Jimmy Butler’s exclusive interview on LeBron, the doubters, and staying in Miami | The Jump

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler sits down with Rachel Nichols for an exclusive interview where he discusses going up against Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, the Heat’s hot start to the season, leaving the Philadelphia 76ers and why he plans on staying in Miami.
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Comments • 1 456

  • Mz. Cece E.
    Mz. Cece E. 5 days ago

    Gr8 interview. Didn't like the 'messy reach' frm Rachel re: why JB opted 2lv 76ers but of course that's media 4u.. Otherwise enjoyable interview. 💯

  • Saint Rei
    Saint Rei 7 days ago

    18 plus 17 isnt 33 😂

  • tim harwood
    tim harwood 13 days ago

    God i love jimmy buckets

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 16 days ago

    His mannerisms and demeanor voice etc... I think Jimmy Butler gay

  • Glen Staff
    Glen Staff 19 days ago

    He only get interviewed by Rachel

  • Michael Odom
    Michael Odom 23 days ago

    Great articulation about basketball and the inner workings of business without throwing anyone under the bus. He might have a career as a counselor to young people in the future

  • Justin Aeneas
    Justin Aeneas 24 days ago

    Butler comes across as genuine, humble, and charismatic. He is THE reason I tune in to Miami games. The media portrays him as hard to get along with, frequently. I don't know if they're right.

  • Ssj 9k
    Ssj 9k 25 days ago

    Jimmy buckets!!

  • benzyboy101 1
    benzyboy101 1 25 days ago

    Jimmy and Tyler reppin Milwaukee !

  • Nagham Makled
    Nagham Makled 26 days ago +1

    I’m a huge heat fan I hate u I am the one the one

  • Hiroto
    Hiroto 28 days ago

    Jimmy & Miami are match made in heaven.

  • Les Rock
    Les Rock 29 days ago

    You heard alot of criticism ... what bothered you the most? "None of it" without missing a beat lol! my man

  • Pablo Padro
    Pablo Padro Month ago

    18+17 =35 not 33z Cmon Rachel. They pay you good money to do your job😂

  • Patrick Henriquez
    Patrick Henriquez Month ago +1

    Butlers presence only has improved Miami.

  • Patrick Henriquez
    Patrick Henriquez Month ago

    In Chicago gets 50 points, in Minneasota gets 50 points in a few weeks there, in Philly in a playoff game against Kwahi gets 30 points in first half.....again 50points in the first half against Kwahi.

  • Patrick Henriquez
    Patrick Henriquez Month ago

    Butler has believers....

  • Nate Gustafson
    Nate Gustafson Month ago +1

    Miami and Jimmy are real af....

  • Josh Estep
    Josh Estep Month ago


  • BuToWavy
    BuToWavy Month ago

    What if the heat trades him

  • Cellytyree
    Cellytyree Month ago +1

    Her interviews are soooo good she never comes off as phony her laughs are genuine same with her questions. Now That lady from that show fair game needs to really take notes. Now that’s a phony character right there. But Keep up the great work Rachel it really doesn’t go unnoticed you are one of the best doing it not just talking females wether it’s male or female you are one of the best that is doing it today. Love you and your work

  • The dead memester
    The dead memester Month ago

    0:13 yeah the guy that used to play in miami is LeBron....

  • Jason Ballantyne
    Jason Ballantyne Month ago

    Did he always have a lisp?

  • Vlad Deculescu
    Vlad Deculescu Month ago

    since when does 17+18 equal 33?

  • Goowy GumDrop
    Goowy GumDrop Month ago +1

    Jimmy got a little sweetness to him.

  • Alice Chapman
    Alice Chapman Month ago

    Jimmy butler is fine Asf

  • Jamie Burgess
    Jamie Burgess Month ago

    Played 33 times, 18 wins for Jimmy and 17 for Bron, splain that one to me

  • AlerDaBear
    AlerDaBear Month ago +3

    All the lockers are Jimmy's locker

  • Detroit Stretch
    Detroit Stretch Month ago +1

    He wants to
    Play for winners who don’t act like bitches when you give them constructive criticism

  • J Colquitt
    J Colquitt Month ago

    33 encounters. 18-17 wins Jimmy Butler🤔

  • Adam ALOUANI
    Adam ALOUANI Month ago

    33 = 18 + 17. Of course ESPN.

