Seth Abramson on BBC Newsnight (12.1.17)

  • Published on Dec 2, 2017
  • Attorney and University of New Hampshire professor Seth Abramson speaking about former NSA Michael Flynn's plea (to Making False Statements) on BBC Newsnight on December 1, 2017.

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  • James McDonald
    James McDonald 8 months ago

    You people supporting this author have no clue. I own this book from this pos and have carefully read it. Look to Amazon customer comments about this junk if you want the truth this dude has failed.

  • Mal Rogers
    Mal Rogers Year ago

    Sorry failed to the mention the Logan Act! We are in over a year of the presidency and who has systemically breached this act...Obama?

  • Mal Rogers
    Mal Rogers Year ago

    So News**ght, hmm..Ok you use Seth to validate some information on the Trump collusion narrative on the basis of what exactly? This “” has been sifting through the arse hairs of the Democratic parties left buttock for some time to grace favour. He is obviously bias towards Trump and his family and ‘nothing’ he purports has any basis of ‘fact’ at all! Look at the guys expression FFS, he does that in the mirror ‘most nights’ and more so before a show...hmmm how to look professional and serious! Ok, you f**ked up..remember this note. The future proves past...where we go one! We go all!......

  • Gulfcoast Fan
    Gulfcoast Fan Year ago

    Make them believe lies and then use it to your advantage if you can prove the truth without a shadow of doubt.

  • james ian
    james ian Year ago

    Seth is a CREATIVE writer and a threat to the american people

  • Slice of Chee
    Slice of Chee Year ago

    Flynn was acting as a federal employee before the inauguration neither was Trump, Manafort, Don Fredo, Javanka, Hicks, Sessions...........

  • Ou8y2k2
    Ou8y2k2 Year ago +1

    So, Mr. Christie has *experience* in the second most corrupt administration in U.S. history. Nice to hear your thoughts. :/

  • Ilovefajitas
    Ilovefajitas Year ago +4

    Pure legend Seth. Keep up all the amazing work.

  • Gabriel Gudding
    Gabriel Gudding Year ago +1

    Seth, I just have to say: I love seeing Dugan's _Poems 7: New and Complete_ over your right shoulder.

  • Dee Elle
    Dee Elle Year ago +3

    Apparently, you need first hand experience in a transition to be able to comment. lol.

  • Joachim Vanhauwaert
    Joachim Vanhauwaert Year ago +14

    Quite the turnaround by mr. Christie at the end. From "pure speculation" to "seems clear Mueller is going higher up".

    • teamidris
      teamidris Year ago +1

      Yeh, he pretty much rubber stamped a version opposed to Trumps?

  • Daniel Hathaway
    Daniel Hathaway Year ago +5


  • Monumentum616
    Monumentum616 Year ago +13

    You're doing fine work, Seth. A higher profile for your crucial endeavours is always welcome.

    • Mal Rogers
      Mal Rogers Year ago

      Monumentum616 - you must be his he paying you?

  • Philipp Deutschmann
    Philipp Deutschmann Year ago +18

    Finally a face to the twitter legend

    • Zach Good
      Zach Good Year ago +1

      I feel like we all owe Seth Abramson about $600 each for his months of free legal knowledge. He puts on a clinic in his threads and guess what? Not once has he made a claim that turned out to be false.