Adam Schiff Opening Statement On Trump Wiretapping Claims. Comey Testifies 3/20/17

Adam Schiff Opening Statement On Trump Wiretapping Claims. Comey Testifies 3/20/17

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Adam Schiff Opening Statement On Trump Wiretapping Claims Comey Testifies 3 20 17

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Автор David Miller ( назад)
Swag Alicious is having a Melt Down because Trump is losing... in Everything. This Trump Drone just can't take that "The Donald" conned him into voting for him... lol

Автор charlesvan13 ( назад)
This report by Schiff is insane.
We don't even know that Russia was responsible for the stolen DNC emails, but he's not only saying it as fact, but is trying to tie it to Trump without evidence.

Автор charlesvan13 ( назад)
This guy has no shame.
Podesta fell for a simple phishing email, something a teenager could do.
I've never seen anyone snivel like this.

Автор Lord Hawkeye ( назад)
Hey Schiff, we on the internet have an expression. It's called "Proof or it didn't happen."

Автор Jack Albrecht ( назад)
Guccifer 2 was most likely a DNC tech consultant Warren Flood


Sorry the main page is gone. I've contacted the author to see where it has been moved to.

Автор StereoMathematics ( назад)
we know russia used spear phishing techniques to attack a series of networks belonging to the dnc and the rnc and think tanks, and that they weaponized the information they gathered by leaking it online. this leaked information had a negative effect on the effectiveness of the clinton campaign, which helped the trump campaign win. however, we will never know if the russian campaign was determinative in such a close election. in fact, none of that matters. what does matter is that russia meddled in the election. if we do not do our best to understand how russia successfully accomplished this in order to prevent it from happening again.
if we know how the russians used spear phishing techniques to gain access to networks belonging to the dnc and the rnc and they weaponized information about the dnc by leaking it online in an attempt to burden the clinton campaign (because putin "despises" clinton), why do we need to re-investigate russian meddling in order to do our best to understand how russia successfully accomplished this when intelligence agencies have already determined how the russians did it and why?

Автор wally Adams ( назад)
Schiff a corrupt, butt ugly, piece of crap

Автор T McGuire ( назад)
Triggered SJW alert** LOL relax! Repubs are in control. 8 years of Trump means you will have to actually get a job, pay some taxes and help everyone out. Local Mcdonalds will have application for jobs! Good luck!!!!

Автор Peggy Harrington ( назад)
Adam Schiff is my new hero.

Автор Mar G ( назад)
I'm sure that these Trump supporters regret voting for him and can't sleep at night. Ifthey don't regret it, they are either lying and don't want to admit they were wrong or stupid in the head for believing a lying rich clown and his stupid "make America great again". is that what yall wanted Trump supporters? You go it..!!😎yall are a bunch of SUCKERS.. Lol 😂😂

Автор David Miller ( назад)
Holy Crap
The Paid TRUMP DRONES are on Full Time on these Comments
Donald must be getting scared lol

Автор Moon ( назад)
Fake hearing full of fake statements, hurr durr.

Автор Hego Damask ( назад)
This is who's in charge? A disgraceful coward with pillow biter eyes? You're an agent of the globalists and communist Chinese you traitorous rat.

Автор Parbruek ( назад)
Perhaps Russia hacked Sarah Palin's email too.

Автор Parbruek ( назад)
I don't know much of what's going on, but I realized @10 minutes in, that the guy was misquoting Trump in a very serious way. See this:
Trump hopes Russia was not involved in hacking Hilary's email, but hopes that if it were them, that they would release the emails concerning Benghazi.
Everyone should want those emails disclosed, since they have been illegally withheld:
So basically, this guy is not trying to tell us the truth. He is willing to 'bend the truth' as much as necessary to hurt Trump. If I knew more of the background, I have no doubt that I would see more holes in his story.

Автор danny j ( назад)
If the truth hurts your candidate, that says way more about your candidate than about whoever got or published the truth. The whole point of this seems to be to tear the 99% apart so as to continue on with the agenda of the 0.01%.

