah Bentaouzina
    Sarah Bentaouzina 10 days ago

    I’m a model too but don’t have any crazy stories like you do

  • Mockingjay 101
    Mockingjay 101 10 days ago +2

    You have a flip phone?

  • Squirrel Puff 222
    Squirrel Puff 222 10 days ago

    Whenever there is direct light in the corner of my eye (like a desk lamp pointing towards me) I suddenly feel extremely dizzy. I don't think its only me that goes through this but it didnt happen to my mom so idk.

  • kj and oj jules
    kj and oj jules 10 days ago

    She will be a perfect couple. With colby brock

  • G G
    G G 11 days ago

    I’m not sure if in America ambulance trips cost a lot or hospital expenses are a lot? But I swear I hear so many storytimes of serious incidents and they seem to avoid calling paramedics. I’m not sure if it’s because where I live ambulance trips are free but ANYTIME someone is losing consciousness or has suspected hypothermia we call emergency services straight away!! Hopefully people aren’t forced to put themselves at risk due to healthcare expenses! :(
    This experience sounds scary! I can’t even imagine how cold you must’ve been 🥶😨

  • redvor channel 1076
    redvor channel 1076 11 days ago

    Girl was this in a house? You could of boiled some big pots of water and dumped them in there to at least take the chill off.

  • Donna S
    Donna S 11 days ago

    I’m guessing you’ve never done an ice bath prior to this

  • ringmaster squad
    ringmaster squad 11 days ago

    Poor you 😕🥺but u r a survivor ❤️

  • supreme taco daddy
    supreme taco daddy 11 days ago

    It's good you are ok but is it just me or did she really just wip out a flip phone in 2019

  • Amber Sinclair
    Amber Sinclair 11 days ago

    I stayed in the hospital for 6 hours with hyperthermia

  • Hannah
    Hannah 12 days ago

    I find it funny because I have heart problems, heart issues run in my family horribly. I’m 16, which I actually have been close to having multiple heart attacks surprisingly lol.

  •  12 days ago

    EMT student here. Hypothermia is serious and you were showing all the textbook symptoms. Your heart rate slows way down to below 60 almost instantly. (60 is the minimum average for adults). When you stop shivering get a warm sensation/stop feeling cold feel dizzy nauseas or have the need or desire to take a nap you need to get warm immediately or seek treatment. Your body can go into hypothermic shock. You get vasoconstriction which slows down everything making you pale sometimes blue because your body isn't performing perfusion properly or adequately. Bradycardia occurs and once again shock. The adult human body can compensate for a little while but when you start to decompensate is when you should get medical help immediatly. Luckily you were able to have people around you who cared enough to help. Hypothermia and shock can lead to cardiac arrest and respiratory failure.

  • Brianna Roberts
    Brianna Roberts 12 days ago

    I’m new to this channel you live in Ohio so do I!

  • Hanna Sletto
    Hanna Sletto 12 days ago +4

    One time I passed out when my mom was curling my hair

  • Marisa Perry
    Marisa Perry 12 days ago

    that girl who caught her was so nice tho

  • dabbing squidward
    dabbing squidward 12 days ago

    I thought it was gonna be lava hot water 😂😂

  • DavidNoob07
    DavidNoob07 13 days ago +6

    Jack from Titanic: i told you not to jump
    her as rose: AGHH Oh My God!!! I Regret
    The ship is far away already :)

  • Co conut
    Co conut 13 days ago

    Natalia has gone through a lot in her life.

  • Kaimeow Life
    Kaimeow Life 13 days ago

    I have a story of when my hands were red and numb
    So I was in school and we were doing a science thing I guess, with bubbles, in the winter, in Wisconsin, in one of the coldest Winters Wisconsin had for a while. So me my teacher and my classmates all go outside and then my teacher hands everyone cups, we all get a cup and then my teacher pours some bubble liquid into each cup, gives us all a bubble stick thing, and so the first thing I do is run over to a snow mountain thing that wasn’t to big, and four of my friends follow me, when I was running over, the bubble liquid was spilling onto my hands, and me thinking I didn’t need gloves was so wrong, So at this point I was shivering and I feel like everyone else was too, so we all run back to the teacher and at this point most of us has spilled bubble liquid on our hands but I spilled like all of my bubble liquid either on my hands, or on the ground, so I look at my hands and they’re red, and Kinda numb, and Kinda tingly, but my hands were mostly cold. So when we get back inside like all of us wash our hands And when I washed my hands I wash them with really warm water but not so warm that it’s hot, they were still pretty red, and we all sat down I was sitting by my best friend And the teacher was getting our work books, I was like saying out loud “ my hands are so red, am I gonna lose a finger???” But everything was fine in the end... but that will be a School year I never forget, not just because of this incident

  • Chyann Collins
    Chyann Collins 13 days ago

    I was a girl scout and have also suffered from hypothermia

    YAGIRLEMMA 5436 13 days ago +2

    I couldn’t even respond correctly-

  • Brayley
    Brayley 13 days ago

    show the pics from the photo shoot!!!!!

  • EllieTheCookie
    EllieTheCookie 13 days ago

    my whole body was blue, i was in the north pole. freezing. .-.

  • madi amy
    madi amy 13 days ago

    Too bad Rose wasn’t a girl scout 😢

  • Desiree Manning
    Desiree Manning 13 days ago

    a pink razor!!!!

  • Vlogs with Loren
    Vlogs with Loren 13 days ago +1

    “It’s ashamed that they f*cked up on me because, I could’ve one that sh*t” at least she’s confident 😂😂😂

  • Kidist Tesema
    Kidist Tesema 14 days ago

    Life hack: if you want to test water and see if it's suitable for you dip your elbow in the water.

    Your welcome.

  • Sloane Haynes
    Sloane Haynes 14 days ago

    cool i live in ohio!

  • Ava Anna
    Ava Anna 14 days ago

    I kinda think that was over Exaggerated way too much

  • rando
    rando 14 days ago

    As entertaining as this was, they really should not have been putting you in a position where you could be in the early stages of hypothermia in the first place. Like they could have heated up the water or something. Just a little ridiculous...

  • Penelope Castro
    Penelope Castro 14 days ago

    I was Girl Scout