  • Robert Rudick
    Robert Rudick Month ago +1

    Jimmy Butler class act! MJ complained about others work ethic back in his day JB complaints abt plsyers work ethic and gets criticized! The 76ers made a drastic mistake not keeping him.
    We miss you in Philly Jimmy! The 76ers will not win the chip. JB can dress to success. He with the right guy " Pat Riley " (the real story will come out) . 76ers will blow the Championship.
    Im a Miami Heat Fan because of JB.

  • deadpool youtube
    deadpool youtube Month ago

    Jimmie I the best

  • SalGersGirl
    SalGersGirl Month ago

    He's a perfect "Pat Riley" guy! He's got that DOG and Fight in him. the team right now reminds me of the Riley Knicks there will be BLOOD and you BETTER be ready to WORK!!!

  • kylej23
    kylej23 Month ago

    Jimmy is so humble

  • blshotlexusjay
    blshotlexusjay Month ago

    You guys won that game three no calls in the last 2 minutes heat win

  • David Watkins
    David Watkins Month ago

    Speaks volumes to the character of Minnesota's star players.

  • Sadd bøi
    Sadd bøi Month ago

    Hassan punching the air rn..

  • Carlos F Vilchez
    Carlos F Vilchez Month ago

    This transpired back when Wade was playing with the bulls, (wade is a cleaner, pat riley is a cleaner) and pat wanted wade to find out if jimmy was a cleaner. Listen to relentless. What jimmy is 👌🏼

  • Ron Ran
    Ron Ran Month ago

    Am i high or does 18+17 not = 33?

  • TrevEpic
    TrevEpic Month ago

    they really gotta fire their sound production. every clip on espn is wildly different volume. interviews are always quiet and tv aired episodes are always loud.

  • Ahptitude
    Ahptitude Month ago

    It's sad how hard these interviewers try to get a soundbite, honestly just listen to some of the questions and how jimmy has to consciously avoid saying the wrong things.

  • Vira Inthavong
    Vira Inthavong Month ago

    Heat Lifer

  • STK Meguel
    STK Meguel Month ago

    Rachel looking good af

  • Ariel Gustavo Crespo Domenech

    We are one big away from a title.

  • Dallah Bills
    Dallah Bills Month ago +1

    My guy thanks for joining us !

  • It aint Ralph tho.
    It aint Ralph tho. Month ago

    We need another star too. Jimmy woulda been the perfect person to kick whitesides bitchass into shape. Jimmy woulda forced him to be great.

  • Bobby Digital
    Bobby Digital Month ago

    He was never a problem. He just needed to be in the right system and city.

  • Alberto David Jr
    Alberto David Jr Month ago

    Should be an inspiration to everybody...i dont really think ppl grasp that this guy basically could have been somebody you just pass by on the streets shaking a cup for change and now hes an All Star in the NBA

  • Looking For A Name
    Looking For A Name Month ago

    One of my top 3 favorite players right now

  • Виктор Димитров

    18+17=33 seems legit

  • Brutus Buckeye
    Brutus Buckeye Month ago

    Rachel Nichols is so HOT!

  • CWfan4life 89
    CWfan4life 89 Month ago +1

    I want one of those Vice jerseys
    They are 🔥🔥🔥

  • MALIK anderson
    MALIK anderson Month ago

    I knew they would be good top 3 seed but they would've been serious contenders had they got russ.. Him and russ would fit better then harden and russ

  • alks091
    alks091 Month ago

    Is it just me who thinks that Jimmy Buckets looks like Jamie Foxx ?

  • Real Montana
    Real Montana Month ago

    She had to Say Lebron

  • jimmyjones05
    jimmyjones05 Month ago

    I'm loving how much Jimmy is loving his team, making me feel like I need to buy these guys Christmas gifts even tho I'm a random dude from Cali 😂

  • InGodweTrust
    InGodweTrust Month ago +5

    I’m so glad for him he’s so happy in Miami Watch how they trade him later

  • Dan Young
    Dan Young Month ago +1

    I feel like Jimmy is a kind man and a very cool dad.

  • God
    God Month ago

    Could’ve won a ship with philly.. sold out

  • MrGrownman455
    MrGrownman455 Month ago

    Jimmy sounding like a proud Dad coaching his son's basketball team. 😂👏Honestly you can tell he's happy now.