And let us not overlook the fact that, despite all the claims on both sides, President Trump has done NOTHING to lessen tensions between the US and Russia. He's continued supplying weapons to our "moderate rebels" in Syria, and has more than doubled the number of troops we admit to having there, along with the first US artillery pieces. He's continued the buildup of NATO military along Russia's border. He hasn't repealed (or even mentioned) President Obama's sanctions against Russia.

President Trump fired the only member of his Administration who openly sought to normalize relations with Russia (General Flynn). The remaining Trump Administration is brimming over with rabid anti-Russians.

Автор Casca4795 ( назад)
This guy is such a idiot it is hard to believe he can breath on his own.
Wikileaks had a backdoor code named "cakes" for U.S. Government Employees to leak data on any corrupt officials in the U.S. Government. If Hillary had been elected America would be a radioactive wasteland today. The Russians knew how corrupt she was as well as how much she wanted a war to distract the people from her crimes. Until it was announced that Trump had won the election Russia had BOOMERS " submarines loaded with ICBM's parked off of both coast ready to launch. All of this while Obama had our fleet in harbor under Presidential order.
Once Trump was announced as the winner, they all surfaced and headed home on the surface so our sattlelites could track them.

Автор lwolf1952 ( назад)
Donald Trump: Lock him up!!! Goddam commie-loving traitor and pathological LIAR.

Автор Peace Bro ( назад)
adam schiff = full of shit. i love how he makes statement after statement without one SHRED of proof....

Автор Alex Uriati ( назад)
Extremely well done/said by Rep. Schiff. Gives me hope that our elected officials are ready to dig where digging is needed

Автор Travis Smith ( назад)
buy easily accessible I mean using servers outside of secured government servers. when Hillary decided to use her own servers she was no longer operating under the secure ones. when the information was first released it was also said that it was very easy to obtain the information. due to the server she was using.

Автор anonamous365 ( назад)
No... you used dirty tactics to nominate that peice of shit criminal Clinton that everyone hates. This is all a bullshit transparent sideshow.

Автор Jimmy Nutrin ( назад)

Автор Jimmy Crackers oiling his neck with mcfloobu ( назад)
This is bullshit.

Автор MultiDiako ( назад)
Nobody going to comment how a video with 2.5k views got into trending? It's like youtube wants the people to believe Trump is bad and doesn't work hard for his nation whilst having tons of money and getting hate from both left and right.

Автор A JAX ( назад)

Автор A JAX ( назад)
Russia wants The D So bad

Автор A JAX ( назад)

Автор A JAX ( назад)

Автор Gary Schroeder ( назад)
schiff is right
he is now, now a threat because he (knows)
no shame
when debunked will he b A. or B.
shunned tarred & feathered with recycled oil from Iran

Автор Herbert ( назад)
Democrats want to put a riff between President Trump and Putin so big that they are actually beating the war drums. And President Trump wants to try to find some understanding with Putin so we can get rid of ISIS. But Democrats don't care how many people die because of ISIS. They just want President Trump to fail at all cost. Even starting a war with Russia. So if you are backing the Democrats. You are in favor of a war with Russia.

Автор Spencer Hemingway ( назад)
Thats my house rep :)

Автор Mr. Mill ( назад)
Shiff aint phucking around.

Автор Pat Markowitz ( назад)
what a load of bullshit...

Автор Matthew Daniel ( назад)
Adam Schiff is a political hack. This is a total waste of taxpayer dollars. Election is over, your side lost, move on. Trump also needs to ignore this crap and get on with governing.

Автор ocast evo ( назад)
Why does this matter? He obviously lied. Get over it. Stop giving this clown attention.

Автор Elgato ( назад)
Schiff just used multiple "events" in the unsubstantiated buzzfeed dossier. Way to stick with the facts Adam.... What a jackass

Автор John Bush ( назад)
this guy us nuts.

Автор Patricia Handy ( назад)
If there was no Russia and no Vladimir Putin, the corrupt US govt would blame Kermit the frog and Sesame Street for the hacking of the DNC and President Trump. As long as certain criminals are still allowed to hold their positions in Washington, they will never LOOK for the truth because it's easier to blame whoever the elites tell them to. Mr. Trump is trying to open up the truth for all to see but he is up against a long time corrupt govt who are being threatened and are throwing him under the bus. Should they succeed, this time will be the last. The elite will win. You liberals won't believe me. I hope I'm wrong. But I know I'm not. There will be no one to save us if they take out Trump.

Автор J3D1JC ( назад)
This testimony will be a historical point when this is all over. Schiff is a great American and is serving the American people properly. Let us hope we can get to the truth and make the necessary changes in our government before more damage is done....

Автор Greg Evans ( назад)
The releasing of truth is not an attack on democracy it is a boon for democracy. This man is a turd!

Автор papavalium ( назад)
The second one democrats has any evidence, Trump throws Hillary in jail for 20 years. want to dig deeper dems? hahaha

Автор NickScienceX ( назад)
Still better times than if we had Killery for president.

Автор Mason Sellman ( назад)
Why is what Russia did seen as such a bad thing? Am I missing something? If a country were to tamper with election results or play a part in any type of voter fraud that is unacceptable. But informing voters about a deeply flawed candidate? Is that truly a crime?

Автор George Jungle ( назад)
Get over it LOSERS

Автор acrazyeagle1 ( назад)
Schiff is a creep. There is also no way that this video was actually trending. I'm so sick of being told what to watch and what to believe.

Автор deadfish45films ( назад)
Remember when everyone said the Elections can't be hacked... Obama said this. Wikileaks is the most Unbiased information outlet.

Автор S.G. Scheerer ( назад)
Does anyone think Trump will go ballistic around 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. on Twitter ?

Автор papavalium ( назад)
Women elected Trump, when Democrats said women wouldn't? Trump destroyed all Democrats, but they said Hillary would win? ROFL

Rachel Madcow part 2 going on national TV. Trump checkmating Democrats daily now. This truly is pure comedy.

Автор papavalium ( назад)
Fake News with no views.
Rachel Madcow Part 2. Democrats are being outed daily as FAKE NEWS.

Автор saintⓋearth ( назад)
We now live in the misinformation age.

Автор Chris Kelly ( назад)
All of these hearings are a waste of time. At least try to get our uranium back!!

Автор ANONXZAR ( назад)
Proof of Adam Schiff's involvment in shipping weapons to Saudi Arabia and Millions of Dollars https://wikileaks.org/berats-box/emailid/55544

Автор ANONXZAR ( назад)
Proof of Adam Schiff's involvment in shipping weapons to Saudi Arabia and Millions of Dollars https://wikileaks.org/berats-box/emailid/55544

Автор Ruth Anne Schnell ( назад)
Oh such nervous Nellie's and the NSA listens in on everyone on the planet. This is a smokescreen effort so the deep state can continue their trolling around looking for new wars to get into so the Donald and his war hero McCain can salivate over the latest , newest mayhem and devastation.

Автор S.G. Scheerer ( назад)
Months ago when things about Hillary were put out by wikileak,Julian Assange was asked from an interviewer "if anything was going to be coming out about Trump" ? Julian Assange said "NO". Right then and there I said "what's up with that" ? I asked myself why is WikiLeaks with information about Hillary but not information about Trump. That's when I had a feeling something is going on against Hillary that Russia and Wikileaks have it in for her.

Автор Hilario Camargo ( назад)
i like to make trump my bitch because he will act like that

Автор Cyndi Holcomb ( назад)
what hogwash...where is the evidence...#TrumpWonGetOverIt

Автор Archangel Michael ( назад)
Anyone working with the Russian government is a traitor to this Great Nation The United States of America anyone supporting these traitors are traitors themselves

Автор Michael DiPasquale ( назад)
Schiff was masterful in laying out the evidence against Trump.

Автор WhoozyOMO ( назад)
trump supporter or not.. everything about his presidency so far has been a joke. the world is laughing at us. this is terrible that he is our President, and the people who say hes doing a good job, how? and I'm not implying Hilarys lying ass would be better. I'm just saying this guy is a joke.

Автор Jordan Moser ( назад)
Haha for everyone who voted for Hillary. Hypocrite!

Автор T Wright ( назад)
Drain the swamp? Hell, Trump is the swamp. We now have the first official Russian filled president of the united states. Damn republicans, you hated Pres Obama so much that you were willing to sell out your country just to try to erase his legacy. Too bad. You cant do it and you sold your souls to a demon while trying.

Автор Alexander Martinez ( назад)
#Confirm Neil Gorsuch.

Автор Noe Sandoval ( назад)
come on man how can y'all look at trump and the things he's done in the little time he's been in office and say he's one of the best President ever.

Автор Sean Delaney ( назад)
Now that the Democratic Party is no longer relevant in America, who will Republicans run against?

Автор S.G. Scheerer ( назад)
Must you Republicans be made more of an ass then when Bush was in office? ?

Автор Travis Smith ( назад)
the only thing the Russians did is the same thing that we do and every other country does. they spied they hacked into easily accessible databases and took information. that's it we do it to them they do it to us and so on and so on. the only thing that keeps this going is the obvious intent to ruin Trump. the information dumps to WikiLeaks and other sources was true information. if information was falsified to destroy Hillary then I would agree to some degree that they altered the outcome of the election. but the information found was true and incriminated Hillary Clinton. they're just mad that they're Surefire president was ousted by Russia and we figured out thanks to the Russians what we already knew was true. that Hillary Clinton is a low-down no-good Criminal.

Автор shadowlesswarrior ( назад)
All this BS needs to stop. There is no evidence because it never happened PERIOD. The government needs to save time and money with all this non sense ...

Автор Liemciemdk89 ( назад)
TrumpTards for prison

Автор Upbeat4ever Iluvmycountry ( назад)
Why is Schiff still saying that Russia interfered with our elections when both Comey and Rogers both said there is no evidence that they did? The libs are saying that President Trump shouldn't be saying that Obama and/or his administration used surveillance on President Trump and his server because there is no evidence. They need to stop doing what they want President Trump to stop doing - making statements based upon no evidence. It is true that the MSM has reported things about what they think was found out about President Trump and/or his administration that only could have been told to them by a person who did surveillance on President Trump and/or his administration. Either that or the MSM were lying in their articles and heads need to roll. When a statement is made there needs to solid evidence presented when the statement is made. News media needs to understand that un-named source is not evidence nor is it a proven truth. It is unsubstantiated information and can not be used to justify a character assassinating news article. We need to go back to a standard of where the news media is not allowed to write about a situation without substantiating truth. There needs to be some person that can get the truth from Comey when he says he can't tell anyone because it is an ongoing case. When the FBI or any other organization is under an investigation by Congress, they need to tell the truth and answer the questions asked them. They are obligated to tell the truth. The only reason they wouldn't is if they would need to plead the 5th. Then the AG should investigate them. I think that Comey is wrong in hiding what he knows. I think President Trump needs to put someone in Comey's position that he can trust. I think Michael Rogers needs to leave also.

Автор Laura Smart ( назад)
bullshit all of it's bullshit

Автор Monica Snyder ( назад)
It's Gitmo for Trump! Unless Comey screws up the investigation leaving Donny a legal loophole!!

Автор S.G. Scheerer ( назад)
Trump is a sick old toad.

Автор S.G. Scheerer ( назад)
even things have been said by the young girls in the beauty contest. how Trump would go into the dressing room and say "oh girls don't be shy now you've seen one you've seen them all".

Автор Dr. Seymour Butts ( назад)
Russia didn't interfere in the election............. Christ people there is no proof. I can't believe they are speaking about this as if it were absolutely proven as the truth. on the contrary there is actual proof a paper trail that obama ordered surveillance and wiretapping of Trump

Автор Daniel Rider ( назад)
Everybody needs to get back to work. Stop acting like because you watched the video you know what your talking about. Remove the thorn from your own eye before you start throwing logs at others.

Автор Francesco Spycher ( назад)
I hear a bunch of Traitors here sickening that swamp here. trump was right it was Obama . you can try to whitewash it it does not change the fact . blaming russians is as well a joke. Your own people are betraying you not some other country forces . You made big enemys in your own country .

Автор chuppoacobra ( назад)
.....That Putin despised <-------as well as the majority of this Nation.

.....weaponized that stolen data <------you mean shed light on the scum bags that surround clinton, and clinton herself (the clintons in general).

.....the daily drip of disclosures <-----information that clinton would have gone to the grave with, and that clinton and her minion have not denied.

Ohhhh no! It was the Russian boogeyman!! The Russians, the Russians, the Russians......pffft.

 Millions of Americans have had the same view of the clintons for decades, and did not need any leaked information whatsoever to know what we already knew about them. Don't forget.....Clinton ran a campaign poorly and it is for that reason that she lost. What it came down to was that America did not want another round of clinton/obama, or the same-ol same-ol.
And now just look how much resistance we are getting from those that have been on the inside for decades, the Good 'ol boys club.

Автор S.G. Scheerer ( назад)
I just don't understand how some of you people can be so stupid you're dumb enough to a voted for Trump but you're still believing him. it's already been said by the FBI the tap phone calls is a bunch of b*******. he said that he was going to be working non-stop for the first hundred days each weekend he has gone to his little Florida mansion that has cost taxpayers $3000000 each weekend for his little trip. the people that believe in Trump are brainwashed by that man.

Автор Lisa Claussen ( назад)
do you really believe this load of boloney hillary and her plotoniam deals with Russia how about that reset button the Democrats lost my election because hillary lied and lied and the liberals and the media are in the tank

Автор Kelvin Shiang ( назад)
Is this really true? I want to know what happened.

Автор Black Tooth ( назад)
that is how conspiracy theories work

Автор S.G. Scheerer ( назад)
Each weekend Trump has been going to his mansion in Florida. for that County it is costing $50,000 a day security. dad County only has 400 million to spend on needs for that County. that county is wanting Trump to Shell out his own $50,000 a day for security because that County can't afford it. Trump is in the process of being sued over 40 times for the next four years of his term. his condominium in New York is costing a million dollars a week for security. how can anyone say that this President is not going to cost the u.s. the most amount of money any other president has cost.

Автор ny teams ( назад)
what you liberal cock suckers don't understand we don't give a fuck trump is president

Автор Dean Labella ( назад)
forget about Obama hacking the Israeli elections. forget about Obama telling puttin he will have more leeway once he is reelected. forget about the illegal overthrow of Libya the attempted overthrow of Egypt and Syria. The murder of our embassy personal in Benghazi. Forget all the nasty shit that was exposed by these supposed leaks. Forget about Hillary Clinton selling weapons grade uranium to the Russians. . forget about any investigation into the arming aiding and abetting of ISIS and Alquidea by the Obama administration. . you idiots want a one world toltarian government? then keep listening to the Hollywood billionaire elitist. put your trust in the NSA the CIA war mongering scumbags. . The FBI that has lied to the American people. You people are complete fucking idiots..

Автор ny teams ( назад)

Автор dusty johnson ( назад)

Автор dusty johnson ( назад)
Hillary is not my president.

Автор Michel Man ( назад)
the question still remain. if you say trump lies explain to us how the post and nytime get the transcript of flynn conversation. how people manage to know that there was collusion Btw trump and russia. did they see them. in this case the doj should give them permission to the fbi. why since the campaign was not engage in criminal activities
the question is not trump lies it is why that unlawful nvestigation allowed by the doj therefore Obama even took place

Автор craigcreationz ( назад)
Hey trump Supporters. Kiss your healthcare goodbye. LOL. Good, you get what you vote for.

Автор Brandon McBadass ( назад)
Lying under oath over sexual conduct got Clinton impeached, what the hells going on here?

Автор From The Living Room ( назад)
they should not be spewing fake information unless they have actual proof.. there is none

Автор From The Living Room ( назад)
an unbelievable amount of complete false information

Автор From The Living Room ( назад)
this is all fake garbage, there is no evidence...all made up fake news

Автор Tamara Johnson ( назад)
somebody sabotaging United States & causing everyone harm. its hard on the people of United States.

Автор Bryan Armstrong ( назад)
It sickens me to see Americans divided and arguing. Democrat or Republican it doesn't make a difference when you're not a politician, all Americans want the same things successful lives and happy family in times of uncertainty we should ban together and all realize that the lies start with the government. I would gladly take the hand of a Republican or a Democrat as long as we were all able to put the necessary pressure on our government to tell the truth and show the proof of wiretapping's or Russia intruding in the election.

Автор Warrior Within Athletics ( назад)
but.... the information was damping to Hillary bc they are FUCKED up... are you saying the US people should not have known the leaked information?

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